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chokosc Comments
I don't think it is impossible. They are only three points behind Palace and have a game in hand compared to Hull. It won't be easy as they still have Chelsea, Liverpool, City, Arsenal and United to play against but they also have games against the teams fighting for survival along side them and that is where they will have to do better to survive.

Wouldn't miss them though. Just hope Adama goes to a better team next season.
Pep really is fantastically naive. I have absolutely no idea what he thought would happen with his team selection tonight. There's thinking your defence is shit and you need to attack, and there's that side. Actually backfired in the first half as they had such little control of the game they couldn't get the ball to their attacking players.

True. A backline of Clichy-Kolarov-Stones-Sagna just makes you think what is happening in his head! Not that they have many options (Otamendi is terrible most games) but that is something you would have thought they'd deal with in January.
Hope Monaco and Leicester play so one of them makes it to the semis!

Although I won't be surprised to see Barca get Leicester.
Any good games coming out to the PS4? Something similar to GTA, or just a story based game?
Personally i think far too much is being made of it, i mean surely the champions of England should be qualifying from the group they had and then beating Sevilla? The real test will be in the quarter finals when they play one of the top sides.

True, but we aren't talking about Chelsea\City\United\Asenal.... Leicester are doing shit in the league and great in the CL. Sevilla are a great team so I completely understand the hype around them. They really are underdogs wherever they would play in the CL in the next round and hopefully that will only do them good.
Don't understand what United fans are complaining about... Herrera is to blame. The referee saved you another red card at least by not booking Valencia for any of his shitty tackles.

Probably would have prefered Arsenal in the semi but hopefully we manange to make it to the final!
Greatest comeback ever. Too bad the referee made sure it happened. Would have been much greater had they not been given credit for their great diving.

Suarez, depite possibly being one of the best strikers around, he is just a cunt. Can't stand him.
Wenger out. What a waste of a managerial spot at a club that should be doing much much better.
First time this season I really can say that the referee saved us. Clear penalty that wasn't given for that Azpilicueta handball!
Been following this for a while, and wanted to say what a good career you've had! Mind showing what the best Israeli is looking like in 2039?
2018 - End of a Journey!
We continued our terrible form in the league but just look at what we did in the Europa League! I was well surprised that we knocked Maccabi Haifa out and Ludogorets just got the better of us. We did go on a good run towards the end but was it enough to keep us up?
Unfortunetly, it didn't! Þór won their final game against third placed KR and that meant that we are going down!
Sure, we got relegated but I was very surprised when I saw this after the game! I really didn't think this would happen especially because the board gave me a new contract towards the end of the season when we were just one point above relegation. I leave the club with a lot of money in the bank and a trophy in the cabinet. I hoped to get a chance to bring the club back up but I was wrong.
What Now?
I think for the time being, this will be the end of the thread. That is due to the fact we failed the objective. I will try to find a new club, but I think that will wait. Thanks for following and sorry for this being so short!

Sutton not too bad really! Would have loved it if they scored.
2018 - Midseason Roundup!
League Results
We lost in 6 of our first ten games. How bad are we? Well, the result say it all! We've conceded a total of 20 goals so far (worst in the league) and things aren't looking great really. Will have to strengthen my defence somehow. The young players are really disappointing me to say the least.
So, not only do we not have a chance of winning the league, it seems like we will be fighting relegation come the end of the season... I didn't think it would be this bad but my defence is falling apart and we can't hold on to any lead we take.
Cup Results
We were unable to go on another good cup run unfortunetly. Quite a shame really, especially going out to a second tier team!
Europa League Results
We were drawn against the Estonian Kalju and we managed to get the win away from home (3 of the 4 wins we had so far were away from home). Next up we take on Israeli side Maccabi Haifa. They are a good team from Israel and not losing 10-0 on agg. would be a great achievment for us!

What a game! Next game will be crazy as both teams will probably attack from the start!
Great first season! Thought Winks would be more important for you (only a goal and assist) but he still got a good rating!
Amazing first season mate! Good luck in the second, hope you do better than just avoiding relegation.
@r96Skinner @b0nb0n - Cheers guys!

2017 - Preseason Roundup
The Deiladbikar is some sort of a preseason cup to get the teams going. The board don't think it is important at all so i am not too disheartend that we dud nothing in it. I am very happy that we won the Íslenska Frábær Bikar because no one gave us a chance against Valur! A single goal by out youth product secured the win. Hopefully this could be the start of a good season for us!

A lot of transfers as you can see! We sold all but one of our foreigners (he is in the U19s until his contract runs out). I only brought in two players over the age of 22 so I am definitely hoping that these players will develop throughout this season and the next. Our scouts rate them highly and I hope the deliver!

This is our squad for the season. A lot of potential and with the average age at 23 I really hope that they will grow and lead us to glory!

@Dan They sure do! Not been excited about youth intake since FM 14 I think! Just hope they stay with us as the club develops!

2017 - Season Roundup
I brought in four players in total on loan. I wanted more depth. Vesileiou obviously isn't from Iceland but I thought he could be a good cover for us at ST especially with the injuries! One player I would love to have permenantly from here is Brynjarsson but I think I might only be able to loan him again.

League Results
Consistency isn't something my players have heard of and I was disappointed with that. Hopefully next season we can manage to get a good run of results and not mess up every time we start on a small patch of good results. As you can see, our two most important players in attack were Lund and Vasileiou, with the pair getting 11 goals in 11 games.
Not where we wanted to be but I can only build up from here!

Cup Results
I don't know what happened in the cup but we were good in every game we played! Hopefully this will get the players going next season, and with the money to come from the EL qualifiers (if we manage to progress a bit) this could be big for us!

Not sure where we would have been without the two loanees! Hoping for straight sevens, and a smaller squad next season!

Awards & Finances
Flattered by this because I didn't think much of our season. Hopefully next season I will be able to add this award next to the medal I got from the cup!
Not a lot of money but hopefully with us in the EL some sponsors will pay us! Hopefully this will start to go in the millions before too long.
Good transfer budget! We are going to offload the foreigners which surely will free up the wage budget and I will definitely not use the whole transfer budget. Good to have it there just incase!
@Dan - Cheers mate! It seems like this could be a good journey!

Youth Intake

Our youth products will play a major part in this career so I am very very happy with what I am seeing in this first batch!

Ívar Örn Magnússon
Wow, wow, wow and anoth WOW!!! This guy is looking insane! He will go straight into the next season as we will get rid of our foreigners! I really hope I can keep him here for a long time.
Guðjón Ívarsson
This guy maybe not as good as Magnusson but he also looks like he could become a great striker for us!
Gunnar Már Jónsson
Might not have the best technical stats right now but with training and tutoring, as well as some games in the first team, hopefully he will be good for us.
@DNZY - Cheers mate, hope you enjoy! @b0nb0n - I have one Danish in my squad in the first season but I think only players from Iceland will make this a harder challenge! @r96Skinner Cheers!

2017 - Midseason Roundup!
I brought in three players, two from Iceland and one from Spain. The two Iceland guys are 20 and 19 so they are definitely here to grow and hopefully they can become good for us. Balbi will be leaving at the end of the season with the other non Home Grown guys, and he was really just brought in to help stabalize the team in the first season.
League Results
As you guys can see, we had a very tough start to our season. We couldn't find out attacking shoes and that really didn't help! After five games we managed a nice run, only losing one (got destroyed) of our next 6 games. We currently have 4 players out injured, which isn't helping us as they are all starters. Hopefully I can bring in some decent players during the window to really bolster our chances of at least a midtable finish!
So, we are currently in 7th, just where the board have set our expectations to. The 5-0 loss to FH really did hurt the guys, demoralising them, but I hope we can get our form back and get a good run in the second half of the season. My aim right now is to not get relegated and to get ourselves young players who will help us in the league for years to come.
Cup Results
So far so good in the cup! We have done great to beat two far superior teams in FH and Stjarnan. Hopefully we can keep this run going and get to the final. If we do so, we will face either Haukar or HK, two teams in the second division. Hopefully we can get our hand on the first piece of major silverware at the club this season!

My Goals

At Club Level:

- In the second season, have no foreign players.

- Become the top team in Iceland (Starting joint fifth).

- Develop as many players through the academy.

- Each year promote two promising youngsters to the team.

- Have a young (average age 25) team after three seasons.

- Have a profitable club!

Competitions in Iceland:

- Win the league.

- Win the cup.

- Dominate the competitions!

Champions League:

- Get past the Second Qualifying Phase in the Champions League.

- Get past the Third Qualifying Phase in the Champions League.

- Get past the Playoffs Phase in the Champions League.

- Get Past the Group Stage in the Champions League.

- Get Past the First Knockout Round in the Champions League.

- Get Past the Quarter Final in the Champions League.

- Get Past the Semi Final in the Champions League.

- Win the Champions League!!

«This comment has been edited»

The Icelandic Way

Hello guys! In this career I will try and take a team from Iceland and make them the best team in Europe! This will be a big challenge but hopefully, like the national team have done in the Euros, we will be able to become huge and succeed in the challenge!

The Team
I decided to go as Fjölnir for two reasons: first, they have great facilities which will help me on this mission. Second, they don't really have a lot of history, which is a nice start and not only will we be making progress in Europe, we will also need to do better than before in Iceland!

The Squads
As you can see for yourself, the players aren't too good so we have a lot of work to do in improving. Our 4 best players are not Icelandic which is a problem I will need to take care of.
Only two of our youth players are looking like they could be good. Hopefully I will be able to get Panic and Kristjansson into the squad this season so they can get better!
Hazard destroyed Arsenal's defence with that goal. Coquelin is terrible, why didn't he just pull him back?
Only 7 (possibly 8 if Leicester go through) of the 16 are Premier League sides...Seems a really small amount to me :\
What a great counter attack that was! Sims looks like he could be a good player!
Bad performance from us and the ref.
Hul should've had a pen and Davis should've been sent off.

What are your thoughts on Hazard? Been a bit of a disappointment after a promising start to the season in my opinion.
Wish Mason a speedy recovery! Was a strong challenge, but not much could have been done! Think Hull got robbed there as they should have had a penalty from Alonso's challenge on Hernandez... We weren't too good today, so happy we managed to win it!
Jon Moss should never referee a match again. Christ.

All he wanted was for Arsenal to still have a chance of finishing fourth...

How did the linesman manage to miss that offside though? No one was there to block his view.
Does this work on FM Touch as well?
To be honest, there would have been no better way to end an amazing run. Spurs were just amazing. Everyone of them deserves an +A for his work, as well as Poch.

We didn't play well and I think Pedro, Luiz and Kante were the worst. Sadly Conte waited too late and I think he made the wrong subs. Personally I would have taken Pedro off for Willian earlier.

The next four games are huge. Liverpool vs United could put us back to 7 points above the rest if it ends in a draw and we win away at Leicester. Then you have Spurs vs City which is another game which could be good for us in hope that we beat Hull at home. If we win those games and the results in the big games are good for us (draws obviously), the games against Liverpool and Arsenal would be huge as we could be 9\10 points above the rest if we win them both.