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mickbhoy Comments
By way of alternative, I'll have a look at their SI cuts, since they appear to be from the same sources, to see which (if any) are good enough to be added to the megapack.
I have most to be honest but it's really only for 2 or 3 images all told. Callum Booth uid 61013697 current megapack image is from 8.02. But I'm just happy to have PC working properly and able to play the game now! lol
Just to ask, is there any way at all to get these images bigger and also full face as opposed to tops of their heads missing?

Can I ask how the problem was solved as it looks like I'm having similar problem.
I still have no idea what you mean

That particular guy has a recent Celtic pic in the megapack, so I can't fathom for the life of me why you're going to so much trouble to fix something which doesn't really need fixing. And if there's something which genuinely needs fixing, then I'm sure we can sort it out for you
Sorry, it's me. I picked that one at random to try and explain that for some reason the game is showing the licensed images for players from FM19 game instead of FM20 new images. I know Si use for the Scottish leagues images from SNS pix. I know there is a cut for this player but trying to say that I use the licensed images in the game but they are now only showing from last years game and not FM20. hope this makes sense. Been playing the game since it's earliest form and as I'm unwell this is virtually all I do. But can't play the game if this problem persists.
I'm sorry but it's still not entirely clear to me what you mean. Can you send me the cuts you're trying to use, plus the config, via PM and I'll try and understand what the issue could be?
Not allowing me to pm. I'm having a nightmare here. Fm20 is for some reason showing now images for licensed teams and leagues from Fm19. So instead of Celtic's Greg Taylor uid 61074608 and the image it should be, I knocked up a quick crude one as an example, it's showing image from last season in Kilmarnock kit.
Similar problems to what? Not very clear I'm afraid

If you loaded up the game without the cutout megapack, then the default SI images will have shown. But if you then loaded the megapack, the megapack images will take over from the default SI images.
Sorry, didn't make myself clear and probably put this in the wrong place. I haven't used megapack. I note which images Si have in the game and then add what's missing from database. So eg, I manage Celtic, Si have cuts they use and were updated for the new season for FM20 and I added missing players and those on loan not included in Si licence but for some reason images showing as licensed are from FM19.
Think I'm having similar problems as posted here recently. Adding some missing images to the game and for some reason beta is showing fm19 images instead of new ones from game. E.g. I always play Scottish leagues but showing the SI images from FM19 even though up till earlier today was showing SI images for FM20.
Is there any way at all to get these images any bigger?

I see Uefa pics on website are now smaller, changed from 324x324 to 200x200. Is there any way to get these images bigger?


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Considering some of the pics I've had rejected from the MP this year, if that pack gets made and added I might just sack this cut out faces lark off and stick to stadiums.
Keep cutting faces mate. Don't see a real urgent need in cutting Bundesliga images considering they are licensed in the game! Although I'm still gutted that my fav source of images for Scottish leagues are now heavily watermarked and not a thing I can do!!
Not sure if this is the right place to ask but, I pre-ordered FM19 on 07/08 but haven't yet had a steam code sent. Only thought of this as I reckon early access would be available soon. Anyone have any idea's on this?
Superb!! But need to know....where did you get these images from??
The best way I've found is to right-click on the image in this page, then opening image in a new tab, which takes you to the 324x324 image. I use Chrome, not sure if that makes a difference.
Cheers Mons. I just oddly enough tried that and it worked a treat! Celtic images are on UEFA site too but they usually have images in the game. I tried Chrome already as they worked for others but Rangers images not showing on my Chrome search of the site.

Cheers mate.
For some reason my PC not allowing me to save images from UEFA website for cutting. Is there anyway to get these images of Rangers?


I know Rangers are not usually in the FM game so these images seem ideal if can be accessed. I've tried the way to obtain them through firefox but no joy.
A superb site for Scottish images now heavily watermarking it's images. Any way round this or to make these images bigger?


Was a great source especially for staff pics.
Having problems with this download. Microsoft reporting as unsafe,
After all depends on the source to get quality images

Personally I use a lot of 250x250 on MB Media or Official Club and Zimbio Media


Also the basic one included in the game or I find a lot of missing according to the clubs

The 180x180 mix with 250x250 does not really bother
Are pics on MB Media not heavily watermarked?
Version 180x180

Version 250x250
Can anyone recommend a good (and cheap) photoshop or similar program I can buy? For years been using Corel PaintShop and was really used to that. Recently bought new PC and after auto upgrade, PaintShop no longer works! Even tried buying an update but no joy!
Can anyone provide an idiot proof step by step guide of the way to extract the images? I forget every year how to do this!
Is there any way to get these Sheffield Wednesday pictures in full?


Bit annoying having to cut off top of their heads otherwise!
Wasn't sure where to post this question, but does anyone know for sure when the beta version is released?
Does anyone have the uid for Jupp Heynckes?
I will resize it to 180x180 anyway, so might as well do it in that way...

Cheers mons. Think you are right. best to stick to the 180x180
Just to ask. Is it better to do cuts 360x360 or still keep to original format of 180x180? Does it make any difference?
Where do you get access to these images? Best I've seen!
No probs, cheers Baki.
Think I may have put my question previously in the wrong thread. Is there anyway to get this image bigger?

Ok, thanks for you feedback.
Is there any way to get these images enlarged?

Open the page in Firefox, right click on the page and select 'view page info'. Go to the Media tab and find the correct background image and click the save as. That's about it.
You are a star mate! Cheers.