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Indianos Comments
Not been on the forums much recently, and had a few bugs crop up in the beta, logged them over on the SI forums. Will try and get an update on this soon.

good start! there are some people that are against managing big teams but its such a pitty not being able to play the current age big players like neymar messi ronaldo etc, or missing out on all the big transfers like milinkovic-savic.

I havent had many bugs, i think its one of the most stable beta's in years
i was like oh no, god i'm not cheating in any way how can i justify this result
Small spoiler cause i can understand its a bit unreal
Small sidetrack from the story, 17 times saved and im in August 2020, ofc no editor, barcelona was just football god luck https://i.imgur.com/6lZveqc.png
(did not post yesterday so this is gonna be a big one)

Winter 2019-2020

December 2019

Segunda Division Matchday 16 vs S.Gijon


5.4 from salvi sanchez, no words. Should woulda coulda won, we did not, we need to get a win quickly so we dont have problems in the dressing room

Segunda Division Matchday 17 vs Numantia


Clear win, Juan carlos rating 7.2, there was a general curse in the right side of the field as both my and Numantia's winger were horrible, 2nd bad game in a row for Salvi, its a pitty cause he was doing quite good recently

Segunda Division Matchday 18 vs Las Palmas


Good, second consecutive win vs a strong team, no fears of demoralization, many players over 7, lets finish december with wins only.

Copa Del Rey 1st round vs Tijarafe


Solid win from our reserve squad

Segunda Division Matchday 19 vs Elche


Why why why.. At least we are still first.

On the last week of december we played a friendly with Strasbourg in France, which ended 2-2, we had our reserves on and it was good training for them, im resting my starting players cause Copa del Rey 2nd Round draw brought me against a team of the 4th Category but if i win i play again in January vs Barcelona.. God save us.
At the momment we are on top of the table and we are looking to delve in the transfer market for free players in the summer. Many big players in our shortlist but our budget is too thin.


Shortlisted Players and players we were able to give contracts


Our Big targets that most of our budget went, was Aleix Garcia of ManCity and Claudio Ramos of Tondela, a Midfielder to replace Pardo (his buy option is 16m, which is more than my whole budget) and Ramos to replace our Captain Cifuentes who is now 41 years old and is looking to retire this summer. The rest of the players -with the exception of Carbonell who i'm trying to acquire for a backup role- are hot Future Prospects therefore their contracts our quite small. Players like Reguillon and Buffon are just dreams that i would like to have, but im keeping them shortlisted just for that 1/million chance.

January 2020

Segunda Division Matchday 20 vs Malaga


One shot one goal strikes again, i dont know if i should blame the aging keeper the sleeping defense or my luck.

Segunda Division Matchday 21 vs Zaragoza


Good win in a difficult away match, another bad game from Cifuentes

Copa Del Rey 2nd round vs Unionistas


Again reserves cleared the match easily.

Segunda Division Matchday 22 vs Alcorcon


Alcorcon is the newcomer to the Division but they are a hard nut to crack, they did very well to keep my midfielders under check therefore we had the fewest shots in a game this season. Im going to look more into that.

Copa Del Rey 3rd round vs Barcelona


Oh my god, i went into the match thinking, hey lets concede as few as possible and the GOD of football came upon me and told me "Hey you've seen all these chances you are making and not scoring? Here have 3 goals in 5 shots on target against Barcelona.. But my hapiness was short lived, next round in 2 weeks is vs Real Madrid..

Segunda Division Matchday 23 vs Girona


You know that feeling when you sign a new player for super cheap and he delivers instantly, thats me right now, great game vs on of the promotion rivals!

Copa Del Rey 4th round vs Real Madrid


Yeah ok, miracles only happen once, was a good run and i will forever remember that epic win vs Barca. Btw this was our second loss for the year and its January!

February 2020

Segunda Division Matchday 24 vs Lugo


3-0 Ake Loba i love you!

Segunda Division Matchday 25 vs Mirandes


Again our midfield was bellow par, again few chances but at least we won

Segunda Division Matchday 26 vs Oviedo


Oof, 3 shots 2 goals for Oviedo, i hope Cifuentes aging so fast wont cost us the promotion

Segunda Division Matchday 27 vs Tenerife


Another promotion rival bites the dust, these matches are worth 6 points. Loba adds another 2 goals to his tally and is rising very fast

March 2020

A small heads up about this, i was supposed to have 5 matches in march but due to heavy rain the matches vs Extremadura and Santander got pushed back (Extremadura got postponed again after that) so this is a small month with only 3 matches. The end of February found us on top of the league with 59 points whereas our competitors are fighting with teeth and nails to keep up (and they are doing pretty well tbh)

Segunda Division Matchday 28 vs Ponferradina


One step forward two steps backwards, Ponferrada is in the relegation zone but managed to steal a point in our Home turf

Segunda Division Matchday 29 vs Albacete


Our captain-to-be took the match in his hands and showed me why i need him in Primera Division

Segunda Division Matchday 30 vs Coruna


Won my objection in the court vs the God of Luck and got back what i lost vs Oviedo, another brace from ake loba

End of March Table

Pure Chaos behind us, Vallecano Zaragoza Malaga at 62 points closely followed by Girona Gijon and Tenerife! Lets see what the last 12 matches of the season have in store! I know im whinning a lot, but we are doing great to be quite honest!
October - November 2019

Segunda Division Matchday 7 vs Albacete


4/4 September was a good month, a professional win, scoreline could be much higher

End of september finds us on the 2nd position with as much points as Rayo Vallecano.


In october we have 2 difficult matches vs Coruna and the recently relegated Huesca. Lets see how well we will do

Segunda Division Matchday 8 vs Ponferrada


https://i.imgur.com/blMAOVj.pnghttps://i.imgur.com/mizLa81.pngPonferrada never found target towards our goal, but still it pains me that we are barely winning and it will come back to bite us at some point. 8 Matches without loss though, im glad

Segunda Division Matchday 9 vs Extremadura


We did half the chances of any of our previous matches but won with 2 goal difference, thats good

Segunda Division Matchday 10 vs Coruna


No words, second time im winning 3-1 at 80th minute, second time im conceding 2 goals in the last 10minutes. Another bad game.

Segunda Division Matchday 11 vs Huesca


https://i.imgur.com/OtLMUwC.pnghttps://i.imgur.com/hOYmM2z.pngHuesca was a hard nut to crack, but we cracked them, the streak continues

The End of October finds us on top with 3 points more than Vallecano who seems to be having a fantastic season.


Segunda Division Matchday 12 vs R.Santander


https://i.imgur.com/1ouFNHo.pnghttps://i.imgur.com/3jylXuf.pngWas bound to happen, we lost a match we dominated but in the end football has only 1 rule, if you miss your chances the opponent will score. November started badly, hope we fix our stuff from next match.

We need to fix our offense a bit, for that reason i signed Ake Loba who can play as a right winger and a striker. Also managed to sign a huge italian prospect Armini, im extremely happy for that.



Segunda Division Matchday 14 vs Almeria


https://i.imgur.com/gzurtvE.pnghttps://i.imgur.com/lAdP4FQ.pngComfortable win, i have to admit when the score was 3-1 i started sweating cause i was seeing the ghosts of Lugo and Coruna but it seems we broke the curse on the 3rd try.

Segunda Division Matchday 15 vs Vallecano


The derby of the Division, we managed to not lose and its the first time i felt we played a better team than us, i kept the 4-2-3-1 cause i thought we could win. At least we didnt lose and we are still above them while having the second leg on our home turf

And thats it for this update, the end of november finds us on top of the table closely followed by Vallecano, this should make for an interesting season. Keep in mind that Girona also only has a single loss and is starting to rack up points. On the next update we will see December and January matches as well as the transfers where we were quite active and snagged a couple big names for the summer.

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August - September 2019

Segunda Division Matchday 1 vs Zaragoza

https://i.imgur.com/aDJols3.pnghttps://i.imgur.com/jP6GjgJ.pngGood game, we were clearly better than our opponents and again 3 times the ball went to the bar. Possesion was good overall, we created chances but we could have won much more comfortably.

Segunda Division Matchday 2 vs Girona

Oh Juan Carlos, the Girona Goalkeeper had an astounding 8.2 rating without clearing a penalty or helping in a goal, what can you do, at least we didnt lose, since girona had a goal cancelled and im not too flustered cause this is probably the best team in this Division with Stuani probably being the best player in the league as well

Segunda Division Matchday 3 vs Lugo

WHAT THE ACTUAL F. This was our game and we managed to throw it away, 3-1 HF time, 3-3 in the last 6minutes. Such a shame, we tottaly destroyed the statistics but the statistics dont play ball. I will change the roles of my right winger, see if i can get him to help more.

The end of August finds us 4th, with Burgui getting the award of player of the month. Such an annoying month, i hope September goes better.

Segunda Division Matchday 4 vs Mirandes

Easy match, we did well and were in it to win it, Mirandes was mediocre at best, but the same goes for Alejo, something needs to change

Segunda Division Matchday 5 vs Oviedo

Someone give me the award for the most crossbar hits in 5 games, very bad shooting while i have told them again and again to work the ball into the box, we were actually fortunate to beat Oviedo who scored an own goal in 87', good thing is we won, bad thing is we are scoring 1/20 attempts. This was probably Alejos last match in the starting eleven.

Segunda Division Matchday 6 vs Tenerife

This time i wont whine, Tenerife was 4th and we were 3rd before the match started, we edged out a very strong opponent in a match of equals, im extremely happy that my wing-backs work so well and once again, the best player of the opponents is their Goalkeeper

This brings this update to its end, its a bit awkward that i stop before the last game of the September, its just that i found a new way to introduce the match so it is more pleasant visually, next match is vs Albacete, lets see how we close September and if 4/4 is possible.

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Pre-season - July 2019(and a bit of august)

Board Expectations


Team Tactics

We are going to use the adored 4-2-3-1 for matches vs teams we consider equal or weaker and a 4-5-1 vs better teams (or cup ties).





First friendlies


Ok so, we seem to have a problem in defense, we managed to concede 3 vs our U19 team and then another 3 vs Belenenses and lost to Barcelona with 4

Transfer window movements





Team Analysis and Transfer window thoughts:
The roster compared to other promotion favorites is lacking, from what i could tell from the first friendly vs my U19 (ended 6-3) i believe i need a much better defence and maybe a central midfielder.
  • On the GK, our 2 choices are the team Captain, the 40 year old Cifuentes and a young prospect named David Gil, i dont want to disrupt the team dynamics and we need to divert our budget on much more pressing issues, so Cifuentes will be our starting GK.
  • My favorite and most useful players on my tactics are always my wing-backs. They make my teams. Our original choices were Iza and Espino, but they were both lacking, they make excellent backup though, so 2 players were picked for the starting 11, an UNBELIEVABLE capture of Moussa Wague of Barcelona with a season loan and the always useful and cheap Aubrey Modiba of Supersport. Any other backs have been sold.
  • Cala is a bright example of a good Segunda Division center back, but he needs a partner, Aridane of Osasuna is loaned to us for a year with the hope he will make a good match with Cala, Aridane was also part of the team 2 years ago so he is not a stranger. First substitute will be Fali and second sub Mauro.
  • The midfield had quite good players, a player that i am going to keep even if i am promoted is Alex Fernandez, the man that would keep him company got a very good offer for us and went to Malaga, so another First division player came in, Sociedad's Ruben Pardo and i am sure he will be a luxury for this Division. Jose Mari, our Vice-Captain will be the first choice sub and a young prospect was loaned with a 500k option, Gonzalo Villar from Elche. Any remaining midfielders were sold.
  • The team's best player before Wague and Pardo came, was the known to all of us Manuel Jurado, we hope that with his experience at the 10, he will guide us through promotion. On the right 2 players fight the hardest battle of all for a place in the 11, Salvi Sanches and Ivan Alejo. On the left we were lacking in quality and Alaves was kind enough to loan us Burgui for a year, his backup will be Alberto Perea.
  • On the offense, we had 3 players that are very close together, with Lozano having a slight edge on Nano and Quintana. That doesnt guarrantee his position though cause i will be keeping a keen eye on training.
Training camp


Much better results our additions seem to fix our problems for now. Next off a tour!

North Africa Tour


This went well cause 1)we destroyed those teams and 2)this is the best tour in the game, we added to our coffers 900k pounds while paying ~150k for the tour.

Last friendly of pre-season


So this is the hardest match of the pre-season, vs a full team Ajax, we managed to control possesion score 2 goals and hit the wood 4 freaking times. Thx Miles. We did concede 3 goals but i don't mind, because the whole match we were equal and on the last minutes we managed to concede, perhaps its good that it happened so we are more careful in the season games. Still this is a fantastic result vs a CL level team and even though it's just a friendly it's a great way to get the season underway.

So there it is, the pre-season is over and our first match is vs Zaragoza, lets see how the team will perform!

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oof, and now?
Hi friends a small disclaimer before the story starts.
I am Indianos, i'm Greek and i've been playing FM for as long as i can remember myself. I used to do some stories in the Greek FM forum, but 1) it has slowed down and 2) everyone has moved to twitch, So here i am posting my first story to sortioutsi, hope you all like it.

Some things to know about the save:
  • Monthly Updates
  • No editor
  • No load save
  • I am using the flut skin, the names and competitions fix and and an old facepack
  • Till beta ends i will probably be doing weekly rolling saves after that i will switch to monthly rolling save
  • I want to run this save minimum 5 years, to see how well i can do compared to the Board plan
  • I am a weird WEIRD person, after a couple seasons you will see me only having 3 max 4 nationalities in the team, the team native nationality, one south american country, one european and maybe one balcan.
  • Sometimes im playing from my small laptop, sometimes from my pc, so there will be differentiation on text scale

Cádiz Club de Fútbol


The beautiful City of Cadiz




Estadio Ramon de Carranza

Capacity 25.033, Year Built 1955 renovated 2005, 16.000 Season ticket holders


Home and Away Kits


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