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Poe Comments
Despite all of the noise, suggestions and distractions in here - this may well be the choice!

I’ll do it too. Race to the Champions League is on
Tremendous stuff
Updated an old thread rather than making a new one. Looking for recommendations for 'one last save' with this FM. Something that'll get me excited to play the next one as I haven't really played for a couple of months.

Welcome all suggestions for anywhere and everywhere


Le Havre.
Just read start to finish, fantastic stuff mate

Long time no speak
Miss you guys, especially Jordo, Poe ❤️

Susie Big brother was amazing.

Not as much - nice to see old faces still dropping in from time to time!
Jorgensen and Dubravka both seem worse than what we've already got.

Dubravka has 9 caps for the Czech Republic. Everton legend Jan Mucha has been number 1. - Jorgensen seems like a much worse, less prolific Mitrovic.

I think Benitez might have actually lost it years ago....

It's not particularly successful - but we were absolutely rudderless before Ashley - and we probably won't be any better after him.

And what we had two good seasons in the decade before? - and two good seasons in the decade before that?

In the 90's we finished in the top 6 4 times, and in the 2000's we finished there 3 times.

That's 7 seasons out of 20 that I'd classify as a 'good season'.

We finished in the top half twice under Ashley, one of them a dramatic collapse where we should have been in the top 6 and ended up 10th, and the aforementioned 5th placed finish that was a great year.

Since we existed we've been relegated 6 times, 1 whole third of which came under Mike Ashley.

Footballing wise Ashley has been a disaster. Off the pitch hasn't been great either, mind - we had a similar level of turnover to Tottenham when he arrived.

«This comment has been edited»
My point is takeovers never actually work - either the club is run in the exactly the same way it previously was, an owner is a 'maverick' who make impulsive decisions and pisses everyone off, Or an owner with big plans - who inevitably loses interest after no success and spiraling debts.

Plus Newcastle have had protests against every owner - and have spent more time in the second flight than the top flight - We were at the foot of the second tier in 1992

It's normal to want to be better than we've been though, and the past 10 years has yielded one good season in the top flight.

2 relegations in 10 years, along with an unsuccessful court battle against a former employee and an ongoing investigation into tax fraud is not a success in anyone's eyes but yours either.
Such an underrated player.
Your lot York City have just been drawn away to my home town South Shields in the FA Cup - are you travelling up to see Arca run the show?


«This comment has been edited»
Everton fans cheered his every miss and booed his every touch - more than right to give them some back when he scored imo
I worked with Smitheh for like 5 years and only realised we were both on here after posting my Ice Bucket Challenge and @Poe pointing it out

I can't believe you didn't know

I've been here from seemingly the dawn of time. Was at Throw-In before here, I'm still around most days though - lurking.
There's no way it's not a red card. Even 20 years ago they'd send him off.

He literally kicks him in the face - and Ederson has jumped too. It's dangerous play.
The old throw-in IRC channel was how I got into the FM online scene in the first place - so hopefully this is great too
Newcastle are having a good day.

Sell everyone and don't buy anyone.
Did you manage to see it?

Very, very good win. Ritchie was absolutely outstanding a true leader today. But they were all very good. Joselu and Merino in particular.


West Ham are god awful though.

«This comment has been edited»
Eric Dier has warned us that they haven't forgotten the last day a few year ago.

He definitely thinks he's good at football doesn't he?
Benitez is manager now - so literally no one cares any more.

Did people care that we had Wonga as our sponsor?

Majority of people I know were just pleased we'd negotiated a good deal and not went with Sports Direct.
Worrying that that's the best we've played all season by a mile and we can't even beat a shite Leeds side.

Isaac Hayden genuinely looked good last night. Mitrovic was good as well, he's a much better option than Gayle imo.

But Jesus our defence is an absolute joke. Mental how overrated Lascelles is/was.

This. Strangely.
btw Anita and Dummett were pathetic on saturday - both more at fault than Shelvey.
You cant turn a shite team into a class one in 8 months. We're doing well atm people just love to whinge
Sheffield Wednesday failing to beat Burton Albion cost me €300 last night.

Absolute dicks. Hope they never reach the Premier League!!

Yeah, they fucked me over too
Nice consistency from the FA, Mings gets a 5 game ban while Ibra only gets 3. Mental

Stamping on somebody's head is worse than elbowing imo - also extra for trying to get out of it.

Ibra accepted the charge and Mings didn't.

Mings gets a tougher sentence for saying not guilty.

Shame the same thing didn't happen when it was a Man Utd player doing it a few years ago. Think it was Evans?

Cisse accepted the charge and got 3 games, he didn't and also got 3 games.
Sanchez is literally like Henry when he was at Arsenal. Just Henry was surrounded by much better players (that he still sulked and whinged at)
Glad to be finally on the home straight. The championship is the fucking pits. Reading have listed 'reading fans' as their 8th substitute ffs.
Bravo will come good tbf.
Are the players to blame though? They're not very good. Never were. Just played above themselves for a season.

Players like Drinkwater, Vardy, Albrighton are all below average - have been their entire careers except one mad crazy wonderful season.

That being said I like Ranieri - but I wouldn't want him in charge of my team.
I think Huddersfield are the only team capable of breaking us and Brighton at the top.
We're doing better than the last two times we were down here where we pissed the league.

Results have been good.

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