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17 years ago
1 day ago

Our Collaborative Data Update for FM22 is now live!


As always we welcome anyone to contribute and you can find out how by reading our contribution guide.


Right now the only changes are the switcheroo between Steven Gerrard, Dean Smith, Aston Villa, Norwich and Rangers.


Over the coming days our fantastic team will begin making a whole host of changes and you can download a new update every morning from around 4:30am UK time.




If you're not familiar our Data Update is totally unique in that anyone can log in and submit transfers, this means it's the biggest and most accurate Update around. It's also the most frequently updated with daily releases. Check back before you start a save and you'll always have the most up to date data possible.

13 years ago
9 hours ago

thanks ... you are fantastic

9 years ago
7 months ago

Hans-Dieter Flick in this update? I miss he my save

EDIT: problem solution. Must download latest update from Licensing and real name fix file.

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