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rbirdy17 Comments
Is this file compatible with classens and riddlers added nation files? Because I have tried downloading updated transfer files, and is just gives error after error on the leagues......
Man, that files worked wrong for competitions that runs "autumn - spring/summer" system, games took teams that at the top just before ACL setup, but now all working great! Even FA Cups,
League Cups winners and back-ups qualify correctly.

Started a new save as Nepal NT and club, and it works like a charm!! well done mate !
so i have FINALLY known out how it works
this is how the game will take teams properly without crashing the competition. And if champion will win FA cup too, game will take the next team in team pool.
Maaan, it took A LOT of test saves
made Wellington in editor last position 4 in A League and made first two teams ( winner and runner up of Grand final) be finalists of FFA cup and also be 1st and 2nd teams in Regulae Season,
so game took last team correctly.

Nice! What was the " get teams from team pool ? " tab at ? that makes it so the top 4 teams , 8-9 matches in dont go to ACL? And are you going to do that for all the leagues? And release a new update?

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for Australia its : winner and loser of Grand final go straight to group stage ( seed 0) , then FFA cup winner (seed 2) to qual. round 1, if FFA cup winner is already winner and loser of Grand final, then choose winner of regular season ( seed 2 ) or runner-up or third place or team at 4 place (all seed 2). i had sent them to round 1 cause it's very difficult to make the game properly choose teams in various situations with proper seed ( 0,1 or 2).
But for other nations it's easy to make it ( other nations have more simple structure)

Ah ok, ya I would think it is easier since most leagues dont have the playoffs like the aussie aleague. Are you still going to keep the same amount of teams going to ACL and AFC cup in each nation ??
the nations that play there season from autumn/winter/spring are:

Australia , Bahrain , Brunei , Guam , Hong Kong , Indian super league and indian I-league , Iran , Iraq , Jordan , North Korea , Kuwait , Lebanon , Oman , Nepal , Palestine , Pakistan , Qatar , Saudi Arabia , Sri Lanka , Syria , UAE , Yemen.

Hope that helps!
will try and see how it works

hmmm yep it works, the game chooses teams from this list from up to down
so it will take some time to do all correctly, but it WORKS

Wow, that seems complicated to me haha, I dont know to much with the editor. So looks like you got the FFA cup winner, aleague champs and runner ups, and 3rd place team in regular season?? Now to get the leagues that are autumn/winter/spring hahah, i can help ya out with that if u like?

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yes, thx, but new problem is that the ACL don't see places for competitions that runs "autumn - spring/summer" system correctly.
for ex. after 8-9 mathdays in Australia it takes best 4 teams after these matches.
don't even know how make it work yet.

Ahhhh ok, hmmm might have to change the whole Aussie database so that the top 4 winners from the playoff competition, make the champs league the following year, so like aleague final in 2018, and those team make the 2019 ACL. So maybe under required teams, have the leagues that are autumn/winter/spring/summer make them "use for next season? " maybe?

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thx for report, i'll try to fix this with updated database editor ( my version is 19.1.1).

I actually found the cause. In the semi final stage 5 under the circumstances of where the winning team goes to, you had it at 5 still instead of 6, which the final stage is 6.
Just downloaded this file, and everything works well for 19.3.5 up until the AFC champs league final.... The AFC cup tournament works fine tho
I am in 2020 and the 2018 final has yet to be played. Just shows the 2 semi final winners won and no final date shown....


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Now is Update

Thank you for …..

cheers thanks!
The Tajikistan League only shows 14 matches played for each team over there whole season. When in real life, they play 21 games each, and the league winner qualifies for the play off rd of asian champs league. Aswell the league goes from March 10 - nov 3. The bottom 2 teams go to a relegation 2 leg playoff, with the winner staying up and the loser going down.....
Much appreciated Claassen! you are a champion! Thanks for all the hardwork!

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The Thailand league needs an update. Every single player is listed as "Foreign" and that includes Thailand players.
4 foreign players is the maximum, where 1 has to be asian. Aswell as allowing 3 ASEAN nation players.

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The Estonian championship is not good after the new update. Anybody can fix it?

Alot of the leagues arent working after the update, he said he was updating them. Tho that was just over a week ago
I finished Asia, Europe, South America.

Now, I do North America, then Oceania, then Africa, then Intercontinental/Contiental competitioons

Sounds good !
@pbx1979 : no sorry,I would not do. Europe is finished.
@mcisowski : I don't know but I don't think!
@rbirdy17 : yes, I will do later
@JonAtko : yes, I will do later

1st post updated: 102 updates !

Changes to 26/11/2017
- 46 new updates:
Europe: Scotland, France (with staff of manageronline.fr)
Asia: 44 countries: ALL Asia is made!

- Netherlands: Periods 1-2-3 put for the qualifications in plays-off to Derde divisie + match days OK
- Georgia: relegation play-offs put between 3rd and 4th division
- Northern Ireland: promotion/relegation review between 5th, 6th and 7th division
- Chile: 12 clubs to 3rd division, from season 2018.
- Japan: fix bug JFL historics
- Qatar: U23 league added
- New-Zealand; regional leagues fixed

What is your schedule ? like an order of what leagues/continents you will do next ? Oceania ?
Just wondering when the other continental competitions you make will come out ?

Like OFC u20 championships, WAFF championships, SAFF etc etc . ?

Much appreciated!
you are an absolute champion mate, appreciate all your work!
Amazing stuff mate, thanks!
Kosovo included soon?

Have you tried loading the editor to give it a go? No offence, but perhaps it's best if you give the whole thing a miss as you don't really seem to be grasping the concept. And I don't want you to mess something up...

I have dyslexia, harder for me to understand wording.....
That's because the video is for a previous version of FM. There should be an option to edit continental rules in the new version's editor. Give it a go and experiment

An option to edit continental rules ? I am sorry but this confuses me haha
You'd have to activate the respective competition(s) with the editor. Have a look at this video. It may be for FM15 and for national rather than international competitions, but the process to activate the competition(s) is practically identical. Once there, find the section describing the prize money awarded and amend it to your heart's content. Keep in mind you can only edit one nation or international competition at a time. Save the file(s), and when you next load up a new game, load the files and the changes you have outlined should be in place.

In that video, when he goes to add nation rules, it doesnt give you the competition. It just gives you the selection of either , Nation or League. I want to edit the AFC Cup in Asia, how can I do that when AFC Cup is a continental competition?
Anyone know how to edit prize money for competitions ? like champs league, europa league etc. ?

Can someone please make the gibraltar league kits ??? Be very helpful thanks!
Please start with the rest of oceania. Tahiti, New Caledonia, Fiji, Soloman Islands, Papua New Guinea etc. Thanks!
Hey, are you planning to do Kosovo league ? Just wondering. Appreciate the good work!
Ya guys, I dont know what you are saying that Claassen isnt doing one for FM16, he is. Here

yup, crashes for me aswell
In Oceania, could you try adding Tahiti and Fiji aswell Claassen ? always look forward to this !