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Bayer Leverkusen - 1 wonderkids
Arsenal - 1 wonderkids
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The best young players from Greece in FM 20

Get the best Greek Players with our shortlists of the Best Young Cheap FM20 Wonderkids from Greece in Football Manager 20. Looking for bargain Greek Football Manager 2020 Wonderkids? Check out our list of the best FM 2020 Wonderkids from Greece which includes all the best wonderkids and cheap wonderkids in Football Manager 2020.

What is a Wonderkid? A Wonderkid is a player aged under 21 is has a high potential ability. With the right training and game time they'll become one of the best Greek players in Football Manager 2020. Below you'll find a list of all the best young Greek players in FM 2020 as well as a separate list of the bargain Greek wonderkids in Football Manager 20.

These are the best Greek wonderkids you can find in Football Manager 20. Some of them will be very expensive and already be world class players in Football Manager 20. If you're looking for a bargain check out the cheap FM 20 Greek Wonderkids below.

Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Panagiotis Retsos 20 D RLC £33k £3m £48m 30-06-2020
Konstantinos Mavropanos 21 D C £7k £10m £9m 30-06-2020

If you're not managing a big team with alot of money to spend you probably won't be able to afford lots of the Greek wonderkids on the above list. That's why we've also made this list of cheap bargain wonderkids from Greece for when you're on a budget and need discounted Greek wonderkids at a low price.

These are affordable FM20 Wonderkids from Greece at a cheap price. If you're on a budget then you're going to want to use our Cheap Greek FM2020 Wonderkids Shortlist instead.

Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Konstantinos Mavropanos 21 D C £7k £10m £9m 30-06-2020

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