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Columbus are a team in Football Manager 2022. Columbus play in the Major League Soccer in United States in FM 22. Columbus are a playable team in FM2022. Columbus play at a stadium called " Field" in Football Manager 22.

United States
Major League Soccer
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Columbus Newgen Rating


Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by Columbus will be Good

Columbus Transfers

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Columbus Players in FM22

All Columbus Players in Football Manager 2022
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Lucas Zelarayán 29 AM C £27k £5m £6m 31-12-2024
Darlington Nagbe 30 DM £24k £3m £3m 31-12-2022
Pedro Santos 33 AM RL £12k £300m 31-12-2022
Eloy Room 32 GK £7k £300m 31-12-2023
Gyasi Zardes 29 AM RL, ST £19k £5m £6m 31-12-2022
Miloš Degenek 27 D RLC £6k £2m £2m 31-12-2023
Yaw Yeboah 24 AM RC £6k £2m £3m 31-12-2024
James Igbekeme 26 M LC £5k £558k £490k 30-06-2023
Jonathan Mensah 30 D C £16k £2m £2m 31-12-2022
Kevin Molino 31 AM LC £9k £1m £1m 31-12-2022
Alexandru Măţan 21 AM LC £6k £4m £8m 30-06-2026
Marlon Hairston 27 D R, AM RC £1k £442k £379k 31-12-2022
Artur (José Artur de Lima Júnior) 25 DM £7k £1m £1m 31-12-2022
Steven Moreira 26 D/WB R £6k £769k £652k 31-12-2022
Evan Bush 35 GK £1k £125k £105k 31-12-2022
Perry Kitchen 29 DM £4k £351k £293k 31-12-2022
Derrick Etienne 24 AM RLC, F C £2k £585k £654k 31-12-2022
Josh Williams 33 D RC £4k £105k £85k 31-12-2022
Jalil Anibaba 32 D RC £3k £57k £46k 31-12-2022
Miguel Berry 23 ST £1k £811k £765k 31-12-2022
Sean Zawadzki 21 DM £1k £1m £2m 31-12-2023
Erik Hurtado 30 AM R, ST £2k £114k £88k 31-12-2022
Brady Scott 22 GK £2k £2m £2m 31-12-2022
Aidan Morris 19 DM £1k £2m £4m 31-12-2023
Will Sands 21 D/WB/AM L £880 £601k £860k 31-12-2023
Jacob Erlandson 22 D C £880 £941k £1m 31-12-2023
Isaiah Parente 21 M C £880 £827k £1m 31-12-2022
Patrick Schulte 20 GK £3k £2m £3m 31-12-2024
Philip Quinton 21 D C £1k £601k £807k 31-12-2023
Jake Morris 22 D C £880 £27k £30k 31-12-2023
Chris Donovan 20 ST £880 £379k £594k 31-12-2023

Columbus Staff in FM22

Columbus Staff in Football Manager 2022
Name Age Job Wage Expires Rating
Jimmy Haslam 67 Owner £0
Dee Haslam 67 Owner £0
Tim Bezbatchenko 39 Chairman £0 31-12-2022
Caleb Porter 46 Manager (First Team) £0 31-12-2023
Neil McGuinness 40 Chief Scout £1k 31-12-2021
Marc Nicholls 44 Technical Director £3k 31-12-2024
Tim Hanley 63 GK Coach (First Team) £3k 31-12-2021
Chris Shenberger 44 Head of Sports Science £1k 31-12-2021
Blair Gavin 32 Coach (First Team) £3k 31-12-2023
Alex Mysiw 27 Performance Analyst (First Team) £860 31-12-2021
Federico Pizzuto 31 Fitness Coach (First Team) £1k 31-12-2021
Carl Cunningham 45 Scout £1k
Issa Tall 36 Scout £1k 31-12-2022
Darío Marra 47 Scout £870
Simon Garnier 31 Scout £720
Pablo Moreira 34 Coach (First Team) £3k 31-12-2021
Kelvin Jones 39 Head of Youth Development £2k 31-12-2022
Dinis Fontão 36 Scout £1k
Liviu Bird 31 Performance Analyst (First Team) £1k 31-12-2022
Wade Benn 30 Scout £1k