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stevotrueblue Comments
Ok with a little digging I have found the cause and solution so thought I'd let everyone know as can see others having this (if not already) issue. The problem was AVG. I trued to download the file again and when again it froze I tried just out of interest switching my AVG Security off for a sec,, I then hit resume on the download and bingo, it started to download again at full speed.

Ok so now I knew what was causing it I looked into AVG settings a little more. When you initially turned off AVG there is two main options, Behaviour Shield and File Shield (I didn't turn off from the system tray icon instead opening up the program via the desktop icon) .

To begin with I turned both off and that is when everything started working again,,, now with it downloading I tried to re-apply the Behaviour Shield ,,, and monitored for a few secs to see if the download would continue or stop. When it kept downloading, this pointed towards the problem being the File Shield. I then went into File shield settings and looked at the exclusions tab. In there you can set up file paths to not be scanned. So in there I set up file path exclusions to where I save any of my Sortitoutsi FM stuff,, I also set one up for the default graphics folder ( Documents - Sports Interactive - FM 2018 - Graphics // ) and one for the skins folder,,, in case I ever try to install a skin in future.

Everything carried on downloading and finished as normal. I have no idea why to begin with there was no problem,, or if something it detected while attempting the backgrounds file did it and it decided to block everything from the same origin afterwards.

Anyway perhaps the Mods might want to put something up on a sticky or something as there must be lots of people who use AVG and might encounter the same problem and end up just giving up.
Just tried on Edge Browser and stopped downloading almost instantly. Went back to Chrome and now its stopping right at the beginning too. Just keep getting a Network error msg. Only other thing I can think of is that my Firewall or AVG is blocking it,,,,but then why would it be ok for all the other graphics and then 75% of this one then suddenly start to block????

Update: Problem is at my end ,, as I tried to re-download one of the facepack updates I know was working and now it wont work either. I am totally stumped tho as to what has suddenly stopped me accessing them. I just took up my subscription last night,, downloaded about 10 updates no problem and the license fix for German national team,,, and now all of a sudden I cant access anything,, £10 well spent then lol.

Have no idea what to try next,,, guess am just going to have to forget about it for now then

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Just download fine for me, what browser are you using and is the definitely enough space on you HD for the file?

Yeh loads of room,,, brand new laptop. Tried with and without VPN,,, will try on another browser,, but all the other facepack updates downloaded fine.
Is there a problem with the download right now? I have tried but it gets to about 75% or 2.3 gb and then just stops and gives a failed msg,, Network Error.

I have just downloaded all the updates for the facepacks and had no problems with any of them
Have decided to just download the full 9.0 torrent and go from there. If the kids still not showing after that will get back you. Cheers
Just to update. I followed what you said and cut / pasted into the megapack folder. As you said it would it asked me to overwrite the existing images. When I reloaded the skin and looked,, I have all new images now (inc an up to date looking Messi) ,, however ALL my youth players pictures (that I had before) are now gone! At first I thought perhaps the updates have overwritten the standard pics that come with the game. I am managing Rangers and I know in the past that the Scottish lg players pics where already in the game as standard in versions past.

I then checked Barcelona tho and not one of their youth players have pics either ,, and yet all the first team pics are updates. Its almost as if its not showing youth team players only. Before I give up and scrub everything is there an option somewhere to not display youth pics or something that could be a simple fix before I resort to starting again from scratch. I assume players in the Rangers and Barca youth are supposed to be there,,esp if I had some of them before?
Ok thanks for all your help. Fairly sure I have all the updates as when you click on the option to download updates only it brings up a list of all the patches and what and when you downloaded them. I just spent the last couple of days downloading about the last 10 where I had previously left over from. Cheers again.
Yeh it has installed all the updates into their own folder within the graphics folder. There is a faces folder within that Sortitoutsi folder,,do I just move the faces folder into the megapack folder and that should work??

The messi I have showing is 7.0

Just curious to know if all my updates are working. I have just updated every available patch and when I look at players in my game like Messi for eg he still has the original photo with dark hair. In the picture advertised it shows him as he is now,, so it got me thinking are all my other updates not showing up?

I have followed instructions as per and have everything extracted to the graphics folder.
Cheers Mons,, don't know how I missed that first time around,, was rather obvious when looked back later on lol,,, but cheers anyway all working good
Not sure what I have done wrong. I have just started a new game maybe thats it but as far as I can tell I have followed the instructions to the letter and when I look in competitions the champions lg is still the euro cup or whatever

I deleted the inc and edit folders from the 1600 folder, then extracted the same named folders from the download in winrar to the 1600 folder thereby replacing them

I opened up the Sports I folder and in the editor data folder I extracted the real names fix folder from winrar into there.

I then saved my game ,, exit and re-started my game,, went into the world menu and checked and the euro cup aint been replaced by champions lg etc,,,, do I have to wait until I start a new save or have I missed something????
Hi there,, can someone give me some advice on how to update my face packs correctly?

I looked in my graphics folder in FM14 and can see I have one big file called MEGAPACK 5.0,, there is also another sortitoutsi folder with a much smaller faces folder,, im guessing thats an old update but it has no info on it saying exactly what one.

Can someone tell me,, if I want my facepacks totally up to date,, do I need to install in order update 5.1,,,,5.2,,,,5.3 and so on to I get to update 7.1 ??? Or do I just install update 7.1 ???

Hey Guys think I figured it out,, I went back and re-extracted the 5.0 and then with the updates instead of extracting them direct into the MP image folder I extracted them just into the graphics folder

I now have a seperate sortitoutsi folder along side the MP within the graphics folder,, but seems to be working again.

The only thing I dont have anymore is the black default male/female pics ,,,, cant remember where I got that from before if it was part of 4.0,,, or is it a seperate DL on its own ?? Not a biggie anyways
Just when you think you have it sorted,,,, downloaded the full 5.0,,, extracted it to the Graphics folder.

I then extract update 5.1 into the megapack folder
I then extract update 5.2 into the megapack folder

I now have piratically none of my squad pics. All the Rangers team players are now gone (even the standard ones)
I do have the player that was in the new update tho

I also dont have any black male or female pics for unknown player. Before in the 4.0 they came in a defaults folder,, no sign of that now
Cool think I have it now ,,, my torrent is at 94% and I still have update 5.1 and 5.2 saved in my downloads ,, so should be all set in few mins or so.
Cheers again guys
By mons | Permalink | On 16 December 2012 - 20:40 PM
Remember, extract the updates to a temporary folder and then move the lot into the main MP folder, overwriting everything when prompted. Hope you manage to sort it out.

Why do you have to extract to a temp location first anyway? The last time I think I extracted it to the MP folder,,, but it did seem to be working all ok until I tried moving it into the same folder that all the image data was in lol.

Do I move the lot including the config file,, or just the images ?? And do you just move it into the main MP folder or open the MP folder and look for the folder containing the image (in my case it was called faces),, and move em in there.
Yeh think I will just DL 5.0 and then add the updates. Hopefully when I unzip the updates they will go into the megapack folder ,, but if they dont and it works I will just leave alone next time lol

Cheers guys
By pacouk | Permalink | On 16 December 2012 - 13:57 PM
the only folder you need is the faces or megapack folder and everything else should be in that folder as images. except for the default faces as they are separate. you dont need the read me file

cut all the images from the sort it out folder and paste into the faces one so you have them all

Did that,, transferred all fm sortitoutsi into the megapack,, and then at first when I loaded back up I noticed that half my squad where missing their pics,, I closed the game down and tried it again and they appear to be back even the new updated player,,, however Barry McKay who I did have before is now missing ,, and aome of the pics although I have them are different pics ?? ,,

When I cut and pasted everything over I included the config file ,,, the only thing I can think of possible causing an issue is that the megepack folder will most likely have x2 config files in it now.

Also have no idea of how many other players I might have lost ,,or gained for that matter.

Not sure where to go from here

edit,, just had a look through it in list format and there is still only one config file,,not sure what one that is as it says in its properties last updated on 04/12/12 ,,

,,, Im thinking the barrie McKay pic might have been a rangers standard pic thats been overwritten now by the facepack ,, although he seems to be the only original player missing and the other rangers players pics still look like the same pics??

proper confused . com now lol

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I have had this megapack for a couple of FM's now. I think I must have downloaded the full 4.0 then since i have just downloaded updates to 5.0 etc.

I think it is working as I know I got at least one new player face, ,,and I always replace existing files with new when prompted ,,it just seemed a little strange to have a Megapack image file and a sortitoutsi image file . Would have thought they would all be in the same place

If I go Docs/Sports Interactive/FM13/Graphics... in there is 2 files the var (which just takes you to a readme word file) and the CUT OUT FACES MEGAPACK 4.0 folder,,, when I open that this is what is there


The sortitoutsi folder has another faces folder in it full of image data (757MB)
The faces folder has a megapack 4.0 folder which again contains image data (4.24 GB)
Was wondering if anyone can confirm that i have everything working as it should be. I have the MegaPack 4.0 placed in my graphics folder as instructed.

Thing is I have downloaded a couple of the updates and I'm not sure now if they are working as I have no idea of what players have been included in updates etc.

In my Graphics folder I have 2 folders,,, one is titled Var and the other Cut out Faces Mega pack 4.0.
- If I open and follow all file folder the Var one has no image data and from what I can see just an info file.
- When I open the Cut out Faces Mega pack 4.0. folder there is 5 more folders as below

- var / sortitoutsi / faces / default / readme
- the readme and var file fairly obvious ,, the default is the dark face male and female.

My main concern is the other two

When I open the sortitoutsi folder I get another folder called faces,, which has about 757 MB of image data in it.

When i open the Faces folder I get another folder called MEGAPACK 4.0 which contains 4.24GB of image data.

So my question is ,, is the sortitoutsi folder with the faces folder in it all the updates?? and if so should they be merged within the main MEGAPACK file or just left where they are ???

I think it is working ok as I just added the latest update and I now have a face for a young Belgian player in my squad called Jan Mertens that wasnt there before,, but would like to know for sure. There still a few young SPL players missing I had shortlisted eg Jamie Beaton (Hibs) and Andy Ryan (St Mirren)

Does anyone have an update list of what was added ,, players or lgs etc ,,,Be really handy if I can check through and make sure I have everything working as per

Great work guys and thanks for evrything,,, helps make the game what it is