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Request Completed: Gosport Borough [11.07] - Download


EDIT: Sizes were all wrong - resized versions here - https://www.mediafire.com/file/sq6lqyblgrb9byx/Gosport_Borough.zip/file

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Request Completed: mix - Download

Not that hard, it's actually quite fun :-)

Here are the last kits for Vanarama conference, and now we have covered all English leagues down to 8th or 9th level

Whoever would be so kind to pack this and put it for download, please don't forget York and Dover on previous page.

Great job. Thanks.

Hopefully your efforts will help encourage a move away from the model where one person claims 10 leagues and then takes six months to do them

Could someone please knock me up this

Club 1872 replacing the Nike logo


Hi, please can I request:-

Lisburn Distillery

Manufacturer - Any you choose.

Home - White shirt with black trim like:


Away - Same style and colour scheme as Norwich away


Sponsor - Mcewans


Badge - Lisburn Distillery

istillery.png" alt="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fileistillery.png" />

Thanks very much in advance mate!

your badge link doesn't seem t work
Hi chaps - I'm not being blind am I... the La Liga pack isn't up yet is it? Can't seem to find it.

No but 'they are working on it'. Meanwhile Vanuatu has been done if that helps

Some individual teams have been done and can be found in this thread. If there is a particular team you are after, if you request it here it might get done
Hello, I really love your efforts and the quality of your work (you helped me last year too). I have a new request for this year's FM! This time I am managing Portsmouth and I would love you to help me change my kits!

I want to keep the original colours (except the little red lines that the first one has) of the team which are:

Manufacturer: Nike


For templates I want something like this if possible:


Thanks in advance!

Sorry if these has already been posted - I did try searching without any luck.

I would love if someone could create Blackburn Rovers 1st, 2nd & 3rd kit.

1st Kit

2nd Kit

3rd Kit


Team: Brighton City
Kit Manufacturer: Umbro
Sponsor: Football Manager
Colours: Orange / Red/Black/White
Extras/Notes: home and away kit, with any combination of the colours. Also here is the logo of the club

Cheers Mate

Any good

I see that the size of the SI images is 360x360. Should we continue to resize to 180x180 or is 360x360 the new norm (where the quality is good enough)?
Not taking sides with anyone but I really hope the German Bundesliga kits are done soon. Such a big and important league, I play as Bayer Leverkusen every single year on every single FM and it's incredible that this, my favourite kit supplier has so many lower league kits but no German Bundesliga! In fact, I haven't been able to find any Bundesliga kits anywhere on the internet!

Just posted Leverkusen in the Official Kits thread - https://sortitoutsi.net/forums/topic/175/ss10-13-official-kits?page=121#comment_357228

worth searching that forum as there might be other individual clubs that have been done whilst you await the arrival of the pack for the whole league (eg Bayern Munich home & away seem to have been done)
Bayer Leverkusen

Regarding the bottleneck funny that the same people were having the same debate back in January - https://sortitoutsi.net/forums/topic/175/ss10-13-official-kits?page=105#comment_312298

Whilst not taking sides if anyone with WIP needs any assistance I'd be happy to help; please PM me. Agreeing to do 12 leagues must work out at way over 500 kits to do which is a big burden for any one person.
Hong Kong is on the waiting list but I've already done that and posted in the Downloads
Biu Chun Glory Sky 23372654


R&F FC 23376093