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Windhook Comments
I'm slightly disappointed with the last Hristo Stoichkov cut-out image included in the megapack:


so here it is, Hristo Stoichkov (ID: 1107)

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Bulgaria facepack (1014 faces)


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Sorry folks, it's not working in FM 18.
Great work, rabcp!

Here's my update for the 2018/19 Bulgarian league, all three folders are the same, only the dugout/central/competition adboard is different.
DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

One more thing - you probably forgot to add V1.3 link to the first post, had to spend a lot of time looking for it in previous pages. Cheers!
Bulgaria missing youngsters (134 faces) - Download
This works!!


They made like 14.000 pictures to rotate ciclically to the first 1.000.000 regen faces.
I think it would be easy to add all the pictures of your pack

Unfortunately this is not a fix, which got me excited for a few minutes. Good idea by fmnation.net guys, but this is just a fantasy facepack containing 14 000 images (lots of duplicates) that list probably all of regens IDs generated in FM 18. Even so it's not realistic at all, never seen a blonde European player from Nigeria.

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Hey, guys!

I'm afraid the project is dead for now. It's not working in FM 2018. SI switched fully to 3D regens, no hair texture files. I'm trying few tricks to no success so far.

All Facegen hairs used in FM 18 are located in *.egm and *.tri files in Football Manager 2018\data\sifacegen\model_sets\male\manager\hair. All in all there are 40 hair models, same with those you pick when you generate your manager's face.
Great contribution to the Megapack ! Thank you and well done Windhook

Thanks, bakizp! I'll keep on improving the quality in the Bulgarian league, some of my cuts in the MEGAPACK date back to year 2009 (under my previous alias "Chainik" ) and need to be re-done.

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2017 Bulgarian league update (313 improved, 256 new faces, total of 569 faces) - Download

Now that's a pack and a half

Thanks, mons! I'm right about to post it in the Facepack release thread.
Requested this myself yesterday

Interesting coincidence, wasn't expecting someone to request a player from the Bulgarian league. I included Antonis Stergiakis in Bulgaria 2017 update pack
Thanks for the great job. I´m wondering why i can´t see my own manager picture after installed your regent facegen. Do you know the issue?

The problem is caused by my archive's content that replaces the original files in facegen\little_endian\model_sets\male\manager\face folder. Unfortunately that's the only solution to removing facegen skin appearing behind the regen pictures.

I haven't tested it on other machines, but somehow I got my face in the game back. Try restoring the original content of manager face folder, clear cache, reload skin, create your manager face, then again delete the content of manager face folder, extract the files from my archive and repeat the skin reloading. I hope it works.
Let me help you with your project, may i add you on steam, discord or elsewhere where we can discuss this?

PM me, mate.
Mate thats excellent timing too.

So i was thinking about the issue of not enough faces, we could do something like this.


Of course it takes practice to make it good, but it took some practice making good haircuts too so.

I know the technique but the results are nowhere great, I'm afraid, deadw00d. The problem is this mixing technique relies mainly on opacity changes between images, leaving shades between the color mismatched areas as you see in the third picture. Overall I'm against it.

I believe the code I wrote so far the Facegen in FM17 generates nearly 7000 unique player faces (over 500, the least, for each race) and about 2500 staff faces. That means faces can hardly duplicate in-game. Nonetheless I found duplicates in my Mongolian league test where every 8-10th generated staff was the same looking guy. The reason is my East Asian faces are so far low in numbers, given the absence of J-League license in Football Manager series.

Basically at this stage the number of faces is not an issue, it can only get better.
Anyone interested in starting up this project again? But for another purpose, to replace the regen hairs, so it get instantly randomised into the game.
Of course this task is to big to handle alone due to the duplicates it will generate over time. (We need a huge pool of images)

I made the "Deadwood regen hairpack" for FMSweden for the previous versions of FM, so i have great knowledge of the process of making.

Hey, mate! I already started my own Automatic Regen Replacement thread. I'm not sure whether you mean hair pack or regen replacement pictures. I agree we need a huge pool of images. The problem is American sports are the only alternative available source for images and most of them cut-out pics fall under the category "euro", "afro" and "mixed race" which is not enough. I had some hopes on basketball video games like Pro Basketball Manager but the facepacks are 130x150 pixels or sort, most of them are really poor in terns of quality.

90% of my regens originate from the Cut-Out Megapack here, I spent over a month picking HQ images, the rest is the East Side Hockey Manager and the 2011 J-League facepacks. For now I think I'm goint to rely on the next versions of the megapack and eventually the Regens Replacements will grow, too.
Hi guys, amazing pack, I've got the reporters to work but the player faces aren't appearing at all, can you help with this? Thanks

Try again from the beginning, restore the original facegen folder and follow the steps in the description. There was a mistake, I wrote "delete facegen folder", but it had to be "delete facegen\hair folder".

Another thing is to delete cache, reload skin and restart FM17.exe
@Windhook i deleted the map facegen\hair ?? or the map facegen?

Oops, sorry. My mistake there. You delete facegen\hair only.

Thanks for noticing!
Fantastic work!!
I have always wanted to finish this proyect

Cheers, mate! It's all thanks to your work.
Could I suggest you look at including packs from something like Out of the Park Baseball as well? I just downloaded one, and it has around 20,000 faces in it. Obviously they're not categorized by race, but I think just spreading something like that across the ethnicities would allow much more variation, prevent double-ups, and it would not be too jarring having a white african or something.

Thanks for the suggestion, Zakkary. I previously skipped OOTPB because the facepacks that I found were player pictures with team caps/hats on. If you could PM me any link to your pack I will take a look.

I found a facepack for Pro Basketball Manager, the problem is picture size is 100x130 and it won't be any good in Football Manager.
It's real faces or regen this pack ??

Real cut-out face pictures which replace the Facegen system used in Football Manager series.

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This facepack is inspired by the Automatic Regen Replacements v1.1 by fayon and the
OLT Expanded Hair Pack by O'Leary's Trainee.

The pack includes unique 6980 player and 2561 non-player faces.

Hairstyles/faces are automatically generated and change from player to non-player when the player reaches age 35 or 40. I didn't have much time to test, but so far I think the results are random for each player once they reach the age of 35 or 40.


1) Save the downloaded FM17 Regens.rar to Football Manager 2017\data\facegen folder
2) Backup Football Manager 2017\data\facegen\hair and then delete the folder
3) Extract FM17 Regens.rar

4) To get rid of the Facegen appearing (neck and ears) behind regen pictures follow the next steps:
4.1) Go to Football Manager 2017\data\facegen\little_endian\model_sets\male\manager\face. Backup face folder, then delete all files inside of it.
4.2) Copy manager face.rar to Football Manager 2017\data\facegen\little_endian\model_sets\male\manager\face
4.3) Extract

5) Clear cache
6) Reload skin
7) Exit and restart Football Manager 2017

SI uses one folder for all of Asian regens. In default I have the Middle Eastern faces set as Asian. If you are playing in South Korea, Japan or China, you have to delete asian folder inside hair folder and extract east asia.rar

At the moment it's not possible to set Oceanian and East African regens and they are all generated African.

For users who prefer the "Profile DF11 & Profile DF11 with signature" in Overview panel, download this facepack. The reason is Facegen pictures appear enlarged. All in all this applies mostly for CFM and Elegance skins.

Everyone who put endless hours of work on the Cut-Out Facepacks for Football Manager and East Side Hockey Manager series.

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Not bad at all, but if you have a look at your cuts on a transparent background, you will see that there's sometimes a bit of snow around the edges of the cut.

Thanks for the advice, Mons! The reason for the snow on the edges was my lazy Sunday ass and the official site of Esporte Clube Vitoria where players' images are already cut-out.

Here's the improved pack:

Esporte Clube Vitória (Brazil) - DOWNLOAD

Esporte Clube Vitória (Brazil) - DOWNLOAD (fixed)


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1107 - Hristo Stoichkov

Original picture

Damn it mate,you're a legend,amazing work!!!

Hahaha thanks, mate! Unfortunately it's more quantity than quality... same applies for the state of Bulgarian football haha. It's hard to believe that I released my previous pack 7 years ago... anyway it was fun spying on some of them obscure players on Facebook.

1386 faces in total
There is a fix for those who cannot get rid of the SI shade effect (although not recommended):

1) Backup graphics.fmf located in Football Manager 2016\data\ folder
2) Unpack graphics.fmf using FM 2016 Resource Archiver (on Steam). Extract every folder in the .fmf file one at a time by clicking Extract Selected..., because extracting the whole archive will crash the Resource Archiver. NOTE: Extract all content to a new folder. Example: D:\Fidney
3) Go to D:\Fidney\graphics\pictures\kits\2d folder and replace only effect.png files with Fidney's shade effect
4) In FM 2016 Resource Archiver select Create Archive.... WARNING! Select the main graphics folder in D:\Fidney\
5) Rename the created archive to graphics.fmf and replace the original graphics.fmf. Also keep the backup file of the original .fmf

The original method didn't work for me because I don't use My Documents as default folder in Football Manager series.