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Castellón are a team in Football Manager 2022. Castellón play in the Spanish Federation First Division B in Spain in FM 22. Castellón are a playable team in FM2022. Castellón play at a stadium called "Castalia" in Football Manager 22.

Spanish Federation First Division B
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Castellón Newgen Rating


Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by Castellón will be Adequate

Castellón Transfers

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Castellón Players in FM22

All Castellón Players in Football Manager 2022
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Pablo Hernández (Pablo Hernández Domínguez) 36 AM RLC £10k £237k £21k 30-06-2024
Daniel Torres 31 DM £7k £864k £75k 30-06-2022
Javi Moyano 35 D/WB R £6k £81k £7k 30-06-2022
Salva Ruiz 26 D/WB L £5k £692k £57k 30-06-2024
Vicente Esquerdo 22 AM C £3k £2m £3m 30-06-2024
Kevin Sibille 22 D C £3k £1m £2m 30-06-2023
Juanto Ortuño 29 AM/F C £3k £203k £16k 30-06-2022
Álex Blesa 19 DM, AM C £2k £846k £2m 30-06-2024
Carles Salvador 31 D L, DM, AM LC £2k £139k £11k 30-06-2022
Edu Luna 26 D C £2k £156k £12k 30-06-2023
Iván Martínez (Iván Martínez Marqués) 19 GK £1k £3m £6m 30-06-2023
Álvaro Campos 34 GK £2k £45k £3k 30-06-2022
César Díaz 34 AM RLC, F C £2k £12k £900 30-06-2022
Cristian Galas 28 D LC £1k £76k £6k 30-06-2024
Mario Barco 28 ST £1k £92k £7k 30-06-2022
David Cubillas 31 ST £1k £38k £3k 30-06-2023
Bilal Kandoussi El Khallak 21 AM LC £840 £773k £875k
Yacouba Hamani 23 D RC £700 £150k £90k 30-06-2023
Abdoul Kialy Koné 24 WB R, AM L, ST £1k £42k £14k 30-06-2023
Borja Martínez (Borja Martínez Sánchez) 26 DM, M RC £1k £89k £6k 30-06-2023
Jorge Fernández (Jorge Fernández Lucas) 29 AM L £1k £38k £3k 30-06-2023
José Más 23 D RL £1k £114k £67k 30-06-2023
Alejandro Marcos 21 D RC £980 £158k £170k 30-06-2022
Aarón Romero 22 D L £630 £4k £3k

Castellón Staff in FM22

Castellón Staff in Football Manager 2022
Name Age Job Wage Expires Rating
Emilio Isierte 57 Assistant Manager (First Team) £1k
Fernando (Fernando Gómez Colomer) 55 Director of Football £0
Sergi Escobar 46 Manager (First Team) £0
Carlos Gómez 33 GK Coach (First Team) £450
Ángel Dealbert 38 Director £0
Antonio Giner 62 Chief Doctor £0
Vicente Montesinos 48 Chairman £0
Delfín Babiloni 45 Performance Analyst (First Team) £400
Sergi López (Sergi López Castelló) 39 Fitness Coach (First Team) £390