Ever wanted to take the likes of Cherry Orchard FC or Kilmacrennan Celtic from the amateur leagues to the Champions League? Then this is the database for you!

This database re-imagines the Irish football league system as a pyramid, with relegation to the provincial divisions. 

Firstly, a new League of Ireland Second Division has been added. This is regionalised into a northern and southern conference, with a single promotion place offered via the playoffs between them. The bottoms sides in each also compete in a relegation playoff. Limiting the number of teams promoted and relegated keeps a level of stability in each division, and means that promoted teams are more likely to survive the following season.

The Regional Senior Divisions have been adjusted, with the Ulster Premier Division also including Connaght teams. The three provincial winners play in a playoff for promotion to the League of Ireland. Leinster get an additional promotion playoff place as the largest province in the ROI and the largest senior league. 1-2 teams are relegated from the provincial premier divisions. 

Additional changes include the creation of the Intermediate Cup for lower-level teams and an adjustment of the FAI and League of Ireland Cups. 

There are 2 variants of this. The first keeps team and division reputations pretty much as today, and the second increases the reputation of the Irish leagues, improves the facilities of promoted clubs and adds minimum stadium requirements. 

This will eventually form part of an updated 'Unity Cup' database with a Dublin-based Premier League side and widespread changes to the British Isles football systems.

Please let me know if I've missed anything. Simmed up to 2030 without any obvious issues. Happy to make additional variants of this if there's demand. 
15 years ago
10 months ago

I want to give this a try? Where to you put the folder? I tried in the usual place for .fmf files but nothing happened.

1 year ago
4 months ago

Save the FMF and/or XML files in this folder and you should be able to start a new game with this database loaded.


Documents > Sports Interactive> Football Manager 2021 > editor data


You could also save the .fm files in this folder to load the ready-made save game:


Documents > Sports Interactive> Football Manager 2021 > games


Haven't updated this for the new database, although I imagine it wlll work fine if you test and verify in the editor. Reason is I'm still developing these leagues alongside wider changes to the British Isles league system, which I'll share when done. I'm also illustrating kits for Ireland's Steps 2-5 so will share those when done. 



15 years ago
10 months ago

Ah so I just put the .fmf files (not the folder) into the editor date folder. I'll try that. Thanks.

James Belfast
6 years ago
1 year ago

Hi, trying to start a new save with this. Looks great so far, but one issue.


When starting a new game using this setup I am unable to add Scotland as a playable league because “Require minimum 10 teams for League of Ireland Premier Division found only 0”.


However, the LOI PD does have 10 teams in it (and I'm able to select it as a result). I'm also not sure why this impacts Scotland at all? Do you know why that might be and how to get around it?


EDIT: Nevermind, it seems it was clashing with another file. Works great on its own, thanks for putting it all together.

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