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I was wondering the same. I was hoping to edit the data further, boost some finances (in an unrealistic way), etc..
Joey Barton should be manager of Fleetwood Town.
Is the manager of Fleetwood Town - officially started 2nd June 2018.
If we sign a 33 year-old who ended the season on Leyton Orient's bench and sell O'Sullivan.....then there'll be even more unhappy people. I can't see us signing him to be honest, but O'Sullivan could still leave.

Plenty of rumours going around that he was at our game today.
Not rate Holgate?

I'd like to think he's just happy this transfer saga ended et all. Quite a good fee for Barnsley aswell

He's a very good player. Looked so cool and composed despite only playing 20-odd games. He's not quite John Stones, but I think he'll make it.

I'm more relieved, like gfnx25 says, because it's finally come to an end. He's apparently turned down moves to Bournemouth and Aston Villa, and had a two week trial at Man Utd. Rumours this week were that his agent was saying he'd not sign a new deal and move abroad at the end of the season for free. We ended up with a decent price, rumoured to be worth £2m, which means we can strengthen. Funny thing is, the lad actually regarded as our best talent since John Stones, who turned down Man Utd, is still here. No doubt he'll have a good season and move to Everton..
Sounds like we've finally bid for O'Sullivan. Blackburn have Jobi McAnuff on trial too? 2+2=5?

Holgate has finally f*cked off so we've got some transfer funds. Expect us to bring in a striker, a winger, or two, plus a full-back.
I wouldn't completely rule it out, Bowyer barely used him at the end of last season with nothing to play for and on the back of his impressive loan spell with you so I don't see much there to suggest that he'd be prepared to use him this season. For a youth/reserve coach he doesn't really like playing youngsters at all.

Fingers crossed. I'd love him to come back, but his twitter gives off the impression he's got a big season ahead of him.

Jacob Mellis signed and sealed. Having read mixed opinions on him, I'll judge him when he has kicked a ball first. But it's good to see we're still being proactive on the market.

You poor lot. He's got the ability, but he's bone idle. Nice to hear that Flicker is spouting the same old 'DNA' b*llocks. If players like Mellis and Clarke fit your DNA then I worry for you! He rejected a new deal with us, claiming he wouldn't play in League One..
For those who like a bet, a few quid on us to go down next season might be worth a flutter.

Lost Cairney and King already, Rhodes and Gestede will surely go, Marshall and Conway (the only other two players apart from the aforementioned who can chip in with goals and assists) are also being linked with moves away and will surely want to go - the players will know that we're only heading one way.

And, to top it all, we're in a transfer embargo and can't replace any of them! Apart from loans and frees.

Not much chance of getting O'Sullivan back then?

Looks like we've signed Alfie Mawson and Conor Wilkinson. Especially happy with the former.
We've signed Marley Watkins from Inverness. Looking forward to seeing this lad at Oakwell.

Other names being rumoured are Pope (Port Vale), Alessandra (Plymouth), Mellis (Barnsley) and McCourt (Notts), so I hope we're still getting 2 or 3 decent players in to be competitve

Good signing is Clarke, but a three-year deal? Crazy.

Inevitable that you'll sign Paddy McCourt. Possibly the most skillful player I've ever seen at Oakwell. The problem is, he'll only do it for a couple of minutes a game, and the rest of the time he'll stand with his hands on his hips. Similar story to Mellis. All the ability, none of the application. Bone idle. Also, please sign Pope so we don't end up with him!
He's slow.

But in all seriousness he's a very good defender, but I'm unsure whether he would make the grade in league one. He's not much of a ball player, put it that way.

Anyway, I've heard since this morning that he may infact not be signing for Barnsley but may be going elsewhere. Should probably mention his chronic knee and back injuries too... So you may as well leave him with us

That Roberts you've signed from the shaymen by the way is an awful awful player! He's got a long throw but other than that he just hoofs it everywhere. I've seen him play multiple times. Only 24 so may improve....

No truth in the deal, apparently.

Roberts comes highly rated from Halifax fans. Roberts himself has even admitted his distribution isn't his strong point but he's only 24. He can improve.
If anyone's interested it looks like our centre half Shaun Pearson is off to Barnsley and our right back Carl Magnay probably to York. Two of our best players, and more could follow.

I was just logging on here, for the first time in ages to ask you about this. What's he like? Please don't tell me he's slow.

I'm all for signing players from the lower leagues, but we already signed a non-league central defender this week. Marc Roberts from Halifax.
Decent point against Preston. They were the better side in the first half, but we were kept in by a terrific (once again) Adam Davies. Second half was a totally different showing, and we should've gone on to win. Typical Simon Grayson side.. dirty, play acting and time wasting. Bailey Wright kicked/headed George Waring more than he did the ball today. And, terriersmad style, the referee was shocking and bought everything Preston offered.

Gutted that O'Sullivan is back off to Blackburn. The lad has been brilliant and seems to be enjoying it here. Hopefully he'll be back.
Five wins, and five clean sheets. We're starting to play some good football again, too. Level on points with the play-off places.

For the Blackburn fans - all of the five wins have come since O'Sullivan has been in the team. He started off looking fairly tidy, but adding some much needed width. He's gone from strength to strength since, and played a big part in two of the goals yesterday. Hopefully we can sign him permanently this time.
George/BR - sounds like we've pretty much agreed a deal for John O'Sullivan, but the move is on hold due to your embargo. Have you heard anything and what's he like?
Mansfield at home tomorrow. Going to be very cold and very boring probably. Re: Evans. Flitcroft and him are good mates, that's the reason why we always get his players on loan although Steve regularly trolls Flickers because most of them are shit.

Flitcroft out.

Isn't he 'good mates' with everybody?

No game for us today. We're at home to Oldham, tomorrow, for some unknown reason.
We loaned former Shaker Tom Kennedy from Rochdale with view to a permanent deal in January. A signing that leaves more questions than answers.

What is it with Hill/Flitcroft and their obsession with signing their mates? I guarantee you'll sign at least one other player that he managed with us, before the season ends. Strange pair those two.
God fucking dammit we're shit.

Conor Hourihane two goals in his last two games. The one yesterday was a cracking effort. He's also playing pretty well.
Someone on our forums seems to think the second bid was actually more like £80k, which seems like less of a massive leap in prices.

It sounds like he's signing today. Press conference called for 3pm.
Apparently your second offer was closer to £200k.

I think this has probably come from the Daily Mirror. They reported that we'd had a bid of £200k accepted, despite reports that we'd had a second bid rejected on that same day.
Any rumoured fees from your end? We haven't heard much bar some "below expectations" bids.

Sound like exactly what we need. Although, we've not got any players so we need everything, at the minute.

A derisory initial offer of £20,000 has been mentioned on our forum. No idea about the second offer - probably £21,000 knowing what we're like.
Vercoe - we've had a second bid rejected for Hourihane. What's he like? Your local rag 'understands' we won't be going back in with another offer, but I think we will.

Also, we've signed Adam Davies and Kane Hemmings. Brian Howard and Gary Harkins rumoured to be signing too. Quite excited about Hemmings. Won the Championship Player of the Year, albeit in Scotland, but looks like he has pace and an eye for goal. Exactly what we need.
Thank f*ck Doncaster are coming down with us. Hopefully Rotherham fail in the play-offs and York win the League Two play-offs. Plenty of local games for us then!

Onto League One we go.
Well, we're down. I was gutted for all of thirty-minutes. It's been coming, and in a strange way it's nice to have confirmation and no more false hope. Time for a clear out and a rebuilding pre-season.

TM - I've not been on here for a while, so I've not noticed your recent posts, but I wanted to ask what your opinion of Robins is?
A decent point yesterday, but we should have come away with all three. We were the better side against an average looking Brighton outfit. Sadly we couldn't create many clear cut chances.

Without sounding like a certain Huddersfield fan.. what a shocking referee! Tony Harrington. I can't say that we'd have won the game with a different referee, but he was so inconsistent. Ulloa was booked for having a go at the referee, then carried on doing so. He then kicked out a leg at one of our players and got away with it. He continued to give away fouls and argue with the referee but all he received was about twenty 'final' warnings. Etuhu was then booked for a very very soft foul, which I don't think was even a foul. Minutes later he brought down Lua Lua and received his second booking. No final warnings for him.
Well, that's been a surprising week. 3-1 win at Reading, followed up by a 4-1 win at Yeovil. We're very much back in it now, but I'm still not convinced that we'll survive.

It's good to see Jennings is finally looking like the player I expected. Quality.

3-0 away win at Northampton. Hope and Rose played for the first time and both grabbed their first goal for us. Easy that.

What was Rose's goal like? I'm not sure he'll ever make it here, despite signing a long-term contract. He doesn't look to have the physical presence.
Barnsley are well and truly doomed. They're going to need a miracle to stop up. Only a couple of their players looked interested after we scored. Frimpong looked the worst of the lot - complete big-time Charlie incapable of adjusting to the reality of the lower end of the Championship. Keith Southern utterly dominated him - that's the same Southern who hasn't started in 3 months and is the wrong side of 30.

You aren't wrong there. You may disagree, but up until you scored I thought we looked the better team. We had about three or four great crosses from the right that forced some good saves or some good defending. Then you scored, and we just capitulated. The heads went down, Frimpong went on his usual rampage, and Steele sh*t his pants every time the ball came near him.

After deservedly being booed off the pitch, Dawson decided to come over and argue with the fans and had to be dragged away. I wouldn't mind if he was actually half decent, but he's woeful with the ball at his feet.

On a positive note, the teams around us seem to be equally poor and amazingly we still aren't cut adrift.
TM, we've signed Jack Hunt on loan. Thoughts? McLaughlin looked quality on his debut, but sadly he's injured so we've brought in Hunt to replace him. My only memory of Hunt is the game last season, at Oakwell where he played really well.

Couldn't go to Barnsley away today which I was gutted about but we drew 2-2 by the sounds of it we hammered them 1st half and Cairney scored a wonder goal but 2nd half again we sat back we always do that and it never works 14 shots in the 1st half 0 from 45-70 mins we had late chances too but didn't score 2 points dropped I feel there was even 9 minutes added on after a bad injury to Williamson our 2nd in 2 weeks. Rhodes had late chances too. Need to beat Blackpool at home on Saturday!

You aren't far wrong, although a point was probably fair. You were easily the better team in the first half, and we took the lead against the run of play. We changed it at half time, Dawson went off and Digby came on. He sat in front of the back four as you were embarrassingly walking through our midfield in the first half, and did exactly what we needed. We stepped it up and got a penalty, albeit a soft one and then we went on to have some good chances after that and could've won it.

P.s. thank f*ck Josh King didn't play. That lad rips us to shreds every time he plays against us.
Ince sacked, not a surprise. Even when they were doing well earlier in the season, it was still obvious what was going to happen when the season really got going.

Very poor manager and comes across as thick as two short planks, too.

Shame. He was doing a good job of dragging them down. Hardly surprising though, they were awful on Saturday.
They were given UEFA membership last year, so they will compete in the 2016 qualifiers.

They played Slovakia in a friendly after being accepted and drew 0-0.


Our former full-back Scott Wiseman (now at Preston) and Danny Higginbotham were their only players of note. I think Higginbotham has since retired too.
How are we all rating young Stonesy?