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One Night In Grimsby Comments
Not that I needed any further deterrent, but remind me not to visit Stevenage FC with the missus!

Don't think Grimsby fans enjoyed it.


I went to Stevenage last season and it was the worst 22 quid I'd spent all season. Result didn't help but the stewarding was a joke then too. Didn't go last Saturday because of that and thankfully I didn't.

Some shocking goings on there, and our Trust will be taking it all the way. Stevenage statement last night was a joke.

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I would guess something involving Stone Island wankers thinking it's the 70s, as per usual.

This, exactly.
@One Night In Grimsby , what happened at your friendly at the weekend with Sheff United?

Well we lost the match 3-1, Sheff U were pretty tidy, Billy Sharp had a great game. But you're probably referring to the trouble in Cleethorpes. Seems like a load of their fans came early on trains and got hammered in the bars down the seafront and then it all kicked off. There's a few twats in our fans too who obviously went looking for trouble. All the bars closed under police advice. And then after the game, there was a lot of trouble down the back of the ground on the walk back to the train station. Fans charging at each other etc, until the police finally turned up.

6 arrests, 4 of which were United fans. The Grimsby element I suspect were just a few chavs who are already banned or haven't been to a match in years.
We still only have one striker on the books going into the last two weeks of pre-season... We play Sheffield United at home on Saturday, so hopefully at least one more striker in by then.
Heh, managed to get a pokemon in a gym for the first time today. My work colleagues beat it down and then I jumped in on their tailcoats to hold a gym. We lasted an hour before we were taken out!

I don't understand how people can have Pidgeot with 900 CP and mine has barely 300

What level you at? You'll start to get higher CP's come up soon, I had a 240CP Pidgey yesterday! Got a Magmar from a 10km egg yesterday and a nice Dratini down near the water here. Also had a Kabuto appear in my living room which was sweet, haven't seen too many of those yet!
I can't figure out this whole CP and arch and evolution thing, I know what they are all by themselves but people seem to disagree about aspects of it. Some say evolve before powering up, others say power up fully then evolve?!

Not that it matters as it's too damned hot here in Ipswich. I'm not a fan of the sun once it heats up the area above 24 degrees!

I've been evolving first and then powering up, but like you I'm not sure if thats the best way. I'm level 12 now, best is a 612CP Golbat I caught yesterday, followed by a 460CP Pidgeot and then a 450CP Hitmonchan. Held a gym for 3 days straight now with Hitmonchan, but I think its because its a quiet village gym with hardly any signal...
We're playing Hull tonight, I'm off to watch, hopefully our new signings impress.
We lost 2-1 to Stamford last night.... and lost 4-1 to North Ferriby the night before.
Free Now TV Sky Sports Day pass available here only for today! http://www.nowtv.com/promo/free-pass

Can be used anytime in the next 12 months, doesn't have to be used today.
A few people at work play it, I'm giving in to peer pressure and downloading it tonight!

Go team yellow!

I'm team blue! Only level 6 at the moment still, and the most interesting pokemon I've caught is a Pysduck! Actually went for a walk around the park yesterday to look for stuff...
Not amazing enough to let them have full access to my account its not

Saw a quote from someone to do with the game that said that ''full access'' thing is a mistake and it only gives basic info to them as per other apps. My gmail is my spam email account anyway. Make another gmail account, you won't regret it!
Seriously it's amazing!
Who's on the Pokemon Go hype?
Tough draw in the last 16 there in the World Cup! Probably would have beaten Chile if you'd come 2nd in the group?
Clyne is on fire for you! The wingback role really suiting him by the looks of it! Your strikers letting you down, or maybe needs an attacking midfielder playing closer to Kane?
Caved and ordered The Taken King yesterday, arriving today, wish they'd hurry up and deliver!
We're in for another 4 players to make our squad up to 25. Two of those four will be strikers I assume as we're light up top currently. Quietly optimistic about our prospects for the season. Pre season friendlies starting tomorrow night, Cleethorpes Town away!
We've signed Ben Davies and Dominic Vose
Go on GTFC!

What on earth went on at FGR?! Good end to the season for you, something to build on for next season! And some really good signings there!

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8 games into my 2nd season in the Championship and we proudly sit top of the table! Awesome start to the season, beaten just once so far and into the 4th Round of the League Cup too, where I've drawn Chelsea away next.

Not expecting my good form to last, first target is 50 points and then see where it goes from there. 17 points chalked up so far.
Improves Wales chances of making the Final! Would have taken Portugal over Croatia any day.

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I honestly like Robbie Savage as a commentator, think he speaks a lot of sense!
Robbie Savage has ruined this match for me.

How? He's better than most! Poland v Swiss earlier was awful with Jonathan Pearce AND Lawro, nearly had to mute it.
We've only made one 'new' signing and that is Jack Mackreth re-signing after he left Tranmere. @One Night In Grimsby where did it go wrong for him with you lot? When he was here last time with us, he was class so I'm happy he's joined us.

However, we've lost our captain Paul Turnbull, our top goalscorer Kristian Dennis and our number 1 keeper Shwan Jalal looks like he's off to Wrexham. We need some new signings, especially some attacking players. Marcus Carver has been released by Accrington and apparently we're in for him.

Yeah Mackreth was one of those for us, could be really good one week but pretty useless the next. He's always dubbed as this pacey winger that beats his man but a) I was never convinced he's actually that quick and b) he hardly ever took on his fullback, instead he'd cut back and pass it sideways or back to the rightback.

That said, Hursty always made sure we were defensively solid so maybe if he was allowed to let his shackles off a little and not worry about giving the ball away trying to beat a man, he'd be better. Works hard as well, which can never be faulted. Just fell out of favour with Hurst last season, I think deemed not quite good enough for our ambitions. But good luck to him.

EDIT: Also, he's ace on FM, highly recommended!

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We've signed three more: Sean McAllister, midfielder released from Scunny, Dan Jones, centrehalf released from Hartlepool, and Ashley Chambers, striker/winger released from Dagenham.

McAllister should be great judging by Scunny comments, Jones will be back up to the others I'm guessing and Chambers I'm unsure of, we had him on loan back in 2010 when he was young, but he's hardly set the world alight since then. Hopefully Hurst can work his magic and turn him into something.
Ryanair offering £10 cheap seats to basically anywhere in Europe... See it while you can

In all seriousness, FFS.
I have some weeks where I can't play as much due to uni work etc so that helps! It's the best I've ever done with GTFC on any FM game!

Stumbled on a 4-2-3-1 tactic that worked in League 2 and up until promotion from League 1. Now I've switched back to a standard 4-4-2 in the Championship as my players are definitely not as good individually. Getting lots of 1-0 away wins which is so satisfying!
Nice going, do your still have any of your original squad? I've always found it rewarding to try and keep at least a few members that have been with me from the start.

None of the original squad still playing in my team but I have Craig Disley (who was my captain in the Conference) as my assistant manager, after being coach for a year or two after he retired, so he's been with me the whole way. My original keeper, James McKeown, stayed with me until we were promoted from League 1, but then wanted to leave for a new challenge, else he'd still be with me too! He's now playing back in the Conference North. And one of the squad, Adam May in midfield has been with me since League 2.

I tried keeping the best of the original squad together and they played well in League 2 to get me promoted first time round, but weren't so good in League 1 (and we were relegated), so had a rebuild and it's come together nicely!

First season (in the Conference) I finished 12th, so I was very surprised to keep my job then! If I can get the finances sorted I may be able to push for a new stadium which should then help us push on a bit and challenge nearer the top of the Championship!
I have a cracking save going on, it's actually my one and only save that I've started since I got the game last Christmas and it's with my team, Grimsby. I normally totally fail when I manage Town, normally find I'm too loyal to the players I like in real life and it all goes tits up. However...

I'm now in my tenth year as GTFC boss and in that time we've been:

- promoted from the Conference
- lost in a league 2 playoff final
- promoted from league 2
- relegated from league 1
- promoted from league 2 (again)
- promoted from league 1
- avoided relegation from the Championship (finished a comfortable 16th)

I'm now about to start my second season in the Championship, with the board expecting mid-table. I'm hoping for a playoff push but it will be a big ask, there's some big teams with a lot of money in the league and my budget is still very limited.
Away to your boys on the last game of the season!

The football league have fucked us over royally with some of these fixtures; we have some ridiculously long journeys on Bank Holidays that will be made worse by traffic. Absolutely no thought for fans below the Championship. Shower of cunts.

Quite happy with our fixtures, only ones I noticed which are a pain are Portsmouth and Newport away on Tuesday nights. Although there's only 5 Tuesday games which is great! Getting my season ticket next week as I'm moving back up north from here next week.