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This page refers to an older game Football Manager 2022. View Cianorte in all games.

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Cianorte are a team in Football Manager 2022. Cianorte play in the Brazilian National Fourth Division in Brazil in FM 22. Cianorte play at a stadium called "Olímpico Albino Turbay" in Football Manager 22.

Brazilian National Fourth Division
Average Age
Wage Budget
Training Facilities
Youth Facilities
Youth Academy
Youth Recruitment
Fairly Basic
Stadium Capacity
Average Attendance

Cianorte Newgen Rating

Below Average

Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by Cianorte will be Below Average

Cianorte Transfers

Looking for players to buy for Cianorte in Football Manager 2022?

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Cianorte Players in FM22

All Cianorte Players in Football Manager 2022
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Ralf (Ralf de Souza Teles) 37 DM £1k £3k £220 30-04-2022
Alan Grafite (Alan Sebastião Alexandre) 23 AM L, ST £720 £26k £2k 31-12-2022
Patric Calmon (Itaro Patric Cardoso Calmon) 27 D/WB L, AM L, ST £680 £15k £1k
Guilherme Teixeira (Guilherme Pinto Teixeira) 23 AM C £680 £28k £2k
Gleibson (Gleibson Medeiros da Silva) 34 GK £590 £22m
Mateus Rodrigues (Mateus Rodrigues dos Santos) 22 D/WB L £550 £18k £1k
Philip (Philip Luiz Soares da Silva) 30 AM RL £510 £11k £800
Rodrigo Alves (Rodrigo Alves da Cruz) 25 AM L, ST £400 £12k £860
Bruno Leite (Bruno Marciano Leite) 28 D/WB R £50 £0 £0
Fabricio (Fabricio do Nascimento Biato) 20 ST £420 £185k £370k 28-02-2024
Anderson Cavalo (Anderson Aparecido dos Santos) 35 ST £380 £0 £0
Vítor Salvador (Vítor Vericimo Salvador) 27 D C £380 £6k £410
Gabriel Calabres (Gabriel Calabres Nunes) 23 AM C £320 £20k £1k
Índio (Wildson Silva de Melo) 24 AM RL £270 £4k £290
Helder (Helderson Tavares Santos) 21 D C £220 £130k £219k 31-12-2022
Matheus Farinha (Matheus Henrique Machado de Santana) 22 DM £200 £18k £1k
Luiz Fernando (Luiz Fernando Felipe dos Santos) 23 AM L £180 £4k £2k
Eduardo Doma (Eduardo Vinicius Domachowski) 22 D C £160 £12k £830
Michel (Michel Henrique de Oliveira) 26 D/WB R £140 £0 £0
Sílvio (Sílvio Silas da Silva Walenga) 32 GK £70 £0 £0
Everton Morelli (Everton Morelli Casimiro) 23 D C, DM £70 £4k £270
Índio (Igor Guilherme Fraga) 24 AM C £70 £0 £0
Itambé (Carlos Eduardo Pontes Santos) 20 D LC £60 £2k £160
Cristhian (Cristhian de Paiva Vargas) 22 DM £50 £2k £150
Breno Pereira (Breno Pereira Roma) 21 D C £40 £0 £0
Léo Steffen (Leonardo Carretos Steffen) 21 GK £30 £0 £0
Coutinho (João Vitor Coutinho Maia) 20 ST £30 £0 £0

Cianorte Loaned Out Players in FM22

Players out on loan from Cianorte in Football Manager 2022
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Jordan (Anderson Jordan da Silva Cordeiro) 22 D C £750 £46k £4k
França (Carlos Henrique França Freires) 26 AM RL £340 £9k £640
Neto (Arnaldo Francisco da Costa Neto) 24 ST £480 £14k £1k 11-12-2022

Cianorte Staff in FM22

Cianorte Staff in Football Manager 2022