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KEZ_7 Comments
Schalke - September-November - 2022/23

Well, we continued into the league season in great fashion, only really slipping up in October as we headed towards the odd mid-season World Cup. Dortmund knocked our confidence, going down 2-0 very early so I ended up very happy with the draw. In the table, we keep on track for the CL spots, but Bayern pulled away once we started to drop points.


Not a lot more to report aside from this:
Incredible - and decent money too! Skin of your teeth mind
A brilliant start again. You still using your 4231?
Schalke - Summer and August - 2022/23

Well, as I stated we needed the summer to be very busy and as you can see it was...

Buzzing to bring Goretzka back to Schalke and almost had Max Meyer too... getting the old band back together it seems! Kehrer and Nubel are also Schalke academy graduates and I'm hoping that helps to mend a bit of the dynamics in the squad. Adding Diaz on a free I think could be tidy as he hopefully solves the problem of the number 10 spot, as he slots in-between Draxler and Lozano. Aside from the lad from RBL - everyone else drops into our youth teams but seemingly have great potential.

Hopefully, we've set off as we mean to go on in terms of results. We played against a load of dross in preseason but it seems to have given the side a confidence boost as we won all of our competitive games to start the season, with some tough opposition in there. Diaz the highlight, but it's also nice not to be conceding many goals.

Haway the blues.
Schalke - April-May - 2021/22



So um... after 90 minutes we were beating Darmstadt 2-1 and then we lost which took them into the playoff which they won... doesn't look suspicious at all (they still went down). Incredibly, winning would have seen us 8th and made the season look a lot better. I now have the summer to sort this shi*t out of inevitably leave before Santa comes.

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Schalke - December - March - 2021/22

So first things first 3 pre-Santa games where we covered all 3 kinds of results and then we went straight into the winter break. I'll show you those results soon... but first the transfers!

A lot of movement and a lot of unhappy players but it was needed and probably still is. Lozano is hopefully going to be the attacking threat we need, Aboubakar is the attacking threat I wanted - though way too expensive to keep a hold of and Wober is hopefully going to sure us up at the back. I was gutted to lose Harit to China and it caused a lot of unrest in the squad but the money was too good to turn down as we find ourselves in a surprising bit of financial trouble...as do the rest of the league somehow. Bentaleb going was intended to bring in Holtby from HSV but we couldn't do it quick enough for the wages to be available to negotiate with him... a typical piece of FM given that he was game to come and we had the bid accepted.

The biggest result to mention here is the 3-3 with Dortmund... we were 3-0 up with 10 to go and the players blamed ME?! ME?! - If you can't tell already, these jokers are killing me and so there'll be a big turnover in the summer! I'll post the table next update as I'm currently mid-April so it's out of sync a couple of games.

Never seen this before so thought I'd share it... maybe it explains our money troubles.

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The New Job

Schalke - Season 4 - 2021/22

So after much deliberation, soul searching or er,... mainly not playing FM - I ended up taking the Schalke job. As attractive as the others were, I quite enjoy the short season in Germany and I actually follow Schalke quite closely (thanks to a network game on FM10) and I'm off to see them IRL in April. This just saves me making a save as them later in the year!!

So here's the squad to start:

It was brilliant to see they'd brought Draxler back as he's been one of my favourite players on FM for years (also a reference to that network game) but personally I think he's on too much dollar and not effective enough - he's also a bit of a whinge which I'm guessing he picked up from Neymar.

Sitting in 11th I feel like Europe could still be achievable which is why I've taken the job. You'll also notice that Kaiserslautern are getting absolutely hammered, which is a shame but I also feel vindicated that maybe I was having a good effect on the team?!

Finally - finances aren't brilliant which I think is down to so many older players being on big wages... hopefully I get the time to sort that out

One minor point is that
Rondon has been scoring but Kenedy has been mostly shite.

Art immitating life
I think both have buyout clauses in their loans if you're wanting to keep them? Though personally I've never gotten much out of either player
A brilliant season and clearly a good decision to rest players at Leipzig!
Having managed Newcastle a lot, it isn't as fun as you'd think unless they've started being successful in your save?! Would love to see you try and take Tranmere all the way to the big time!
That is a mammoth amount of money for this level!
That is a lot of transfer business! Interested to see how that impacts you in the coming season. good luck
Good luck with this. Always like to see someone in the lower leagues, even moreso when it's the lower, lower, lower leagues!
I always seem to lose to my reserves and it gives me a shock everytime 😂. More to do with match practice than anything I'm sure. Good luck!
Future 2.0
So - I felt the need to split this save and don't know where I'll take it from here, meaning the updates may stop at least for now. After holidaying without getting a job until November 2021, here are my options moving forward and I welcome all of your thoughts (including if you think I should stay!). I do have a preference which I'm going to try, but welcome anything you think.




Kaiserslautern - Season 3 - May - 2020/21

To finish the season we played league winners Hertha - who battered us and European contenders Hannover, who stole a win but couldn't break into the top 4. 2 shoddy games which I think could have made my mind up about the new season.


Very happy to come 13th - something so far from anything I thought we could manage this season, it almost gives me the hope to continue.

Ah. Maybe this gives me hope too...
Kaiserslautern - Season 3 - March/April - 2020/21

WELL! March saw all-but-confirm our place in the Bundesliga next season as we picked up another big win against Wolfsburg, right before the horrible trio of Leverkusen (who beat us to keep the manager in a job), - a strange fixture gap which I didn't see coming - Dortmund (who we were awful against) and then Bayern (who tore us apart with Memphis and Bailey) - thankfully, however, results elsewhere meant we secure the place with games to spare! Frankfurt tied us up, as they continue their charge toward the Champions League, whilst fellow strugglers Freiburg did the same.


What a season - for all there are 2 games to go, a lot of what's going on is settled and I never thought I'd see a table looking like this. Hertha (who we face next by the way) have raced to the title, despite finishing down in 9th last season, before we arrived - they do have Malcom on loan from Barca which I am sure is helping! On a similar note, 2nd place Frankfurt were 11th last season WHAT IS GOING ON?!

For all I don't know what I'll be doing for this coming season, I've made sure that 2 of the clubs best players are staying put!


Kaiserslautern - Season 3 - February- 2020/21

Holy shit, we might do this.

Outstanding, if annoying that we didn't win our most winnable game - but that's just how I seem to roll on FM . That win at Gladbach is probably my best on this FM, in terms of changes working and tactical switches translating onto the field.

Up next we play Wolfsburg, at the start of our killer run - although both Bayern and Dortmund are in the process of changing their managers which might open some doors for us through uncertainty and maybe even for me in terms of jobs becoming available. Incredibly, of the teams above us at the moment, only the top 2 and RBL haven't changed their manager for one reason or another.

Another 2 points and I'd like to think we're safe - then maybe they'll let me know about budgets and I can think about what I do next!
A bit of insight into the biggest challenge we have!
Kaiserslautern - Season 3 - January- 2020/21

So, January comes and goes with us not doing any business aside from 2 players leaving to lower the wage bill - literally nothing else to report on that front! We had a couple of friendlies where we lost to a 2.Bundesliga side and then beat some locals, but it's the competitive games that really pleased me.

Good to beat rivals Bochum and put some breathing space between us and them. As we moved onto 3 tough games I was hoping we could keep the scores low and did somewhat better than that, 2 draws and a defeat - which could have been 3 draws were it not for a 97th minute penalty conceded against RBL... although saying that, Hoffenheim had a late winner chalked off by VAR for something I'm still not sure on.

Those points lift us up to the heady heights of 14th, but more importantly 6 points ahead of the relegation play-off which is 16th and 9... NINE points ahead of automatic relegation - where I thought we'd live for most of the season. My target of 35 points is in reach with 12 points needed in the final 12 games. I just hope we can do it soon as March and April see us face Wolfsburg, Leverkusen, Dortmund, Bayern and Frankfurt one after another - I'd do anything to not need big wins in our final 3 games after that.
Kaiserslautern - Season 3 - December - 2020/21

Jesus this game is getting harder to play although I am pleased to announce that WE WON A GAME... although it was our last before the winter break. Good to get a win, bad for keeping up momentum.

Frankfurt are a bit of a surprise package this season and have been sharing the lead with Hertha (who also beat us), Gladbach and Mainz week-by-week so there was no shame in losing there, but not beating Freiburg was scandalous! The last 2 games brought us 4 massive points - and Berisha's FIRST GOAL FOR US... remember him? The guy we're spending all that money on?!

MIraculously, we continue to hang just outside of the relegation zone but it is getting closer and closer as teams around us get their shit together and start to change managers and revolutionise their squads in the window - which we can't do. Bochum for example, just spent £8m on a striker... ours isn't scoring and the other guy came with us from the start.

Sitting in 11th with the likes of Kasper Dolberg in their ranks, this was really attractive and these are getting harder to turn down - but my mission is to keep Kaiser where they are for this season, maybe after that my head can be turned!
Kaiserslautern - Season 3 - September, October and November - 2020/21

Now to start this section - 1 win in 11 games sounds awful, however, when you note that there were only 3 defeats and THEN look at the teams we played, it isn't half bad! Here are the results:

A KEZ_7 special in September - drawing every game, but our opponents (bar Holsten) should all be beating us, given the stature of their clubs. Our one win against Darmstadt was a great performance with 10 men (trying to make things harder for ourselves as ever) - even though they are bottom of the league, but a battering from Gladbach afterwards didn't make things feel much better. November was a month to be proud of, one I was dreading from the start of the season and so coming away with 2 points is actually mega.

With over 1/3 of the season played, we sit in 13th with 13 points, which isn't brilliant as I want about 35 at least to stay up! We're punching above our weight even now and so god knows what could be to come in the next few months, especially as we have nothing to spend in the January window.
Kaiserslautern - Season 3 - Summer and August - 2020/21

So with a big season ahead I felt there was a lot of work to do to make this squad good enough... work that I'm still not sure our budgets can managed. Survival in this division is obviously the aim, but even failure to do so would grab the club more than £25m in prize money - an incredible amount given our seasonal wage budget is just over £4m just now.

The wage flexibility we did have went largely on securing some of our bigger players who demanded a pay rise, the rest went on getting us some decent free transfers. Berisha from Salzburg is likely the pick of the bunch - or at least he bloody better be as we're spending £17k p/w on him, just shy of 10% of our budget. I'm hoping he can bag us some goals and be the target man we need in the more direct system I've decided to try in an effort to Warnock my way to safety.

Latibeaudiere from City is a great raw talent but young and I really would have liked to have brought in a more senior centre back to get us going. A scary stat - of our starting 11 for the first league game, 6 of the side were with us in 3.Bundesliga...

Our jam-packed preseason showed some decent signs for our direct methods, taking some decent results in the Netherlands where we managed to beat Ajax and then only really lost to the 2 biggest sides we played in Bournemouth and Inter in our final showcase game.

Onto competitive matters and we suffered the ignominy of going out to a lower league side in the first round of the cup, having been giant-killers ourselves in both of the previous seasons... oh how times change. We lost to Bremen with a super strange goal, where our own Mads Albaek decided to cross the ball into HIS OWN BOX for an opponent to head passed our keeper - something I genuinely haven't seen on FM before and struggled to record using FM but will try. Finally, the big one, our first home game back in the Bundesliga saw a mini goal-fest as we raced ahead of Bochum before almost throwing it at the end. Good to get 3 points so early!

I'm back at this save having given some of our SUSIE On Tour Challenges a shot over my time off work - here's hoping I can kick back into gear with this one and have another good season.

Stop 3 – January – The Heart of Winter


Happy New Year SUSIE On Tour competitors! Depending on where you are in the world, we're now heading into the depths of winter and so we won't be expecting it to be warm and so this challenge's tedious link comes courtesy of @Suffolk Seasider who tells us: In Finnish, the month of tammikuu means the heart of the winter and because the name literally means "oak moon", it can be inferred that the oak tree is the heart of the grand forest with many valuable trees as opposed to the typical Arctic forests, which are typically pine and spruce. The photograph of a large tree covered with ice against a blue sky is a familiar scene during Finland's winter...

FC Honka is a Finnish club and has a tree on the badge and so that'll do for me! Back to Finland, we go!


The club plays in the top tier of Finnish football and is expected to finish 4th in the Veikkusliga (top tier) this season despite only just being promoted. In a 12 teams league, that probably tells you a little about the perceived talent in the squad and with a very small transfer budget, you might be hard pushed to find much better to work with.


So here they are, your band of merry men who will hopefully lead you to glory! Javi Hervas catches the eye in particular - he once cost Sevilla £1.2m before becoming a bit of a loanee journeyman and falling down the leagues - the deep lying playmaker could be your start man. Gambian international and veteran of the Finnish leagues Demba Savage (what a name!) could also be the top man, out on the right wing.


With only 2 competitions in the league and cup, you have a real chance to fly through this challenge and concentrate on pushing the team into the higher reaches of the table. The Suomen cup is right at the start of your season and offers qualification for the Europa League at the end of it and so it's worth the fight... plus both of your rivals are in Honka's group, so there could be a chance for some early points!



Winners – 50pts
Runners Up - 30pts
3rd - 4th - 20pts
5th - 6th - 10ts
7th - 8th – 0pts
9th - 10th-5 pts
11th - 12th - -25 pts

Winners - 25pts
Runner Up – 15pts
Semi Finalist – 10pts
Quarter Finalist – 5pts
Second Round Exit - 0pts
GroupRound Exit - -10 pts

Qualify for Europe via Cup or League:- 15pts

Rivalries – HJK and TPS - 5pts per win (Competitive games only)
Awards – Manager of Year, Top Goal Scorer – 5 pts each
Sacked - -25 pts and the challenge is over


- Must have badge set to recommended - Continental Pro Licence and playing experience - Regional boxes ticked
- You may not manage any other teams during this process

- You may not use any editing, scouting or other programmes to aid you
- You may only use the official Save Game file (posted below)
- Your save must be made available for review by a moderator if requested. Failure to do so will see your score wiped
- Saved games must be set to a fortnightly autosave

Screenshots and Deadlines:
- Screenshots must be posted IN THIS THREAD no later than 8pm on Thursday 31st January 2019.
- Screenshots Required are: Your manager profile (proof of reputation), the end of season Fixture List with results, end of season League Table anything else relevant to point scoring (i.e. top goal scorers or cup runs). Transfers etc. are welcome but not necessary.

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Hold on a minute. You actually done better in the league than I did? That's unacceptable!

First time for everything