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bennytee Comments
Anyone able to see my request from a few months ago? Links in spoilers to stop clogging up the thread. Thanks in advance!!

Here you go, wasn't sure how exact you wanted it so here's a few variations








Anyone able to see my request from a few months ago? Links in spoilers to stop clogging up the thread. Thanks in advance!!

I'll do them this evening
@bennytee How do you get the image of the kits to come up rather than the links? Just wondering as I have made a few myself

Just upload them to imgur then


and you want the BB Forum link


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Can I get home and away kits for FC Goveia?

Badge - https://i.imgur.com/vIxQkPA.png

Kit Style like Real Madrids:


Home purple, away white please

Shirt manufacturer - Addidas - https://i.imgur.com/zGbKG9d.jpg

Sponsor - Fly Emirates - https://i.imgur.com/YjYJW8d.jpg

Thank you!

Here you go, chucked in a random third kit too




Anyone want to make another one?



Home shirt blue/black

Away shirt white

3 shirt red

Sponsor Heineken

Here you go, had to make the sponsor white as you couldn't really see it against the stripes, tried it in a box but that didn't look great either so its a compromise



Hello all,
May I request some kits for a custom made team called Stapleford Abbots FC?
SPONSOR: Bank Of America
HOME KIT: Gold and white vertical stripes with gold sleeves. (I would like the stripes to be relatively thick)
AWAY KIT: Purple with black trimmings (Use the grey sponsor for this one)
THIRD KIT: Orange with any wacky/ imaginative design you can come up with!
I have attached the logo along with the sponsors/ manufacturers
Thanks in advance

Here you go, hope they're okay



Here you go @Pie





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Apologies, I'm only seeing this now. Can you drop me a PM? I may have a possible resolution.

Nobody'd noticed that before you

Add the below lines into the competitions lnc file; it's save-game compatible

"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 31038501 "BetVictor Isthmian Division One South Central" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 31038501 "Isthmian Division One South Central" ""

If there's any more, let me know

There's a few, i'm guessing it's because of the new structure that was changed 2 years ago

i've amended them myself by adding the lines in for the missing names
Can't remember what i've added though so you'll have to pick the bones in amongst these lot.
I haven't checked level 9 at all though

"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 5103716 "BetVictor Northern Premier Division" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 5103716 "Northern Premier" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 90081108 "BetVictor Northern League Division One South East" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 90081108 "Northern League One South East" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 90081109 "BetVictor Northern League Division One North West" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 90081109 "Northern League One North West" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 30010179 "Evo-Stik Northern League Division One North" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 30010179 "Northern League One North" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 30010180 "Evo-Stik Northern League Division One South" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 30010180 "Northern League One South" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 5103715 "BetVictor League Southern Premier Division" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 5103715 "Southern Premier" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 94048276 "BetVictor League Southern Premier Division South" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 94048276 "Southern Premier South" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 94048275 "BetVictor League Southern Premier Division Central" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 94048275 "Southern Premier Central" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 30004925 "BetVictor Southern Division One South & West" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 30004925 "Southern Division One South/West" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 94013292 "BetVictor Southern League Division One Midlands" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 94013292 "Southern Division One Midlands" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 5111905 "BetVictor Southern Football League Division One Central" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 5111905 "Southern Central" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 5111904 "BetVictor Southern Football League Division One South" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 5111904 "Southern South" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 30007239 "Ebac Northern League Division One" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 30007239 "Northern Division One" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 30007237 "Hallmark Security Football League Premier Division" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 30007237 "North West Counties Premier" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 30007238 "Toolstation Northern Counties East Premier Division" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 30007238 "Northern Counties East Premier" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 29138853 "Total Motion Midland Football League Premier Division" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 29138853 "Midland Premier" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 30007236 "Baker-Joiner Midland Football Alliance" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 30007236 "Midland Alliance" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 5103714 "BetVictor Isthmian Premier Division" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 5103714 "Isthmian Premier" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 30004922 "BetVictor Isthmian Division One North" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 30004922 "Isthmian Division One North" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 31038501 "BetVictor Isthmian Division One South Central" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 31038501 "Isthmian Division One South Central" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 30004923 "BetVictor Isthmian Division One South East" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 30004923 "Isthmian Division One South East" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 30007231 "Cherry Red Records Combined Counties Football League Premier Division" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 30007231 "Combined Counties Premier" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 30007235 "Southern Counties East Football League" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 30007235 "Southern Counties East" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 30007241 "Southern Combination Football League Premier Division" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 30007241 "Southern Combination Premier" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 30007242 "ChromaSport & Trophies United Counties Premier Division" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 30007242 "UCFL Premier" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 30007234 "uhlsport Hellenic League Premier Division" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 30007234 "Hellenic Premier" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 30007233 "Essex Senior Football League" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 30007233 "Essex Senior League" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 30007244 "Toolstation Western League Premier Division" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 30007244 "Western League Premier" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 30007232 "Thurlow Nunn Eastern Counties League Premier Division" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 30007232 "Eastern Counties Premier" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 30007243 "Sydenhams Wessex League Premier Division" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 30007243 "Wessex Premier" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 30007240 "Molten Spartan South Midlands Football League Premier Division" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 30007240 "Spartan South Midlands Premier" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 158186 "BetVictor League Premier Division" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 158186 "Northern/Southern/Isthmian League Premier Division" ""
"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 29052734 "BetVictor League Division One" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 29052734 "Northern/Southern/Isthmian League Division One" ""

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Is it just me or are the league names wrong at level 8 in England?

The following for instance should be

Betvictor Isthmian League Division One North
Betvictor Isthmian League Division One South Central
Betvictor Isthmian League Division One South East

they are in the game as


The other level 8 leagues are similar. Unless i'm doing something wrong

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Double check the UID's in game too sometimes they can change randomly when you generate a new game
NE templates pack is now updated with 3 new kits. Majority of teamwear catalogue kits from major manufacturers are now completed so updates won't be as often in future.

Joma Estadio
Errea Praga 3
Hummel Elite
Gold color added to Wolves away, Bournemouth away, Man City home


Thanks for the gold kits, very appreciated
I will put some gold colors to existing templates in next update, no worries.
For now there are few in Nike

That’s awesome, thanks
NE templates pack is updated with 9 new kits:

Umbro Bournemouth home (12 colors)
Nike Striker IV
Macron Nash
Hummel Hybrid, Solo, Core, Team, Striped, TechMove


Hi bolid, could I trouble you for more Gold premade template 2D/3D kits, any brand is fine.

Love these templates but made the mistake of creating my team in gold on a whim but I notice that there aren't any others in gold so I can vary over the seasons. If its too much trouble I can always knock something up using the standard templates but yours are so easy and a joy to work with.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Can someone make some fantasy Southampton kits

Sponsor will be LD sports https://static03.dsoog.cn/ldsports/uploads/player/icon/iF1MNNfoKDu0xMDK.jpeg

Manufacturer: Under Armour

Home kit:

Red and White Stripes

if possible something based on but without the collar


Away kit: Yellow and Navy Blue

Third kit: Black, Red and White

Not quite what you asked for but I think they look pretty cool, could do with a higher resolution sponsor really. couldn't find one sadly


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Hi guys,

Just wondering if someone could help answer a question I have about licensed kits in FM20.

I've put in place kit packs for Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and Premier League however if I want to put in a fantasy kit into one of the licensed leagues like Italy, France or Germany, it still plays with the official real life licensed kit of that club. Is there anyway of changing this?

ie. Fantasy Bayern Munich kit changes the image but in the 3D match it doesn't change.

Thanks guys

The 3D kits are separate
could you make nike or adidas please

Here you go

Can someone make me a Blackburn Adidas fantasy kit? I don't know which sponsor should be used, but preferably a huge and very rich company with a nice logo. Or just leave it empty.

Home kit: light blue and white
Away kit: Dark blue
Third kit: Something green or Red (not green and red)

Nice and simple without a sponsor


With sponsor

Few variations here of the home shirt, wasn't really happy with any of them so i'll leave it up to you


3 Away to choose from


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Can i make a request please?

Club: Legia Warszawa (Legia Warsaw)
Kit Manufacturer:
Adidas Original

CD Projekt Red

Home - Green and Red / little bit of White
Away - All Red or White with different colour details( Green or Red)
Third - i like my third kits Unique and Crazy so get creative if you can

Thank you

Have to admit I kind of lost track of what I was doing. Hope you can find something you like from this lot. Apologies for how bad they are


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Is it possible that I could have CD Nerja kits please?

Home - Similar style/colours to this

Away - Similar style/colours to this

Sponsor - Marbesol Rent a Car - https://www.marbesol.com/images/logomarbesol-rentacar.jpg

or https://ct-supplierimage.imgix.net/car/marbesol.pdf?w=1024&fm=png&h=768&fit=clamp

Badge - https://sortitoutsi.net/uploads/team/67020155.png

Manufacturer - Castore Sportswear (if possible) 

Not exactly what you asked for but I hope they're okay. Awesome part of the world Nerja is too

Hi, can anyone make me some Birmingham Kits , currently 5 years in and just qualified for the champions league ,
looking for some modern kits, open to any ideas.

Just the current colour scheme too thanks.

Hi Guys just wondering if anyone could make me some modern looking Union Berlin Kits.

I’m really open to options would just like an Adidas or Puma style with maybe Siemens or any other German sponsor. Just something abit more modern.

Would like to keep the colour scheme , other than that I am open to ideas.





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TATA Steel, Now called TATA Steel United new logo (ID: 74009642)

Big thanks for these, do you know of any good Armenian league addons?
I'd like to present you a new "line" of premade templates that are entirely based on real premium kits. Although they're fantasy, there's a great deal of realism since kit manufacturers often transform unique kits to more simple teamwear versions in next season. In my opinion these might be great solution for long term saves.

For now this is a stand alone file and contains both 2D and 3D kits in 20 or so color combinations based on West Brom and Manchester City home kits.

https://i.imgur.com/u2T4cO8.png https://i.imgur.com/vnvyJEy.png


This is awesome, really helped me to knock up a couple of 3D and 2D kits for my Chile level 5 Network game with my friend. So much easier matching the two together without digging.
Changing colours was a doddle too, more templates like this would be amazing.

Thanks for the hard work
I'm Gozitan myself, so wash your dirty mouth out

If you've got the respective packs up-to-date, then you only really the kits and possibly the competition logos (for the handful of new competitions added in the file)

Ha ha, now I know! Interesting league format, seems crazy that there isn't a combined league format but I hear they are thinking about it. Went down the rabbit hole a little bit whilst looking around your database and ended up watching some of last years Gozitan cup final on Facebook

Any tips on where to start? I was thinking of cutting my teeth in the Gozitan leagues before working my across/up? to the top flight, any interesting teams to look at?
Hi Mons, this looks great, love the detail
One question, do I need to use the cutouts or the logos if I already keep up to date with both of the mega packs?

On a side note I didn't even know about the island of Gozo, now I do

Thanks again
I've gotten used to the issue of the white halo effect as it helps me identify that a player is a regen

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Thanks for great work. How to put the faces into the game?

One by one, using the unique ID's of each newgen, bit of a pain but worth it

Like this

In Football Manager, go to settings > preferences > interface and select the field that says "Show sceen IDs in the Title Bar to assist skinning"

Exit back to the player you want to replace the image of and take note of the ID number.

Find the image you want to use and replace the name of the image with the ID

then use this program to create the config file
This is amazing, just gave all my youth intake a face, amazing for my youth focussed save, can't believe these aren't real people, extraordinary .
Can't thank you enough, they look great. My only gripe is that they do need cleaning up a bit if they're used on dark skin as they have white ghosting around them but its not a deal-breaker and can be done one by one as I use them.
Is there any chance you could do older ones for staff?
Thanks again

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@mons please reject this request. Most of the pics are far too small to cut. However bigger versions are available & I'll repost the request later today.

Apologies, I did have a look about but no luck, cheers @Side Splitting Pass