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robmoore_396 2 Comments
The low capacity stadium issue is due to a bug in the editor. I've put it forward to SI and they've logged it for review. It's just a case of when they actually fix it now.

Hopefully it's sorted for FM20.

Sweet. The Editor is great, but it certainly does have its faults.

Here's hoping!
I've done some fiddling with this for my own personal use, aligning finals to specific stadiums because of the issue of sometimes it randomly having, say, the UEFA Champions League final at a small Luxembourg stadium (I've set all UCL Finals at Wembley) - but I've noticed the fans aren't a split, they're almost in a home/away setting (70,000 home, 20,000 away, for example) - despite it being a 1 game Final.

Anyone know which Editor setting is used to amend this? It's not a massive thing, just looks annoying.
Hi guys,

I'm guessing we still can't enforce Athletic style rules with regards to player nationalities and clubs? Reckon we'll ever be able to?

Just looking at European finals of days of old where all the players are from their respective nations. Would love to enforce some transfer rules to see how the game would pan out if, say, United could only buy British players etc.

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How are the player stats generated? Randomly based on CA? Just noticed Beckham has Finishing 20, Larsson has Dribbling 19 but Finishing 13? Strength 10?
This seems to have been made pretty fast - how much research has gone into this? Apologies if you think I'm being rude, just wondering.
Hi Mons,

There's a trailing space after "Serie BKT " in the Competitions and other Fixes Inc file,


So that even means no Iniesta or Podolski i'm afraid!
Japanese based players of all nationalities haven't been in the game for years.
Prog/stoner metal and big black booties. A match made in heaven.

My only criticism would be that you may need to tweak some of the player stats, for example, the George Weah stats are from CM 01/02 - which is fine - but obv it means his Acceleration and Pace and things are from when he was like 35. I'd suggest looking through some of the really good PES pages people have made and getting some of the more athletic type attributes from there. Apart from that, really really good.

http://www.pesmitidelcalcio.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=198 - for example
Did you get some of the player attributes from Champ Man 01/02 as well by any chance? Not a criticism, far from it - just an observation.
Excellent work on this, apart from the obvious Italy problem that is.

One thing to note - I think you might want to amend the Current Ability of David Terrier at Metz

And i'd probably boost Ronaldo a but more on the CA front, but that's just a personal preference. Apart from that, pretty damned cool mate! Your hard work is appreciated.
Cool. Giving this a go for sure. Nice work.
Boban has a PA of 200
Has anyone else noticed that this always seems to go wrong? Well it does for me, at least.

I'm currently in charge of Boca. We've won the league, and in the past two seasons won the Copa Libertadores. We even managed to beat Madrid in the Club World Cup final last year (though lost to them this year). As far as i'm concerned, we're the best team in South America.

Now ..

I have a game against Independiente. If we win, we win bigly (as Trump would say), taking home the league title. My assistant says, 'hey Rob, it'd be a good idea to have a team meeting'. Now my experience of these has never been good, so I decided to save before hand and try each option.

When I told my team 'this is exactly what was expected of us, go out and win' - literally NONE of them agreed, and in fact, they all disagreed, saying 'we weren't expected to win'.

In the end I had to choose the bottom option, 'no one expected us to win' for them to be happy.

WTF. Are they idiots? Am I punching too high with my expectations? How can a two time Copa Libertadores team not be expected to win the Argentine league?

Anyone else had this before?

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Just had a look through this - nice work! Liking the attention to detail.

Do you have a facepack associated with this that you could upload at all?
Thought there might have been something wrong there, but no.

What about that Legends at Youth file? No idea what it is, but could you try loading a new game without it?

Also, what is the exact error message displayed?

It's a database i'm making with legends @ 16 years old.

With regards to errors, there aren't any - double click on the game in Steam, says 'Running' - then goes to 'Syncing' as if syncing saved data, and .. that's it. It prevents the game from launching at all.
That all looks fine - can I see inside your dbc and your dbc/permanent folder please?




I'm 100% sure the file works if installed correctly. Since it's not working, then I'm afraid you must have done something wrong without realizing along the way.

If you can post those screenshots, perhaps I can spot where you went wrong...

1. Deleted the 'dbc', 'inc', and 'edt' in the database folder and replaced with the ones from the Real Names download, as per usual.


2. Placed the Real Name Fix files in the Editor Data folder, as per usual


3. This worked with the FM2018 file uploaded prior to 11/11 - but today's version won't let my game launch from Steam. If i delete the installed files, Verify and install to default, it works!
I've loaded a new game quickly. If you scroll through the other Dutch clubs, they also have hardly any staff loaded. Could be that SI have made some changes under the hood to reduce staff loading in non-active leagues. Either way, there's not much I can do about it...

Then you're not installing it correctly. Can you post screenshots of where you're placing each respective file please?

Installing it in the same location as all previous installs of the Real Names and German National Team Fix Files ..
Right, for some reason i can't get the game to launch with the latest version of this installed. If I remove them, validate to default, the game launches. If i install these via the instructions, it won't load! Any ideas on why that would happen?
Anyone going to be making High-Res kits for Serie A at all do we know?
FYI there are a few remaining staff, but these are Retired individuals. In order to remove them completely, you will need to change them from Retired to Non Player, then it will allow you to remove them from the database.
.. anyone fancy shoving the new Juventus logo on the current kits?

Yes, much better ...

Sorry. I'll get my coat.
This deal is incorrect. Rulli joined City in July for £4m and was immediately loaned to Sociedad. He will move to Sociedad on a permanent basis on 01/01/17 for a fee of £5.95, with a City buy-back clause.

Source - Transfermarkt
Why release it without real NFL players? Boring

Why don't you offer to help him out on the editor, then? Otherwise grow up.

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