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clloyd Comments
Great read as always gaz.. That Seoul followed by Shandong is going to be huge for you. I really hope you can pull off the double win!
Looking good mate. Definitely limited yourself to jobs when you first started! I was very impressed with the Roar offer however looking at the behind the scenes I can understand why they hired you!
Holy crap you went from Veliterna to Fiorentina in a few years ?!
Good luck mate, try steal a point from Seoul!
Certainly strange seeing a different club now! Very unfortunate however you will go back at some point :p
As a Villa supporter, I really hope you can do them justice and avoid relegation!
Great going mate! Those last two games - squeaky bum time
I love a good unemployment story! Will be keeping an eye on this for sure
Aha cheers Dan. Forms looking great, hopefully we can carry it through!


Following the huge friendly win over Ajax, it was time for the final two games of the first half of the season. The first being against none other than title leaders AmaZulu, with possibly the best attacking force in the Division


-- Couldn't have started any more perfect! Holding on by the skins of our teeth thanks to some absolutely amazing defending, owing our win to man of the match Moeketsi our full back. Sebastiao, running past 3 defenders slotted into the corner gave us the hope to get at least one point - but all three! Brillliant game that really did instil the players with great moral, looking to carry this onto the next game! --


-- Carry it on we did, with the goal coming in extremely early at just 9 minutes, again with man of the match heading over to Moeketsi. We were actually dominated in all the stats apart from possession, and even then we were only up by 5%. This game was actually fairly worrying simply because we should not be having such a hard time --

Mid season star players review!



Hot prospect Sebastiao has had a great season for us. We has been pivotal in the AMC position granting us 53 key passes with a huge 78% pass completion rate for the first half of the season. He is going to have a great future and I have no doubt that he will be moving to a much larger Premier League side, having already had offers from both Orlando Pirates and SuperSport



Star inside forward Mazibuko is my second star of the season. Very similar in stats to Sebastiao with 78% pass completion and a huge 98 key passes throughout the season. He has picked up man of the match no less than 9 times so far! and also netted 8 to become our highest goal scorer. I will definitly consider securing him on a permanent basis should I decide to stick with Vasco and should we get promoted! Cracking player, probably my favorite from the team

Mid Season Table


Currently lying joint second only behind on goals difference, 4 points clear from 4th position, it seems we have maintained our form through the competition and have our eyes strictly trained on 1st prize, or promotion at the very least. We still have real problems scoring and I'm beginning to think it must just be a curse, with numerous tactical changed and formation alterations it seems to not make a difference - if we can keep scraping through games it will be fine, but not ideal!

Next time on Rags to Riches - Back to the drawing board!
Me too Dan, learnt a lot from that series!

Of course BananaRama2000, I was planning on doing a small showcase at the seasons half way point!

Cheers for the input guk99, I hope so! Amazulu really are not dropping points.. it's going to be incredibly tough!


Ting Tong was incredibly pleased with where her squad was, given the short amount of time spent with them. She could sense a great hardship over the coming months however.. Treating herself to a blow dry and nail polishing, she planned her next assault on the number one spot

Hoping to build upon our great start to the season, we went into the new month really hoping to have sorted the finishing issue present in every single game. Would the team talks be enough? Would the change with individual instructions be enough? Only time will tell. This month is extremely important, with a game against 2nd place Black Leopards, the start of the South African Cup and a team tester against the Premier League 5th place Ajax CT. We can do this lads!


-- The curse hits again. Plenty of shots, with 6 on target, 4 clear cut chances and yet an extremely close game coming to a close at 1-1 after two goals minutes before the half time show. Mazibuko claims man of the match due to his game changing goal, with Sebastiao coming in close behind. This is a game that I would like to put behind me, with an unusually sloppy performance at our home fortress. Again clinical finishing ruins the day, nothing seems to be working! --


-- So comes the huge game against our closest 2nd place rivals Black Leopards. This was an incredibly close game, with a fast goal seconds after the second half began by the Black Leopards star Ntshangese. We quickly leveled through our young prospect Sebastiao with a pin point shot - admittedly very fluky - from around 32 yards out. The game was neck and neck, deciding to revert to our DM strategy in order to hold the Leopards to a draw we parked the bus, and parked the bus hard. Maximum possession, few risky passes and an incredibly deep line. They thought it was all over, until loan sensation Mazibuko saves the day with a brilliant knock in at 93 minutes from a brilliant curved cross released by Wambi. We had done it! We had overcome our closet rival and gained the vital 3 points --


The beginning of a goal starts today, with the South African Cup directly in between our cross hairs. In all honesty I am not expecting to win the cup with Vasco, they simply are not good enough to go up against the likes of Orlando Pirates and Sundowns from the Premier League. We will see how far we go, and use it as a catalyst for good performances during the First Division


-- Fantastic start to the cup campaign. A brace from our veteran winger Armogam enclosing the half time with a final nail in the coffin for our young striker Marumo. This was a game that I expected to win given Mbombela's performance throughout the season. Things to note from the match is that our shooting seems to be getting better, hopefully due to the increase in training. A solid win that will hopefully spur us on in our final game of the month - the friendly against high flying Premier League team, Ajax --


-- Yep that is correct, we overcame the 2nd place predicted Ajax from the SA Premier League. Although this was just a friendly we demonstrated that we could potentially hold our own in the top flights against the big boys. Winger Armogam grabs a brace before Ajax place a consolation goal giving us a great morale boosting 2-1 victory. The winger is slowly becoming an icon at the club and has proven himself in both cup and league games, picking up man of the match. The stats were very even, showing that finally the curse of not being able to finish chances is slowly becoming less and less of an issue. What a fantastic win! --

Due to the split in the season coming up, I will save the table update for next month!

What a brilliant month of games, with a fantastic win against Black Leopards, a great start in the SA cup and that huge win against Ajax in the mid season friendly. It seems our finishing woes have been reduced slightly and I am looking forwards to possibly the biggest game of the season so far! Amazulu, I am coming for you

Next time on Rags to Riches - The mid season update!
Cheers Ipswich Knights, really enjoying it so far!

Thanks for the words Dan. I was inspired by your trip around the world story I read while at 'work' today! Seasons going well, really need to sort the scoring out however..


Still unbeaten in the league is a great achievement especially considering how up and down the African leagues can be. Even though we aren't scoring as much as we need I believe with a little motivation they can do wonders! Big game coming up against All Stars, of which are a local rival here in Cape Town. Hopefully our hot prospect can teach them a thing or two!


-- Yep, that wasn't going to happen was it? Absolutely pathetic defensive display which has let me down constantly throughout the season, but this takes it to a new level. with equal stats with the opposition we really should have at least equaled their goal tally. Sebastiao had his worst game of the season and it just fell apart. I believe the majority of the problem was a change in tactics a week before the game to a more solid 4-4-2 which evidently does not suit our team! Oh well move on --


-- Incredibly tight game, they were very lucky not to be level by the end of it. That team talk with the defenders seemed to of helped with quite a solid display keeping us in it until the end, great job. Loanee Mazibuko once again showing us why I really need to consider offering him a full time contract, he is an asset to our team and completely demolishes the right wing in every game - his form has not dropped since the first friendly game. Let's try and carry this form into the next game hey? --


-- Would of preferred a bigger scoreline however I'm great full that we actually managed to win! Late goal by the tactic master Wambi, another solid defense - leading to the 1-0 win. Myxoyana picking up man of the match with his defensive efforts at full back, greatly appreciated! Sebastiao playing only half the game due to a slight knock, however it was not significant and he recovered straight after the game.

November Table


Aside from the first game of the month we looked quite solid at the back, resulting in us holding onto the 3rd place spot! Sebastiao didn't have the greatest of months along with Bogere and that really shows in the results.. those two can completely change the flow of the game and I hope they return to their previous form! Only time will tell. December looking like a hard month - A friendly against Ajax CT from the Premier League and the start of the South African Cup.. Fingers crossed!

Next time on Rags to Riches - December, the dark month
September was a month of grinding out draws and settling into the rhythm of second flight African football. October will definitely be a better prospect? Maybe not..


15 shots, 10 on target 0 goals.. This paired with 58% possession is very disappointing. We just aren't clinical, which is a huge shame considering we seem to be playing very well - even against teams that are favored over us! Bogere picks up man of the match again, even though it wasn't the best performance. We need something to give the players more confidence in the attack.


That's much better! Bogere picking up man of that match again with a 9.0 rating, even getting himself on the scoreboard. Great performance in both halves of the game against newly promoted Milano United, who for some reason have been placed 2nd by the media! Some great runs by Van Graan and an orchestral performance by Wambi gave us the confident boosting 4 goals that we needed so dearly. Hopefully this will show the players that we can indeed score crackers and have a shot at the title!


Maybe not. Again with the huge gap in shots and possession I was massively disappointed to give away such a cheap goal in which our corner defense just didn't mark the near post.. The problem may be to do with the number of shots we are hitting off, I will try to get the players to calm down in the future and hopefully find better chances than hitting the ball in hope for a fluke long shot. On a slight positive our hot prospect Ritchi Sebastio gained man of the match and rightfully so with a huge 10 key passes throughout the game.

October Table


Another month in which I feel disappointed and yet happy. We sit a very respectable 3rd on the table, with a few high priority games coming up next month.. hopeful that we can snatch a few more convincing results. Pleased that Sebastio is showing his form, however I need to sit down with the team and discuss the issues with shooting - when to, and when not to. Still.. unbeaten in 8 games can't be too shabby eh?

Ting Tong called for a meeting with the players.. with a calm and assertive manner, looking deep into their eyes with her beautiful face and smile - STOP WIFFING SHOTS

Next time on Rags to Riches - November, no more shooting..

The two games played in August were fairly disappointing for myself due to the huge amount of possession and shots - with the clinical finishing greatly lacking. Hopefully September would fair better with the results, and set off the campaign to a great start


-- It seems that possession with no results is something we really need to work on at Vasco, with a very dull and boring game with the only goal coming from the oppositions defensive mistake. When the shots started pouring in with around 65% on target I was very excited, hoping for a flurry of goals. Not the case. I will take a little look into my tactics to hopefully alleviate the problem --


-- Against the table toppers I really was not expecting much, Bogere scoring an absolutely placement perfect shot from outside the box. We used a slight more attacking formation this game seeing as we were at home, with the DM switching to an AMC. This created 20 shots with 12 on target, to the loss of possession which floated around 48%. Again we were not clinical enough, and unless this changes we will not be going up this season! Paulse levels for Swallows just after the half time in which I commenced operation park the bus in order to prevent a loss to one of our title contenders.


-- Away from home I switch back to the usual DM system, pegging us at 56% possession with equal stats of 6 shots for both Vasco and Highlands. Snatching a first quarter goal with a brilliant cross only to let it slip AGAIN straight after half time. This is starting to become a habit for us! We need to alter our second half tactics in order to hold onto these leads we keep losing. Bogere claiming to be an asset to our team already finding the man of the match trophy three times.

September Table


Even though we remain unbeaten after 5 games, I can't help but feel either cheated or let down by the team.. We dominated all games except Highlands Park and deserved the wins but let them slip due to complacency and sloppy defending. Still, nothing we can't work with! Unbeaten is definitely an achievement.

Next time on Rags to Riches - Overcast October..
Brilliant campaign mate! Really doing us Villans proud.. if only you could become the next Villa Park hero in real life!
Really liking this career mate, that is a lot of effort going into the posts! I appreciate that amount of effort, good job.
The August fixtures were a great indicator of how things had been set up - tactics wise. I believe that even though we completely dominated possession in both games, and dominated the shots scoreboard, we definitively need to be a lot more clinical. With August being more of a test run I can be pleased.


-- Slightly dissapointed with this draw if I am honest, even though they are predicted to finish at 6th position by the media, I can't help but feel like we were cheated out of the win. We edged possession at 58% and made 12 shots with 0 on target. Quite annoying but as the first game of the season we can put it to one side! --


-- This game was a lot closer than it should have been.. With two sub 20 minute goals I though we were in for a dominating game, with 54% possession and a massive 17 shots, 7 on target opposed to the 5 and 2 from Mthatha. The retaliation goal conceded just over two thirds through the game really put pressure on the team --

A quick readjustment of the squad tactics left us with the following early season build


Hopefully the next month of games proved slightly more fruitful! - Next time on Rags to Riches - September Sweepstake..
--- So this is essentially going to be an unemployment around the world challenge with a business twist - If I join a club in the red, they have to be left in the green! ---

--- Due to me trying to gain every single trophy within the game, it may take a while. Promotion from a league will also count as a 'competition win' however this will be denoted with a silver label, winning the league outright will be denoted by gold ---

--- There is no time limit on the story, there is no end age and there is no prohibition of holidaying throughtout the campaign - however this can only occur in between jobs to speed up the process. I will be taking my time to find the best opportunity jobs! ---

After being released from the asylum, Ting Tong got the local sports newspaper and spent the evening looking through adverts.. A hopeless task given the complete lack of experience. Until an unlikely offer came through where she had never been before. Africa.


So! It begins with the South African second division side Vasco da Gama (Cape Town). They last enjoyed success in the Premier League back in 2010 until they hit a slump of bad results leaving them in the second division for the past 5 years. With a media prediction of 5th and a pretty awesome home kit, it was time to man the cannons and crack on with the challenge. The board expected a title challenge, of which I believe I should be able to help with!


With the finances in the clear, the club was a great starting place. The squad was decent after bringing in a few players from loan out of the Premier League in order to help our step back up.


'Let us begin' Ting Tong thought... as she watched her side take to the field for the first time in the pre match friendlies. This was the beginning of the journey, hopefully we can get it off to a great start.


Good enough.

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Really nice story! I like the way it's presented too
Great story mate! Let's try and uproot Shandong in the fixture of the season!
With absolutely no football experience in her life, maybe her uncle was stupid. However, he could obviously see something within her... whether it being her beautiful glossy hair or her slim jaw line. We will never know.


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The shore was glistening and the birds were tweeting.. The phone finally rings. Ting got the news she wanted.. She was ready, ready to take the trip into the unknown.


Her uncle, Garcia, had finally given into temptation and allowed the stubborn pocket rocket a chance. A chance at being a manager


Let the fun begin!

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Looking good mate! Guangzhou are going to be hard to overturn !
On call for work big bonus though!
Spent the whole morning at work reading over your previous thread and this one, absolutely brilliant! I myself am doing a pentagon challenge however I don't seem to be able to stick with the same club for more than 2 seasons!

Joined Eastern (HK) -> Jeonnam (KOR) -> Villarreal -> Southampton -> Villa -> Juventus!

No CL won however I've won leagues with Eastern, Jeo and Villa.

Great story, how do you get the motivation to stay at a club? I even leave successful clubs with great prospects.. I got Southampton the championship title and into the prem, pumped with about £75m in transfer budget and resigned with them in 8th after half a season!
Story: Went from Eastern (HK) to Jeonnam (KOR) to Villarreal (BBVA), joined them with 6 games to go where they were 7th, got them to 5th and gained euros spot. Now I just can't seem to win with them at all.. I literally look pathetic when playing even the worst teams in the league. Here are some screens http://imgur.com/a/MuO6s

Edit: Just been sacked after this run of games it isn't surprising http://imgur.com/H56optI
Ah man that's a shame, Eastern are a good place to start, although they got relegated on my save haha

Yep massive shame, I really wanted to stay at them and try and get to the CSL final if possible.. but I royally F'd up the finances - devestating! haha
oh no! Sad end to a great story and career there mate, hopefully you can pick something up in the CSL !
I have finally returned to the beloved game that is FM. If you haven't checked out my previous story please do as I had a lot of fun writing it! Since then I have finished my degree and now I have time on my hands to restart my unemployment journey. Normal rules apply (Sunday league rep, no coaching qualifications). Due to starting the story after starting the game I will give a quick recap and then continue from the present day.

After loading up all lower rep countries I went the whole 15/16 season unemployed as I really did not want to head to the Vannara league straight away. Luckily at the end of the 15/16 season a number of jobs became available, most notably Eastern Athletic Association - predicted to finish 3rd in the Hong Kong premier league. I have quite a history with the HK leagues (My dear kitchee) and decided this was a great place to start, I managed to fluke through the interview and ended up with joining the team with a massive 1.2m transfer budget. Again due to no stats/screens I will vaguely glance over the season.

We managed to win the Sappling cup and get 1st place in the Premier League after just that single season.. I was planning on staying for another season to play in the CSL however I did a stupid. I completely forgot about the foreign player rule and ended up signing around 4 extra foreigners that cannot play in the league.. at the end of my season the club was losing ALOT of money and the board were actually furious with me.. even though I won the league. So I jumped out the ship...


That is my brief history. And so let's begin...
Ahh... good old Kitchee! I'm currently trying to revive my story from almost 2 years ago - which began with Kitchee! Going to give this a proper read over the next few hours, looks great though.

Just read through, great story! Hopefully you can do a U-turn at the end of this season and return glory to the HK club

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I'm back!

After pretty much taking a year and half break from gaming due to University etc, I now have time to revive my former story. The issue I have is that I have just made the jump from fm14 to fm16, meaning a completely new story possibly. In fact I started an unemployment challenge last week and have already had great success..

Here's hoping Dan reads this post! I remember you enjoyed my old story and I'd love some advice with what I should do.

I finished off fm14 with job offers from Arsenal, Dortmund and Roma (That save has gone along with my old PC), my new save I had a year of unemployment and then won the Hong Kong permier division with Eastern (Against former love affair Kitchee!)

Any ideas?

I'd go Dortmund and dominate Germany for a bit!

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