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gaetan0 commented on: FM 2020 FLUT skin dark - Version 1.7
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mons Comments

Good work. I'm sure we agree that they look much better

One small thing to keep in mind for future cuts. We aim to only have 2-3 pixels beneath the chin or facial hair whenever possible. The intention is to make sure as much of the face appears in the cut-out as possible; nobody'd interested in their neck, no?

For the future, try and avoid leaving as much space as you did when cutting 36139575 and 36152022. Something like 114667 is just perfect
This is an empty file
I started a save on 20.3.0 and under EPL rules it still says transfer window closes August 6th

For the 2019/2020 season, that's when it closed irl and that's when it will close in the game. From 2020/21 onwards, it should revert to the end of August/January periods.

Edit: Had the reply menu open for a while

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You can submit the change yourself from his profile

Edit: Just realised you can't as he's no longer in the FM20 database. As this is not something which can be done using the live update, you'd have to ask SirTAVARES to do it for you in his file

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@Juan PARK0829, the requested source isn't large enough to be able to produce an improvement, especially as the current cut is practically identical, quite recent and of a good quality. Same for the Krpic request...

Good work. Feel free to upload it as a completed cut

Tbh, you seem to have grasped the basics already, so there's no need to keep posting cuts for feedback imo. Of course, if you have any doubts or have issues with a particular technique, feel free to ask
@rfreixo, good work but sources as good as these could have easily been cut in 250x250. If you're using remove.bg or similar software, it's worth cropping the sources to include just the area around the face before putting them through the tool. This ensures that the quality is maintained even after remove.bg downsizes the cleaned cut
just done the update and noticed has already been added. request can be removed

Has he? Can't see his cut myself
Thanks @RoCCo_42 and @Cengo - all saved for any future releases
That`s the point - everybody does it subconciously, willingly or not.
I don`t do that on purpose myself, I don`t want to have the best looking spuad - I want the best skilled players.

Here in this case with serge`s actual pic to put it short, he looks like a baby, in my "improvement" he would be more like a man.
Why strictly reject it, why not throw it in to a round of dedicated cutters? I can`t do it myself due to my limited skills in cutting pictures.

I know you are very dedicated here to guarantee best possible "pic experience" mons.
No problemo!

You may not be aware, but if a cutter still wants to cut it despite me rejecting it, nothing is stopping them from doing so and uploading it
may sound like a daft question but how do I get FM to look somewhere other than C: for these files if I have them elsewhere? My C: drive is a separate SSD drive that I use purely for startup.

These files are installed within the Steam folder. If Steam is installed on your C drive, then there is nothing to do but uninstall it from here and reinstall it elsewhere.

If it's your user data folder that you want to change (i.e. where your save games, skins, graphics, editor data etc.), then simple steps on how to do so can be found here
Thank you first time post still don't really know what I am doing haha slow learner

No worries, that's why we have this thread

First of all, your faces and your iconfaces folder should be in separate sub-folders (as per the screenshots in the opening post) not with the latter inside the former. Secondly, you seem to have around 10,000 cuts missing for some reason. Not sure which version(s) of the megapack you've downloaded for that to happen tbh.

Thirdly, do you have a file titled config.xml within the faces folder?
Basically he's just a complete dick and to be fair we've not had one on here for a while so it was nice seeing someone make an absolute fool of themselves.

I bet he's also a Tottenham fan.

Now, now, there was no need to take it so far
Could anyone find a cut out for my great future hope of my current save with Benfica

I've answered your similar query on this elsewhere
@Callum Grundon, I've merged your posts in here

Looks to me like you didn't install the megapack correctly. Have a look at the opening post of this thread (particularly the changing the preferences part) to see if there's anything you need to fix.

If all looks fine at your end but it's still not working, can I have a screenshot of the path your megapack files are in, ideally showing inside your megapack folder? Also, one of the properties of your faces folder if at all possible?

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I'm going to answer his posts for the sake of posterity and in case somebody else is putting forward the same questions.

perhaps I did mistake it for another site, but i keep getting links to different places and its the same outcome, its either no longer there or comes with a price when i do find it.

Perhaps you should have asked on the other site or wherever/whoever you got those links from.

In fact, can you PROVE that this website is actually not buying it for cheap and selling it for £37? How do we know for sure you have simply not paid for one version and copy it every time you make a sale? please prove that you pay exactly what you sell it for because selling it with no profit in mind like you claim seems like a pointless waste of time and I wonder why you even do it all.

The way Steam works is that the same copy of the game cannot be used with different Steam accounts, thus rendering your whole accusation of us getting one copy and using it every time we sell the game utterly mistaken.

Let me quote below the whole section in our shop from which you quoted from so selectively:

At sortitoutsi.net we try and offer the very best deals on all Football Manager Games and Products. We're not a big business trying to make millions of pounds, but if you buy from us a small percentage of your purchase will go towards keeping the site running and all of its content available to you year on year.

If you are a Premium Member then we thank you for your existing donation and we will sell you the game at exactly what it costs us to buy it, giving it to you as cheap as possible and making no profit ourselves.

If you are not a premium member then we will make a small profit of about £3-5 on the sale of the game. If you sign up for premium membership at the same time as buying the game you'll get a massive discount on both

I don't think there's anything in there which is unreasonable at all. If you're not ready to do so, there are plenty other places online where you can buy the game, and doing so would not stop you from enjoying the many graphic packs (and more) provided on sortitoutsi. I would wager that most if not all FM fan sites operate under similar methods, to be honest...
I don't think these 2 HSV sources will result in improvements @MarquitoDoRatinho. Both of them have had recent cuts from excellent sources recently and the ones you're posted are not as HQ as the ones they were cut from, nor do they have good enough lighting, nor are they large enough.

When there are so many requests made on this forum, we really have to be a bit selective which ones to accept, which is primarily why points 4 and 5 of the guidelines when making improvement requests were added:

4. Just because a source image is more recent than that in the MP does not automatically mean it's an improvement. It's better to have a slightly older image in the MP if it is of better quality.
5. Ask yourself, is it really an improvement to the existing MP image? If it's the same face and hairstyle with just this season's new kit, it's probably just an alternative.
Thanks for these @Eltarian

There were a few cutouts with yellow glare on the face caused by the goalkeeper shirts, so I fixed those ones (as well as sharpening another cut and recutting another that imo had the collar too high) @mons

Good work, thanks
Just a plain weirdo. We probably shouldn't have fed the troll.

That's what you get sometimes.

It looked quite clear he was out to stir trouble from his first post but it's happened before that people get the wrong end of the stick and I thought I could genuinely engage with him. However, there are none so blind as those who will not see
In the time it took me to post all that ^, it became clear that the poster was not trying to engage with us in a serious or genuine manner. Like @Rowan said, a troll.

So that's the end of that

I'm sure he'll be back with another username, trying to push the same agenda
If you are a Premium Member then we thank you for your existing donation and we will sell you the game at exactly what it costs us to buy it, giving it to you as cheap as possible and making no profit ourselves.

If you cared about giving people it as cheap as possible, you would not charge £37 and would not have closed my thread telling people where to get it cheaper. If you feel you deserve money for the work you do then that is your issue not ours. Stop trying to suck money from people.

I closed that thread myself because I didn't fancy it going down the road this one is going, with false and belligerent accusations aimed at discrediting this site. If I really wanted to "suppress" it, I would have deleted it, no? I'm sure it's available for cheaper from other places, but that is what it costs us to get a copy. Nobody's trying to "suck money from people", as you mistakenly infer.

For somebody who's just registered on our forums today to come out all guns blazing isn't something which I'm too happy about, and I'm not convinced you're not somebody with a grudge trying to stir some trouble. What is known as a troll, essentially. We're a nice friendly community and if you don't like something in here, then either voice your concerns in a constructive and educated manner or go elsewhere.
yeah, for 83p a month. Not everybody wants to put bank details on a website thats not a legit company and run by fans of the game. Would you give ME your details? did not think so.

Your initial point was that we no longer offer 2020 logo packs. Could you please identify where you got this from?

The metallic logopack is available to download for free via torrent. If you don't want to download via torrent, there are a number of mirror sites available from which you can download it and also other logo packs.

83p per month is to get premium membership to directly download the various megapacks through sortitoutsi itself. Bandwidth and file hosting isn't cheap, and we all do this voluntarily, so anybody who wants to contribute to the ongoing availability of the site is most welcome. Payment is via PayPal and secure, and many people have signed up for premium membership without any issues, so it's not entirely fair to describe us a "not a legit company".

If you don't want to sign up for premium membership, it's entirely up to you, which is why we have various other download methods available, as outlined above.
Keep in mind it is selling for about £22 at argos currently, plus you will be giving your bank details to a proven safe and secure company and not a bunch of people who run a forum. Cheaper and safer.


Go for it then - knock yourself out
Im talking about the posts saying you can download 2020 logo packs but no longer offer the download link due to copyright claims. If you look at the comments, you will see people asking where the link is, and the mods getting frustrated telling them to read where it says they no longer offer said links. My issue is, why are the posts even up at all if the packs are no longer on offer, it misleads people who do not know about the copyright issues and makes them waste time by looking and asking. These posts should be taken down, or said mods need to realise that it is their own fault for allowing the now useless posts to stay up, thus misleading people who are obviously confused, rightly so.

My theory is that they leave the posts up to bring traffic to this website, because that is the main reason people come here, for the packs.

I am aware of no posts on this site "saying you can download 2020 logo packs but no longer offer the download link due to copyright claims" Are you sure you're not mistaking us for some other sites?

We have a number of logopacks available for download here - knock yourself out

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Source image, as OP's cutout is a bit blurry

No offense mates! We are all trying to get the best pics of the players.
Maybe some others have the same oppinion on that pic of Serge Gnabry (this also concernes players like Leroy Sane and Lukas Nmecha, who have Dredlocks sometimes, then not)
And those players are not nobodys. They have a certain reputation in the German Nationalteam.
I know your basic priority is to get missing players to fill up the database.

The pic I provided is actually not the same as the ones allready in the previous pack.
(The one Vinceultras42 provided is in)

Maybe someone (dedicated cutter) has the same thoughts on the "Rasta-men" in football.

And I play football manager games for over 25 years now, I can tell that the pic is very very important - it decides over signing a player or not. Because you always have to look at that face later on when he is in your club.
I know this is irrational and not about the skills of a player, but thats how our superficial world with facebook, instagram and so on works. The picture of yourself is most important.
First impression can`t be rewinded.

On the other hand its a shame what pictures of these players theyself give permission of official release. A style consultant would be good for themm too!

So cheers

I see what you mean but the point is that we cannot make different cuts every time a player changes his hair-style. We'd have to make a new cut for the likes of Neymar every couple of weeks or more, for instance. That is the reason why sources like this one aren't taken into consideration. Now if somebody were to cut it, of course I would consider it for inclusion, but as a standalone request it's always going to get rejected.

If you decide which player to sign based on his pic, then that's absolutely up to you, but it's not something we can take into consideration either. It's already subjective enough sometimes when choosing whether a cut is an improvement or not, let alone if I have to decide whether it looks good on him or not
@FMShrew, this is from the exact source as the current megapack cut, so it's not an improvement. Please make sure that you make requests in the right category. This is not missing as it's in the megapack already.
After the 2020.04 update, the logos is not displayed


Can you upload a screenshot of your issue? It's not showing right now. Also, are you sure you installed the 2020.04 update properly?