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Vercoe Comments
Just finished watching the whole of the Sopranos, you know it's a good show when you're rooting for the bad guy to do well. Not sure on the ending though, I think I get it, but then again what the fuck...
Well our inexplicable, customary slow start to a season begins once again. Can't blame the influx of numerous players because Peterborough brought in as many, if not more players as us and seem to be flying.

Seeing as how our manager notes Alex Ferguson as one of his mentors (his dad and Fergie are mates from Fergie's stint managing in Scotland IIRC) I can only assume we'll do what Man Utd did time and time again; start the season slow and then hammer everyone to win the league in March.
Millwall away in the next round, not what I was hoping for! Gives some of our burberry wearing chavs the chance to posture I guess.
Fuck sake, having to pay for the training pitch out of his own pocket? That's disgraceful! I know Peter Reid paid our heating bill and some players' mortgages once or twice but we were in administration and didn't have an owner; that's disgusting. I can't blame him for leaving. Who's favourite for the job?
Bowyer walks. and we are the first team to lose our manager this season.

Don't blame him with having enough of the club and its owners. One of the better managers we have had in a while, I am sure he will be in a job by Christmas if not Halloween!

Meanwhile our shit show continues....

From the outside looking in I'm quite surprised! Granted you would know better than anyone on here all the ins and outs of the shit show at Blackpool but I hadn't seen much in the national media for ages about it so I assumed it was all settling down a bit.
Favourites to go straight back down though?

Oh yeah absolutely, he's very good at getting cast off lower league players playing above themselves to get up but they aren't good enough in the Prem.
If you want a team promoting then Neil Warnock is your man.
I didn't realise that Wembley has only ever been owned by the FA for 19 years.
Yep, wouldn't be surprised if a team like Plymouth go up via the playoffs, if you can get in there. Shrewsbury are out of form, Rotherham have been hit and miss, it's anyone's game.

After being where we were at November/December time I'm honestly delighted with this season no matter what happens now but, watching this team this second half of the season, I genuinely fancy us. I wasn't this confidence playing teams last season when we went up in second, on our day I think we can beat anyone in this league.
We're going up (almost certainly)

And did us a favour in the process, Peterborough basically out of the running for a playoff place now.
36 is no age whatsoever. Cancer is a cunt. RIP
You lot are fucked.
Goal of the season scored yesterday.
We've won our first home Tuesday league game since September 2015! Northampton were awful though, rather than we were any good. Bottom of the table is looking tight now.

Interesting video by Copa 90 with Argyle's video analyst Matt Neill (used to post on here if I'm not mistaken; if not I definitely remember him on FM forums way back when) on how he got a job through Football Manager.
Shame most of them will never play any meaningful game for their parent clubs.
Freddy Shepherd has died. A big figure from the big Premier League era.

«This comment has been edited»
Fucking hate football. Still, 4 red cards in 4 home games isn't bad I guess.
Drew 0-0 vs Plymouth. Reasons for the draw are us being incompetent in front of the goal, Lee Clark being incompetent by taking out our only proven goalscorer this season and the goalie playing a FUCKING BLINDER

Best 'keeper in the league.
3 red cards in 3 consecutive home games \o/
If any team wants to beat us, apparently all they have to do is withstand 15-20 minutes of admittedly good football with no end product and then score first and we'll crumble.
There were two versions leaked, the Spanish version was the one I watched, then Sweden leaked a 1080p version, I couldn't find that one!
A lot of it seems quite rushed, what with it being a shorter season this season and next, but that does mean more packed into each episode.

Anyone watched the leaked version of next week's? It's a brilliant episode (shame the sound was off, but that's what you get watching a recording of the recording).
Lads in trackies giving it large are an essential part of the surroundings of football games around here, so can't really condemn that Strangely enough Grimsby doesn't even rank in my perosnal top three of absolutely crap away days in League Two, so there is that.

Saw quite a few Plymouth lads giving it on the Twitters and bigging this up as some sort of "derby" game. I quickly looked at a League One map and realized that Bristol is actually one of the nearer away days for the Plymouth lads Fecking hell, League One is a right mare of anyone from the south. Are you sure you don't want to try supporting a French team? Might be a bit less travelling involved

Tbf a lot of our fans on Twitter are fucking mongs. Although historically there's always been a bit of tension between us and Bristol City supposedly stemming from the 70s or whatever.

Yeah we're pretty fucked with travel this year, unless you're an Argyle fan living in the midlands in which case you're laughing.
I am from the North West so everything more than one hour of travelling is like an away day in North Korea!

And as @Vercoe correctly pointed out, Grimsby smells like fish and is just very, very grim in general

Went there for the last game of last season and it truly was awful. Houses and buildings bordered up and there was a chav walking around with his trackie bottoms off and slung over his shoulder shouting absolute bollocks at everyone. Made me look forward to the 9 1/2 hour coach trip back tbf.

Also, try living in Cornwall, I've got an hours journey each way just to watch home games!

«This comment has been edited»
"all the way"

Its not very far from Derby to Grimsby

Going to Grimsby is bad enough, no matter the distance!
We managed to arrange a friendly against a Feyenoord team which apparently was made up of quite a few first teamers and held them to a draw.

Brilliant film, so good.
We've had one of our pre-season friendlies in Holland cancelled because the mayor of the town where it's being held is afraid they won't have enough police presence to deal with 400* (*his words - will be shocked if it's over 100 personally) Argyle fans AND... a market they hold every week.

Fucking arsehole. Now fans, who have already paid money to go out there for the whole week, booked accommodation around both games, including the first, are fucked because they've basically got extra days to do fuck all.

The club are trying to rearrange the match somewhere else but, seeing as how it's next Tuesday (I think) time is running out.

In other news, we've beaten every lowly non-league team we've played this pre-season and have Cardiff at home tomorrow.

Now our other pre-season game in Holland against Twente's reserves has been called off for the same reason plus 'the threat of flares'. Do these retards not see the Dutch leagues? All they do is set flares off!

Absolute bunch of idiots.

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