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Jubez Comments
The cut on wage budget really screws things up. I was planning to sell Rodwell and or Cattermole, but with the cut I wouldn't be able to replace them. Dang. This challenge seems damn interesting

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Gotcha! Starting right now!
What exactly does the "no scouting" mean? Does it mean that using the scouting tab in game is forbidden? I'm planning to start tonight.

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Could someone tell me what xml to change and what figures to change things to (If Jubez is reading ) ? I also prefer the 125% zoom as I find the text too small otherwise
Thanks for any help

Can't really remember what I changed back then. I'm using a different skin at the moment and haven't been playing a lot lately.
@Jubez , just remembered to check and the name was indeed corrected in the most-recently released version of the file. Are you sure you're running the latest version?

Yes I downloaded it. I had manually changed it and after I updated it reverted back to the unchanged name so I had to manually do it again.
mons it seems like you forgot to add Basconia to the name changes. It's still called A. Bilbao C. Not a big deal to change it myself, but just something you might want to do if there's a new version coming at some point.
I'm not entirely sure about this tbh. Looking at the Basque Wikipedia entry for the club, it's spelt with a K, as is the website link on Wikipedia itself.

It seems there's a different way it's spelt in Castilian Spanish and in Basque. Can anybody shed any definitive light on this? I'm frankly inclined to retain the SI spelling tbh.

It's spelled with a C on their official website. Also if you Google for 'Tercera division grupo 4', you will find that it's listed on league tables and results with a C as well. And I don't know what languate that wiki site is on, but it's spelled with a C on English and Spanish Wiki pages.

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I wasn't aware of that

I'll add it in the next version but in the meantime, if you add the below lines to your City, Club and Stadium Names.lnc file, then you will see these changes reflected in your save-game.

"CLUB_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 102014 "C.D. Baskonia" ""
"CLUB_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 102014 "Baskonia" ""
(I copied the entry from the FM16 database, which is why it's Baskonia and not Basconia)

Hopefully you will add it as Basconia with a C in the future update, because that's how it's really called.
Athletic Bilbao C should be called CD Basconia or Club Deportivo Basconia for long. I don't know if it's fixed in the latest update already but at least it's not in the one I'm using. Not sure if rest of the C teams are properly named.
Yeah. I've been using this fix for years. It's not like I'm some 'wet behind the ears' casual. Like I said, it KINDA works. And it works properly on a new save, so it's installed correctly.

Then I would say that you have not installed it before you started your current save and the changes that you see in a new game are affected by the fmf files, which requires a new game to work. When you start a new game the selected fmf files will be loaded to that database they will remain in that save even if the fmf files are deleted or changed later as those files are not used actively.
Hi, @mons this is my issue. The leagues name fix is being recognised by the game because it works in that when I search for a re-named league by it's new name it directs me to it, but the top bar in-game doesn't show the new name, nor in the search screen itself. In player histories, etc it shows the correct name (i.e Ryman Premier, etc)

As @Rob said, it works correctly in a new save, and I'm pretty sure it worked correctly before the 17.1.2 update, and yes I've copied the files into the new update folder, otherwise it wouldn't work at all.

Did you delete the old folders before copying the new ones in?

Is this an aceptable cut-out?

Roberto Olabe [Real Sociedad (Director Of Football)] https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28369770/11994.png (ID: 11994)


It seems that part of his hair is missing from the top right and the collar needed a tiny bit of cleaning on from left, but that took me two seconds to fix so it wasn't a big deal in this case. I would personally clean up the collar too, but that's not something you should worry about and the overall quality seems quite good and it's definitely acceptable with the hair fixed.
Hi Jubez: Thanks! Regarding the problems you report about logos and shirt, they are due the fact you have to use some graphics as I explain in the tutorial (pdf). In order to display the correct logos and also the kit in player profile you have to strictly follow that tutorial.
Regarding the hidden attributes you just have to delete the xml named “player additional attributes panel” located in skin/panels/player.

That's what I thought first too, but I did indeed follow the tutorial. I have my kits in graphics/kits folder. In kits folder I have each league in it's own folder as supposed. And yet it doesn't work. Is the folder structure put somewhere in the code in config files so I could manually check and change it?
The skin is absolutely awesome, but there's a few problems that I have found. First of all it doesn't show the shirt in player profile, although it works elsewhere, like in the club page. It shows the club logo instead and it's faded into the background. It doesn't show the competition logo either and it works on other pages too. For some players it partially shows the competition logo, but it's also faded into the background. And the third issue that i have is related to the 125% zoom that I have to use due to my high resolution monitor and some box backgrounds don't fit the boxes. It works fine at 100% zoom, but that's not an option for me. Oh and how can I hide the hidden attributes from the player view, because I think it's cheating. I added a picture in which you can see the issues I talked about. Cheers

Edit: Okay I figured out the box backgrounds. I just had to change the values for slicing.

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Looks awesome. Gonna have a try when I get home!
I´ve the latest update, why is Shalke 04 called Gelsenkirchen? And BMG on Gladbach? Have i done something wrong? Must i start a new game for the team names should be right?

Yes you have to start a new game to get the correct names. National team fix works for existing saves as well (it gets fixed during the next call up).

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Thanks! This is much appreciated, although I'll keep using the last season's kits until the League 1 and 2 are ready as well.

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Strange request from me seeing as I'm a Celtic fan! But is there any way to save and obtain these images of the Rangers squad from the website?


Open the page in Firefox, right click on the page and select 'view page info'. Go to the Media tab and find the correct background image and click the save as. That's about it.
What exactly does this mod do?
can you recommend any working la liga kits

There's some in FM Scout, but they are a little different style than the SS kits here. Works till SS kit gets done
It does work with FM17, but the title is kinda confusing... It does not include La Liga kits, just the Liga 1 2 3 kits.
And the editor data file is in place, right?

Works fine here. And I've given you all the files I have at my end

The new release seemed to fix it. Thanks mons. You are a legend!

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Are you sure you applied the fix in all 3 lnc folders?


E: I'll try with the new update tho.

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Is there a reason that Internazionale is called INTER and not Inter after the name fix? All with capital letters.
Mons - As you requested, snapshots of my lnc folders in 1700 and 1701.

Please let us know if there is any steps we can take to fix (Brazilian) club names in 17.0.2 version. Thanks.

You have the inc folder within another inc folder which is the problem.
I believe it's intentional so that the folder structure is in place already for any future update packs to be merged into in more easily

One can easily delete the whole folder if they feel so strongly that having the icon faces isn't beneficial.

What are the icon faces used exactly? I have never used them and I haven't felt that I have missed anything.
Looks like a decent effort to me. There are certainly many, many, many thousands in the megapack that are a lot worse. A few things I think you can do to improve

1. There are some pixels left, particularly around the ears that you can delete.
2. Add some collar to the neck. For an image like this easiest thing is to move the collar up a bit
3. The green tinge is from the original photo (that looks like it has been cut and placed on the blue background that makes it harder). Not sure what you use for your cuts but in photoshop you can use Clone Stamp > Colour to help get rid of that sort of colour tinge.
4. I always rotate the image so that the eyes are horizontal. Sometimes that looks weird if its not a straight headshot so use your judgement

Here is my very quick attempt as an example (without doing anything with the greenness)


Hope this helps

If using Photoshop, I'd also use the clone stamp with the Hue mode to get rid off the green hue. I'd also adjust the colors a bit as the image is quite green. So something like this:
Are you planning to redo the default hairstyles too like previous years?