The Club World Cup is still host to all kinds of preseason fitness issues, and the best we can do is move the whole thing up by four weeks.


This takes the existing summer tournament scheduled for 2025 and makes it finish 4 weeks later with the final on Community Shield weekend (which should get bumped if you're in both). I'm not sure how the default version grabs the 5th-12th European teams (IRL it's a 4-year ranking), I've gone with the 8-year club coefficient you can sort by in the editor. Also updated the prize money.


If anyone has noticed any other issues with the CWC so far let me know, this will have the same problems as the default version but we can fix it here (working on making the US host 2025 every time).


Compatible with:
USA 2024 | Intercontinental Cup | CONCACAF to Libertadores | Russian clubs to ACL

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