Looking for the best wonderkid Right Midfielders in FM23? We've got a shortlist of all the best Right Midfielders Wonderkids in Football Manager 2023, Right Midfielders wonderkids are the best young players aged under 21 with high potential ability that are guaranteed to be good Right Midfielders in FM2023.

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These are the best young Right Midfielders in Football Manager 2023 as rated by their potential ability in the Right Midfielder position. Some of these are wonderkid Right Midfielders in FM23 meaning they are guaranteed to develop to be one of the best Right Midfielders in FM2023. Don't be put off by the fact that some of these Right Midfielders may not be very good Right Midfielders at the start of FM 2023, they have potential to develop and become one of the top Right Midfielders in FM2023. Others will already have high current abilities and be some of the best Right Midfielders in FM 2023 already.

Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Mario Peregrina 18 AM RC £290 £621k £1m 30-06-2023
Roberto Massimo 21 WB/AM R £5k £5m £8m 30-06-2024
Daniil Khlusevich 21 D/WB RL, AM R £25k £8m £17m 30-06-2026

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