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Gagi. Comments
Lower case z - Crvena zvezda.

Thanks for this, Mons, you're the man.

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You need to clear the cache and reload the skin. I did that and that screen is ok now.

It seems that player attributes (numbers) are bolder since the 18.2.1, as well as the text in Titlebar.


I'm on 1600x900, windowed screen, text standard size (100%)

Selected news in inbox are also bolded now, and this happens when you click on the big headline.


Perhaps we should add commands for font size settings.xml?

Problem fixed. If anyone has the same issue, just clear the cache and restart FM/PC. Reloaded the skin 4-5 times, nothing happened.

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Everyting was fine, this started happening since I installed 18.2. patch few hours ago.

My mate has the same issue with Wannachup skin. If that helps.

It's OK when I go to scouting screen. It looks like some panels are overlapping there.


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Scouting message in inbox since the latest update:

Staff panel - it doesn't say how old the person is, it can only be seen in biography screen.


Maybe it should be there instead of youth apps or something.

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And Qwas, can you add time next to date if possible. It's not crucial, but it would be nice to see it, especially when skipping deadline days Cheers.
Few weird bugs.



And when I clicked on that red thing:


Edit: reloading the skin helped. Not sure how that happened since I reloaded the skin 50 times before that.

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Red color here usually suggests he's not interested in negotiating. Is it possible to change color of this box to some neutral color, grey or some form of blue or something? Can I do that in settings.xml?


Negotiating - grey/blue
Last chance - orange
Contract rejected - red
Contract accepted - green

I think I've found a code in settings.xml - bubbles section.

Added codes from dark base skin, it's alright now.


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2d lags a bit, it doesn't happen on default skin. It's probably my PC, it's kinda crappy.

Loving the metallic color on processing, it has some Turnstyle vibe into it, as well as that pattern behind Continue button.

And BS is amazing - so many options there. Once again, thank you and those who helped you for this skin.

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Hey Qwas, brilliant comeback! Loving the skin. There is a problem with tactic screen tho - there is no pitch and i can't move players around.



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Fantastic stuff, Qwas.
You should probably check previous page.
I understand mate

And cheers for all the graphic work you guys are doing and making the game far more enjoyable.

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You're right Mons, I don't know where my head was. I apologize.

Yeah, I wrote my own ID before, was on wrong screen. I'm an idiot. 5707530 it is.

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This is new logo of Suwon FC (unveiled on March 8th)


UID 5707530

To be honest, I'm playing with them - is it possible for someone to make it?

*fixed UID

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Nice skin, mate

Have 1 question though. Where can I remove AI roles and duties from formation screen? I don't want to know their tactic setup...

Edit: removed tactic info panel. Everything is cool now. Got rusty with panels.

Once again, nice skin, props to you and guys who helped you.

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Does not remember 'show attribute changes". Have to tick it every few minutes. It's working until i click on AI players. When watching my players after that, I have to tick it again.

Good job tho.

Also, font for 'inf' ucons are different


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Mons, which file is responsible for change of colors in titlebar? Chelsea's is blue and gold, on default patch is blue and white, etc.
Is bckg selector included?
By MrMVP91 | Permalink | On 25 December 2012 - 01:15 AM
Is there any way to save the background picture that I choose as the main one? I like the 2nd background picture but every time I load up FM it loads it with the football picture in the background. It's not a big deal obviously, it only takes me 2 seconds to switch it to the 2nd image, but just wondering if there is a way to make that switch permanent.

Just name the 2nd pic '1' instead of '2' in steklo/graphics/gckg folder.

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By Vicious One | Permalink | On 24 December 2012 - 15:27 PM

I got the same error after playing a 3D match yesterday.

Still, no issue related ro Steklo. When you play 3d, process can go up to 2gb, and if you have background processes as well, Runtime error can occur.
Not sure what you have to edit or delete. Wait for Tom.
Hey guys, I'm in the middle of making a background pack and I'd like to ask you to post some of the background you would like to see there. I'll edit it to fit FM perfectly. There won't be a config file, rather a bunch of background and you can pick up to 6 and use it in Steklo or any other skin that has background selector.
I'm making it in 5 different colors (black, blue, red, green and yellow - sorry roma & fiorentina fans), but there will also be grass (I know you like it), blurred pics and much more. Hopefully around 300 pics or so.
If you have some cool background, please share it here (min. resolution should be 1024x768), but the greater, the better.

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By Mücahit | Permalink | On 23 December 2012 - 07:44 AM

I am getting an error that steklo x3 FMC skins

and the game freezes and then warns stopped working.


uploaded pictures. Can someone please help me.

How can I solve this problem,

I'm going crazy!

Please fix this error, managers

That's not related to steklo. Most likely a RAM issue.
Those chairs are colored to fit the color of the team involved. You can download stadium superpack and make your game cooler.
Tactic screen is bigger now. It resizes itself to normal size when I click on TI/PI. Can I change it to default pre-patch size?
Threshold is not working mate. It's a bug not related to Steklo.
Tom, how can I see chairman status on latest version of Steklo?