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tmatthew Comments
Van Gaal also has you playing shit and losing games. You're only realistically two wins better off, which isn't a lot in grand scheme of things. I know this is kind of a shit point because you're only as good as you're opponents, but you're only 3rd because everyone else has been shit this season.

As for actually improving playing style under him, debatable. For every good game you have, you have another 2/3 dire ones.

We've lost once in 18 games.

And still in the FA Cup, whereas with Moyes we went out in the third round.

Also worth pointing out that Moyes still had the backing of the fans at this stage last season. So its only right to back van Gaal, even if he had been as bad. Which he hasn't.
Well basically yes as like i said its only really the overseas players/managers that complain and overall the fans absolutely love this time of year too.

To be honest I do love all this football in such a short space of time.

But it makes no sense as far as the teams are concerned.
Looool imagine blaming BT for a draw. Unreal.

Woah, I don't know where you got that from, but before that escalates I'll elaborate.

We didn't win because our finishing was shit.

Tottenham were as affected by the schedule as us. Not claiming the fixture list was the reason we didn't win, saying its the reason both teams looked knackered in the second half.
You do realise that once upon a time you was lucky to get one game on TV, long before the days of Sky yet there was still a lot of games at Christmas and New Year.

So we shouldn't change something because its been the same for years, gotcha.
The timing throughout the day is for TV yes but the busy period isn't anything to do with it what so ever.

If you genuinely believe that then you're incredibly naive.

Sky/BT would lose money if the fixture list ran as normal/we had a winter break. That's the reason it is the way it is.

And it is the same for everyone, so surely a better schedule where every team benefits makes much more sense?
It has everything to do with TV.

And two games in under 48 hours is ridiculous regardless of the rest of the season. That's not at all relevant.
Big win that, despite poor performance.
Smalling was class, but also thought Rojo looked very, very good.
Townsend isn't even pretending not to be completely biased.

«This comment has been edited»
If you genuinely can't understand why he was impressive today then there's really no point in arguing about it.

Yeah, alright.

We'll just ignore the Chamberlain thing.
Poor from De Gea, makes you wonder what would have happened if all our other attempts weren't straight at him.

I love that you'll even go so far as to suggest De Gea didn't have a good game.
Get the fuck in
Wilshere should be off.
Got me there.
This makes Smalling's red card so much worse. City are awful.
To be fair that guy runs a site on Portuguese football. He's about as much of an expert as Tom Kundert.

Are we talking about Jan Hagen? I thought he was just a freelancer? Kundert runs a Portuguese football site.

Not that it matters. But criticising Rojo's Sporting form when people hadn't even heard of him a few months ago is ridiculous.
Tom Kunert added:

Which I've seen him do quite often. He had Mauricio to cover for him at Sporting. I'm not saying he definitely won't come good (I hope he does), I'm just not convinced he's a very good CB. I think he's a better LB.

£16M isn't too bad, but Garay went to Zenit for only £12M - and we really could have done with him. Plus we're paying £4.8M to loan out Nani as part of the Rojo deal. Argh.

I'm not saying he's perfect, but that above quote shows he was certainly not a liability. And Mauricio is wank.

He's a liability. And a left-back being played out of position.
Tom Kundert, Portuguese football expert:

He became a pillar and a leader at the centre of defence, utilising his lightning pace to make endless timely interventions. He also became a potent goal threat with his powerful aerial game and thunderous left-foot shot, scoring six goals during the season – before impressing again at this summer's World Cup in Brazil.

«This comment has been edited»
How the hell was he a liability for Sporting? He was one of their best players.
City must surely get a penalty at some point.

Will probably be a dive too.
We're gonna have a Mcnair - Carrick centre-back pairing.
Referee has been awful.

Our yearly fucking injury list.

Whatever happened to Gibson?
I don't think you can say centre back is his best position when he's only been playing there since he moved.

But yeah, I'd much prefer Clyne there.
It's not a case of he can play RB, he is a RB. He never played in the centre at Southampton.
That was 11 years ago...
Thought Rafael was also really good today. Glad he's come into some form.

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