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Carroll. Comments
38 goals in 6 years. In only 1 of them 6 years has he managed more than 5 goals.

One season wonder springs to mind.

What? Are you counting his time with us here or not cause I'm not sure how you got those figures.
Considering he was still 21/22 his last two seasons with Burnley were very good, and he started promising with us. He's a decent player. Although you rarely come back from this much out
Oh you, the post sounded good until this point.

Ings is a good player
No it's not a bad thing per say, but there is more pressing areas which we need to focus on, rather than spend so much on a similar player to what we got. Again, I'll trust Klopp as I was sceptical about Mane.
And it's all well and good having each of them score 10 goals, but we clearly lacked an out and out striker (or Sturridge to get into form again) against some teams last year, we're very one dimensional at times.
Salah has been incredible in Serie A ever since he's arrived there. Salah - Firmino - Mane with Coutinho at number 8 is scary stuff

Turns out its actually 39 million euros, so same price we spent on Mane basically. Looking forward to seeing him, been mega in Serie A as Based Jorge says. Seems like were going back in for Van Dijk as well, nice to see FSG giving Klopp the money he needs.

But do we really need him? In a way he's a very similar player to Mane. We much more desperately need a good CB, a left back and a holding midfielder. And a good striker.
Pricey that. But then again I thought we were wasting money on Mane.
I'm loving it so far, even managed to get to #1 on a few leaderboards . The only criticisms I'd have of it so far is that there could be more events in career mode and more locations to race at. There are only 5 different rally locations in total. Rallycross isn't stupidly hard like it was in Dirt Rally anymore, although that doesn't stop one of the AI cars from randomly breaking the world record lap time by about 2 seconds while finishing last overall. As for the arena/compound, there is a joyride mode with loads of challenges but I don't think you can do it in multiplayer.

Also i've done a bit of F1 2016 online and what the hell is up with ultimate difficulty? I get that its supposed to be the hardest in the game but how am I going to beat an AI car that is getting a lap time of 59 seconds at Brazil

Quali or race?
Idk, that's a great save by Woodman from me. Gone the wrong way but stretches out a hand.
Oh really, I can't say I've even noticed that but now you mention it, would explain a lot why some races seem like tyre wear has got to a ridiculous stage.

What percentage do you go with? I think me and my brother go full qualifying and then 25% race so you have to pit and you get the chance of the safety car etc still. We also have a silly 3 lap one if we've not got time etc

Yeah 25% also. For some reason we only get the VSC, we've only had the SC once, when we had another guy join us. Yeah, next time you restart watch your tyre wear go up haha, it's broken some races for us. Very fun game as I've said, just disappointed they haven't tested it properly. AI doing bullshit laps on worn tyres is another one..
Oh I don't think I've had too many issues in Italy.

I do love the fact you can now do online career multiplayer, definitely a good aspect added, hope they keep it in the next one.

Yeah it's fun, but slightly broken.. We've had a rule to restart after any first lap / corner crashes, because no one wants to sit there and watch the other one race for 30 mins.. But the game auto save system or whatever it is slightly breaks it.. It will keep your tyre wear, so a place around Italy, even getting of the line and round the first few corners you've already added a good 5% tyre wear.. When you restart it keeps that tyre wear.. Had so many races where its fucked it so bad we've had to pit lap 1 for new tyres due to too many restarts.
Or wait till you race in Russia, AI 100% of the time crashes on the right sweeping corner off the line

Oh yes! That and Italy. Me and a friend are doing an online career and our last race was a wet one in Italy.. the amount of restarts because of that first corner..
Will people actually not vote for Labour because of Corbyn? Yes, I understand he's probably not the best candidate, but it's not like May is much better.. All that terrorist friend bullshit etc is just twisted propaganda..

Vote for the manifesto / party, not the person (even though they all go back on their manifesto promises..)
Only done the first 2 races in career mode so far in F1 but the only slight problem i've found is that the AI cars can ram you as much as they want and don't even get a warning for it. Still, it does seem a decent game considering it only cost me £22.

Wait till you get online! They seem to settle down a little, but sometimes really don't have any space awareness. And god forbid you get them in the wet..
Labour will win
Didn't want Van Dijk anyway.
Buggy as fuck though. Can't believe Codemasters got away with charging full price for such a buggy game. Don't get me wrong, I love the game play, but there is some game breaking shit going on.
Yep no linked with Caballero.

Why are some managers obsessed with shite goalkeepers? Benitez seems to want GK's who are short, unsuited to the English game, and not particularly good anyway. Might as well keep Selz. Robbie Elliot is our best players ffs.

How is Reina not suited to the English game?
Matip is better than Sakho. Lovren is more consistent.
Can't wait to see the spastics reactions on Arsenal TV (if its true) and hopefully the fuckers that turn up to games just to boo stop turning up and the prick that pays for the plane to fly over stadiums crashes next time he's in one (though survives obviously) . Glad he's staying in all fairness as i have absolutely no idea who at this moment in time we could replace him with.

Tuchel? Simeone ? Sam Allardyce?

Worse season ever and we still ended up with a trophy whilst Spurs, City & Liverpool ended up with fuck all. Lovely stuff

Enjoy Europa.

We'll see you there for the knock outs
£100k p/w for a 34 year old goalhanger who contributes nothing to general play and a third of his goals coming from pens.

Yeah that's fantastic business

So 5 out of 15.
He's scored 30 goals in the last two seasons in one of the worst teams ever in the Prem. That's not a bad record for a 34 year old, would be a class signing for anyone top 10 downwards.
And I've read closer to 90k plus bonuses. Which is nothing these days
Why anyone wants Defoe is beyond me.

He is old and shite.

Again, fuck are you smoking?
Yeah he's not world class but there's no one better out there that will come to us. Sorting out the defence is more of a priority.
Good LB, good CB, good DM and either trust Origi / Sturridge or get a good striker.
Consistently in our top 3 players who covers the most ground each game, "lazy"

Just for bants
Özil needs a manager who'll push him rather than pampering and he'll thrive, hence the Garth Crooks comments. But yeah the bloke is a moron.

Thought the myth of Özil being lazy died a death anyway

Don't be daft about Ozil
They won it about 10 games ago mind
Juve - Atleti final imo

What a thrilling 0-0 that will be