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Rocco17 Comments
What a season! Congrats on the treble. I'm sure you'll never be forgotten in Malaysia after that.

Good luck finding a new job!
Tough start of the season, but you found the form then. Too many points lost on big matches, but I believe you can bring the title back. Good luck!
@tongey: Thanks man! It was really a great season, above all expectations. I love giving chance to youngsters. Especially home-grown ones.

@Dan: Thanks a lot, mate!



2019/20 - Update 1/3 - August 2019

New season is just about to start. Portsmouth are in the Championship for the first time in 8 years and hopefully
we'll not be here for a long time, as my expectations and goals are very high. Papers and bookmakers don't really
believe in us though. In their season preview they see us at 22nd place, which would take us back to League One.


Our board has given me a transfer budget of €4m and I spent it all, as I really wanted to build as good squad as possible.


We didn't lose any important players, we also extended contracts with majority of them. The biggest loss will be
Jake Doyle-Hayes, who was on loan from Aston Villa last season. I tried everything to extend his loan, but Villa
decided not to loan him out again. We loaned out some of our players though.



In this section, it was much busier. We've signed 11 new players for a total fee of €4,9m.

We've signed Gregor Bajde from Slovenian champions Maribor for €220k.


The next signing is a very promising striker Jack Clarke from Leeds for 1 million euros.


Adam Gnezda Čerin is another young player we've signed. He came from Domžale for €250k.


Another Slovenian signing is Luka Šušnjara, who came from Mura for €140k.


After Doyle-Hayes loan deal expired, we needed a new creative midfielder and we found one in Sean Goss who's loaned from QPR.


Our biggest signing in this transfer window is definitely Manuel Lanzini. He signed for Leicester last season, but
disappointed so far, so the Foxes decided to loan him out for a season and we grabbed the chance.


Another big and the most expensive signing is a 24 years old striker Jason Cummings. He came from Nottingham
Forest for €2.7m. He impressed on loan at Peterborough last season scoring 23 goals.


Our parent club Man United have loaned us 3 players. Callum Gribbin is staying on loan for another season, while
'new' loanees are left-back Cameron Borthwick-Jackson and centre-back Axel Tuanzebe.




I'm very pleased with our pre-season. We've trained really well and also played our friendly games very decent.
I was especially satisfied with last two games, where we proved that we really improved since last season.


:: SQUAD ::

And at the end of this update, I just want to show you our squad for this season. I think it's very good for the
Championship and should pretty easily fulfill the board's expectations which is to avoid the relegation.


Decent. I believe you'll win the title at the end. Unlucky to get Shanggang in ACL, good team. Good luck until the end of the season!

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Ohh myyyy. This is sick.

2018/19 - Update 3/3 - 12 May 2019

My first season as a Portsmouth manager is finished. It was very long and enjoying. I can say I'm very happy
with how we've done and I'm really excited for the summer and the next season.



We got rid of the players that didn't play a lot or just didn't deliver. One of those is Chris Samba, who signed for
us in the summer and we all had big expectations, but the veteran completely flopped and left after just 17 appearances.



We had some problems with centre-backs, so the priority of the transfer window was to bring in another one.
I decided for Paul Downing, who came on loan from Blackburn. He's done his job very good so I'm seriously
considering to make his stay permanent as his contract with Rovers is up at the end of the season.


The next signing is promising West Brom's Jonathan Leko, who we took on loan for a back-up to our wingers.


And the last one is another loan, from our parent club Manchester United came Angel Gomes. We signed
him with the same reason as Leko, to be a back-up for no. 10 position.



WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! What a season! Our official goal for this season was to reach the playoffs, but we've
done so much better than this. We won the title pretty much easily. 22 points clear. Yes, twenty-two.




I hoped we could've won that cup, but it just wasn't to be. We did really well until the semi-final where the
Arsenal's U23 team knocked us out, even though we were a much better opponent.



The team performed really well this season. Hopefully we can keep a player or two that were on loan. But it
doesn't only depend on us, we'll see how things work out in the transfer window.

Here's player stats.


Youth Intake: What a story for a 15 years old striker!

This season's Youth Intake wasn't really the best of all time for Portsmouth, I believe, but one player really
attracted my attention. It's 16 years old (15 when he was signed) Eddie Byles. And what a story that's been.


Of course he has a lot to improve, but for a such a young lad, he looks promising, considering other U18 players.
And what happened. Whole season I practically had only one proper striker who I can rely on - Brett Pitman.
In the last couple of months he had some problems with injuries and form, so I decided to give a chance to 15 years old Byles.


He became the youngest player to ever wear a Portsmouth shirt. And in his second appearance, he came on as
a substitute at half-time in a derby match against Peterborough and scored a winner in 93rd minute for 1-0.

And as if the moment wasn't special enough for the youngster, it was a goal that clinched the title for us.



Great season, congrats on the silverware! Hopefully you retain the league title this year.

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Yeah, Pitman is a beast and a real leader of the team. I'm just hoping he doesn't get injured or something, because we don't have a good replacement for him.

I am kinda disappointed too, but only because we were knocked out by a really poor team. But ok, one and only goal this season is promotion and now we can completely focus on that.
@bigmattb28 & @tongey thanks a lot guys!


2018/19 - Update 2/3 - January 1

It's time for the winter update. Every season I'll post 3 updates on my career:

1) Summer transfer window and pre-season
2) Winter update on how we're doing in all competitions
3) End of the season update


A brilliant start of the season (10-2-0) has given us a nice advantage, but in December we've started to slowing
down. The most painful result is of course a disgraceful home defeat against then 18th placed Southend. I can't
even describe what happened that game. We were playing our strongest team and completely switched off from
the 1st minute. All in all I can say I'm very pleased with our current position and hopefully we can keep it.




We started the FA Cup with a nice win against Walsall, but then got knocked out by one of the worst sides in
our league, Shrewsbury. But I don't really care about any other competition than League One this season.



We had a bit better run in the Carabao Cup, where we knocked out a Championship side Ipswich Town.
As you can see, Everton were too big obstacle for us. Way too big.



The only cup competition we're still in, despite playing all our games with players who don't get much playing
time in the league. We should knock out League Two side Northampton this month and then who knows,
maybe this is our chance for my first silverware at Fratton Park.



So far we've had many players that have played really good so far, but also a couple of those I've not been impressed
with. Especially in central defense, where we've made too many mistakes and have to fix that. The most outstanding
performers so far are our captain, 30 years old striker Brett Pitman, who's league's 3rd top scorer with 15 goals, our
midfield engine Tom Naylor, RB Nathan Thompson, promising winger Ronan Curtis and GK Craig MacGillivray.


Congrats on promotion mate, great achievement. Looking forward to the Championship.
Great form and the deadline day deals. Looks like you'll not have big problems with retaining the title.
Really unlucky at Meizhou, but it's difficult to play when your best players are out, and we know how 'good' are HG players in China, which you probably had to play with.

Good luck in Malaysia!
Decent season. Congratulations on promotion.
Wow, so unlucky with Mary. Looking forward to the next update though.
Good luck in China. John Mary is really a beast. I know him from RL, he played in the same league as I did.
Decent season. Hopefully you get good signings in the summer and go for the promotion next season. Good luck!

It's time to get started. Pre-season was in my opinion very successful in every aspect. In the save I'm already 2
months ahead, but in this update I'll only talk about the pre-season and especially transfers that we made.

:: STAFF ::

We've made quite a big changes in the staff. I think there's no point of speaking a lot about these people as
I believe nobody really knows them, so I'm just gonna show you the screen.




Since I've joined Pompey, we've got only 1 departure. Danny Rose. I didn't want to lose him to be honest, but
we've got an offer for him and he wanted to leave. So I decided to loan him out to Bristol City and put the
mandatory future fee of €100k.



We've got many players on trial, even some big names as Kranjčar, Cassano, Bassong, Anichebe and Agbonlahor. Nobody
of the mentioned stayed on a permanent deal though. We wanted to sign Anichebe, but his demands was too high for us.

So we turned our attention elsewhere and signed 23 years old winger Jack Barmby. Ex-Manchester United youth player,
who also tried his luck in the MLS was a free agent. I think he's still a real deal for the League One.


The next arrival is Aston Villa's young midfielder Jake Doyle-Hayes who has joined us on 1-year loan. The lad looks
very promising and could be a big addition to our midfield options.


We've made a very good loan deal for Brendan Galloway. Everton wanted to get rid of young defender and were
prepared to let him go without any cost for the team who take him on loan.


Here's a player who has been on trial with us for 4 weeks and earned a permanent deal. Jay Emmanuel-Thomas
has played for many teams in his career and made the grade in a very few of them, can he make it at Fratton Park?


And here's our most experienced signing in this transfer window, Chris Samba. A 34 years old central defender
has got so much experience, also many Premier League games under his belt. We have a couple of very talented
centre-backs in our squad and they could gain a lot from the Congolese veteran.


And the last one. We've signed a partnership with Man United, which became our parent club and will send their
players on loan to Portsmouth without any cost for us. We've already taken Callum Gribbin on a season long loan.



We've played 6 pre-season friendly games and I can say that I'm very pleased with how it went. Our performances
are giving us a lot confidence, but we must still stay on the ground, because competitive games are whole another story.



The tactics gave me a lot of thinking, we were trying 3 different formations in pre-season, but the one which works
the best seems to be 4-2-3-1. I think it's a great fit for our players and hopefully it will be working in the league games too.

Great story bro. Hopefully you can get to the promotion places. Keep it up!

Hey guys. After a long time I'm back again. This year I've decided for something different than I usually do in FM.
Usually I play in better divisions, with much better clubs, so I really hope this save will be long and successful.

At the start I also have to apologize for my English. It's good, but far from perfect.


Why did I choose Pompey? I think it's a perfect pick if you love challenges and also promises a long and interesting
save. I've always liked this club, don't really know why, I just have. And I think they deserve to play in the PL again,


My main goal of this save will be to take the club back to the Premier League as soon as possible.
Then, we'll set new goals. A long-term target is also playing in the European competitions, of course.

I hope you're gonna follow the story and have fun reading it. ]

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This tactic is awesome, well done mate.

Watford was the first match I've used it. Screen tells you everything.

Good start to the new season with that Supercup.Vincent is a really good striker ( watched him when he was on loan at Besiktas ) Good luck in the next games !

Yes, he's really good. Strong, quick and very prolific. But unfortunately he wanted to leave and we already sold him to Atletico. Thanks a lot mate.

And here, just for fun.. Look how my today looks like.


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:: 2017/18 :: Pre-season report :: #4 ::

11 AUGUST 2017

Hi guys. After good first season when we brought the league title back to Dragao, now is the time for an "upgrade".
Hopefully this season will be even better. At first we just have to do better in domestic cups where we totally disappointed
last year. Also in the Champions League I think we can go at least to the quarter-final with the team we have.




There has been quite a lot changes in this transfer window. So far no less than 43 players has left us. 24 permanent deals/free transfers
and 19 players have been loaned out. Mexicans Herrera and Layun and Spaniard Casillas are the only from the first team who left.
Herrera was not in my plans anymore and Layun wanted to leave because he wasn't used as often as he would have liked.
Casillas' contract expired and we decided not to extend it so he left on a free transfer - joined Brighton already.

And we still expect one more departure. Unfortunately our last season's top goalscorer Vincent Aboubakar decided
that he wants to play in better league. Atletico Madrid are interested in him for a long time now, Vincent is also interested,
and now we're still waiting for their first offer. He is valued at 24m€, but it's definitely not the money we're prepared to let him go.



And here's even more interesting topic - arrivals. Also lots of them, we have spent 95 million euros.

Here's first one and one of the biggest transfers in Portugal this summer, Federico Bernardeschi. He didn't play a lot
at Juventus and Bianconeri decided to sell him for 11m€. Of course he'll be my first choice at right wing.


As I said Aboubakar wants out and I didn't wait long to bring a replacement. Promising French striker Moussa Dembele
is coming from Celtic for 8m€. He's had great pre-season so I'm still not decided who will be my first striker. He's going to
compete with Lucas Alario for the starting spot.


This is the player I've liked for a long time - Bruno Fernandes. Last season he signed for Sporting but didn't get enough
chances so he decided to move on. We spent 6m€ on him. He'll be a backup to Brahimi at AMC, also can do a job as a MC.


I'm sure we all know this lad very well. Lincoln, a big talent from Gremio who we signed for 5,5m€. He will also have to
fight for AMC position with Brahimi and Fernandes. I was thinking to loan him out but at the end decided to give him a chance in our first team.


Another wonderkid. Emanuel Mammana signed for Zenit last year but wasn't really in their first plans so they loaned him
out to Saint-Etienne in January. He was solid in France so I decided to sign him for 8m€. He's still 21 and I'm sure has great future.


The next one is another great talent who so far couldn't do it at the big stage. Memphis Depay was a flop at United and
then tried to save his career at Lyon. Last season was decent for him. He did enough to break our transfer record at 28m€.


The only player who joined us on a free transfer is Miguel Angel Moya. Our replacement for Iker Casillas. Experienced
Spaniard didn't play at all in his last season at Atletico (1 appearance) but I hope he can regain his form at Dragao.


And the last one is 23 years old Portuguese centre-back Ruben Semedo. Another product of Sporting Lisbon who played
at Villarreal last season. To get him we had to meet his release clause which was 27,5m€. I expect him to be Portugal's top CB in coming years.



We conceded way too many goals but it's also consequence of rotationing - I gave chances to youngsters from U19
team and lots of players who came back from loans. And I can say we did pretty well against the big teams like PSG and Milan despite losing.


:: SUPERTAÇA 2017 ::

As expected, here's our first trophy in the new season. We completely outclassed Vitoria Guimaraes and won 2-0.
I also played Aboubakar, that could be his last game for our club. In this case, thanks for all Vincent.

Fernando looks promising

I agree with others, I would have liked to see more Portuguese save on here

Yes, he really does. Hopefully Portugal will finally get a top class striker.
:: 2016/17 :: Post-season report :: #3 ::

25 MAY 2017

My first season at FC Porto is finished. And I'm satisfied with it. We reached our most important goal and I'm really
excited about next season - especially because of the squad I will have (there are some transfers already arranged).
But that will have to wait, now is the time for 2016/17 season review.



And here it is... The most important goal for this season which was reached. To bring the title back to Porto. We were
really consistent, almost remained unbeaten for whole season. Our one and only Liga defeat came against Benfica in matchday 32.

Top goalscorer also comes from our team - this is Aboubakar with 18 league goals. We also had the assist leader in
Gerard Deulofeu (10 assists) - btw we are still in negotiations for his permanent transfer.





I have already informed you about our unsuccessful domestic cups appearances in previous report, so we go on to the
Champions League. After great performances in the group stage we felt we had good chances against Napoli. And really
we were coming back from the San Paolo with very positive result - 2:2.

Leg 2.. We couldn't have wished a better start. 5th minute and Aboubakar put us in front. But unfortunately, we only managed
to hold the lead until 25th minute. The equalising goal totally killed us (who knows why), Napoli outclassed us and win deservedly.



Stats from all competitions.


:: YOUTH INTAKE 2017 ::

That moment when I saw the players in this year's youth intake and noticed that boy I told to myself I must share it with you.
Is this the future legend? Look at that awesome potential. BUT. We have to be patient because a lot of players showed great
potential and then never made it. But I believe Fernando will be different. One thing is 100% sure. He'll definitely get a chance to shine from me.



The summer is already here and one of the most exciting things for all football fans is definitely a transfer window. All the
departures and arrivals will be revealed in the next update. The only thing I can say is our fans will be more than happy with
our work. I can assure you that. We have already arranged 6 arrivals and also 3 departures. And we're still looking for 1 new player.

I'm finishing the season so you can expect the next career update very soon.

But first I'm sharing goal of the season with you. Vincent Aboubakar.


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Good start. No problems against Steaua as expected and nice win at Meazza. Keep it up!
Cheers, mate.
:: Report #2 ::


Here it is. The new update of my FC Porto story. We're in the start of February and the things have been going very
good for us so far. Even though we disappointed in domestic cups, but were a lot better in more important competitions.



We've been fantastic so far in the league, still undefeated after 18 games. We've also scored the most goals, conceded
the least and had the most clean sheets which say enough of how dominating we have been so far.

The biggest surprise of the season is definitely Portimonense, our feeder club, which promoted to the Primeira last season.
On the other side, Sporting are another surprise (negative). After winning first 6 games in a row, then managed to win only
3 times in 11 games.

We also have league's top goalscorer, Aboubakar has scored 12 goals and is one goal ahead of Jonas who joined City few days ago.
In third place is Alfredo from Portimonense with 9 goals.




We have other priorities this season so I didn't take any of both two Portuguese cups too seriously, giving chances
to youngsters and players who haven't been playing really much in the league. We've been knocked out from both quite quickly.



We got lucky with the group stage draw but we still took matches very seriously. Good performances and 5 wins took
us to the top of group F. In the first knockout round we'll play against Italian side Napoli. It's gonna be our first real European test.




Even though the first half of the season was successful for us, we were pretty busy in January. We sold Bueno and Soares,
who didn't play really much, got a lot of money from transfers of Danilo Pereira, who wanted to leave to the bigger club and
Jesus Corona. We also sold Walter, who returned from the loan in the start of January and wasn't in my plans.



Argentine striker Lucas Alario was our first signing. The deal was arranged a month of two ago and he's already showing
his worth - scoring 6 goals in his first two Liga appearances.

Following Corona's departure we had to fill the gap and sign another winger. So we signed Gerard Deulofeu and Sidney Sam - hoping
we can make Deulofeu's transfer permanent at the end of the season (future fee: 4 million euros).

We also needed signings in the midfield after Danilo Pereira left us. And I believe we made very good business by signing
Yann M'Vila and Mario Lemina for combined 25 million euros.


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Good luck with this. Always love a save in Portugal, as much for the transfers as anything else!

I also love it. Playing with Porto every year. Thanks mate.

i'm a Porto fan, can't wait to see more!
btw you used any custom db?

I use sortitoutsi Live update.
:: Report #1 ::

I took over Portugal giants FC Porto. This is one of my favourite clubs (otherwise I'm United fan) and I cannot just sit and watch Benfica ruling
Portuguese Primeira Liga which has been happening for few years now. I want the Dragons to be on the top of Portugal again. And then also Europe and World.


I'm already at the start of November so I will just quickly go through the important things happened so far.



At the start I was already very happy with the squad so I decided not to make big changes. The squad was very huge so I had to sell players I didn't
need and loan out some youngsters who are in our long term plans.



We also didn't need to spend a lot. For the first team I signed just centre-back Frederico Venancio who replaced Martins Indi after he was sold to BVB.
I also signed 3 yougsters from my country (Slovenia) who have bright future and will play for U19/B team this season. Gaston Pereiro is also planned as
a first team member of course but he was loaned back to PSV for this season immediately after he signed for us.



We played six friendly matches and I can say I'm very satisfied with our performances. We also tried few different formations.



This is the formation we are going to use at the start. Hopefully it's gonna be successful. As I said we tried various options in the pre-season,
but this one seems to be the one who fits our players the most and I believe the one I can get the best out of my lads with.


The next update is coming at the end of January's transfer window.

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