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Samuel Roy Comments
Trying to run it again for new regens. Getting error 58, File already exists, in the Samaroy's Rename Replacement Images file. Anyone experienced this before and know what to do? Does a file need to be deleted before I can proceed?


If you've added a file with a number as the name it might cause this issue

otherwise not sure
Damn, does anyone know of a cheap Microsoft Excel link?

G2A / Kinguin have them for like less than $20 pre sure. You just need 2016 version or newer

Alternatively @Maradonna is releasing a tool that works with the in-game editor

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I have managed to get it working again Sam
I noticed I had to manually change the layout in Genie Scout so as to show the three coloums required.
Also needed to change the name of the destination folder to Samaroy's Regen Replacements.
I advice to just change this folder name in your download to avoid any unwanted stress
I had over 40000 players to do so I filterd each position and extracted one file for each position.... this is the way forward I believe for people who have a large amount of NewGens in their games.
Then just follw the 3 steps in the tool for each position file.
Thanks once again for a superb tool,

Planning to re-release the tool alongside the upcoming NewGAN tool
Haven't been able to recreate this error myself yet

@DazS8 are you able to send me screenshots of how it comes up?

Does it come up instantly or after a while?
Same problems here

I have used the tool previously too with no issues but now not working

I will have to look into it - I'm unfamiliar with this error - I suspect its to do with the new windows update.

Just to check a few things - have you tried deleting the existing excel tool and reunzipping the excel file and trying again?

I suspect it may be an issue with macros being disabled OR that the file extensions / structure has changed with the new update
Ok I will test it now for you


Just downloaded latest file

You still do have to rename folder to Samaroy's Regen Replacements to get it to work.

Thanks for this - is odd mine is not currently requiring that.

I will try to reupload and I will test again.

Apologies for the inconvenience
Could this possibly work on open office?

I don't know much about open office - if it uses VBA and can refer to filepaths on your computer then yes.
@Samuel Roy did u managed to do something with @Maradonna
should i wait for your project?

It's a while off - potentially months. We are aiming for something ahead of FM21
@Samuel Roy

We told you right from the start when I tried the tool that the folder had to be renamed to "Samaroy's Regen Replacements"

I have re-uploaded and this is no longer the case. Although I would like some testing on this newer version
I'm getting run-time error 9 aswell.
I already had the file extensions visible in the explorer options.
What am I doing wrong?

Turn them off. My tool assumes they are off.
so, i need to download your facepack ? i can't use mine, right?
cuz i have more then 20GB cut outs faces for fm

You can use yours if you assign them to the folders mine are assigned to based on ethnicity.

But there would be no shortcut to doing this unfortunately

Once you have done this, you can run the replacement images tool also provided to update your folders with the new images correctly. This will take a long time for 20gb of additional photos and may break the tool

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for some reason Macros was disabled... i enabled it and it now appears to be doing something

Brilliant! Macros are always disabled by default!
I am trying my best but struggling. i am up to step 10. do i name the list? where do i save it?

as when i opened step 11. i get a macro error


EDIT. I have downloaded some faces and also, where do i place them? sorry to be annoyance

The tool comes with nearly 100k images. I don't think you need to add more if you are as you say and not that experienced with this sort of thing.

Step 10 should be done in genie scout. You should save the file (anywhere, with whatever recognisable name you have) and then go back to the excel tool to load it and continue steps 11 onwards

As for the macro error? What error are you getting?

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amazing work

but I am a real dummy when it comes to this stuff.

I have a normal face pack installed and would love for the future youth players to have these instead of the blank/black faces.

is there any way to get a generic program or does it have to be done on a 1 by 1 thing..

I would happily just like my team to have faces so is there a simple drag & drop method etc ? thank you so much

Hi - no. But if you follow the steps for this tool it will replace your youth players (new gens) faces.

It won't replace the faces of the real players that are missing from your face pack sorry to say.
Hi! I think this is brilliant!

Have you seen the new Regen Replacement Tool? Using this together with GAN faces would be amazing I believe! --> https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/55026/samaroys-newgen-replacement-tool

There might still be a "manual" component if I understand correctly - sorting the generated faces into certain ethnicities (the regen replacement tool has distinct source folders named by ethnicity from which the pictures are pulled and mapped to relevant IDs). I believe this could be very well handled, especially if we combine efforts of a couple of interested helpers (would offer myself of course).

What do you think?

We have definitely been in contact around this and will be working together on something for sure!
What's in the facepack in the download?

I have divided the sortioutsi facepack into ethnicities to enable the tool to assign ethnically relevant images
Absolutely brilliant tool, really helps improve game immersion, thanks for uploading!

Might be a stupid question but is it possible to do every in game youth intake period without changing the faces already assigned?

The current tool will not replace any images already assigned.

Unless you delete the images in the folder it won't assign new ones.
Try this...


specifically the extensions part in the introduction. make sure the folders display file type OR vice versa if you already have them active. I
hmmm sorry about this - let me research...
The folders may need to be labelled in English exactly what they come as
Hi! Awesome idea!

Unfortunately, it does not work for me. I am getting "Error 9" (Runtime Error)


I am getting the same error on both tools! So it must be quite a fundamental thing.

Any help?


Have you moved any of the excel files? Renamed any of the folders? Anything like that?

That's an error that will pop up if it can't find something it should be able to find. Given its with both files, potentially one of the folders
Hi Samuel, what skin are you using? it looks very good

Its the YACS skin by Bossland with the transparent version installed
Have you used any of these in the folders at all.....some great faces here I think but would need organising


Yep used a few but prioritised the default facepack as it was more easy to sort (using the game)

I have been in touch with the guys behind that pack and we have discussed potentially using my sorted folders to help train the AI in the different ethnicities
Thanks guys.

Please let me know if there's any more issues.

Hopefully I can make this into something people can seamlessly enjoy
I may have to edit it to not choose folders automatically but rather allow the user to choose their destination folder.

Let me know if the above doesn't work and I'll upload an update tomorrow.
Yes, that worked, thanks. Although I encountered another issue when running step 15:
FYI, I have placed FM 20 documents folder on another disk, so it's not in the usual C:\Users\User\Documents path.

If you downloaded the version I upload 90 mins ago then this would likely be caused by either the Regen Replacement folder not being where it should be - or there's a different error...

Can you show me your graphics folder?
@krissmed also - once you have got the 70k done for your current save. Just download a CSV with Regens under 18 each year to capture the new youth intake. Sorry - hope this helps!
Getting this error message:

It could have something to do with I'm having 70 000+ regens.

Sorry for the inconvenience - please try the solution in the above message and let me know how it goes

My save only had 32k regens and I didn't encounter this issue
Should have mentioned it can't handle more than around 30k regens at a time.

In step 9. Try filtering and downloading a CSV of regens that are 16 and 17

Then do 18 and 19

Then do 20 and 21

and so on.

It will still work this way, just take slightly longer.