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Shedender Comments
JULY 2018:





Solid enough start to the league season although we've beaten the worst team in the league (via media prediction) 3-1. We needed three goals in the final fourteen minutes to seal the points with winger Nico Karger bagging a brace while Nicholas Helmbrecht scored in between the Karger double.

There's no point posting the league table as only one game has been played.


The Bayerischer Pokal first round trip to Memmelsdorf will be my last game in charge this round.

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We've had to rely on loan signings ahead of our second season at the helm of 1860 Munich and even they've been difficult to find at times but I'm satisfied with who I've been able to find especially Park Yi-Young who has joined from Second Division side St. Pauli and should definitely be a regular starter during his season loan.



Yeeeeeeah, we're out barring a miracle.

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Indeed. You know what's the worst part? If we didn't concede that 95th minute header when we were already losing..we'd have been up on away goals.


This could be a tough season ahead if I struggle to get some loanee's in because even with releasing Sascha Molders at the end of his contract (he wanted £3.2k p/w which we simply couldn't afford) we are still near £3.5k p/w over the wage budget and we've no transfer budget either. Getting a good/quality striker in is the #1 priority.
Of course, for the one game you had to lose @DNZY it just had to be the playoff first leg.
I am registered here to be client. So and I am expecting fast service.
So I am able to give my opinion.

Then why don't you do it yourself then? Everyone on these forums have a life and can't be online 24/7 and @claassen will sort out the update(s) when he's motivated.

Now stop being a petulant cunt.













Irish Premier Division: 1st (Champions) = 50 points
FAI Cup: First Round = 0 points
EA Sports Cup: Winners = 15 points
Leinster Senior Cup: Winners = 15 points

Beat Shamrock Rovers x1 = 5 points
Beat Bohemians x2 = 10 points

Other awards:
Manager of the Year = 5 points

Total points: 100 points.
That's my boy ... failing together!

Sorry man but since my 3-0 defeat at Limerick, I have now won seven games in all competitions.
You say that... but just wait until I give it a go

I've no idea how people have found this so easy, I've only won a single league (and one cup) game so far and just got duffed 3-0 away to Limerick.
Great to see you lost a league game @Dan because now I don't feel bad about losing one.





The long unbeaten run has finally come to an end, annoyingly losing 2-1 away to Furth II. A 20 match unbeaten run in the league alone cannot be sniffed at but it's just frustrating it had to happen to someone, I don't know, who are crap and started the game fourth bottom and in the relegation zone.


Still top.


And now it's going to be handed over to @Dan who will now take charge for the next three months.
Just proves that I'm a better tactician than you @DNZY but the biggest shock is we are still unbeaten.









Astonishingly we are still unbeaten this season as 1860 Munich and a scoreless draw at home to Bayern's second team ruined what could've been a perfect month. We still remain in the Bayerischer Pokal after seeing off Don Bosco Bamberg in the eighth final stage.


Top of the table and currently three points clear of Bayern's reserve team who currently occupy second place. I'm surprised the excellent start has continued.









The away games against Nurnberg II and Bayreuth were both particulary frustrating because we conceded late goals in both of those games which ultimately stopped us getting more points on the board. We did draw at home to the leaders Eichstatt but they had ten men since the 62nd minute and we just couldn't captialise. It was an easy progression though to the Bayerischer Pokal Eighth Final in which the draw hasn't been made yet.


We're third after my first month in charge and much to the surprise of both @DNZY and @Dan 1860 Munich are still unbeaten but that's to end soon, right?

Good start to the season @DNZY

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Since the last post a few hours ago I have added two more players - spending another £28.5m on two defensive minded players. Gianmarco Lucifredi cost me £9m from Marseille as another centre back option while I shelled out £19m on right back Josh Williams from Manchester City. The league season began with a 4-2 win away to Aberdeen but that doesn't tell you half the story because Aberdeen were reduced to eight men before half time.
Na don't give up, I've thought similar with Arsenal but then i realise I'm not gonna manage 8 seasons anywhere else so would love to stick with this (want a new stadium) until 2019's game. You've still got the champions league to play for.

I was planning on taking the vacancy at Manchester United a few seasons back whenever they finished down in sixth as I could've attempted a clear out and try to rebuild them to title winners but alas I was unsuccessful and I stayed put at Rangers and iirc then won the league title and have done since. There was talk about potentially leaving Ibrox for a brand spanking new stadium but I haven't heard anything else since but I'm not fussed on whether we leave Ibrox or not as it's an iconic stadium imo.


Just looking another centre back or two as three simply won't be enough over the course of the season, especially when competing in the Champions League.

Some players' morale has been slightly damaged because of me, I was supposed to place the third choice goalkeeper in the U20's squad as I don't think he'll be getting used much (if at all) this season as I accidentally placed the majority of the first team into the U20's and I had to profusely apologise.
I had planned on leaving Rangers after the Europa League success over Roma but after I thought about it I realised that even though I'm dominating the league now and at times the cups, I'm still enjoying managing them and it hasn't gotten boring yet - mainly because big clubs keep trying to sign my best players, thus needing to replace them once they depart with equal or better players - e.g. Fred Klaus is more than likely heading to Manchester City for £45m.

This summer I have decided to "splash the cash" as I have a near £200m transfer budget due to saving over the seasons.
I can't believe we have done it. It may not be the Champions League but I will take it.


We were 3-1 behind in the Europa League final against Roma before I decided a slight tactic change and it worked a treat as Rangers bagged three unanswered goals to win it.
Just TWO HOURS to go people and than challenge #4 is closed.
Season 12 has been completed and it was quite a disappointing season even though we won a fourth consecutive SPFL title.

But we got dumped out of the BetFred Cup in the second round (our first hurdle) following a 2-1 defeat away to Hearts which meant we couldn't try and win that competition for a fifth consecutive campaign while our chances of a third Scottish Cup crown was ended by fierce rivals Celtic who beat us 1-0 at the quarter final stage. Our Champions League hopes ended in the First Knockout Stage, losing to Lyon.
Suppose I should start it soon!

That would be a wise decision sir.
I think Nabil Touaizi's time at the club is coming to an end as the guy just hasn't been the same since his 9 month lay off.

He's still bagging goals now and again but I don't think he's ever going to be as prolific goal scorer he was pre-injury and now Matt Watkins (a free signing from Tottenham) has scored six goals (the same amount as the aforementioned Touaizi) in just three games this season - a hat trick at home to Motherwell, a brace away to ten man Hearts and a single at home against Aberdeen. I really hope the Spaniard can recapture his pre-injury form because he was amazing.

It was supposed to be Nabil Touaizi > Cammy Henderson > Matt Watkins but now it may end up being Matt Watkins > Nabil Touaizi > Cammy Henderson.

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For those who are still participating in this challenge - the challenge closes NEXT Wednesday at 8pm.
Impressive stuff @VP. especially against Manchester United. I think my biggest league win to date was a 7-0 success at home to Kilmarnock.

A little update about my current save, I am considering selling right winger Simone Lo Faso and have accepted a £32m bid from Monaco for him - the main reason I am thinking of letting him go is because he's now 30 years old and I don't think I'll get a better deal for him - but it all really depends on how good a replacement I can find in the transfer market. As soon as Jamie Walker announced his retirement, I agreed a deal with a left winger from Bayern who'll arrive on a free.

I don't think I'll be making much transfer dealings this summer as I'm happy with the squad.
@Shedender yeah, good to see you caught them up. Are they still way and above you financially?

They wish mate. Celtic's currently got insecure finances and an estimated value of £21.69m while we have rich finances and an estimated value of £258m and I think that's down to the fact that I've spent a good few seasons looking and bringing in freebies before deciding to sell them on for big bucks. I'm glad I'm seemingly ahead of them now as I was getting sick of them dominating the league.

Big departures - £10m+:
Season 2019/20: Alfredo Morelos (Leipzig, £10.5m)
Season 2023/24: Lewis Morgan (Aston Villa, £10.75m)
Season 2024/25: John Souttar (West Brom, £13m) Kieran Dowell (Brentford, £13m)
Season 2025/26: Kieran Freeman (Brentford, £12m)
Season 2026/27: Luigi Campana (Atletico Madrid, £30m), Billy Gilmour (Watford, £20m), Benjamin Achenbach (Southampton, £18.25m)

You can see when the time I felt was right I let some talented players depart the club for big bucks which perhaps has hindered any chances I've had in the Champions League but it's helped the club balance massively and I could've sold Simone Lo Faso to Manchester City in January but they wouldn't match my valuation and I wouldn't have had time to find a replacement in. Quite a few players have also left between £5m and £10m but I've been able to replace them eventually.

The saddest part of this career is that Jamie Walker's retiring in the summer.
Good to see you've got Rangers back above Celtic, have you had any good regens come through?

Not really. The only suitable one who may be able to become a first team regular is centre back Barry Geggan who I've got out on loan at the moment. I've got three others in the first team Kieran Canning (GK), Aidan Wilson (CB) and Zach Rudden (ST) but they're back-up or only called upon during an injury crisis and nothing else as they're not good enough to be regulars but still need them because of the needed home grown quota.

I've got a couple of 2* players in the U20's but I don't think they'll ever make the grade unfortunately but we'll see.
I'm currently in my eleventh season with Scottish side Rangers and it's still a career I'm enjoying very much - I only started the save just over two months ago which is the curse of currently being unemployed as it means I've got far too much time on my hands oh and when the weather was crap I binge played.


During the long career I have won:

BetFred Cup: x7 (2018/19, 2019/20, 2021/22, 2024/25, 2025/26, 2026/27, 2027/28*)
Scottish Cup: x4 (2022/23, 2023/24, 2024/25, 2026/27)
Scottish Premiership: x3 (2023/24, 2025/26, 2026/27)

You can see it took us seven seasons to finally topple Celtic to finally be crowned Scottish Premiership champions and we're currently on course for a third consecutive title but there's still nine games to be played in the current season. Europe's proven to be a burden and one I'm determined to overcome - in the 2023/24 season we reached the semi finals of the Europa League but lost to West Ham and that was after dropping out of the Champions League at the Best Placed Playoff stage.

Oh and to date I have been in charge of 598 games in all competitions and have a win percentage of 68% which I'm sure will be risen before the season's ended.

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I'm waiting for the first person who survives with 33pts or less, inevitable it'll happen

I'm just waiting until someone miraculously wins the league title.
It should be:

Champions League (ID: 1301394)
Europa League (ID: 1301396)

Maybe that was deliberate?
Nah, I got locked out of my imgur for some reason but I shall fix that this morning

Perhaps but you still finished a position higher than mysel. I was rooted to the basement of the league and you even won more games than me.