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King Luis Comments
Yeah you have to just hold your hands up and congratulate City, no shame in losing to the best team the league has ever seen. Seen a few people saying we bottled it which is a load of rubbish considering our points total
Have you seen Higuain play this season? Its not much of a step up from Morata, not really sure why Chelsea don't just play Giroud up top with Hazard in behind him rather than hobbling Hazards game by playing him up top on his own
That game must have done De Gea's confidence the world of good, Spurs just doing a bit of warming up for him. such poor finishing
Happy with todays win, it's weird being more satisfied when we grind out wins than when we hammer teams. Managed to stop Brighton scoring at home as well which hasn't been done for 10 months, all round a good day. Pressure's back on City now against Wolves
I wonder if all the pundits still cant see City slipping up this season?
Really enjoyed watching Arsenal this season but how on earth is Xhaka considered a professional footballer?

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Happy to have that horrible run of games out of the way, all things considered i'm happy with how it went. Napoli loss was disappointing but we should still qualify, we've not played anywhere near our best yet and we're still unbeaten in the league having played 3 of the top 6 along with some of the tougher teams outside of the top 6.
Piss off, he should be lumping that out.

Look at the video again, all Gomez has to do is move closer to the byline and Allison can pass it out to him, he doesn't and just ball watches. Not saying Allison isn't at fault because he clearly is but when the team is coached to play out of the back its as much on the defenders to give the keeper options to do so.
God I hope so! Silly even trying it after nearly getting caught out twice last week!

Elsewhere I can't see either Newcastle or Huddersfield staying up this season.

Nah, shit like that will happen when you have a ball playing goalkeeper, Ederson didn't go all last season without making mistakes, no keeper ever does.

If anything Gomez should have cut to the byline and shown himself for the pass out to be made, its obvious Klopp wants Allison to play out rather than lump it and Gomez's position didn't help things
This game has been brilliant and terrible in equal measure, not sure who we're kidding calling the Premier League the best league in the world, that first half was absolutely shambolic.

I am however enjoying seeing United getting beaten again.
If people thought we were spending a lot when we signed Allison they'll lose their shit over the fee Chelsea have agreed for Kepa Arrizabalaga
Don't think it really makes a difference, players will know they have no chance of leaving once the window is shut because clubs simply aren't going to sell players when they cant replace them.
Doubt Real will go ham this window, they'll see if they can trust Lopetegui, and if they can't they'll hire a properly world class gaffer and let him spend.

And honestly I can't see Lopetegui lasting the season.

You say that like the manager at Real Madrid has much say in who gets signed.
The best thing is you'll be paying for a player who has literally just joined a club on a free transfer, mental.
No messing about from us, already made our first summer signing in Fabinho from Monaco, needed a DM for a while now and he can play right back as well which is always handy. Good start to the window, even though its not opened yet
Mourinho making an absolute tit out of himself after as well, the man has a severe lack of self awareness. Saying Chelsea didn't deserve to win because they spent the game defending, he's a monumental moron
The officiating in our game today was shocking, how we didn't get at least one pen is beyond me. Pieters tried swapping shirts with Salah and Firmino, nothing. Blatant hand ball, nothing.

Spurs have had more penalties at Anfield this season than we've had, its like officials are so keen to be seen to be fair that they just don't award pens at Anfield even when they're clear cut.
He'll get another season I'd assume, but I doubt they'll back him with much money in the summer.

That would fit his narrative pretty well wouldn't it, gets little money then blames that on any underperformance for his last season. Wonder where he goes from here though, id imagine PSG if they don't get Potch
Mourinho's done right?
Shouldn't have done what he did but the guy in the other car is a bellend, playing the victim now but wasn't so concerned about his daughter when he was driving along recording with his phone in his hand.
For a club who is known as a great spotter of talent why the hell haven't Southampton solved their striker problem in the summer, every season they seem to buy a striker in January and hope he hits the ground running, they got lucky last year with Gabbiadini but its well and truly backfired this year
We were poor but how Pawson didn't give us at least 1 penalty in that game, so many shouts for one. Never given a pen against United apparently, bottle job.
What was Moses playing at for their goal, i get that he's a wingback and wants to push up but not when you're 1 up against one of the best teams in the world, get in line with the rest of the defence you dummy.
Your defence is terrified!
Chelsea having a stinker the year after winning the league, its almost as if its the players fault and not the manager....
The ref had a mare, the first one for the offside he just gives it regardless, you can hear him say he has no idea wether Lovren touched the ball which is the only case he could have had for giving the penalty and not the offside, so basically he's guessed. I know im biased but the second was a bit soft as well, i hate this idea that if a player is touched he has the right to go down because its bollocks, the players reaction should match the force they are touched with and Lamela went down like he'd been karate kicked in the face.

Also Alli is probably one of the worst in the league for diving, how many more times does he have to get booked for it before he's actually given a ban rather than just a yellow all the time, because yellow's obviously aren't stopping him doing it.
His comments about Lookman were absolutely pathetic, personally i think its great that we have players like Sancho, Lookman wanting to go and play in the Bundesliga, they learn a lot more there than they would coming on for the last 10 minutes in games here.
So many Liverpool fans losing their shit because we haven't signed a Coutinho replacement, personally i'm kind of glad we haven't gone in and just spunked a fortune on someone, in the past we've panic bought and ended up wasting money. Amazing how little faith some people seem to have in Klopp when it comes to transfers, id rather we wait and get the right player, Mahrez would be great but not sure he's worth spending 100 million quid on, which is what Leicester want.
Aubameyang is going to frustrate the shit out of Arsenal fans if he doesn't hit the ground running.
Didn't want to win the FA Cup anyway, Mickey Mouse Cup.