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Mitra Kukar are a team in Football Manager 2020. Mitra Kukar play in the Indonesian League Two in Indonesia in FM 20. Mitra Kukar are a playable team in FM2020. Mitra Kukar play at a stadium called "Aji Imbut" in Football Manager 20.

Mitra Kukar
Indonesian League Two
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Mitra Kukar Newgen Rating

Below Average

Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by Mitra Kukar will be Below Average

Mitra Kukar Transfers

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Mitra Kukar Players in FM20

All Mitra Kukar Players in Football Manager 2020
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Syahroni 26 M C £740 £18k £7k 31-12-2019
Atep 34 AM RC £720 £4k £3k 31-12-2019
Anindito Wahyu 31 M L £720 £13k £5k 31-12-2019
Ahmad Bustomi 33 M C £790 £4k £3k 31-12-2019
Rishadi Fauzi 28 ST £560 £14k £20k 31-12-2019
Gilang Ginarsa 31 D RC £580 £10k £5k 31-12-2019
Arif Suyono 35 WB R, M RC £720 £2k £700 31-12-2019
Firli Apriansyah 34 M C £530 £2k £850 31-12-2019
A. Faris Ardiansyah 26 D C £530 £12k £18k 31-12-2019
M. Junda Irawan 23 D RC £530 £11k £35k 31-12-2019
M. Bachtiar 31 M RC £580 £10k £4k 31-12-2019
Adi Nugroho 23 M R £510 £12k £30k 31-12-2019
Hagi Permana 27 D C £460 £10k £13k 31-12-2019
Andre Agustiar 23 AM RL £510 £13k £50k 31-12-2019
Zuhrizal Abdul Gamal 31 D/WB R £580 £10k £10k 31-12-2019
Putra Aprilianto 24 ST £460 £12k £45k 31-12-2019
Rendy Siregar 32 D R £460 £5k £2k 31-12-2019
Rifan Nahumarury 24 M R £440 £10k £3k 31-12-2019
Luthfi Kamal 20 M C £440 £10k £35k 31-12-2019
Luthfi Kamal 20 DM £428 £9k £29k 31-12-2019
Rizky Ramadhan 21 D L £390 £7k £35k 31-12-2019
Abdul Rohim 22 M C £380 £7k £10k 31-12-2019
Ramadhan 22 GK £350 £4k £3k 31-12-2019
Dhika Pratama 23 M C £300 £4k £3k 31-12-2019

Mitra Kukar Staff in FM20

Mitra Kukar Staff in Football Manager 2020
Name Age Job Wage Expires Rating
Asep Suryadi 32 Fitness Coach (First Team) 31-12-2017
Radjiman 57 Doctor (First Team)
Joice Sorongan 46 GK Coach (First Team) 31-12-2019
Sukardi Kardok 25 Assistant Manager (First Team) 31-07-2017
Romeo Dian Umbaran 53 Scout £50 31-07-2017
Ronny Fauzan 50 General Manager
Noor Alam 52 Director of Football
Rahmat Hidayat 48 Manager (U21 Team)
Endri Erawan 48 Chairman
Abdul Kadir Laode 26 Physio (First Team) 31-12-2019