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This page refers to an older game Football Manager 2016. View Cameroon in all games.

Cameroon Newgen Rating


Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by Cameroon will be Adequate

Cameroon is a nation found in Football Manager 2016. Cameroon is also known as Les Lions Indomptables in FM2016. People from Cameroon are known as "Cameroonian" in FM 2016.

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Name Total Teams Avg Budget Avg Age Avg Training Avg Youth Avg Academy Avg Rep Avg Att Avg Rating Avg Potential
Name Balance Budget Wage Avg Age Avg Att Training Newgens Yth Recruitment Rating Potential
Coton Sport de Garoua £420k £140k 10,000 Adequate Adequate Limited 63 69
Union Sportive de Douala £210k £112k 8,000 Below Average Below Average Limited 62 66
Panthère Sportive du Ndé £168k £70k 800 Basic Poor Limited 60 64
Fovu Club de Baham £112k £28k 3,000 Below Average Basic Limited 60 64
Canon Sportif Yaoundé £140k £42k 10,000 Adequate Below Average Limited 60 66
Unisport FC £168k £70k 2,000 Basic Poor Limited 59 66
Yong Sports Academy £112k £28k 1,000 Poor Below Average Limited 59 64
Cosmos Football Academy £140k £56k 0 Basic Poor Limited 59 64
Les Astres FC de Douala £168k £70k 10,000 Below Average Below Average Limited 58 65
Renaissance FC de Ngoumou £84k £21k 800 Adequate Basic Limited 55 65
Tiko United £280k £126k 8,000 Basic Basic Limited 39 41
Bamboutos FC de Mbouda £112k £28k 3,000 Basic Basic Limited 38 40
Sable FC de Batié £70k £14k 5,000 Basic Below Average Limited 37 40
AS Aigle Royal de la Menoua £70k £14k 0 Poor Poor Limited 27 29
New Star de Douala £140k £56k 0 Below Average Basic Limited 22 23
Tonnerre Kalara Club de Yaoundé £98k £21k 5,000 Adequate Below Average Limited 21 23
Mont Cameroun FC de Buéa £1 £1 1,000 Basic Poor Limited 20 21
Dragon de Yaoundé £98k £21k 0 Adequate Basic Limited 19 20
Achille FC £1 £1 1,000 Poor Poor Limited 19 22
Botafogo AFC Bue £140k £56k 0 Below Average Basic Limited 16 18
APEJES Football Academy £112k £28k 0 Adequate Below Average Limited 16 17
Caïman de Douala £1 £1 1,000 Poor Poor Limited 16 16
Association Sportive Matelots £84k £14k 1,000 Below Average Basic Limited 13 15
Njalla Quan Sports Academy £98k £21k 0 Poor Basic Limited 12 13
Scorpion de Mbé £42k £14k 0 Poor Poor Limited 12 13
Douala Athletic Club £42k £14k 0 Below Average Poor Limited 11 11
Nkufor Academy Sport 0 Poor Poor Limited 11 11
Roumdé Adjia FC £1 £1 2,000 Poor Poor Limited 10 11
Racing Club de Bafoussam £98k £28k 3,000 Basic Poor Limited 10 12
FC Bamenda Sports Academy 0 Poor Poor Limited 10 11