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Huesca are a team in Football Manager 2021. Huesca play in the Spanish First Division in Spain in FM 21. Huesca are a playable team in FM2021. Huesca play at a stadium called "El Alcoraz" in Football Manager 21.

Spanish First Division
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Huesca Players

Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Andrés Fernández 33 GK £10k £3m £300m 30-06-2023
Álvaro Fernández 22 GK £20k £9m £27m 30-06-2023
Antonio Valera 23 GK £3k £188k £395k 30-06-2022
Luisinho (Luis Pinto) 35 D (L) £4k £66k £36k 30-06-2021
Gastón Silva 26 D (LC), WB (L) £4k £925k £1m 30-06-2021
Dimitris Siovas 31 D (C), DM £25k £3m £300m 30-06-2022
Denis Vavro 24 D (C) £27k £4m £2m 30-06-2024
Jorge Pulido 29 D (C) £4k £6m £6m 30-06-2022
Pablo Insua 26 D (C) £5k £2m £2m 30-06-2023
Pedro López (Pedro López Muñoz) 36 D/WB (R) £5k £106k £58k 30-06-2021
Idrissa Doumbia 22 DM, M (C) £15k £2m £7m 30-06-2024
Pablo Maffeo 23 D/WB (R) £26k £7m £11m 30-06-2023
Pedro Mosquera 32 DM, M (C) £15k £3m £4m 30-06-2021
Damián Musto 33 DM, M (C) £8k £1m £1m 30-06-2021
Sergio Gómez 19 M (LC), AM (RLC) £14k £2m £6m 30-06-2022
Mikel Rico 35 DM, M/AM (C) £10k £356k £392k 30-06-2021
Eugeni (Eugeni Valderrama) 26 M/AM (C) £4k £738k £406k 30-06-2021
Jaime Seoane 23 DM, M/AM (C) £10k £5m £8m 30-06-2022
Javi Galán 25 D/WB/M/AM (L) £20k £12m £14m 30-06-2022
Javi Ontiveros 22 M/AM (RL) £28k £15m £27m 30-06-2024
Shinji Okazaki 34 AM (C), ST (C) £14k £932k £1m 30-06-2021
Juan Carlos (Juan Carlos Real) 29 M (C), AM (RC) £4k £855k £470k 30-06-2021
Borja García (Borja García Freire) 29 M (RL), AM (RLC), ST (C) £15k £9m £18m 30-06-2023
David Ferreiro 32 M/AM (RL) £3k £685k £377k 30-06-2021
Rafa Mir 23 AM (RL), ST (C) £7k £8m £16m 30-06-2022
Sandro (Sandro Ramírez) 25 AM (RL), ST (C) £32k £9m £22m 30-06-2023
Dani Escriche 22 AM (L), ST (C) £4k £1m £3m 30-06-2022

Huesca Loaned Out Players

Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Ronald Gbizie 23 DM, M (C) £3k £105k £53k
Manu Molina 21 M/AM (L), ST (C) £3k £28k £70k
Joaquín (Joaquín Muñoz) 21 M/AM (RL) £3k £1m £2m 30-06-2023
Kelechi Nwakali 22 M/AM (C) £3k £933k £753k 30-06-2022
Juan Peñaloza 20 AM (R), ST (C) £3k £75k £207k 30-06-2023

Huesca Staff

Name Age Job Wage Expires Rating
Fernando Sarasa 59 Chief Doctor
Fernando Arnedillo 56 Head of Youth Development
Pacheta (José Rojo) 52 Manager (First Team) 30-06-2021
Cani (Rubén Gracia) 39 Scout
Petón (Jose Antonio Martín Otín) 64 Director
Josete Ortás 41 Managing Director
Manuel Torres Guillaumet 50 Chairman
Javier Luis Bail 34 Head Physio
Anna Carceller 41 Doctor (First Team)
Juanjo Camacho 40 Scout
Ramón Tejada 47 Chief Scout
Rubén García (Rubén García Ruiz) 40 Director of Football
Antonio Gómez 32 Physio (First Team)
Pedro Camarero 49 Director
Chema Monzón 44 Assistant Manager (First Team) 30-06-2021
Alberto De la Fuente 27 Recruitment Analyst
Francisco Moré 61 Doctor (First Team)
Adrián Sipán 30 Performance Analyst (First Team)
Miguel Vidal 30 Physio (First Team)
Chera (Jose Luis Tosat) 59 Coach (First Team)
Jorge Carracedo 34 Sports Scientist (First Team)
Jorge Trigueros 34 Fitness Coach (First Team) 01-07-2021
Adrián Mallén 30 GK Coach (First Team)
José Luis Toa 59 Manager (U19 Team)
Ivo (Miguel Ivo Palomar) 28 Physio (U19 Team)
José Naranjo 33 Assistant Manager (U19 Team)
Pedro Barrio 29 Fitness Coach (U19 Team)
José Luis Puente 28 GK Coach (U19 Team)