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Outlaw King Comments
For copyright purposes, I suspect you won't be able to link directly from the URL in here. Before you make any further requests, I believe that @Side Splitting Pass may be able to guide you on how you may possibly find bigger versions of these sources, maybe through PM

Cheers. Aye I've asked him about the main teampack...I didn't know how to do it as one big one so thought I'd try it individually!

My bad, more ignorance than anything
You can do them if you like. Do you know how to amend the image URLs to get bigger versions of the pics?

No idea. I just assumed you put the main link up in the request...do you need to do it individually?

Cheers. Are you planning on requesting Aberdeen? If not, I was going to do it

Hi mate, just curious where you were able to find these?
Season before I was 12th.


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Hmm. And what about the CL winners?

Liverpool. They also won the league
Can you check what happened in the Europa League? Maybe it was won from someone from one of the top leagues who didn't also qualify for the CL through the league, which would mean an extra club qualifies for the CL which would subsequently mean that the lowest ranked nation's qualifier gets bumped down a round to compensate.

That, or it's only next season that the change in qualifying takes place. e.g. if you get Scotland a bump in the coefficient ratings due to your exploits in the 2023/24 season, the qualifying regime will not change in 2024/25 but 2025/26.

Chelsea won the Europa League, and they came 2nd in the league.

I keep an eye on these things - it was the previous season it went up. So, played a whole new season and now have to do these best placed qualifiers for some daft reason instead of the champions playoff. I'm in the best placed qualifiers with Rangers, who came 2nd...just weird!

The rules in the SPFL now state the winner goes into the group stages, so christ knows if that'll actually happen next season or not.
Hi folks. I managed to get the SPFL up to 12th place - so, from the following season, we should have 1 team in the BP Q2 and 1 team in the CH PL.

Season went well (at the end of season, managed to climb to 8th so straight into the group stages the following year again). However, both myself (who won the league) and the team who came 2nd have been entered into the BP Q2 together.

This is very frustrating, having to navigate pishy qualifiers AGAIN when I should be in the playoff. Why am I not even in the champions qualifiers at all? I've checked the league rules - and it clearly states the winner is in the CL playoff.

Is this a bug? Or am I missing something obvious here?
No, there isn't. You have to download them individually, as per the kitmakers' wishes.

Cool, no worries
Hi, is there a way to download all the kits at once (like the face megapack) as opposed to having to download each league individually?

If there is, I can't seem to find it!
You'll probably have to restart it without the real name fix files, I'm afraid.

It works for me though, just not him.

I'll ask him to try this first:

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Try removing all editor data files, including the real name fix files, and try starting a new one to see if the issue persists.

mons, I have a similar issue. I have created a game, vanilla database (nothing changed). My mate and I can play as normal but, if we leave the game and load it back up, he can't click anything once he takes control of his team again. The only thing I have mentioned previously is the real name fix. How would I remove this and would he need to do the same?
No I'm afraid that's not possible though there will be a new patch at the end of the month which may improve things for you.

Have you got a date for this patch, and do you know if it'll include the Jan transfers?
Hi guys.

Is there any way I can retain the faces of the players who already have their faces in as standard (e.g. some SPFL, etc.)?

Done it last year but think I needed the resource archiver...which doesn't appear to be out yet!

We are still waiting mate, imadinnerjacket is on project working improvement mixpacks,same as few other members,but at this moment here's the list.We have to be patient,and hope we'll get more help soon.

@Baja Apologies if I'm being daft, but I can't see https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/request/31575 in this mixpack?
@Baja any joy with this dude?
Hi guys

If a player has this when you start a new game, has anyone had any joy in convincing them to stay???
Hi guys,

Does anyone have an idea when this will be made available?

Hi are there any plans to make Scottish kits in the near future?

What a guy! Cheers bud

Btw I see you're not a premium member. See guys like yourself who help out, surely the site can give something back like a free premium membership? I know it doesn't cost much but still would be a nice gesture.

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Please delete, uploaded two by mistake
That's the way the system works, I'm afraid. Plenty of requests, including some of mine, get archived after a while. If it's not been cut after a 2-3 week period 'on the market', it's unlikely to get cut at that point.

Best to collect it in a mixpack - they all get cut eventually that way. For example, HRiddick just this week polished off some 5 or 6 mixpacks from October. Makes it easier for cutters to have them all collected in one place and save them having to collect them individually.

You can mark this as complete:

rekooner2 kindly done it a while back

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