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RobinhoQPR_ completed a season in their Football Manager career: RobinhoQPR's Worldwide Journeyman Career
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RobinhoQPR_ completed a season in their Football Manager career: RobinhoQPR's Worldwide Journeyman Career
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mons Comments
I've used your comments about pixels from top/bottom and used photopea. Also used create request, hope everything's ok - just trying to understand by trying each time

No worries. That's the best way to learn
Shame on me, i'd the "use caching to decrease page loading times" box ticked...
Now it works, sorry

Thank you very much for your help

No worries, all's well that ends well
Ok then that's another thing I will keep in mind. As for tools, I am using online tools as my computer is old - I use remove.bg, picresize and another website for cropping. I check everything in GIMP before uploading. I will publish both original and cut versions.

Instead of GIMP, try using photopea.com. It's almost exactly the same as Photoshop and is much more suitable to work with cut-outs

Remember to save by exporting as png
@Parker26, do take the time to look at cuts on a darker background. This one contains a lot of snow around the head, mostly due to the fact that it's pre-cut and pasted on a separate background by whoever did the original source. I've done the other source as I think it's got much better hair details.

Same as the other cut

Instead of uploading the source in a comment every time, it would be best if you uploaded it as a request, then upload the completed cut.

It's a good cut, but you shouldn't leave more than 2-3 pixels beneath the bottom of the chin and/or facial hair (depending which is the lower). I've cut it again so you can see what I mean
That's much, much too small to provide an improvement to the existing cut, I'm afraid.
Nice cut @mons . Hope you don't mind but I've had a go at 'evening out' the skin tone on the cut-out. Not perfect but I think it looks a little better.


I agree, looks a little bit better
@bennytee, I'll check them out and see what's what
yeah ive tried a few different saves since 20.4.1 and the same thing happens in all

Apologies, I'm only seeing this now. Can you drop me a PM? I may have a possible resolution.

Is it just me or are the league names wrong at level 8 in England?

The following for instance should be

Betvictor Isthmian League Division One North
Betvictor Isthmian League Division One South Central
Betvictor Isthmian League Division One South East

they are in the game as


The other level 8 leagues are similar. Unless i'm doing something wrong

Nobody'd noticed that before you

Add the below lines into the competitions lnc file; it's save-game compatible

"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 31038501 "BetVictor Isthmian Division One South Central" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 31038501 "Isthmian Division One South Central" ""

If there's any more, let me know
Hi mons, it was like this in the original file. I couldn't find any other photo of the player from front so I thought better than nothing

This is the original source image. It should be amply possible to leave space above the top of the hair and beneath the bottom of the chin in the final cut when using that source. What program and cutting techniques are you using, so we can offer some tips?

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I can't download last 4 uploaded packs,I get this standard message when upload is ultra fresh

How about now, can you download those files?
Has anyone ever had this issue? I am using the DF11 facepacks with their skins?

You've installed the icons and the main pack in the same folder. You should have them separately.

The main folder contains the large pics displayed almost anywhere while the icons include the smaller version displayed next to the player name when you right-click on their name anywhere in the game.

You've installed them wrongly, hence you're getting the smaller versions being upscaled to be displayed instead of the larger pictures, hence the blurring.
@nirvana06, again good cut but each cut must include a little bit of collar as well
@nirvana06, good cut but do leave 2-3 pixels above the top of the hair and the bottom of the chin

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@Neilboy29 To clarify the above, the image dimensions for icons are 25px wide by 18px high

Also, cutouts don't necessarily have to be 180*180px; the current megapack standard is 250*250px

I meant to type icon width rather than icon size - thanks for the clarification
Morning all, Sorry if this is in the wrong place.... I need to know how to add Icon faces into the game myself? I know the image sizes for the cut out faces is 180 x 180 but i'm unsure how to convert those images into icon faces size.... Any help would be appreciated and again i'm sorry if this is in the wrong place! Thanks for all your hard work guys...

You need to convert the cut-out to 18x18, then increase the canvas width to 25 pixels

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@Ahmet34, what are you doing? None of your posts make any sense. If you don't reply to this post in a sensible manner, I'll be removing your account as a spammer.
I've 266 677.png and the config file. And it's the only facepack in my folder.

That's strange, it should be working in that case. And do you have the preferences looking as they do in the first post of this thread?

If that's not the solution, drop me a PM, I may have a different proposal

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This is too small to be anywhere close to an improvement.
Thank you for your quick answer.

I've the black default face in-game.

I opened the config file and it gets even stranger, Fati's line is OK, Camavinga's line doesn't exist.
I created (copy/paste an other and integrate the ID) Camavinga's line, but nothing happens.

How many images in total do you have in your megapack folder, out of curiosity?

Do you have any other facepacks in your graphics folder?

First of all thanks for the excelent work. As you can see from my profile I am a premium subscriber since last year, so not trying to leech anything off.

But my computer is increasingly struggling with unziping the packages (it's hours...each) so I wonder if there is any chance to get a torrent of the FM20 facepack including the avaliable updates (which I believe to be version 12.14 from a couple days ago, or at least with a previous update) that I can download and not need to unpack?

At the moment I have all update packs downloaded, but not even using them...

I appreciate your attention.

I'm afraid that what you're asking for just isn't available.

Do any of these tips on speeding up extraction of zip files help?


First of all many thanks for your work.

I don't know why, but the Fati (ID: 67276122) & Camavinga (ID: 49056243) cut-outs faces don't show up in my game interface.
I checked and the two files are present in the folder (\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\graphics). I followed the installation instructions, it works for everyone except these two players.

I tried to download again the 11.14 patch (where the 2 players cut-outs are), tried to replace the Fati & Camavinga pictures with new ones in the folder, tried to rename the files but nothing happens...

Not a big deal, but a little help will be appreciate here

Many thanks

Do you get the black default face or is it a blank space in-game? Also, if you open the config file using Notepad, and use the search function to look for those UIDs, are they in there?
@nirvana06, please take the time to read this thread before making any further cuts. I've produced the attached from this source image
@nirvana06, this is not FIFA and we have some different requirements as to what our cuts should look like, so I've re-cut him
Sorry I don't know how to show the pic

I've fixed it for you, but if you want the source image to be displayed you need to link directly to the URL of the image, instead of the webpage it's on

It's best that you best the clean, original source next time as this one here is much more easy to cut and to get a good cut-out from

And if the player isn't in the megapack, then you request him as a missing request not an improvement request

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This is pre-cut, and isn't large enough to be an improvement on the recent existing cut.
I managed to find the image but I don't know how to cut it right. So I made this request.

Can you post the original source please? And is it in the megapack already?
ok no worries mate he was added in the data base by pr0 over at fmscout but thanks anyway mate keep safe and keep up the good work

The reason we can 'map' player images to the right player is because each player in the official database has a fixed and unchanging UID. The UID of players added in a custom database will vary between users, depending on the combinations of editor data files they have in place. This means there is little point in adding them to the megapack since they will appear only in a particular user's save game (in this case yours) or even worse appear for a different player entirely.

Anyway, I'm sure he'll be added in FM21 if he's playing senior football and I'm equally sure he'll be added to the megapack as soon as his UID is known