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flut Comments
Flut is the original poster/creator of this download thread so if I am not mistaken he or a mod can update the links at top.
It is not up to me.

Now is updated. I believe it was qvordrup who did it. Thanks
there is a fix you should do.. in the window of the city there is the city of the stadium and not of the team
example... Trapani ( city is Trapani-- stadium provinciale is in Erice..) and in the window there is Erice


In fact I can't do nothing since is the game who controls what city and stadium will be displayed in each club. The game use the city of the stadium....

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Love the skin, guys - quick question; is there a way to get the City shown for the club to be their actual city, rather than where their stadium is? For example, Sliema Wanderers are obviously from Sliema but play at National Stadium in Attard, so the City panel defaults to Attard rather than Sliema. Any help would be appeciated! Thanks for all your great work.

Sorry but there is no way to change it. The game controls the city of the club.
Thank you Flut. Maybe you or a mod can also update the links for the main download.
Anyway here is the link for the updated pack:
Mediafire - 2DKitsasleftlogos_v2.zip/file

Uploaded- 2DKitsasleftlogos_v2.zip

Credits go to the fmslovakia guys for the kits and Flut for his awesome skin and work overall. Cheers.

Thanks Criss
Just a taught: I have kept an updated version of this pack for myself in which I also cleaned up some duplicate png files that were not used in the configs. If Flut has no issue with, is anyone interested in me posting it here?

Hi Criss

No problem, of course.
You can upload it here. Thanks!!

Hello there!
Absolutely sterling work yet again on the best FM skin out there!
I am particularly in love with the 'new' font, which if my tired old eyes don't deceive me is based on that ultimate classic CM 01/02!
Brings back many, many happy and pleasant memories from nearly 20 years ago! Nearly 20 years ago - gosh!

I also played CM1/02 (great memories!!) but I really don't remember the font used (yes, 20 years.... long time ago)
Hi Flut,

Finally It works well for me (by using the City & Stadium pack from DazS8). I also be able to change the atrribute in Player Overview/Profile to no box.
One more question, how can I change the color of the atrribute? For example, high value (>=15) have red color?

Thanks again, both Flut & DazS8


you can change the colours in the settings.xml in the following code

<!-- profile attribute colours -->
<colour name="low attribute" red="247" green="121" blue="121"/>
<colour name="normal attribute" red="245" green="245" blue="85"/>
<colour name="good attribute" red="159" green="220" blue="122" />
<colour name="excellent attribute" red="83" green="249" blue="83" />

don't forget to reload the game (and untick the check box in the preferences of the game: “use caching to decrease page loading times” )
My set up is different as I use my Player Backgrounds too as in the picture.....

So not sure what you want

Hi Aly

Regarding your questions
1. In fact the alt xmls are only for the player overview panel and for the player popup
However, if you want to do the same in player profile, go to player profile.xml and change

file="player/player attributes panel3box"

file="player attributes panel3"
For other panels (training etc) it will be a little bit harder to explain since you have to change several xmls and I don’t remember all of them. I just remember now two other xmls: player attributes training panel.xml and player training attribute changes. The easy way is to delete that two xmls and reload the game (the game will load the default xmls without boxes).

2. Regarding the 2Dkits, my bad...I forgot to include a substep in step 1. But you did everything correct. Now you only replace "team" for "club".
I already replaced the incomplete tutorial by the complete tutorial. Sorry.

3. Regarding the sidebar, try the following. Open sidebar menu table.xml and change

<container class="main_box" id="colm" appearance="boxes/custom/interface/sidebar/paper" red_replacement="dark accent" blue_replacement="black">

<container class="main_box" id="colm" appearance="boxes/custom/interface/sidebar/paper" red_replacement="[the colour you want]" blue_replacement="black">

4. Concerning the background I believe is related to your graphics structure. I believe you have the stadiums background to be read before the players background. If those folders are in the same folder, try to change the name of the stadiums background for a name starting by a letter that are alphabetically after the first letter of the name of the folder that contains the player backgounds.

That’s it

And thank you DAZS8 for always are there to helping me in the answers made by FM players!!

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Hi all: since some of you don't know how can adapt the 2D kits for working in player overview panel and titlebar, I decided to do a "tutorial" for that. Here is the file


and..thank you DAZS8 for answered to MatyLion
Hi all: since some of you don't know how can adapt the 2D kits for working in player overview panel and titlebar, I decided to do a "tutorial" for that. Here is the file



That background with Ronaldo is the background for UEFA. But you can easily delete that backgrounds removing the folder continent in Documentos\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\skins\fm2020flutskin_dark\graphics\pictures\logos\normal\confederations

Regarding the citypic, if you don't have the citypic for that club other background picture will be displayed. You should download the citypics pack.
hi flut
i'am french player and i'would like to reupload this fantastic skin because all the links are dead

sorry for my poor english


Here is the link

Hi. I have a question. After a match as a news when a player has made a good match, there is no picture of the player. Same for press conference, then that's no picture of me. Have for me I had pictures there before I updated. I need to change something. Have pictures of cities and stadiums and of course players everywhere else.



Sorry but I can't help you, since everything works well in my game. Try to clear the cache, keep this skin only in the skins folder of the game and reload the game....
Hello mate, congratulations on the beautiful Skin..I have been playing with the Flut Skin for many years now!
I wanted to ask you if it is possible, in the tactics panel, to display for example with Juventus..the front front of the first jersey.
Thanks .. a warm greeting


Well...is possible but doesn't work well. I tried a lot....If we use the 2dkits for flutskin, in the clubs without that kits the kits will not be displayed; if we use the front default, the kits of the players on loan will be from the original club...thus I decided to not include that stuff. Additionally, when minimised the kits doesn't will be displayed on the pitch.....Sorry.
Thanks for you help but it doesn't work. Do you know how to change resolution to 1920x1080 ?

Have a good day.

I believe your computer is not able to do that.
You can try other solution. Remove the information regarding the fixture, stadium, city and date. For that, remove the following piece of code

<container width="251">
<layout class="arrange_vertical_attachment" layout="-1,-1,-1,-1" offset="0" gap="0" />
<layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="horizontal" apply_to_children="true" inset="0" />

<!--fixture name-->
<widget class="fixture_name_text" id="Name" style="bold" alignment="centre,can_scale" colour="text" size="9">
<record id="object_property">
<integer id="get_property" value="FxNm" />

<!-- stadium -->
<widget class="client_object_label" id="namV" style="bold" alignment="centre,can_scale" colour="text" size="9">
<record id="object_property">
<integer id="get_property" value="stad" />

<!-- city -->
<widget class="city_label" id="namL" alignment="centre;can_scale" colour="text" size="9">
<record id="object_property">
<integer id="get_property" value="SctI" />

<widget class="date_cell" id="date" alignment="centre,can_scale" auto_size="vertical" size="9" colour="text">
<translation id="format" translation_id="447557" type="use" value="[%date#1-time] kick off on [%date#1-short][COMMENT: string to show the kick off time and date of a fixture]" />
<record id="object_property">
<integer id="get_property" value="fxdt" />


Ah...you are talking about the clock and not the time bar....
This happen due your screen resolution. As I said in the skin description, the skin works well in 1920x1080.
However, you can try the following

Go to match title bar.xml

and change line 309
<container width="140">


<container width="140" priority="1">

let me know if it worked.


Use this filçe. Put it in the panels folder of the skin (the weight and height will be displayed in the attributes panel).

Hi flut and thanks for the great skin!

I would hope to be able to change one small thing, though: when I move my mouse pointer over a player's name, it shows a mini profile box. I remember that box used to contain the height of the player, but now that I use the flut skin it doesn't. Being able to quickly see a player's height would be really nice, because it saves me the trouble of clicking into each player's profile to find out whether they should be positioned to defend a set piece or whether they're a dangerous opponent in crossed ball situations etc.

I'd appreciate any help, because I've been searching through the files, but am still out of ideas.

Please put a screenshot.
I don't know how to put a screenshot but rorystewart did. It's exactly the same problem.

Rory just put a small piece of the panel (the top....where the match time will not displayed in this version of the skin). Thus we can't look at the bottom of the panel. Without a whole screenshot I can't help you, since in my game everything goes well.
What is the resolution of your screen?
Fot the third time since 10th of april, the timer doesn't appear during the match and, yes, i've bee looking on the right bottom of the screen (next to the commentary bar). It's not there.

Please put a screenshot.
Chrissy10970: sorry but...what is the problem you reported?

avecerno: go to match commentary.xml and change the value in line 23 (<integer id="size" value="20" /> )

Rorystewart: Thanks. The timer now is on the right bottom of the screen (next to the commentary bar)

gary wynn :
That logo is too big but is the logo for the kit (I had to do that trick because, as you know the default kits don't have the logo kit - the exception is the kits showed in the kits panel). Thus, for adjust it you should go to kit icon16.xml and adjust (by trial and error) the place and the dimension of the logo, in the following code:

<layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="top" inset="-43"/>
<layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="left" inset="110"/>
<layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="vertical" inset="0" />
<layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="86" />

Regarding the 2D kits front already adapted for flutskin, you can find it here in sourtitoutsi

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Hi safmon: you also can go to player personal details popup panel and change

<container class="bordered_box" red_replacement="primary for <container class="bordered_box" red_replacement="grey 300""

Hi Townender and fascinoso: thanks!!!

Hi LunaLR:
regarding the panel unreadable please place this files in the game folder of the skin (reload the game)

Regarding the white papers, thanks but in fact I don't want to use an opaque white papers since I'm interested to see the background pictures. But thanks anyway.

Hi Chrissy: The time is there but now on the right bottom of the match panel.
Hi 18*EVERTON*78 : for the name in the kit go to generic folder and open kit icon14.xml. Change the value in (use trial and error method) <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="horizontal" inset="59"/>
Regarding the picture, I really don't know where it is.

HI "Ich bin Groot" :
1. in the next relaese the scorebaord will be on the top middle
2. Is not a good idea since in order to work with the right height implies to change the height of the footer panel and that made the panels of match inbetween highlights much small and the match comments bar too high. I put that panel displaying in the top middle. is not the solution I prefer but for now I couldn't another....
I would like to thank you for the great work you have done so far. But I have one wish.
I hope you work on the graphical user interface while watching the 3d-Match.
I would be very happy if this one looks more realistic. What I mean there in detail is the following:
There are certain scoreboards, so you get the feeling you are watching a football match on TV.
You can see a TV logo and the topmost bar shows for example the club name and the club logo.
Also an improved view of for example players who score a goal or get a yellow card.
The view should be a bit bigger and not be shown in the top bar.
Thanks !


First of all thanks for you words and suggestions.
I already used scoreboards of different competitions and tv logos in the skins for previous FMs. However, this year I prefer to use the scoreboard I did (also with the club logos and names) and I don't intend to use different scoreboards and the TV logo (for now...I don't know if in the future I will change my decision). Sorry.
Regarding the other questions, I don't know how to do in order to not disturb other stuff in the panels. Sorry again.

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Hey Flut, thanks a lot for your efforts to make this great skin better and better!

In respect to the new player overview panel of version 1.9, I have one question:
How can I make the background of "A" or "Player Flut Stadium" (on top of the page in the middle with the player picture) to be transparent?

Greetz and thanks again!


for player flut card ( "A" ) go to player overview panel and change (in line 1201)

<container class="bordered_box" appearance="boxes/bordered/standard/a" red_replacement="primary" priority="1" default_height="-5" id="plfb" minimum_height="20">


<container class="bordered_box" appearance="boxes/bordered/standard/a" red_replacement="primary" colour="primary" priority="1" default_height="-5" id="plfb" minimum_height="20">

For "Player Flut Stadium" i don't know how to it. However, in my game that title does't appear since hit is behind the stadium picture.

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Hi all: since some of you expressed your preference for the old player overview panels and club overview panel, I decided to do some alts for you. Here are the alts (3 different alternative club overview panels and 1 alternative player overview panel). Enjoy it.


Hi bartdude: many thanks!!!!!!

gaetan0: the colour of that numbers are white. I don't know why they are black in your game. Try to clear the cache and reload the game.

ltwkluv85: I really don't know. Everything is okay in my game. Try to clear the cache and reload the game.
Hi Tommy Hughes : sorry but I didn't understand your question.
you can edit the highlights in:

\Documentos\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\skins\fm2020flutskin_light\graphics\tables\custom\attributes\required


D:\Documentos\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\skins\fm2020flutskin_light\graphics\tables\custom\attributes\preferred
Hi all: I noticed I forgot to change the normal circular role rating graphics (I only changed the @2x). Thus, I believe the graphic displayed in the games you play with 100% is a liitle bit weird. Therefore, I decided to do a pack with the changed graphics of circular role rating. Here is the screenshot where you can see how it will be looked. If you like it, download the .rar, unpacked and put the folder (in the link) (named circular) in Documentos\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\skins\fm2020flutskin_dark\graphics\icons\custom\role rating (overwrite the other one).



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