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Carroll. Comments
New phone time next month. S8 just dropped and got a decent deal on it - £42 a month, £25 up front. 24GB of data, plus a free speaker.

Or alternatively I can get an S7 for about 10/15 quid cheaper.
For someone that doesn't have the time/patience/even want to know how all the components of a PC work, they're ideal.

I'd say that's even worse cause they won't even know what the spec mean and just trust their 'gaming pc' tag or something without knowing what they're getting.

They're an easy option if you can pick out good components as they build it for you and offer finance but you can get much better / cheaper somewhere else.
Arsenal Fan TV will be good
PC specialist are rip of merchants
About £120 down already.

Also Willie Mullins / Douvan / Ruby Walsh is a cunt.
Biggest bottle jobs since Arsenal.

Jesus how have they fucked that up.
Apparently Burnley just got a penalty for their own player hand balling it...
Your point before was that how far it travels does matter tbf.. I can't even remember the incident before but he jumped with his hands in the air to which I said was deliberate. You said by my logic everyone should jump like a pencil with their arms down.
Wasn't I arguing with you before about deliberate handballs ? It's a yard away from him when Pogba hits it.

Not like it matters, Ibra bottled it anyhow.
I know right, our 2nd pen in the league all season, dunno how we get away with it

Meant more dubious decisions than just pens tbf
Jesus, the ref had a shocker. United getting dubious penalty shocker..

Mings should get a long ban for that, could have been very very bad.
They're not 'below average' players at all, what a ridiculous statement. You can have a freak game or two but not a whole season.

As VP is pointing out it's all got to their head / they lost their hunger to fight. Absolutely no loyalty shown to the manager at all either, bunch of pricks.

Gone very sour after last year and I also hope they get relegated. Vardy should have fucked off to Arsenal when he had the chance
Joey Barton is absolute scum but we already knew that. Glad he's out even though it completely fucked my bets.
Poe you bastard where are ya.

Doing any Cheltenham antepost accas or waiting till the week before?
Yeah he's a shit player mind. But at least he looks to have some fight about him. Tbf Sanchez does as well but half the time he throws his toys out the pram. Bit like Suarez did with us at times.

Then you get 'world class' Ozil showing absolutely no bottle at all. That gif of him walking around against City or Chelsea is laughable.
Nah, I actually feel sorry for Arsenal fans. That team has no absolute bottle.

Xhaka might be the only one worth something, at least he could snap someone and show some fight.
Again, Barca are out.

They've been awful.
Barca are out.
Yeah I've used it well before. Got greedy last time. Think I'll go Bayern to win as should be safe, then use the in play for something random.
20 quid on England in the Rugby, Stoke, Norwich and United won £126.
26 quid on Monaco -1, Toulouse, Fiorentina, and Madrid -1. Vazques is my hero. £220 returns.

Completely fucked by Leipzig the cunts though. Had a massive 24 teams over the next week or so. 16 have won so far. All I have left is massive favourites like Bayern, Real etc. 13k returns. Cunts lost 3-0 at home to 3rd bottom to fuck it up. Cash out would have been 1k at least by now.
If Chelsea weren't such bellends we could have a real interesting battle at the top. Ever so close.
Hmmm okay, like I said it seems to be working, but wasn't sure whether eating the processed / microwavable is 'healthy/good' for me. Like I said pretty much a similar diet each day as it's easy enough and don't really get bored, just come of it recently due to travelling a bit more recently etc, but should be back on it this week. Haven't picked up the exercise to the levels I wanted to either, so that should accelerate the weight drop too.
When you say 'healthy' what do you mean?

People mean so many different things when they use the word I'm not sure what you're actually asking.

Well I'm trying to lose a bit of weight and like I said not much time for meal prep, so is that going to cause me to put on weight instead..
Alright gym buddies.. Need some advice re nutrition. Have limited time to meal prep etc, so have a very similar diet each day.
Porridge with soy milk, beans with a sandwich, then one of the Tesco healthy living meals. Example
Are they actually healthy? I know microwavable shit isn't really good for you, but they seem to be fairly lenient on the macros side..
Also fruit and yogurts for snacks. Staying under my calories and macros usually, but mainly wondering if those tesco meals are doing me more harm than good?

Dropped about 3-4kg since Christmas, as my diet before was awful, so just cutting out the sugars has made a massive difference. Currently 81kg, trying to get to 79ish by March, and 75 by summer.

Also only drink these, again are they bad? No added sugars, I know they have the two sweeteners, but quick google seems to be positive.
Was at the game last night, bit of an anxious atmosphere, but after we scored the whole place was bouncing. Made a change from the last week, as atmosphere was dead, especially vs Wolves.

Our season has collapsed spectacularly.
2 games in a row we lost to a team with 10 men behind the ball. No idea why we're fucking passing it around so slowly and taking so many touches, going sideways and backwards. When we moved it quicker and tried one twos it was causing them problems.

Was at the game and atmosphere wasn't the best for a weekday night, bit disappointed.
Hoofed it up about 3 times, Matip came on for about 4 minutes so you can fuck off
Im a broken man.