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Sheriff Skacel Comments
It is difficult lower down to stay in the black, but not impossible, here are a few tips I've found:

- Arrange friendlies to purely make money, don't worry so much about player fitness
- Try and balance your player contracts more towards bonuses (promotion bonus, appearance fees, etc) rather than weekly wages
- Review all of your players bonuses (do some players have an annual wage rise? do some have too high of an appearance fee?)
- Make use of free loan signings from big clubs
- Get a senior affiliate (free players and affiliate fee)
- Are you spending too much on junior coaching? (personally I always like to spend a lot on this as it always pays off down the line, but if you don't plan on staying for a long time then look to cut it)
- Look to cut down on your staff levels, at that level you only really need an ast man, 1 coach, 1 scout and 1 physio. Really strip back, only go for more staff if you can justify the wages
- Try and snap up U21s who have been released, you can often sell them on to lower league clubs after only a season or two. The fees might be small but you have to accept that at the start you will have a high squad turnover. Every player has a price, you are better off cashing in for something rather than having an unhappy player / losing them on a free
- Finally, it will take you 2 or 3 seasons to get the club how you would like it financially. You've probably inherited a less than stellar situation so it will take time for your to redo contracts, sort the staff, bring in cheap players, etc
I think this could be due to the status of the clubs you moved still being English, so maybe the game reads it as a 5th English qualifier for the CL and doesn't let them enter (or the game just might not allow clubs not based in that league's country to qualify for Europe)
Normally it only shows on mine when you actually click on the player, I don't think the default skins give you an option to permanently show the player names, maybe a downloadable skin will though
Most likely all those random players you've added, somewhere along the line there is a db clash and its causing the crash dumps.

The amount of players in the database shouldn't be the issue, unless you're using an add-on that will force the game to load a Huge DB (no idea if they still make those add-ons, but in the past when they used to it would sometimes cause crash dumps)
Crash dumps are normally caused by some clashes or errors in DB changes, if this is a save game you can't load then most likely all hope is lost. If this is happening with every new game then remove any databases or updates you have downloaded.
That is ridiculous, I suppose it could happen in real life (board politics, club culture), but I honestly don't know if this is FM trying to be clever or just a weird bug
Looks like a font issue, try changing the skin in preferences and see if that helps

If it doesn't, then reinstall the game or ask someone if they'll upload the FM font files for you to manually install. Try the skin change / reinstall game first though
Normally crash dumps are caused by some DB fiddling, try moving any database changes you have downloaded to a different folder and trying again
It will be because of his physical decline, I wouldn't worry too much for the immediate future. I've forced plenty of players into roles and they have still performed, he has good Finishing/Composure so if you lay the chances on he will take them.

But as time goes on and his decline continues, if you are struggling to break a team down he won't be your man because of his poor OTB and lack of physical stats.
Much like Brexit can happen in-game, there are some scenarios where Stone Cold Steve Austin becomes global leader and dictates that everyone must shave their head. Sounds to me like you are one of the few unlucky people to experience this as well as the hard Brexit scenario where the EDL rise to prominence and take a majority government.
Imagine the money you'll be able to make on selling the letters for the back of the shirts for that new CB
Are you paying it up front with an immediate transfer date? Usually the clauses don't work if you ask for the deal at the end of the year/pay the money over a few months/arrange the deal for the end of the season
Barnabo must follow you to Sri Lanka, its a must
Disappointing, I liked the way this was shaping up, especially your use of the loan market in the summer transfer period.

Give her a chance to run, it might sort itself out, if not you could try venturing into international management to at least keep the save alive
Is it just FM doing this? If its just FM have a look at the following:

1. Switching between windowed / full screen to see if its one of those settings causing it to happen
2. Have a look at the Steam settings and the Steam overlay stuff. The only programs that I can think of that could be causing this are Steam and maybe something related to Windows updates

Or maybe your windows + D keys are stuck, who can say
You could perhaps add a new manager to manage them and then resign immediately, see if that gives you the option to re-apply
Most likely due to a lack of upcoming fixtures. If they've played fixtures since you've applied then it will be a bug caused by them going for a period without playing any games.
I placed the order on 26 Dec but it’s said it’s not valid in my country, I am from Hong Kong and order this every year, what’s going on? How to fix this problem´╝ü

One for @Rob
Could be an error with the DB you are loading, even if you don't load the leagues there could be some issues with continental competitions or the game still trying to process the leagues to some basic level

Try totally removing the megapack and seeing if that stops saves corrupting
That Barnabo looks tidy, normally at an amateur level you just want to target players who either have great physical stats or one or two great technical stats, and he looks the part.

I like the looks of this, a very different career indeed. Is there any road into continental competition at all?
If you are fully professional, try sacking a staff member and then seeing if you can offer new staff a full time role. It could be that you just have too many full time staff (or maybe you are approaching staff who are retired from a full time role? I've had this a few times when approaching player/coaches)
Back in the day you used to be able to download things like FMM, I think FM produce their own in-game editor now that you have to pay for.

As Mons said, your only option is to create a manager with the basic correct things and then use an in-game editor to add the specifics (caps/goals for example) and also edit the stats and reputation to match what the real manager has in FM.
If you won it all last season I wouldn't look to change too much

It could be as easy as switching from Attacking to Control, a Control setting will give your play less of a rush feel to it. Keep your main tactic and try having a second tactic with the same formation/roles but with Control/Fluid and then also have a third tactic with the same formation/roles and with Standard/Fluid. I've found that having a Standard mentality can help you control the games better.

Losing back to back and the close victories could actually be a mentality thing. Try and be a lot more aggressive in your team talks, if you are heading into a game try Aggressive/Assertive, if you are drawing, losing or only winning by one goal try and be Aggressive and ask for more. If you are two goals clear I've found it better if you just say nothing and let the players play.

Pre-season is the perfect time to play with the tactic, you don't want to be heading into the season still tweaking things as you'll end up becoming frustrated and changing things for the sake of it.
What tactical setup are you playing to get that kind of return from your wingers? I've struggled like mad to have my wingers do anything decent in the past few FMs, I've had to revert from my normal 433/343 formations to diamond midfield formations. Can't get any consistency no matter what level I play at or what style of winger I target

Also, I fully expect Ciaran Clark to take Paolo Maldini's Serie A appearance record. A natural heir to his throne.
Aye its a balancing act, it can kill you in the leagues with poor domestic TV money and no European TV money. So you've got to commit to it, don't be afraid to play the youngsters and also don't be afraid to accept decent bids when they come in, even for the star youngsters.

If clubs are lowballing you then force in a friendly and a 50% sell on as a part of the deal. Most of the time the youngsters you sell won't kick on anyways and will just get released, but sometimes you'll land a nice little windfall down the line if the player moves on again.
Youth recruitment and junior coaching, you can ask the board to reduce both.

Personally I'd take the short term hit for the long term benefit. Give the youth more of a chance (start the players with 4+ star PA, keep the 2+ star PA around for backups), sprinkle in some 30+ year olds with decent Determination for mentoring, Decisions, Leadership, etc)

All you need is a few players to come through and as you creep up the leagues you'll be able to cash in and then reinvest the money back into your facilities for the next batch.
Are you under any embargo / board takeover?
Who have you got handling your Player Search Advice on the Responsibilities screen? (if its a board member, change it to a scout)
Do any players appear when you untick the interested in Transfer option?
Some questions to ask yourself:

1. Am I playing too attacking?
2. Am I exposing my fullbacks due to not playing wingers? (and if I am, am I seeing the attacking benefits?)
3. Are my fullbacks lacking in pace / positioning and getting caught out?
4. Do my CBs have good enough anticipation, bravery, positioning and jumping?
5. Should I be adding a new squad screen view to incorporate more stats? (headers won %, mistakes leading to goals, interceptions, headers /90, etc)

Don't overcomplicate the tactics, keep it simple and focus more on individuals. If you can't bring in better players then look to cover some of your weaker areas by either protecting players (playing a high team/work rate winger in front of a weak fullback if the issue is getting double teamed down the wings, asking the fullbacks to do less if the issue is too many balls coming into the box, playing a deeper DMC to help the CBs out).

FM is a numbers game, either your tactics don't suit your players or you've just bought mentally weak players who don't have the testicular fortitude to deal with the likes of Jan Koller.
Since leaving Palermo I have kept an eye on them, interestingly enough in the two post-Skacel seasons I would have made a lot of the purchases they did. Most of the players they signed I had my eyes on getting within the near future.


Squad is in good shape, everything looks good. Mauro is still there, I'm surprised by this. How's he getting on?





Couldn't be happier with that. Had time with Ajax, PSV, Twente, AZ, etc in past FMs but never really done much with Feyenoord. A good opportunity to build something.

We haven't finished higher than 11th in the past 5 seasons, we have the 11th highest wage bill in the league and the squad actually has a good balance to it.

Straight away I'm hacking away at the staff. Ast man, head of youth development and two scouts have all been removed. Will post up the replacements soon.