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Dan Comments
Well I guess I'll give this a bump - how many of you all play COD MW Warzone?

Literally all ive been playing for the past two months

Just waiting for f12020 release in two weeks time

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Surprised @Dan or someone hasn't posted anything!

Ive not been around much to be fair! But finally nice to see it happen!
Thanks @r96Skinner

Hope so @bigmattb28, its the one we still seek to win!
England World Cup 2038 Round Up


After winning all six competitions at Liverpool throughout the most recent season, we go into the World Cup now with England looking to retain our title, having won it four years ago, could we hold on to it?


No, apparently not! We were fine in the group stages, easily dispatching Cameroon and Columbia, before knocking out Uruguay and Portugal in the Second and Third Rounds. We required Extra Time in the Quarter Finals to beat the USA and that saw us crumble. Brazil beat us three nil in the Semi Final before Germany beat us one nil in the third place playoff, meaning we'd have to settle for fourth this year.


WOW! I'm shocked! After eight years in charge, the FA have sacked me following the fourth place finish in the World Cup. I took charge of one hundred and eleven games at the helm of the national side, winning 93, drawing just 6 times and losing only 12 times. Shame for it to end this way.

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Seems that way @bigmattb28, we seem to have well and truly cemented our spot at the top of the rankings!
Liverpool End of Season Round Up - May 2038


Having already won both the Community Shield and the European Super Cup at the start of the season, its fair to say we had kicked things off on the right foot, following the dismal display we produced in the Club World Cup, a trophy that continues to evade my grasps. But we had four other competitions to try and win again this year...


We're Carabao Cup champions for the second time in three years and I believe the third time in my career, a fairly straight forward run where I tried to let some younger players have games, Macauley Cumbers definitely appreciated this in the Semi Finals vs West Ham, beating Chelsea 1-0 in the Final.


It took us long enough to get our hands on the FA Cup but now we're not letting go as we win it for the second year running! We've also set a record of not conceding in our last 12 straight FA Cup games!


Not only retaining the FA Cup, but we retain the biggest trophy in Europe too! The Champions League! We eased our way through the group stage, finishing second, level on points with Barcelona, before dispatching AC Milan with two draws and away goals sending us through. Former club Dortmund narrowly missed out to us in the Quarters whilst their German counterparts FC Bayern put up little fight in the Semi Final. An all English Final saw us beat Tottenham in the remake of the 2019 Champions League Final as we win it for a third time in four seasons!


Pretty incredible league form once again, especially for such a young side.


We ran away with it this year as I go on and pick up my sixth Premier League trophy at Liverpool.


Squad stats for the season, a young side, trying to rotate where I can, all impressing.

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England 2037 Round Up


Another year passes at the helm of the English camp, heres how we've performed in the year of the World Cup Qualifiers...


Another successful year as we ease through the World Cup qualification group stage. We win eight of our ten games this year, dropping points to Turkey on both occasions as we surprisingly lost to them three two away and a one all draw at home. They were the only four goals we conceded too. Scoring forty eight along the way. We stay top of the World Rankings for another year, not been budged, 71 points clear of France in second.

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Thanks @r96Skinner after so many failed FA Cup Finals its a relief to finally get one! CWC was annoying, only coming around four years its going to be a long wait to get another. Just going to have to win another CL!

Thanks as always @bigmattb28 shame we lost the league on GD but we will go again!
Liverpool - Pre Season Round Up August 2037


Another summer comes and goes amongst the Club world cup we managed to get some friendlies in before two cup finals began the season.


We continue to make money in the transfer window, I had £700million to spend this summer and spent just under £50million! Four new faces, three young players, which two were signed ages ago just waiting for them to become of age to transfer, and a more experienced player. Paulo Daniel and Drissa Sidibe are from Brazil and Germany and may just be used to improve and then move on at hopefully a profit. Martin Power is a young English winger I found whilst looking through the England youth teams and had to be signed. Whilst aging de Bellingham was too good to turn down to add some experience.


Wouldn't mind finding a new English goalkeeper to fight for the number 1 jersey. We've got a very homely feel to this squad now though.


Friendlies following the Club world Cup were straight forward enough.


Premier League holder Tottenham met us at Wembley for the Community Shield, which we won again. Comfortably two nil, with English midfield duo Kabashi and Chan Ho Yin (who signed in the same year) providing our goals.


We made it two competitions and two wins for the season as well when we beat Lazio in the European Super Cup. Another two nil victory, Troy West off the mark for the season and Kabashi netting again, the midfielder loves a goal in a Final!


Should be straight forward, us and Barcelona to qualify.

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Some amazing records there, im 18 years in now but still not top of the world hof! Nice achievement for a record goalscorer
Liverpool - Club World Cup Round Up July 2037


Finally time for the Club World Cup, a competition that now only takes place every 4 years, and one I've not won yet, can we do it this time around...


No is the answer, only the second time I've attempted to win this and we failed again. Despite an easy two group games and Quarter Finals, it was eventual winners Atletico who put us out in the Semi Final on penalties, we then lose the 3rd place playoff to Chelsea 3-1.

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Thanks again @HockeyBhoy, no immediate plans to leave Liverpool yet, whilst I enjoy some challenges, I just want to enjoy my time at the boyhood club for a bit, the aim is to get a new stadium here, financially we can afford it but the board wont budge!
Liverpool End of Season Round Up - May 2037


Seasons come, seasons go, another year at Liverpool ticked off and boy am I enjoying it here. No plans on moving away from my boyhood club just yet. Here is the season round up, bar the Club world cup which will follow.


Tried to give my younger players a good run against Championship side Norwich, came back to haunt me as we lose out in the Fourth Round of the Carabao Cup.


FINALLY! I've finally won the FA Cup! Its taken long enough and enough runners up medals. But we have our hands on it. Quite nicely, we didn't concede a single goal in the competition and beat Manchester United in the Final.


Another Champions League Final appearance, finally topping a CL Group which feels like its taken ages to do. Smashed Zenit in the First knockout Round, Bayer Leverkusen proved to be a bit trickier and we came from behind in the first leg to beat City to set the Final up against Chelsea.


Which we won! A dominant showing, letting Chelsea have very little in the terms of attacking opportunities. Nicholas Neary scoring the only goal of the game after 10 minutes.


Our league form was pretty consistent throughout the whole of the season, but would it be enough for another league title...


No it wouldn't! Spurs beat us to the title by just 2 goals! They beat Forest on the final day of the season 6-2, that being enough to jump us to the title. The game against Forest for us where we drew one all on the penultimate day, cost us!


End of season player stats. As you can see, we had a relatively young side and tried to rotate as much as we could. Very impressed with last summers freebie, young 21 year old Troy West, netting twenty two times in thirty two games. Espina done very well, mainly used as a bench player but still scored thirty one goals, and Neary also pitching in thirty one goals.

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England 2036 Round Up


The year of the Euros which we won, and the Nations League starting once again, heres how it looked.


A pretty successful year on the international front, just two defeats across the year, one back against Italy in the Euros and one against Germany in the Nations League, that proved to cost us qualification out of the groups as Germany top it on head to head, despite us having a far better GD. We remain top of the World Rankings and getting comfy sitting up here.


World Cup Qual group, should be easy.

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I was tempted to step down @bigmattb28 but there weren't many other opportunities at the international level and I'm not sure if I would want another country job, for now I'll stick with England, not sure how Ireland made that final mind!

Thanks @tongey, they've been good with me at the helm!
Liverpool Pre Season Round Up - August 2036


Quick pre season update to keep you in the loop with whats gone on over the summer away from international level, then i'll probably update you with the end of year England report and end of season with Liverpool, cutting out mid season updates.


Right now, we just love making money in the transfer window as we see another £100million player move away from the club. Four new faces in Troy West, Jeremy Roles, Tony Black, from fierce rivals Everton and finally Terry Staley, all four Englishmen.


This leaves me with a very young and very English looking side which I'm delighted with.


Easy friendlies.


We win the Community Shield for what I believe is the third time in my reign, beating Arsenal on penalties as new boy Troy West slotted home a debut goal and a penalty.


Expecting easy progression, would be nice to top a group at some point.

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Thanks @bigmattb28! Can't believe I'm still yet to win the FA Cup! Champions League wasn't great this year

Thanks as always @tongey! We have had a few good years in the Prem now, FA Cup we can't get our hands on though! Neary was a steal at the price I got him and English so perfect for my English rebuild coming on!
England European Championship 2036 Round Up


European Championships, lets see how they panned out.



Just like beating Everton in the Carabao Cup Final, this was just as sweet! Not sure how Ireland made it to the Euros Final but we beat them comfortably to get my hands on this trophy for the first time!


Here are my England stats, after just short of six years in charge now. Having won the World Cup, Nations League and European Championship once each. Tempted to step down, but for now I'll continue my reign.

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Liverpool End Of Season Round Up - May 2036


Got carried away and realised I was at the end of January and hadn't taken any screenshots for the mid season update, so here is an end of full season update for a change.


We won the Carabao Cup for what I believe is my second time since taking charge of Liverpool, made even sweeter by beating Everton in the Final!


Still no luck in the FA Cup, had a dream Third Round tie going to Eastleigh, took a young side and still battered them eight nil. Chelsea once again knocking us out.


We couldn't retain our Champions League crown as fellow English side Manchester City knocked us out in the Quarter Finals, a bit of a poor showing from us.



Premier League champions for a second year running and fourth time in five seasons!


Our squad is beginning to get small, need some recruitments this summer I feel.

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Cracking start to this mate! Updates are very smart and well presented. Great first season as well! Could be similar to mine, i started at Genk on mine with the aim of getting into the latter champions league but never got anywhere
Also I now have the opportunity to ask the board for a new stadium for the first time ever. Stadium has to be 25 years old to be able to and where the Emirates is still reasonably new I've never had the chance in previous saves due to normally starting with a new side after 5 years most.

Sadly they've declined both times I've asked due to us not having a big enough fan base, though our average attendance last season was pretty much a full house every match. Guessing we need to be more successful in Europe to bring in more fans.

Ive asked the board so many times in my five years at Liverpool for a new stadium but they keep declining it, my most recent prem season finished with 99.7% capacity across the season! We've also got £600mil bank balance
Amazing @VP. Some unbeaten record that!

I just lost for the first time in the league after 34 games, dominated but lost 1-0 to Brighton! Best restart the run!
England 2035 Round Up


A quick run down on the calendar year for England, not sure how much longer I'll stay in charge of them.


Not a bad year, we ended up finishing in fourth place in the Nations League this time around, not holding on to our previous title a couple years ago! In the European Championship Qualifiers we had a very nice group and it proved easy enough, winning eight from eight and conceding just two goals. We stay ranked first in the World.

Next Post: Liverpool Mid Season Round Up - January 2036
Thanks @HockeyBhoy good to still have you on board

Almost @r96Skinner, just cant get my hands on that FA Cup!

Crazy final indeed @tongey and almost a shame to bring it on my former employers BVB! I do like the thought of an English team having the good batch of English players so lets see!
Liverpool Pre Season Round Up - August 2035


Again, sticking with the short, not very detailed updates as we round out pre season.


Another transfer window where we make way more than we spend. £189million made on transfers and just £59million spent on one new, English face in icholas Neary.


Friendlies weren't a problem!


We just CAN'T do it at Wembley! We lose the English Community Shield to Chelsea. Annoying defeat but not a huge piece of silverware to miss out on.


Got revenge in the European Super Cup as we beat Chelsea three one after Extra Time, slightly fortunate as they missed a penalty three minutes into injury time!


Once again we shall meet with former employers Roma in the Champions League!

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Liverpool End Of Season Round Up - May 2035


Time to wrap up the end of the season, which I completed well over a week ago but having a week off work and other stuff to do, I've not played it since so lets get it fired out and another season marked off.


We made it through to the FA Cup Final for a third season running!


We also lost the FA Cup Final for a third season running! No luck in this competition yet!


Finally had a strong run in Europe, making it all the way to the Champions League Final where we will face my former side, Dortmund!


And in convincing fashion, we are crowned Champions Of Europe for the third time in this career now we've claimed the big one! A dominant showing.


A sensational second half of the season saw us go unbeaten and clearly win the title.


Bang on 100 points, won the league by a country mile!


End of season player stats, and as you can see, I'm beginning to bring a more English feel to this club now!

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It certainly was a strong transfer window for us @Shedender

Thanks @tongey, I'm enjoying the cross management but not sure how much longer I'll do it for!

Thanks @r96Skinner

Thanks @bigmattb28
Liverpool Mid Season Round Up - January 2035


I'm going to reduce the amount I write on my updates, just because I find I get too into the game and then have screenshots waiting to post and can't be bothered to write loads to update. So it'll be more picture based from now on and less writing. Hope you all don't mind.


No Carabao Cup run again.


Probably the best I've performed in a Champions League group stage for ages!


Halfway into the league season, we sit joint top, in second place with City leading the way but have a game in hand which could see us move three points clear.

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Wow what a crazy tight league season that is! Job done though!
Dam unlucky man! Great season, hopefully play offs go your way
Ah shame to get the sack after keeping them up last year, seems like you were in a no win situation with them! Good luck in Sweden, hopefully treats you better
England 2034 Round Up


What a year its been for the national side! Winning just their second either World Cup, the first since 1966! And it was me in charge to do it. We remain top of the world for a second year and now here is the quick round up of how things have gone over the year of 2034 for the national side.


The early friendlies and of course, winning the World Cup we already knew about so we wont go back over that. The European Nations League has began and finished, as we look to defend our crown in this competition. So far so good as we breeze through our group. Winning all six games and conceding just twice along the way whilst scoring sixteen. We beat Turkey 2-0 both times, Sweden 3-1 and 3-1 whilst beating Russia 3-0 and 2-0. This saw us easily top the group and head to the Semi Finals. Also on the bottom right you can see the current world rankings for the top five. We continue to lead the way and currently by a good margin, whilst Spain sit second and France third for a European dominant top five. Brazil the only non European country there in fourth whilst Italy round out the top five.


The Nations League Semi Final will once again draw us against France who I'm hopeful we can get passed to defend our crown.


Finally our draw for the Euros has been done and we've got a more than straight forward group. We'll be joined by Greece who are currently ranked sixty second in the world, Isreal, ranked eighty seventh. North Macedonia again who are ranked one hundred and eighth and finally Scotland, ranked thirty ninth.

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Literally no idea @bigmattb28 we couldn't defend and the keeper couldn't save anything! I think this could be the first ever time I've won a World Cup!

Thanks @r96Skinner

Thanks for the indepth, insightful comment @ComeToBesiktas, nice to see that was your first comment since joining over two years ago Not at all, I play in the limited spare time I have.
Liverpool Pre Season Round Up - August 2034


Job secure for three more years hopefully, England job still going after a very successful summer, we're now here into the season and time to wrap up another pre season. It has been a very, very busy one which has seen a lot of money changed hands, mainly to us as we look set to shift the deadweight.


As usual, these were just the cash deals, there were the usual bunch of loan deals, but take a look at the money we've raked in this summer. Three Hundred and Ninety Two million pounds made on selling seven players who wont really feature for us, including big deals of £100million plus for Capelli who joins Bayern and Sabatier who joins Arsenal. Two new faces join in eighteen year old English forward Scott Moran from Arsenal who will immediately get first team action and Pablo Giovini who cost just one point seven million and will head out on loan.


This window has left our finances in superb fashion! That's with the club still sporting state of the art training, youth and data facilities as well as a recent stadium expansion to nearly 60,000! I'd still like a bigger stadium though.


We've still got a good size squad despite getting rid of a fair few players this summer, and plenty of versatility. But the biggest happiness for me at the moment with this squad is the youthfulness of it. My plan is to continue buying youngesters and getting them straight into first team football, as well as trying to keep them English if possible.


Easy summer, boys had more competition in the World Cup so didn't overdo it on the friendlies.


And finally, a good Champions League group for us, no former side this year, PSG will be the big contenders with us for the top spot I feel.

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England 2034 World Cup Round Up


Its WORLD CUP FEVER! My first World Cup in charge of England and I believe this is marking just short of four years in the job. As far as I can remember I took charge of the national side just after the World Cup previous. I go into this a little more relaxed now my future at club level is safe. But its about making the impact internationally now to keep my role going here. The FA are expecting us to reach the Final and with us being the top ranked in the World, I fully expect that too. Heres a round up of pre World Cup friendlies and the big tournament itself.


We've had four friendlies so far this year. Two back in March where we drew nil nil in Iceland before returning home to beat Panama eight nil in convincing style. Then two pre World Cup as we lost at Wembley against Belgium before beating near rivals Scotland five nil, a good result to take into the World Cup.


Qualification secured and in easy fashion as we go through the group without conceding a goal. We beat Paraguay two nil with Noakes and Ajayi scoring, the first from the spot. And then almost a carbon copy result against USA. Noakes opening the scoring from the spot and Ajayi netting in the second half. Top spot, whilst USA go through second in the group.


A very kind Second Round draw for us saw us take on Australia and dominate the game, taking twenty shots and having sixty one percent of the ball. We fell behind after two minutes however! Warner levelled for us just before the break and second half the boys came out and made the impact as Ajayi added another two goals to his tally.


The Third Round gave us a nice draw too as we went up against Austria. Despite dominating the game, we only managed the one goal. Noakes missed a penalty on the fifty second minute but Ajayi, as cool as ever, struck home with twenty two minute remaining to book our Quarter Final place.


Here come the harder games. And boy did we ride our luck in the Quarter Finals against Argentina. We were on the back foot for most of it and left it late. Falling behind after just four minutes you could tell we were in for a game here. Backed up but couldn't get out. But finally, we found a break through four minutes from time when Darby struck us level. Only for Ajayi to net again three minutes later, sending us in the Semi Finals!


We made the Final! A narrow two one win over Holland sending us there. We took the lead five minutes before the break when Atkinson knocked home a header inside the six yard box. Nine minutes after the break Simons netted a penalty to bring things level. And we'd get a penalty of our own in the eighty first minute, dispatched by the aging Trent Alexander Arnold to send us to the World Cup Final!


ENGLAND ARE WORLD CUP CHAMPIONS!! Brazil awaited us in the Final but this game turned out to be all about us, we dominated the game with our attacking football and took the lead through Capitao after just two minutes. Noakes scored for us in the sixty third minute to double our tally and see out the game. Add a second star to that England crest!

Next Post: Liverpool Pre Season Round Up - August 2034
Thanks @bigmattb28, glad someone is still enjoying it! My plan is to stay at Liverpool long term, boyhood club, really want to create a Dynasty with them,as long as I can win a new deal that is!
Liverpool End Season Round Up - May 2034


So a crucical five months lay ahead. Still no new contract on the table as we head through January and into the remainder of the season. Still competing in the FA Cup, Champions League and Premier League, we surely had to win one to keep myself in a job here? The Premier League looked unlikely, already trailing City by ten points and we never really hit peak form in the Champions League, heres how it all developed.


Well, step one complete as we manage to make it to the FA Cup Final for a second season running. It took a replay to get past Southampton after a goalless draw away from home, but a dominant four nil win at home put us into the Fifth Round. We beat Brighton at the seaside here, winning three nil. In the Quarter Finals we faced rivals Manchester United who we overcome three two after extra time. It was Jacobs scoring in the first minute of injury time to send us through. And it proved to be a nine goal thriller against Chelsea in the Semi Final, which we came out on top of five four to reach the Final against Tottenham.


Not only was it back to back FA Cup Finals for us, but back to back losing FA Cup Finals as Spurs beat us three two. We trailed after just seven minutes and found ourselves two behind come the break. The boys rallied together to produce a comeback as Santarelli and Fabricio scored within three minutes of each other to tie the game with thirteen minutes left. But Ajayi was Spurs lucky man, when he scored six minutes from time to lift them the trophy.


Absolute dismal display in the Champions League from us! Embarrassing! We smashed AC Milan four nil in the First Knockout Round at home, but somehow went to pieces in the away leg, letting in almost everything, thankfully scraping through on away goals despite a six two loss. But it was my former club, Italian side Roma who knocked us out, drawing 1-1 in Rome but losing three one at home. Roma went on to win the Champions League, first time they've done that since I won it with them.


Second half of the seasons form was very good! We managed to finally cut out some of the draws and turn them in to wins, losing just four times in the second half of the fixtures. We also managed to beat Manchester City three two, could that be the result that got us back in the league fight?


No is the answer! For the first time in three seasons that I've been at the club, we fail to win the league. Despite our back to back title winning campaigns previous, Manchester City were just too good for us this time around. They win the league by ten points. Chelsea slipped away in the second half of the season allowing us to take second place, just a point ahead of Tottenham, whilst the boys in blue finished in third, some seven points further behind. Manchester United take fifth and Southampton in sixth join them in the Europa League. It'll be Europa League ll action for Leeds who finished seventh whilst Arsenal really are a mid table team now.


And despite only having won the Community Shield this year, the board kept me on the edge the whole season but eventually I got offered a new contract after asking for the second time. A new three year deal penned.

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