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Dan Comments
Thanks @Shedender @r96Skinner @Manno and @Matthew C here it is!
London City FC - End of Season 2040/41 - 25 years on


So I went on to complete the twenty fifth season at the helm of London City FC and this will be one big update, covering the remainder of the season from January to the end of May. With all the competitions run down to the end of the season, could we make it a high season to go out on. We were looking to claw back the Premier League title off Manchester United, whilst looking to retain the Champions League for a third straight year. Lets see how everything unfolded over the remainder of this season.


No EFL cup success this year, we began strongly in the competition beating Leyton Orient comfortably as expected. Went o to beat Stoke at home but required penalties before knocking out Cardif in the Quarter Finals. Our biggest rivals especially as of late, Manchester United, knocked us out the Semi Finals, beating us two nil and three nil over the two legs.


After five FA Cup titles in a row and six in the last seven seasons, unfortunately our run of dominance in the competition comes to a close. We beat Cambridge three two in a nervy away game in the Third Round. We then traveled to Premier League rivals Arsenal, a London derby and unfortunately crashed out after Sam Wood had put us ahead.


We weren't even able to defend our Champions League crown! Gunning for a third title and we blew it! Obviously we've already seen the run down in the group stage which we easily sailed through. The First Knockout Round saw us face Germain side Leverkusen who we drew one all away from home and beat comfortably three nil second leg. The Quarter Finals saw us draw one all at home to Manchester United, but beat them three two away from home, a late Godwin goal helping us across the line. For the third knockout game first leg running, we drew 1-1 in the Semi Final against AS Saint Etienne, but losing one nil at home, after going overload to grab a goal before we conceded and crashed out. All eyes on the Premier League...



Our worse season for a while, not only missing out on regaining a league title from premier League champions Manchester United but we finished down in third in fact! An awful season on our behalf. United were unstoppable, just three defeats all season and we dealt them one of those. City finished second, sixteen points behind their City rivals whilst we were a further three points behind.

Not the way I wanted to end the season and career, but it was very enjoyable run over the last year of FM17! Roll on FM18!
Something I've not considered @March as I would need to do the save on both to get the files and having them the same would be near impossible. I'll keep it in mind for next year tho!
The Atletico match on 18 October, correct. Yep, just him.

He's not actually on the suspension list, maybe he picked up a red card in one of the previously simmed through matches?

«This comment has been edited»
I've just reached the first UCL game, Dani Alves is available for it but still banned for other competitions. Is that intentional, @Dan?

Thats strange, by first UCL game do you mean the third group game yes? Umm nope not intentional, I must of done somethig wrong, is it just him available?


So stop 5 of the tour, it could end of being the last one, I've not decided yet. But we're staying in Europe and heading over to Italy from Spain as we look at the Italian giants who play in black and white, Juventus. Following a 'betting scam' which was uncovered in pre season, several top players of the Juventus squad have been given a six month ban, meaning they won't play any football until the 1st of January earliest, but could you keep the squad competitive until then?


Following these very dodgy results at the start of the season, the Juventus manager has been sacked, probably later than he should of been as he went on to manage eight games across the league and Champions League, potentially costing Juventus in both competitions. Having played eight, lost eight its going to be a struggle to get the players back motivated. They've conceded 104 goals already this season and find themselves rooted to the bottom of the table in both competitions.


Getting back into contention to win the league will be a huge challenge you now face, six games gone and already eighteen points behind the perfect, up and running Napoli who lead the way. Joe Harts Torino also up there with sixteen points from their opening six games. Turning around your goal difference will also be crucial as come the end of the season the points are likely to be tight. Whilst turning around your Champions League season may not be too hard. Only three points off the qualification spot with four games to go, however facing a group of Celtic, Sporting and Attletico Madrid even at the start of the group stage is tough let alone two losing matches in. But wait, its going to get harder, the players missing...


In total seven players were found victim of a betting scandal and therefore will find themselves suspended until the end of December. These all 'big' players and big parts of the Juventus squad. Goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, defenders Chielini Bonucci and Sandro along with attackers Higuain and Dybala. Oh and to make this part of the challenge a little harder, the team have also been given an embargo in the transfer market, meaning you can't bring in replacements until January either.

Scoring system:

Serie A:
1st – 25 points
2nd – 20 points
Top 4 – 10 points
5 - 10th – - 10 points
10 - 15th - color=red]- 25 points[/color]
15th - Relegated - - 50 points

Sacked: -25 points (and the challenge is over)

Italian Cup:
Winner - 25 points
Runner Up - 20 points
Semi Finalist - 10 points
Quarter Final - 0 points
First Round Exit - - 10 points

Italian Super Cup:
Winners – 25 points
Runners Up - 20 points

Champions League:
Winners – 50 points
Runners Up - 25 points
Semi Finalist - 20 points
Quarter Finalist - 10 points
Knockout Rounds - 5 points
Group stage - 0 points

Europa League:
Winners – 50 points
Runners Up - 25 points
Semi Finalist - 20 points
Quarter Finalist - 10 points
Knockout Rounds - 5 points

Rivalries: (competitive only)
Beat Inter Milan - 5 points
Beat Torino - 5 points
Beat Fiorentina - 5 points
Beat Roma - 5 points

Win manager of the year – 5 points
Player of the year - 5 points
Top Goalscorer - 5 points
Finish on a positive goal difference - 5 points


You must set your manager experience as Coaching Badges None and Playing Experience Sunday League Footballer and play from the file attached only. You have until 8pm BST on Sunday 8th October (23 days) to submit your screenshots in this thread, and accumulate as many points as you can within the confines of a maximum of the remainder of this one season in the game.

You may not manage any other teams, or use other programs to aid you in this challenge
You may not use any editor or scouting software.
Screenshots must be added to this thread for points to count.

Screenshots required:

- Manager profile (proof of reputation etc)
- End of season fixture list showing results
- End of season league table
- Anything else you feel necessary ie. transfers etc.

Game File: Italian Corruption

Good luck, once again there are plenty of opportunities to make up some points, especially those currently on a minus score it could be an easy turn around to close the table up. The Susie on Tour - Leaderboard is updated with all the scores.
Any word on next challenge as would like to get a he's done start so I know I'll finish this one

I've been having a bit of trouble with the file as I'm trying to edit it to make it a little different than the others we've currently played. Not too far from completion now. I'd hope it'll be up later this evening.
Would anyone like to see me finish season 25 before FM18 is released? Feel I left the save a little short after all the hard work that originally went in throughout the early years of the save...
Just caught up with this, not strange to see a Ludogorets save, believe we had one at the start of fm17 as well. Done really well over the seasons you've already played, looks like you're in for a title fight this year though. Hopefully the EL draw is kind to you!
I reckon you can save FK Suduva, and enter another league very few of us know about! I can't wait to get another one of these journeyman saves going for fm18!
I have written up the next challenge and am probably going to make it the last of the batch, unless people want one more after this obviously. I'd like a short break before FM18 comes out in December.

The next step is just a one season challenge but as @Suffolk Seasider and I'm sure others wanted, this time it has a bit of a twist, not the normal easy squad building challenge. Should be uploaded at some point this afternoon, just getting around a few technical areas to finish the file off.
As @Shedender said, this leg is now closed after extending it on a couple days. I have updated the leaderboard, the following people only submitted one season so have only banked those points for season one:

@Myles clements - 70 pointS
Scored more points in one season than 8 of the 9 other players did across two seasons.

@March - 15 points.

Due to me still being away until Tuesday I'm unable to post the next leg up etc. Therefore this time only the challenge is open for another couple of days especially as a couple people are still playing.
Not 100% sure on what to think regarding the Ox deal, hes an okay player but is there currently room for him especially in centre mid where he now wants to play. We already have the likes of hendo, coutinho, can even lallana who can fit in there. Looks like VVD isn't going to happen today which is frustrating, the one area I felt Liverpool had to strengthen this summer.

Superb business from Swansea to get Renato Sanches, really surprised a 'bigger' side didn't go for him, the likes of Everton, Spurs, even Chelsea/Arsenal, think he'll be class in the Prem personally and clearly over looked at Bayern atm.

Can Arsenal really afford to let Sanchez leave without finding a replacement as well as letting Ox go earlier this morning? Rumors they're back in for Lemar but it doesn't look great for a new signing to see so many 'unhappy' players off etc and with Ozil hes clearly staying, but final year of his contact too? He'll surely just leave on a free next year now?
I'll work on something this evening and tomorrow morning and try get the next leg up Friday some point, not sure when I'll have it end yet though.

@Viktor Bragi Brynjarsson I'd personally rather not use the updates as it takes the fun out of the release of FM18 then unfortunately for me so will probably stick to the normal database on this occassion.
So, who is still going in this?

I believe the following people are currently playing through the save:

@Ross Gibson - although stated he may not finish this leg.
@Ryan9 - although hasn't posted if he is taking part in this one.
@Myles clements - Finished season 1, not heard from him since
@Zachary Ekpe - Finished season 1, onto season 2

Not sure if there is anyone else. I'm away from Saturday and won't have access to a computer for challenges until Tuesday 12th at the earliest. If you guys want, I will launch the next stage of the tour before I go, will cause a bit of an overlap, but may try and keep it a short term game but obviously still 3 weeks or so to complete. Let me know

@Shedender @Suffolk Seasider @adamwenn100 @Viktor Bragi Brynjarsson @KEZ_7 @tongey @March @DNZY
Kind of pointless though considering we need players this summer, idk what the fee paid but if they already rejected 70+ million can't see it being cheap. Plus does it take it out of this years transfer money?

£48mil being reported as it meets his clause from what I have heard.
Absolutely superb performance this after from Liverpool although Arsenal being poor made it an easy job at Anfield. But four goals without conceding isn't something to grumble at.

Class to see Burnley steal a point late on against Spurs at Wembley as well!
Final groups
Europa League group stage draw
Group A: Villarreal, Maccabi Tel-Aviv, Astana, Slavia Prague

Group B: Dynamo Kiev, Young Boys, Partizan Belgrade, Skenderbeu

Group C: Braga, Ludogorets, Hoffenheim, Istanbul Basaksehir

Group D: AC Milan, Austria Vienna, NK Rijeka, AEK Athens

Group E: Lyon, Everton,Atalanta, Apollon Limassol

Group F: FC Copenhagen, Lokomotiv Moscow, Sheriff Tiraspol, FC Zlin

Group G: Viktoria Plzen, Steaua Bucharest, Hapoel Beer-Sheva, FC Lugano

Group H: Arsenal,BATE Borisov, Cologne, Red Star Belgrade

Group I: Salzburg, Marseille, Vitoria Guimaraes, Konyaspor

Group J: Athletic Bilbao, Hertha Berlin, Zorya Luhansk, Ostersunds

Group K: Lazio, Nice, Zulte Waregem, Vitesse Arnhem.

Group L: Zenit, Real Sociedad, Rosenborg, Vardar Skopje
I think Liverpool have the best chance of topping their group. Some really tough groups tho!

Did you not see Uniteds group? Honestly think they'll be happiest with the draw for the British clubs. Liverpoo should qualify and think it'l be between them and Sevilla for the top spot.

Can't see Spurs advancing, Chelsea could also face a tricky route through too as Roma (third seeds) aren't exactly a walk over along with AT Madrid as well.
Third round draw

West Bromwich Albion v Manchester City

Everton v Sunderland

Leicester City v Liverpool

Manchester United v Burton Albion

Brentford v Norwich City

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Bristol Rovers

Burnley v Leeds

Arsenal v Doncaster Rovers

Bristol City v Stoke City

Reading v Swansea City

Aston Villa v Middlesbrough

Chelsea v Nottingham Forest

West Ham United v Bolton Wanderers

Crystal Palace v Huddersfield Town

Tottenham Hotspur v Barnsley/Derby County

Bournemouth v Brighton and Hove Albion