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mons Comments

Remember to rotate the source so that the head is upright. Also, look for the best possible sources, and if none are available, 180x180 is fine.
The sources requested are pre-cut, leading to a loss of hair details, and they are not very large. I very much doubt whether a single one of them would be an improvement to the current cut-outs, most of which are quite recent, very similar and of a very good quality.
Good work as always @Parker26, but keep an eye out as some of your recent cut-outs (including this one and most of the Menemenspor pack) seem to have been already cut in this Turkish mixpack. Just to avoid duplicating work

Apart from a reminder to only leave 2-3 pixels beneath the chin, since this source is small, 180x180 is acceptable in this case

Again, closer to the chin would be better, and remember to rotate it if necessary. 3-4 degrees anti-clockwise in this case would be fine.

I'd have cut it a bit closer to the chin (2-3 pixels is enough), but otherwise very good

The photo uploaded as completed request is not him! lol

Now sorted
Not quite satisfied with the results...


Not much wrong which I can see, to be honest.
@LowKobra, do take the time to search for the best and largest possible sources. The one you posted was fine, but it was a bit too small for 250x250 whereas larger sources were available
Hi! I'm extracting the megapack and the app asks me if I want to replace files. I don't have any other face packs. What should I do? Here's how it looks like https://drive.google.com/file/d/11KFMrJbodyrFC_DyxUxsT83FGTGQT3DH/view?usp=sharing

No idea, to be honest - just say yes. It may be a false positive.
@mimi872012, please read this thread on how to find the best possible sources for your request. I understand that the players you're requesting are obscure but the community has had to find better sources for almost all of your requests, and that's not on. From now on, I'll be rejecting any poor requests you make so that you can learn the hard way to start looking for the best available sources and not just the first one you can bother finding.
I can't download this picture @mons :/

To download attachments on here from Chrome, open the file in a new window/tab, then drag it to your desktop or anywhere on your PC

Here is an updated version of Carlos Secretario!


Much better again, but there's still a bit of snow and this source too should have been rotated a little bit

Much better, but I would still have rotated the original source by 3-4 degrees clockwise for optimal results
Hi! I wanna download all the packs but its 16gb so it realy large. So I'm curious can this be a problem for my computer?

What kind of problem do you envisage it to possibly be?
I'm the one who requested Arsenal team pack. It's a great work. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you. But 1804808,2114068,14020367,29108071,34011687,35002219,48037391,67157583,91013409,92012109,92029805
These are missing. Can you work on these too?

As already indicated here, these were all cut very well from excellent and very similar sources in the last few weeks, so they don't really need to be done again.

Whith remove.bg! what do you think ? @mons

Remember, when you've got a large source and you want to use remove.bg, crop it to around the face like in the attached jpg. Remove.bg is great, but the preview images are restricted to a maximum of 500x500, so when it's a large image of which the face is a small part, the ensuing cut-out will lose a bit of sharpness as is the case in your cut. It's not a lot, and it's perfectly fine, but it's a pity not to have it as sharp as possible.

Also, it's got a bit of grey snow, which is evident in-game and/or on a dark background

Much better

There's a bit of the background in the hair beneath his ear, and I've tweaked his contrast and colours, but I don't expect you to identify those kind of details just yet
Hi @mons,

What was wrong with this one ?

Thanks for your advices!

As luck would have it, I've seen this last Same as the others, jagged edges and a fair bit of snow.

P.S. If you want to tag me, or somebody else, it's not enough just to @me , you need to click on the user's name when it pops up, otherwise they don't get a notification

The hair is cut too roughly in this one and the source should be rotated by 3 or 4 degrees clockwise.

Once you crop it and get the cut done through remove.bg, there may still be a bit of snow left, which can be removed using the method shown in this video.

I'm afraid that's got too much snow in the hair. Again, if you use remove.bg, you won't get any at all, really.

In addition to weeniehutjr's feedback, there's also a lot of snow in the hair which just isn't there if you use remove.bg

Here's my attempt
Very good cut @OmerKagan2020, but for optimal results, leave 2-3 pixels beneath the bottom of the chin next time, don't cut above it
@mons I used a recent photo on his IG profile to get this cut. I hope it's decent enough...


I prefer it to mine, that's for sure, so I've re-opened the request for you to upload it yourself and take the credit
@fab88, it amazes me that, despite having been making requests for many years now, your ability to choose sources has not improved a single bit. A simple Google Image search results in a number of better sources.



Please read this thread for tips on how to find the best possible sources for your requests. You've had plenty of time to learn, from now on any poor requests will just be rejected. If you find more than one source which you think may be suitable, post it/them in the comments for the cutters to decide.
Cheers. Aye I've asked him about the main teampack...I didn't know how to do it as one big one so thought I'd try it individually!

My bad, more ignorance than anything

No worries.

To make a teampack request, you upload it here

For copyright purposes, I suspect you won't be able to link directly from the URL in here. Before you make any further requests, I believe that @Side Splitting Pass may be able to guide you on how you may possibly find bigger versions of these sources, maybe through PM
@SimaoEsteves, in no way, shape or form was that an improvement. Please do NOT upload any more cuts as completed cuts. I'm afraid your cutting technique is not good enough. I've tried explaining to you what we're looking for in terms of requests and cuts, given you links and guidance on how to improve both and you continue to ignore them, so I don't see why I should continue to offer help which'll be ignored anyway.