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King Luis Comments
But qualified well, got into Q3 with both McLarens there which is very good for them.

Shame Hamilton didn't get out of Q2 as it would of been interesting to see how close he could of got to that ferrari pace. Shame he always moans about problems when hes caught out tho

Name a driver that doesn't complain when his car isn't performing? They all do it.
Have United been this boring to watch all season?

Got the game on at work and I've been actively looking for things to do so I don't have to watch
Honestly I don't think either are as terrible as people make out, the fact we haven't had a solid defensive partnership since Carra retired has just made things seem much worse.
Ozil and Sanchez off then Arsenal fans? Think you'll keep Ozil tbf, less sure about Sanchez.
No, this was his fourth. Shearer still out there on his own.

Its his fourth in 2017, think he's level with Shearer after today's actually. Just looked it up.
Kane's got the record for most Hat-tricks in a Prem season now as well doesn't he? Was level with Shearer on 5
Are we still saying Harry Kane isn't World Class?

Asif, Bamford couldn't have been looking for that any more if he tried, was already half way down before Lovren even put his hand on his shoulder.
@King Luis I guess that is purely in the league though. Would Mourinho have played so many kids/different line ups towards the end of the season if he wasn't aiming for the Europa League? Not saying that would have given him four more wins in the league, just to take into consideration.

Out of those three managers, I'd still probably have Mourinho at my team.

Moyes was sacked 4 games from the end of the season though, so he had more wins from fewer games
I still think he needs to make himself more well rounded before he's dubbed as world class. If he performs better in European competitions and for England then perhaps.

He scored 6 goals in the Europa league a few years back, 4 last season and then 2 in 3 games in the Champions League this season (In one of the toughest groups). There seems to be some sort of inverse England player hype with Kane where he doesn't seem to get the credit he deserves. In the past English players performing well have got a ton of hype but because Kane doesn't score worldy's all the time he doesn't seem to get as much credit.

The only criticism people could have with him is he takes a month or so of the season to get going usually but that's certainly something that'll be improved upon.
Some Spurs fans are quick to label their players 'world class'. Harry Kane and Dele Alli are superb players don't get me wrong, but world class?

They still need to improve their game to reach the upper echelons of footballers in my opinion.

Alli still has to prove himself a bit more but Kane is certainly world class, he's scored 20+ goals 3 seasons in a row now in one of the toughest leagues in the world.
What is it with London clubs fascination with plastic flags?
Yeah signing a player like Defoe would be a step back for us, a club hoping to be challenging for the title shouldn't be signing 34 year olds.

(Ibra was the exception to the rule)
Would like to see him at Brighton, talk of them going for Terry as well.
We'll be fine next season.

Been saying that for 3 years now
Cant wait for the announcement that Wenger has signed a new contract tomorrow
Arsenal doing us a huge favour here, cant wait to hear Mourinho complain about having to play Thursday night.

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And if anyone knows about signing talented youngsters only for them to not make it its a Chelsea fan
Lovely dive that from Rashford.
Absolute wally
Every cloud, etc.

Can Labour act fast enough to get some sort of act together? Oust Corbyn and have Ed Milliband ride in on a white charger

We can but dream At this point it wouldn't even surprise me if he didn't step down after a landslide loss, he's that out of touch. Just need Clive Lewis to step up and go for the leadership.
I can see how she is trying to capitalise on weak Labour leadership, but will the general lethargy and lashback against Brexit see an up turn in votes for the Lib Dems again? The lack of any opposition should see her through but on the back of something like Brexit I still think it is an all or nothing gamble.

Lib Dems will gain a lot of votes but it'll be more at the expense of Labour than it will the Conservatives. At least UKIP will officially be dead after June 8th though, but most of those UKIP votes will now go to the Tories because May is all for hard Brexit, despite the fact she was against it before she was PM.

Also i don't think there's as much as a lashback against Brexit as we would think, much like the ref campaign last year its a lot of talk in an echo chamber, i still think a lot of people are for it and will vote Tory purely because Corbyn is the leader at Labour.

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Looks like us lucky people in the UK get a general election this year, I imagine it'll pass tomorrow and be official anyway.

Can't see how May is going to gain from this? I guess she is after some stability for the next 5 years rather than 3, but all I can see is another shitty coalition happening.



She has absolutely nothing to lose from this election, she'll win with a massive majority (early predictions suggest 100 seats). So she can more or less do what she wants when she wins and has to negotiate Brexit, also she won't have to stand by Cameron's manifesto promises any more, so we can expect that National Insurance hike for the self employed in next years budget, among other tax increases no doubt. As things stand she has a tiny majority and a lot of her own party have been challenging her when it comes to the Brexit negotiations.

The only damage i can see for May will be reputational, reneging on her promises that there won't be a general election will weaken her standing a little but it ultimately wont matter (aside from within the party) because the Tories will have a massive majority.

The only good to come of this will be Corbyn will finally have to step down when he loses, which will inadvertently damage May in the long term because there will actually be an opposition for a change, and Carswell will lose his seat (whilst Arron Banks also loses in the same constituency, small mercys i know)

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EDIT: See above.

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Arsenal doing their best to ensure United don't finish 6th
Arsenal are doing their best impression of us here
Isn't McClean technically interfering with play by moving out the way of the ball in an offside position?

Guessing ref/linesmen didn't call it because he was behind Ospina, who exactly is he interfering with by being there?
Much better to get knocked out of the Champions League at the knockout phase every year right?
Chelsea will do what Chelsea do any buy him back for an absolute fuck ton, imagine he'll go for 80 odd million (unless his contract is running out)