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giftedgiggsy11 Comments
I see i'm not the only one that removes 'The' from 'The United States of America' 'The Republic of Ireland' etc mainly because i don't like how it reads but also because i thought the 'The' is not technically part of the countries name and more just a requirement when saying the country in a sentence from a grammer perspective, never knew truely if this was correct though which is why i didn't submit them as changes, as i guess it's open to interpretation.

Thanks for the good work on this, i too have the issue with the game hanging when creating a new career, probably something SI need to patch, everything seems to be fine when the game does load though.
A few changes related to the U23 & U18 English competitions.


Second Tier Changes
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 95041298 "U23 Professional Development League" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 95041298 "U23 PDL" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 95041299 "U23 Professional Development League North" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 95041299 "U23 PDL North" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 95041300 "U23 Professional Development League South" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 95041300 "U23 PDL South" ""


First Tier Changes
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 95041306 "U18 Premier League" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 95041306 "U18 Premier League" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 95041307 "U18 Premier League North" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 95041307 "U18 PL North" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 95041308 "U18 Premier League South" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 95041308 "U18 PL South" ""

Second Tier Changes
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 95041309 "U18 Professional Development League" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 95041309 "U18 PDL" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 95041310 "U18 Professional Development League North" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 95041310 "U18 PDL North" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 95041311 "U18 Professional Development League South" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 95041311 "U18 PDL South" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 219715 "U18 Premier League Cup" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 219715 "U18 Premier League Cup" ""

The 'U23 Professional Developement League' is incorrectly named "Professional U23 Development League 2" the '2' is not needed and not listed on the official Premier League website, technically neither is the 'U23' part but wanted a clear distiction that the league was for U23 players to go inline with the U18 naming convention.

Also the first division in the U18 league structure is known as the 'U18 Premier League', then the second league in the stucture is the developement league, also renamed the U18 Premier League Cup without the 'U-18' for consistancy.

Side note: I also noticed that the U23 Developement League ignores the short names you give for the specific north and south sections, for example it just says 'North' or 'South' to seperate the leagues on the main league page and only shows the short name 'U23 PDL' and not the specific 'U23 PDL North/South' in the club fixtures page, this might be a limitation in the game though.

Hope all this makes sense!

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So just to be clear, you have to use this method for every team in the game that isn't showing kits in cup competitions? Which i think is all of them in my case, would take a very long time to correct this.
I've already done the groundwork for the file, but of course I need to see the beta first before releasing it.

As with every patch in every version, I aim to have the file out by the evening of the release - and today is no different

That's good news, thanks again
Any ideas on when this will be updated for FM17, as the Beta is out tonight? Appreciate all the work that has gone into this, thank you.
Thanks. Yes i wasn't sure if the persons problem above was the same as what i was experiencing, i've changed them all to icon and now they work.
Going back to my post on the previous page. Any ideas my icons aren't working? Everything else works fine.
Hi all,

Just downloaded the full face pack and the full icon pack but the icons are not working, obviously i have cleared the cache and reloaded the skin but still not showing. Here is a screenshot of my folder.



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Thank you mons, deleting the "English" part fixed it, they now all display correctly. Funny how it decided it didn't like the language in there all of a sudden, ah well all solved now. Thanks
Given that the file governing the nation name changes is the same as the competition name changes, I can't see what could possibly be wrong apart from human installation error.

Can you upload a screenshot of the contents of your 1500 AND 1530 lnc folder please? I may be able to see what is the matter that way...

I did actually post recently about this because the names changed in my save game but here they are..



I'm using Netherlands as an example, it currently reads "NATION_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 784 "Netherlands" "English"
(i removed the 'The' and i have even tried to add this to the beginning of where the competition name changes take place (as they work just fine) and nope it doesn't work, fresh install, clear cache and other files/graphics installed/not installed does not work. When i first had the issue i thought maybe it was a save game issue but i guess not. It didn't work on the previous version i had of the name changes file and it hasn't worked doing a fresh download with no alterations by me, i'm at a loss at this point.
I just can't get this to work. I've installed this many times over the years and had it working fine until the last update now all of a sudden all the names work apart from national teams, i even just now installed my game from scratch and only copied over the real names fix, Holland is still Holland lol it's a mystery to me.
Delete the all and greek folders from BOTH folders. You'll be fine then.

Unfortunately deleting these folders hasn't changed anything in my saved game. Probably nothing i can do about it now. Thanks for your help though
Can I see the inside of both lnc folder please?



There we go
Here they are, the 'backup' folder just has the original folders in.



I do remember clearing my sports interactive folder in appdata in order to try and get a skin to work, not sure if it's that. Still weird that national team names changes don't show up but the others do.
I've ran into a bit of a problem, i think since the update some of my names in my save game have changed back to what they were. Competitions seem fine but i've noticed national teams have reverted, i.e Netherlands is now Holland.

I have moved all the files over to the correct folder since the update and it's still not working, any ideas? Cheers.
I have the real fix name installed and the Gibraltar official DB from SI and there are no issues my end. By the way I am not the creator.

It's alright, it works now. I just deleted the files and re-imported them.

You got the Gibraltar league from SI installed? I got exact same problem when I do, and when I start the game crashes before finishing the initilaizing of a new game.
Thanks anyway for a great update!

I don't have that installed but i do have the real names fix installed, not sure if that would make a difference.
Great work on this, but can anyone explain this problem?

By hammer9 | Permalink | On 30 October 2012 - 21:01 PM
ok ill check. (which you play FM12 or FM13?)

click unticked 'Use Skin Cache' and click tick 'Always reload Skin on Confirm' ?

and have you download 'Kits colour change' ?

(which you play FM12 or FM13?)

ill check ok, and which leagues you trying download?..... and no megapack mate.

Yeah cleared cache, turned off cache and reloaded skin, all other logos and faces work but noticed some of the nations ones arent showing.

I am using the FM13 demo, don't know if this would make any difference.

Some national team kits dont work for me, England, Belguim and a few others from the european pack, most of them work just not them. cleared cache, reloaded skin, seperated national kit pack from everything else and still wont work.

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