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TheMazzeRunner Comments
You are an absolute idiot.

Lol ....watch Turkey in Euro 2016 ;d
I can't see anything wrong in Emre Mor transfer at Dortmund ..yeah he have maybe 13 appearences but ... dude did you watched what he did in the last 2 games for Turkey ? He was even better than Messi haha .Just watch Turkey in Euro 2016 and u will see why Dortmund signed him.
He's danish, tbh.

Anyway, FC Nordsjælland are garbage.

Hahaha.He is turkish..playing for Turkey National Team also Emre Mor is a turkish name and Mor means Purple.....You can see him in the squad for the Euro 2016 too .
I heard that the turkish midfielder Emre Mor will be new signing of Liverpool....in Turkey they gave him the nickname the "Turkish Messi " it will be interesting to watch him in EPL ... he is playing at FC Nordsjælland right now.
Episode 1.#RoadSoFar !!



The best coach in Turkey for the last 5 years Fatih Terim decided to leave Turkey National Team after disappointing start of the campaing in the European qualifications.He said " If you are here that means you have to give 100 % everytime in every game....but it's seems this is not happening so it's time to leave.....
Turkey is waiting his next coach that can bring something and qualify them for the Euro 2016 this summer.Right now the team is at 3rd position with 9 points from 5 games while Holland is at the first place with 18 points with 6 games and Czech Republic is at the second place with 12 points also with 6 games...the next game for Turkey with the new coach will be against Iceland.

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This career will follow the road of Turkey to Euro 2016...It will be simple clear and i hope interesting career for all of you.


Hey.....i know i said ill continue the Lech Poznan career but for now this career is on pause........because the EURO 2016 is coming soon ( 5 days ) so...im thinking of starting a national team career just for Euro 2016 ..... ! I hope it will be interesting for all of you ... and it will be something new...also ill try to do it like a story telling ..!!! Expect the series to start soon .... ! Also for that career it will continue but for now my focus is on the National Team Career ...and the team is a suprise... i can give u a joker too ( they managed to qualify for Euro 2016 in the last moment in a dramatic way ) !!!
Second Half Of The Season Starts Today !!!! Be Ready The Story Continues .

Thanks @Dan .We are doing fine for now but the battle with Legia is difficult because we beat them but we lose our games against bottom half teams which makes the league better and the fight for the title more interesting.

Episode 5.End Of The First Half Of The Season.


So after our first 10 games we were ready for the next 9 games.The goal was to win most of the games and finish at the 1st place for the winter brake...and that means to play at 100 % in every game....



The Big Derby Game !


As i said we played every game at 100% and you can see that...7 wins from 9 games and only 1 defeat was a good run....( actually our run was ended by Podbeskidzie ) so yeah it was good.We took the 3 points from Legia so there was no problem at all.We had easy games against Slask Wroclaw,Nieciecza and Jagiellonia ( we did 1:1 draw when we first played with them so that was important victory ) Only that defeat against Podbeskidzie was the undeserved result

For the next games we will try to get 5 from 5 to secure the first place for sure.



League Table.



Things are different at the Champions League.Yeah we managed to qualify for the group stages but we lost all of our games in the group 6/6.We scored 5 goals from 6 games....but in my opinion it was normal...we had Atleti,Benfica and Ajax in our group it was just a dream qualifying for the next round... a dream that we will try to make real next year...but for now we will focus in the league games...




Simeone for Lech..!

Player Report
In this episod we will look the report of our first eleven midfielder Karol Linetty.




In the next episode you will see the start of the second half of the season and the important games for the league title.... !!!
Haha that Man Utd team so tryhard ...would've been awesome to see Leicester champions at Old Trafford but...no problem..i can't see how Tottenham will beat Chelsea after their fail against WBA.

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Wow...bad run but nice signings ! Also interesting to see Dundee Utd at 10th place haha
Great season with TNS @Shedender and @Dan .It will be interesting to see which team you will take next !! Good luck.
Episode 4.Start Of The Season.First 10 Games !


So it was that time when the season was going to start ...and we were ready for the challenge..also we were going to play qualification games in the Champions League which was ( good and bad ) it was good because ... it's just the Champions League ... but the bad thing was that we are not that big team to rotate the squad....because our goals are too high ....that means we can't play in the Champions League like in the friendly games and focus on the league ...we were focused in all the competitions.




The season started and our first game was against Jagiellonia where we got a draw...which wasn't a bad result then we played at our home INEA Stadion and we won our first 3 points in the league against Korona then another victory against Cracovia ....and after that we got 4 draws in a row before the important game against Zaglebie Lubin where we played the perfect game and won with 1:4.When we won with 1:4 i thought we are in the right way and we can fight with Legia for the first place but then we got another draw against Pogon 1:1 which was a disappointing result for us .... in our last game we managed to get important victory against Wisla Krakow....We are playing really good in some games in the others we are playing like Aston Villa ( right now ) ..and this is going to change for the next games when we will face Slask Wroclaw,Gornik Leczna,Nieciecza, the biggest game against Legia and Ruch which is supposed to be an easy game...



Polish FA Cup


Like i said...we are focused in every tournament but we are not Barcelona....we lost against Gornik Zabrze which was really bad but...gave us a space to breath before the games from the Ekstraklasa and the Champions League.Next year the Polish FA Cup will be our goal with the league of course !



The biggest tournament in Europe was going to start and our first game was in the Second Qualifying Round against Levadia after 2 games we managed to get a victory with 6:1 on aggregate...in the next round we faced the Romanian Champions...Steua ( and my favourite team from Romania ) after 2 difficult games we did it... we got the victory on away goals after 1:1 at their Arena Națională which was perfect for us...the goal from the board was to reach the Play-offs and we did it...after the draw we got BATE and for the history we did it... we eliminated BATE after 1:1 away and 2:0 victory at home we did it we were in the Champions League Group Stages.


We were drawned in group B where we were with Atletico Madrid ( we will stop Saul Niguez haha ) Benfica and Ajax.Difficult group for us ...actually every group was going to be difficult for us because we are just Lech Poznan and after that first game in the group against Benfica (6:1 defeat ) i don't know what to think but ... we will just fight in that group for our place... !!

Player Report
In this episod we will look the report of our first eleven striker Piotr Kubriel.



In the next episode you will see part 1 from the battle with Legia and also the next games from the Champions League..all that in Episode 5. ( also if u have any advices for the story you can share it...because i know that im not that good at storytelling but i will try my best !! )

«This comment has been edited»
Very good games with Cork City only 1 point behind from the 1st place...About TNS it's your decision of course but i know that even if you leave Cork it won't be a big issue
Thanks @Suffolk Seasider Im sure that it will be more interesting when the season starts.

Episode 3. The Pre-Season and Transfers.


Pre-Season-Lech Poznan
It was that time when we were supposed to start our preparations for the season and we arranged a training camp in Austria where we were going to train and play 3 friendly games with teams from Poland.Austria was a really nice country with a lot of mountains lakes etc ... but it was amazing how almost every hotel has a football training camp.We were at Lacknerhof Hotel ( i heard that they have the best football camp in Austria ) It was amazing hotel for real...

In the next day we started our pre-season training...It's a rule... that the pre-season training are supposed to be at high level and to get 100% from the players...and from what i saw in the first day training we were on the right way ... !!


The players were happy and i was sure that we will have a good season if we train and play like this....

It was time for the friendly games....we had 7 days before every game for training and also the last friendly games was going to be a Testimonial game of Kotorowski(our 3rd goalkeeper 35 years old ) thats why i said we need a new goalkeeper but for that later...


As you can see we had actually a good pre-season even great 1:1 draw in the first game was normal because of two reasons...this was my first game as a manager of Lech and the second reason was ...lack of match sharpness...against Katowice we got a good win with 3:1 then managed to beat with 2:0 Unia Swarzedz and in the last friendly we got 3:1 victory against Pogon ( from what i know Pogoin are actually one of the good teams in Poland and i expected a much difficult game but we won with 3:1 and that was the important thing )


I wanted to share with you a lot of good transfers BUT when i saw our transfer budget ...i decided to keep that squad and hopefully in the next season to get some good players ... ( our transfer budget is 77,000 ) it is unbelievable that our transfer budget is 77,000 and the expectation is to win Ekstraklasa...i talked to the board and the answer was that the team is capable to win everything in Poland with that squad....

Polish Super Cup
We were ready !! We were ready for that game and thats why we trained hard in that Austria camp...it was time to face for the first time in this season Legia Warszawa for the Polish Super Cup....so the game started .... and i was expecting a really difficult game ... ( but we had an advantage .. the game was at our stadium INEA Stadion and after the 90 minutes ....what can i say ...we played maybe our best game for the season ?


2:0 victory and the PolishSuperCup was ours..also as i said we have the best fans !!


Player Report
In this episod we will look the report of our first eleven right back Tomasz Kedziora



In the next episode you will see our first games from the Ekstraklasa and from the Champions League Qualifications .....Episode 4 will be uploaded soon... !! ( also if u have any advices for the story you can share it...because i know that im not that good at storytelling but i will try my best !! )
Good luck at Cork City..It was impossible to save Luton in the Premier League ....
Thanks @Dan !

Episode 2. The Club and the Stadium.


The Club

Here we are ! First day at Lech Poznan....and as a first day at Lech i thought i should learn more about my players and the club so i aranged a meeting with my staff and the players.My staff help me a lot here 1st because i don't know polish... and second it was all new for me here...yeah maybe Lech is not doing so good in the last years but this is a really big club so i wanted to learn more and more about the club and about the history of the club...


As you can see the club have 7 Ekstraklasa leagues titles 5 Polish domestic cups 1 Polish First Division Cup and 1 Polish First Divison North Group Cup.
Also Lech Poznań (Polish pronunciation: [lɛx ˈpɔznaɲ]) is a Polish professional football club based in Poznań and currently competing in the Ekstraklasa, the nation's highest division. The club is named after Lech, the legendary founder of the Polish nation.

The club was established in 1922 as Lutnia Dębiec, later changing its name several times. From 1933 until 1994, the club was closely linked to Polish State Railways (PKP). As a result, its popular nickname is Kolejorz [kɔˈlɛjɔʂ], which means The Railwayman in local slang. The club's debut in the Polish top division took place in the year 1948. The brightest era of Lech was in the early 1980s and early 1990s. Lech has won the Polish league a total of seven times, most recently in 2015, and is the most popular football club in the Greater Poland region.

The biggest rival of the club is Legia Warszawa and it's our job to overtake them and take the first place in Poland club standings.


Players-Lech Poznan

It was time to meet the players too.The meeting was at the club stadium Municipal Stadium in Poznań ( or INEA Stadium ) and i was expecting all players but then i learned from my assistant that the half of the players are injured......that was really bad and that half of the players are actually the players from the first eleven.

And here you can see the injured players:

This is the full squad and there you can see some really good players... like Karol Linetty , Gergo Lovrencsics , and in my opinion our future star or already the star of the team Dariusz Formella.Our number 1 goalkeeper will be Jasmin Buric but we have to buy a goalkeeper because we have only 2 goalkeepers..and if we manage to get a better one... ( i think that we can try for Denys Boyko from Dnipro) Buric will become 2nd choice.I can't say anything about the defenders but i think that i will be using Kedziora Douglas Arajuuri and Kaminski.... ! Now for the attack ... i will buy a forward because i don't think that with Robak we can win the league....and even if we can.. we just need atleast 1 more striker.

Player Report

In every episode i will show you a report of the players.In this episode we will look the report of Dariusz Formella.




The Stadium

The Municipal Stadium in Poznań (Polish: Stadion Miejski w Poznaniu, pronounced [ˈstadjɔn ˈmjɛjskʲi]), sometimes called Bułgarska Street Stadium or INEA Stadion [iˈnɛ.a ˈstadjɔn] for sponsorship reasons, is an association football stadium in Poznań, Poland. It has a league capacity of 43,269 (all seated). The stadium was originally built between 1968 and 1980. From its inauguration in August 1980, Lech Poznań has used the ground as its main venue. Since 2010 it has also been used by Warta Poznań.The ground is situated on the street ul. Bułgarska in the southwestern part of the city (Grunwald district).

In the years 2003–2010, the stadium underwent a complete reconstruction, including the building of four new fully covered stands. Currently it is the fifth-largest stadium in Poland (after National Stadium, Silesia Stadium, The Municipal Stadium in Wroclaw and PGE Arena Gdańsk) and third largest in Ekstraklasa (after the latter two).The grand opening after final renovation took place on 20 September 2010, with Sting's Symphonicity Tour concert.

So that was my first week at the club and everything is really good for now......we will do some really good transfers and we will start our pre-season training camp and the friendly games....but all that in the next episode.... !

Episode 3 will be uploaded soon....( also if u have any advices for the story you can share it...because i know that im not that good at storytelling but i will try my best !! )

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Episode 1. Welcome to Poland

So everything started one night when i got a call from the chairman of Lech.They said that they want a manager that can bring back the team from the dead and they think that im the right manager for that...I said that i will think about that ( because i was actually sacked from my club 3 weeks ago so that was something unexpected ) but i said to myself.. "you are good manager just accept that offer and bring back Lech to the top" so i bought the first ticket for Poland and the journey started.... !!


Welcome to Poland-Poznan.



Poznań is among the oldest cities in Poland and was one of the most important centers in the early Polish state in the tenth and eleventh centuries. The first center city was Ostrów Tumski, the natural island on the Warta river-very similar to the Île de la Cité in Paris. The first rulers were buried in Poznań's cathedral on the island. It also served as the capital for a short time in the 13th century, hence the official name: The capital city of Poznan.

Poznań is one of the biggest cities in Poland. The city population is about 550,000, while the continuous conurbation with Poznan County and several other communities (Oborniki, Skoki, Szamotuły and Śrem) is inhabited by almost 1.1 million people. The Larger Poznań Metropolitan Area (PMA) is inhabited by 1.3-1.4 million people and extends to such satellite towns as Nowy Tomyśl, Gniezno and Wrzesnia, making it the fourth largest metropolitan area in Poland. It is the historical capital of the Wielkopolska (Greater Poland) region and is currently the administrative capital of the province called Greater Poland Voivodeship. Poznań is today one of the largest Polish centers of trade, industry, sports, education, technology, tourism and culture. It is particularly important academic center, with about 130,000 students and the third biggest Polish university - Adam Mickiewicz University. It is also the residence of the oldest Polish diocese, now being one of the most populous archdioceses in the country.

So i was impressed with the city.It was really cool in Poznan.The atmosphere ...everything was really good..i started looking for a home because i was sure that this was going to be a one hell of a journey with Lech Poznan..also i arranged a meeting with the staff and the players.. so everything was really good at Poland for now.

Also i can't wait until the start of the season...from what i saw in YouTube Lech Poznan have one of the greatest fans and the atmosphere in every game is amazing...


Episode 2 will be uploaded soon....( also if u have any advices for the story you can share it...because i know that im not that good at storytelling but i will try my best !! )

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The kits doesn't work mate .... i tried like everything ..... i have kits for Bulgarian A Group England Italy Germany etc....but for Poland ...they are not working for me ? Any advice ?
Pre-Season and The First 20 Games Of The Season ! - Rochdale.


Transfer Window


So the transfer window started and i was planing to buy some really good palyers ( class players ) but then i saw that we don't have MONEY....cuz we are Rochdale ... So i managed to buy one really good player ( good for League 1 and Championship ) but still we bought him ..a Left Attacking Midfielder from RC Strasbourg and also we managed to sign with 2 free agents a goalkeeper ( Bertaud ) and a central defender ( Denti ) and to be honest with that budget that was a really good transfer window.



We played 4 friendly games and we managed to win 3 of them and got 1 draw against Crewe.I was sure that we can achieve something in the Championship after the pre-season because that pre-season was good ( even that we didn't faced BIG TEAMS ) we did good.We played good !





The season started and we started really well 2 victories in the first 2 games againts Brentford and Bristol was awesome start of the season...but after our first defeat against Leeds we played some bad games and we stop the bad run against Leicester City that game was amazing....first because we were playing against Leicester City and second because we played like Barcelona haha ...so we won the 3 points against them then we got another victory and again a bad run .....so the point is that WE CAN BEAT EVERY TEAM but we are not playing good in every game...we have to change that and in the next games we have to push for the promotion... ( play-offs i think ) .


Championship League Table.

Capital One Cup


Rochdale is out again from the Capital One Cup ...but maybe it's for good ... we can focus in the league.


I will decline because i want to achieve something with Rochdale...and im sure that Rochdale can win a promotion and play in the Premier League.

Next Update Soon ..... !
Good start to the season.Bad result against West Brom with 1 shot on target 1 goal ... unlucky ....and i think that the europa league group is going to be easy only Napoli can be a problem there.
Zivkovic is a really good player....like really really good player.... it's from Ajax ( it's normal )

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That will be a great story !! Good luck.
That is 100% promotion 4 games and 5 poinst clear.I can't see how u will fail just no way
Good luck in the next game..Keep going it's a really good story !!
Promotion Secured-We are in the Championship ! - Rochdale.


We will play in the Championship from the next season as we managed to secure the promotion from League 1 to Championship.It will be difficult but im sure we can achieve promotion from the Championship too...so let's we are ready for the challenge.



From the last 16 games we managed to win 8 of them,finished 2 games as draw and lost 6 games.The important game was against Barnsley cuz before the game they were in the 2nd place but with that victory we managed to secure the promotion which was really awesome.So we are ready for the next season !!!!


Charlton won the league ...as we were runners-up after that victory against Barnsley.The season was really good ( im talking about all the teams and the games ) as you can see the differences are not that big between the teams.Swindon,Bury( our rivals ) ,Fleetwood and Yeovil were relegated from League 1 to League 2 which is not good cuz....Yeovil is a really good team that deserves to be in the Championship.



Stats and Awards




Next Update - Championship !!! Comment,read !!!!
Thanks Dan ! Right now we are fighting for direct promotion...not for the play-offs cuz i think that if we reach the play-offs it will be really difficult ..So HARD WORK !!


Things are getting better and better !! - Rochdale.



All Games !!-Quick Update !


That was just perfect for us.From 10 games in the league we won 7 lost 2 and draw only 1 game.We started really well to the 2nd part of the season after 4 victories in a row.As you can see we managed to eliminate Southampton from the FA Cup ....yeah thats right we eliminated the Premier League side Southampton after 2:1 victory at home.Afer that game we were too tired but we had a game against Hull where we lost against them with 3:2 ( not because we are weak .. but we were tired afer the game from the FA Cup. ) So we got MK Dons in the next game we got the victory with 2:0 then we did a 0:0 draw with Luton ... ( i don't know why but we always fail against them ) and then we won the biggest game for us ... the game against Shrewsbury with 3:1 That was just great.For the FA Cup game we played against Wigan and lost with 2:0...the FA Cup fairytale was over for this season....and we were sure that this is not something important for us this season.So we welcomed Leyton Orient and after a difficult battle we managed to get the 3 points from them.....and in the next week we lost against Fleetwood Town damn .... how we can beat the 2nd Shrewsbury ( they were 2nd when they played against us ) but we lose against the 23rd.....You can see also our next 3 games we have 1 away game and we will play 2 games at our stadium which is a good thing... for our fans


League 1 Table.

Next Update Soon- Don't Forget Commenting ( It helps)

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Good start to the season.Good luck for the next games.
Thanks Dan !! I failed at Lokomotiv Gorna ... my goal was to make them the next Ludogorets but ... i failed so i hope things will be better in Rochdale [ The goal-to win promotions and reach the Premier League ]

I'M BACK ! Start Of The New Season-Rochdale !


Im back after a long break.I wasn't able to update the story or to play but finally im back ! So first things first .... i was like lost in Rochdale....In the first games things were difficult but i think that this team can achieve so much..so lets the journey begins.... !

The Players


I've played 20 games and i can things are pretty good for now.You can see the players and the key players for Rochdale right now are Diba he is our number 1 goalkeeper Andy Cannon,Brannagan and Kwame Thomas are the key players in our attacking phase.Kwame Thomas scored 10 goals from 20 games and became our number 1 striker which is a really good thing if we want to achieve promotions etc..



So after 20 games we have 10 wins 6 defeats and 4 draws.In the second half of the season we have to improve our game and i think we can achieve direct promotion finishing 2nd ( why not 1st ) From first 20 games we lost some really easy games like against Portsmouth and Coventry..so the goal for the 2nd half of the season will be to improve our game in the league and achieve that promotion to the Championship..where i have some interesting transfer plans but this can wait for now...


In the last season Rochdale finished 18th .... exactly when i was appointed as a manager of the club....and i decided that even that bad season that team can be strong and competitive in every league.So i decided that the goal is to achieve a promotion ( every season ).Difficult goal to achieve but for now we are on the right way.Currently on the 5th place with 34 and still half of the season to play.If we beat the teams from top 4 im sure that we will be able to achieve the promotion for the Championship this season .

Fa Cup


In the tournamets we are doing fine.We are still playing in the Fa Cup and we are going to face the Premier League team Southampton.It won't be an easy game but we faced a team from the Premier League earlier ... and we lost so this time we will be ready to play against Southampton. ( For that defeat u will learn more in "Capital One Cup " part )

Capital One Cup


After eliminating Huddersfield on penalties we played against Sunderland.We lost the game 1-4 but alteast we scored a goal and showed that we can fight ... ( maybe ) " We lost the game but won the hearts ' kinda thing and i was happy actually how we played we played attacking football but the class of Sunderland won the game for them .They scored all their chances while we missed all of our chances that was the difference and that decided the result of the game.But like i said we will be ready for Southampton in the FA Cup.

Johnstone Paint Trophy

I was sitting and thinking how we can win a trophy in my first season in Rochdale...but of course in the end Barnsley team came and destroyed that dream...we played really good in every game till the Semi-Finals where we got destroyed yeah destroyed " now you will say that we lost with 1 goal but ... we played like a team that plays football for the first time....20 possesion 2 shots for us and they got like 30 ? That was the worst game for us and that was a thing that we have to change.... ( if we want to achieve something we have to play at 100% in every game not like .." no problem it's a cup game " or " no problem we will win it next season " We have to change that !

Comment - So i can see that you are reading it ( this is motivating me to continue !!!! ) Next Update...Next 10 games !


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