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mrgood Comments
Here is v.2 folder with more faces for those who like it.
Will you ever be able to make more of these? They're brilliant. I know they're from PES but I've no idea how to go about getting them and especially not in this resolution

I will upload more versions, no problem.
If you want to make him your main player in the game, make sure you support him with players around. Players on AM position can be easily isolated when they are facing two DM's. Striker on support duty will help a lot but also other players need to play a role, BBM is important there as well.
AM (a) is always the best option since you have several options to change his movement depending on opponent you're facing. (move into channels, roam, etc.).
Sometimes custom clubs shows error when you add kits. I was several times on susie discord server the same question but still don't know how they or did they fix that. I'll check and let you know.
It should be simple with adding ID in config files like hammer9 said.
is there a video on how to do this as I am unsure on what/where to put the change bit in the config file

Unfortunately there is no video. I will help you to understand how to change it.
1. Open your config file with notepad where are your player faces are in Graphics folder.
2. Open your folder where are regen faces pictures.
3. Player you want to change have unique ID. https://i.gyazo.com/35e6888ff34dd1081b5b4541bd19f6b5.png
4. Rename picture of regen you want to add with ID of regen from the game you want to be changed. Copy and paste into your graphics folder where are your player faces. https://i.gyazo.com/51d7da366fc1fcb6e11780fba8d8ea50.png
5. In config file add a line <record from="1915678692" to="graphics/pictures/person/1915678692/portrait"/> (1915678692 is ID from my game, that should be your regen ID)
6. Save and close config file.
7. In game preferences, clear cache and reload. Make sure you have unticked cache option https://i.gyazo.com/5cefef2c83a41457c6793f7a1d1f5c04.png
[quote name='Pierre Jessen' user_id='880063' id='524348' timestamp='1585210593']
I need those sounds for my FM18.
Do you think you can guide Me aswell?



There is a explanation step by step, it's easy.
how do you add these to the game makes no sense

Copy player face into folder where are all faces. Rename that picture as ID from the game (player ID)
Open config file with notepad and change values, etc. <record from="1915494434" to="graphics/pictures/person/1915494434/portrait"/> (1915494434 is ID from the game)
clear cache and reload. make sure you have unticked first option

Working! You are not doing something as it described


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Good luck everyone (:
Looks like this is not possible anymore. I used to change regen faces in every FM until FM20, now nothing happens after skin reloading. :/

It does work..
Please can you explain me precisly how to do this because it doesn't work. Thanks

First, you need to have ID of regen you want to change. After, go to folders with PES regens faces and use any of them.. whatever you like, rename it with ID of regen. Copy that picture in your graphics folder where are all faces. Open your config file and add your new player face with this line: <record from="player_ID" to="graphics/pictures/person/player_ID/portrait"/>
Save config file, reload your skin.
Make sure you have unticked caching for decrease loading pages, clear catche and reload skin.

any chance there will be fm20 version?
Pretty good idea! Will the faces eventually repeat on different players?

Each face you are using on one player since you need to change config file which is unique to one player.
I don't know when regens retired would other regen got the same ID but I think that is not possible.
I made a version for FM18 and i will try to make it for FM20. But you can't use the FM19 version on FM18 or the other way around, because they are different.

Found it! Cheers mate (:

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Is it possible to add it to other version of FM? Fm18 or would it be possible to add when FM20 is out?
Hello all,
My problem is my team is crossing the ball every time and i can't reduce the number of crosses. Please someone help me lol.
https://pasteboard.co/Ivf5UnS.png -stats
https://pasteboard.co/Ivf7qWj.png -tactic

the main problem are your CWB's. Their role instruct them to 'cross more often' so only thing you can do is to change their role.
They are too attacking and switching to WB could work for you. Of course, you can set PI to your WB's to go forward but you can control their crosses.
Possession based formation with overlap.
Depending of opposition you can choose attack wider or narrow.

Huge success with developing EG role!