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mickbhoy Comments

Final pack for 2015/16. It's quite large (about 600) and is mainly tidied SI in-game Scottish images. There are also a few of my own cuts (Rangers, Celtic and miscellaneous) and one image I tidied from megapack.


See you in 2016/17!
First class job mate! Glad the images could help. I have a few more which I may request from the cutters from time to time. One question:Was there a Tyler Blackett image (uid 28058328) in the Si images? I've just used a dodgy cut I made myself for him! lol. Once again, brilliant job.
I'm afraid not. There isn't any way of sorting out the megapack in any way, be it league, country or nationality...

I'm afraid it's not in the pipe-line this year, there's simply not enough cutters around...
Understand thanks. Just desperate to get my hands on the Si images, even just the Scottish ones.
Just to ask, is there a clean-up operation of Si images this year? As I could really use access to the games images and my resource ahciver didnt work. Desperate for this!
I had a bit of trouble mate. When choosing where to extract the images to, I create a new folder on my desktop, pointed the path to there and then clicked once to highlight the folder, then "select", I think it was rather than "open". It extracted the images into that folder.
/When using archiver for fm16 when selecting graphics it the doesnt gove me the option to load, extract, open or select! When I tried usuing an old archiver from fm13 that ive used for all subsequent games it gives me an error message then crashes. Really dont know what to do as if I can't get those images I'm not sure I want to play it!
Didn't know where else to put this. I have always used resource archiver to extract and clean images but this year it just wont work. It's almost as if the graphics folder is empty! Have become really frustrated at this. It's the first time Ive downloaded game rather than bought disc. Tried to contact Steam but no luck and game wouldnt give me disc game as Ive downloaded! Ive tried to use a guide to extracting provided by Gordon85 but still no joy. Have played Football manager from the very start and am seriously thinking of scrubbing it this year unless I can get access to the images.
Does anyone have any ideas or even is anyone posting the extracted images for cleaning operation like they used to so can get them this way.
Many thanks.
Need to wait, I think. Nothing in the tools list on steam. Feel free to pm me with those Sco images you mentioned
Sending them now mate. Just don't ask how i got them! Nothing dodgy, just shows how crazy this game has got me!
WIP - Kilmarnock under 20s 16/17
Good to see you back mate.
Tell me, is there any way to extract the images from the beta or do you need to wait for the full release?
Mix + St Johnstone youth

Pre-FM16, clearing desktop, Think I may have forgotten to release this.

Example image in the link.
Good to see you back mate. If you are back cutting I have a lot of Scottish images available. Pm me for details. ;-)
---Australia - A-League 2015-16---
Adelaide United 2015-16 (21 Players + 6 staff)
Brisbane Roar 2015-16 (19 Players + 1 staff)
Central Coast Mariners 2015-16 (21 Players + 1 staff)
Melbourne Victory 2015-16 (19 Players + 1 staff)
Newcastle Jets 2015-16 (20 Players + 1 staff)
Sydney FC 2015-16 (25 Players + 1 staff)
Wellington Phoenix 2015-16 (21 Players + 1 staff)
Western Sydney Wanderers 2015-16 (25 Players + 1 staff)
Perth Glory 2015-16 (will be soon)
Melbourne City 2015-16 (will be soon)

http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/1e3dc0439669082.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/b3b071439669102.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/29b54b439669110.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/d5909a439669112.jpg http://thumbnails105.imagebam.com/43967/9dbada439669119.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/9e9a26439669123.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/c76a62439669129.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/fe9b6d439669134.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/10d7cf439669138.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/1017e1439669142.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/7dd364439669147.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/bc643b439669150.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/583714439669156.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/343b8f439669160.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/6010b3439669166.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/3e08e8439669172.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/6e77c0439669179.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/fddd7f439669185.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/8764a9439669192.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/b9860e439669204.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/6fd43c439669210.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/e9de72439669216.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/882beb439669224.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/07939f439669231.jpg

---Spain - La Liga BBVA 2015-16---
Athletic Bilbao 2015-16 (35 Players + 1 staff)
Atletico Madrid 2015-16 (27 Players + 1 staff)
Barcelona 2015-16 (24 Players + 1 staff)
Celta de Vigo 2015-16 (23 Players + 1 staff)
Eibar 2015-16 (24 Players + 1 staff)
Getafe 2015-16 (24 Players + 1 staff)
Las Palmas 2015-16 (25 Players + 1 staff)
Malaga 2015-16 (33 Players + 1 staff)
Real Betis 2015-16 (31 Players + 1 staff)
Real Madrid 2015-16 (23 Players + 5 staff)
Real Sporting de Gijon 2015-16 (30 Players + 1 staff)
Sevilla 2015-16 (29 Players + 1 staff)
Villarreal 2015-16 (28 Players + 1 staff)
Levante 2015-16 (25 Players + 1 staff)
Deportivo de La Coruna 2015-16 (31 Players + 1 staff)
Espanyol 2015-16 (27 Players + 1 staff)
Granada 2015-16 (24 Players + 1 staff)
Rayo Vallecano 2015-16 (19 Players + 1 staff)
Real Sociedad 2015-16 (34 Players + 1 staff)
Valencia 2015-16 (29 Players + 1 staff)

http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/6112d7439667392.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/0c5dfe439667396.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/4c1767439667402.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/3816ac439667408.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/949c61439667417.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/e0de5f439667424.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/ddd7d2439667425.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/2525a2439667430.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/703605439667435.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/d8be86439667439.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/332fd8439667446.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/8d0ddb439667452.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/3034c4439667464.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/f855e3439667473.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/5e9c62439667481.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/e35ea0439667498.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/eddb51439667519.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/c49d94439667529.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/43bd18439667547.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/78770e439667574.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/9c81ea439667592.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/956711439667605.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/88c0fb439667614.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/ba64ba439667622.jpg http://thumbnails105.imagebam.com/43967/885933439667643.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/6c878d439667665.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/98a2e4439667714.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/06f54e439667726.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/142a67439667734.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/e5927e439667741.jpg http://thumbnails105.imagebam.com/43967/1e0e38439667750.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/07636d439667759.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/ad57d9439667768.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/a6d3ca439667780.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/e8bf98439667797.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/b429b2439667806.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/d68daa439667810.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/47f2f7439667813.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/2b8f89439667819.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/91edca439667826.jpg http://thumbnails105.imagebam.com/43967/6737f7439667833.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/b1d571439667841.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/fcfd43439667852.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/e01954439667857.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/9d72ad439667863.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/2283be439667869.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/68cc3e439667873.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/dbaff2439667879.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/46cc20439667889.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/68bd0c439667898.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/e29900439667925.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/cac7f6439667932.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/4d768b439667937.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/3b04d9439667940.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/ed2f7d439667946.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/b15b09439667952.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/0ec2a8439667957.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/4d14cb439667964.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/77c909439667972.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/26bfb9439667982.jpg

---Russia - Serie A 2015-16--- 14 team
Amkar 2015-16 (49 Players + 1 staff)
Anzhi Makhachkala 2015-16 (28 Players + 1 staff)
CSKA Moscow 2015-16 (38 Players + 1 staff)
Dynamo Moscow 2015-16 (47 Players + 1 staff)
Krasnodar 2015-16 (24 Players + 1 staff)
Krylia Sovetov 2015-16 (42 Players + 1 staff)
Kuban Krasnodar 2015-16 (44 Players + 1 staff)
Lokomotiv Moscow 2015-16 (52 Players + 1 staff)
Mordovia Saransk 2015-16 (45 Players + 1 staff)
Rostov 2015-16 (24 Players + 1 staff)
Rubin Kazan 2015-16 (26 Players + 1 staff)
Spartak Moscow 2015-16 (30 Players + 1 staff)
Terek Grozny 2015-16 (25 Players + 1 staff)
Ufa 2015-16 (48 Players + 1 staff)
Ural 2015-16 (48 Players + 1 staff)
Zenit 2015-16 (52 Players + 1 staff)
http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/36cef8439669479.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/3c8075439669496.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/0506a2439669507.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/cd1e22439669543.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/acbc89439669550.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/1158ad439669564.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/5e2865439669568.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/c2038a439669570.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/0207b0439669573.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/34ec90439669585.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/fa5114439669615.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/01f0b5439669635.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/14d009439669643.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/5af2f5439669653.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/54e35c439669661.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/6f96e3439669680.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/748f45439669698.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/7d5cd6439669729.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/4e540f439669734.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/6e9cf8439669737.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/00906c439669742.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/2a7169439669753.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/4cdb23439669772.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/46b369439669789.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/2914c7439669792.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/142c8e439669798.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/b0f3ed439669809.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/c3ab40439669816.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/61e9c9439669832.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/65aa75439669836.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/660a32439669844.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/2674a9439669853.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/3c2b0a439669858.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/a23605439669862.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/01f73a439669865.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/77bbf0439669870.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/81803d439669886.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/2d4b75439669898.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/0e321e439669910.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/d3c92e439669916.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/830c6a439669926.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/301f0d439669931.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/1ac43f439669943.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/59b4fc439669954.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/166380439669969.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/43967/85886a439669972.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/0485b5439669976.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/43967/02e3b0439669983.jpg

The images will be tomorrow:
---Italy - Serie A 2015-16---
---Portugal - Primera Liga 2015-16---
---Sweden - Allsvenskan 2015---
---Poland - Ekstrasaka 2015-16---
---USA - MLS 2015---

The images will be in the near future:
---Norway - Eliteserien League 2015---
---Brazil - Serie A 2015---
---Italy - Serie B 2015-16---
---Spain - Adelante 2015-16---
---And many other leagues---

I'm ready to share the images, instead I want to get the cut-out in the format of PNG

For photographs please write a personal message
So, how do you get these images so they can be cut?
Italy- Serie A - 2015-16 (4 of 20)

Arsenal 2015-16 (26 Players + 6 staff)
http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/42580/313a4c425794386.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/42580/133b27425794404.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/42580/5daf99425794420.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/42580/d72679425794435.jpg

Manchester United 2015-16 (28 Players + 0 staff)
http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/42961/e5ec69429609900.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/42961/d812c0429609906.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/42961/387032429609918.jpg http://thumbnails105.imagebam.com/42961/2d3ec6429609925.jpg

Liverpool 2015-16 (27 Players + 0 staff))
http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/42991/d06416429908629.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/42991/476f59429908634.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/42991/8fd78f429908643.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/42991/73911a429908649.jpg

Liverpool U21 2015-16 (28 Players + 9 staff)
http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/42991/148ae2429909078.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/42991/b71c14429909089.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/42991/093303429909097.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/42991/593450429909110.jpg

Liverpool U18 2015-16 (21 Players + 12 staff)
http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/42991/d0f6b6429909186.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/42991/b0d0f1429909199.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/42991/ae181a429909213.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/42991/cd13fd429909235.jpg

West Ham United 2015-16 (27 Players + 0 staff)
http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/42992/289ac3429912277.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/42992/e51d99429912282.jpg http://thumbnails113.imagebam.com/42992/6be20a429912292.jpg http://thumbnails114.imagebam.com/42992/37744d429912304.jpg

How can they be cut if they cant be accessed??? As Geordie says, most have already been done anyway. It would be very helpful if in future posting terrific sources, to have a way of accessing them to cut. :-)
West Ham United

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In preparation for upcoming SPFL season thought would offer up these alternative pics for a couple of perfectly randomly selected Scottish physios. Remember, no smutty comments, look what happened to the East Fife fans!! :-)
Hamilton's Victoria McIntyre uid: 61068118
Hearts Karen Gibson uid:61002169

Source for the Crystal Palace pics? They are excellent! Been looking for decent ones for ages especially beardy Joe Ledley! lol
St Mirren's Viktor Genev uid 22006771
Suit added from my Walter Smith cut.........thought you would be ok with that!
I never used a site where you buy images!! Although I an now a premium on here.

As it's you I will pm you the cut I have (already done) of Mallan for the pack I'll release in a few weeks. Hopefully later tonight once back at flat.

One bit of advice - use the extractor to get the official SI in-game images (the MP over-writes almost all of them). Then you can add individual images. I am working my way through these as well but a lot of them should be good enough to be improvements immediately. All you need to do is extract them, rename them with their ID and put them in the MP folder. I was amazed at just how many teams across all divisions have cuts already done by SI.

And yes, Aberdeen and Arbroath physios are getting updated...
Thats great mate. Look forward to pm tonight. The Motherwell physio pretty hot too. lol. Will pm you the images I have just in case and also the name of the site, images used to be available without watermark but can't get them anymore! :-(
What were you paying for??
Mostly transfer updates or staff. Like to have as many staff as possible. eg there were no decent images for Stephen Mallan of St Mirren so got him. If you like I can pm or email you what I have and see if you want to use them? ps also some decent looking female physios, at Montrose eg! lol
And you will be glad to hear Mick that the pack will contain several hundred Scottish improvements on the MP current images! 100 down, a lot more to go. I'll share it once I have seen which youth players have been added (if any) in the official transfer patch which I don't think has been released yet.

John Collins will have grey hair in the new pack...
That's excellent mate. I've been so obsessed with the site we used to use that I recently took to buying from them! Was costing me a small fortune so stopped! lol. Glad you are back for the time being and good luck in your new job mate.
WIP update

Aberdeen youth (not requested, my own source)
Hibernian (all improvements in request in OP)
Missing Celtic youth (my own images)
Tidying all SI in-game Scotland images (not requested, extracted by me)
A few extra Scottish pics I have accumulated.

NB - the Falkirk request in the OP is out of date and can be removed. All images in it are in the SI cuts and I have extracted and tidied.
Welcome back
Player Name: John Guidetti

Player ID: 68007650

Existing Images: Search results for: 68007650


First cut in a long time feels like starting from scratch all over again, forgot every trickl Hoping to get better over xmas
Good to have you back mate.
That'll be it...I thought the photos were different but you're right!

Aye if you could give it a bash please that'd be great
I would pm you mine mate but as I say, my cutting skills not the best and wee bit of snow on it.........if someone does cut that image though I can easily add Celtic collar to it. Will pm you my cut to see what you think.

Apologies to the site, I couldn't get pm to Mark add attachment for some reason so having to post my snow covered Guidetti cut here. Sorry. :-(

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Player Name: John Guidetti

Player ID: 68007650

Link: Link to picture

Existing Images: Search results for: 68007650

same pic as one in mega-pack only a Celtic kit super imposed over Stoke kit. However if someone were to request this image to be cut http://www.uefa.com/uefaeuro/qualifiers/season=2016/teams/player=250005577/index.html, possibly I could then add Celtic kit to this one....I would cut this image for you but my skills not that great :-(
Please check it before doing a requests:
Existing Images: Search results for: 68007650
There is an Alternative request page if you want to put it there?
Player Name: Graziano Pellè

Player ID: 7980410

Link: Link to picture

Existing Images: Search results for: 7980410

Great source. Any more where these came from mate?
Can anyone remind me of the trick to fix the size of pics on the Northern Ireland website?
Pics are available of all nations on the Uefa site but some missing that are available here.
From Uefa site, pics for all Euro nations
Strachan pic to replace 2016127 and O'Neill pic to replace 2020273?
Burnley FC - 27 images
Superb pack Baki!