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terriersmad Comments
Great post! I can imagine all Huddersfield fans agree.

Who do the fans want next? A short term option who may be able to keep you up (huge task that though.....might even be beyond Big Sam) or a longer term option, even if you get relegated?

I personally want Jokanovic - I think he's a more attacking option, but he'd fit into the ethos of the club. Whoever it is has their work cut out, though. I suspect there'll be a real sense of doom in the squad and they'll have a big job to pick the players up, even ahead of next season. The last thing I'd want is a Moyes or an Allardyce - let's go down playing some front-foot football and shock some people. Give the fans something to cheer - heaven knows we've not had much this season, through little fault of the management. Even when it looks like we might get a rare chance to win a game it's snatched from us in farcical circumstances!
Gutted. Absolutely gutted. Obviously David Wagner felt it was the right decision and the club felt it was the right decision, but there's a lump in my throat. How I wish it could have been Wagner pulling off one last miracle (to go with the previous two).

Thank you, David Wagner. Three years where you made grown men cry tears of joy and make even the most stalwart cynic believe in magic. Huddersfield Town will never be the same again, and it's all thanks to you. Wherever you go next, I wish you every success in the world.
Rallying cry from the chairman.

The thing is, I can accept going down if we make a real fight of it. Performances and set-up v Newcastle, Southampton and Fulham were just plain wrong. There was nothing there where we got in the opposition's faces, made it a battle, played with any kind of belief. We sat 8 defensive players into a 5-3-1-1 and it was so restrictive. We go to Manchester United, revert to 4-2-3-1 and play well despite the 3-1 defeat. We attacked them and looked dangerous for most of the game - we actually deserved a point from it, just couldn't finish in good positions. Then we go into a must-win and go all defensive. We're adrift. We have to attack, so to just sit and seemingly accept our fate isn't on.

Dean has come out (which will have cost him something - I'm certain that part of our current funk is because he's been in hospital, very ill, for the past 3 months) and fired a rocket up the club's collective arse with his New Year's message. If we perform and go down - then we perform and go down and I couldn't ask for more. If we continue to put in lacksadaisical, defensive, negative displays then I'll be annoyed and I could ask for more from them.

Current situation (it isn't a predicament - there's more to life than league position) is down to a number of factors:

Poor sales in summer;
Poor signings in summer;
Lack of attacking ambition and faith in attacking players;
Lack of variety in attacking play;
Appalling luck with injuries;
Some poor refereeing at key points.

Some in our control, some - such as losing Mooy, Williams, Sabiri, Löwe, Hogg, Smith to injury for extended periods - out of it. The point is that we can only do what is within our control - attack teams, have a go, be brave and keep going even in the face of adversity. If we go down, then we go down. We expected it last season, we expected it this.

There was actually a brilliant article in the Independent the other day about Town, Fulham and the rest of the top flight. Well worth a read.
I wonder if all the pundits still cant see City slipping up this season?

Pundits struggled to see Fabian Delph's challenge as a red card. So they probably can't see them slipping up...

Useless stat of the day: we're the first top-flight team to lose 6 games in the month of December since ourselves (1950). Special level of useless, that. Can't say we deserved to lose all of them but even so. We have lost all of them. Saturday v Fulham is a biggie. Winner... probably goes down, let's be honest.
Congratulations Newcastle. Took their chance when it came, which we didn't. No excuses for that second half performance. Insipid, dreary, heartless, gutless. Stat of the day: four of our players have now produced 273 crosses into the opposition penalty area. One goal has been produced - and after today it's clearly not the quality of the ball into the box, because we produced 4 or 5 beauties that were begging to be put away by a striker on the move in the box. But instead of Laurent Depoitre we now apparently have an overweight Hercule Poirot, who can fuck off for me. He's lost me completely with his recent performances.
[quote name='Eric Portapotty' user_id='144206' id='457722' timestamp='1544346275']

Yeah I'm not even going to bother debating your other points mate


But what an utter shithouse of a game, @terriersmad surely you cannot have any complaints about the refereeing performance?

Best official of the season. Only complaint is that he missed the foul on Pritchard at 0-0 - penalty, 1-0, different game. But I thought live Pritchard slipped, so can't complain much there! Perhaps a little lucky with the offside by the modern abortion of a law, but at the same time he's a fair way off and pressing when the ball is played from his offside position, so the linesman deserves praise for being prepared to apply common sense - if Lacazette isn't offside in the first place, Zanka doesn't make the error. Rightly booked ours when we were over-zealous with tackles (minor quibble with the Pritchard booking, which did look soft if truth be told). 9 bookings tells its own story about the battle the game became, a proper scrap with a referee who was in charge and taking no shit. Loved that. First time I've felt coming out of a game with the top 6 that the officials weren't a bunch of blinkered idiots who were star-struck by the superstars on show and they were genuinely even-handed. I can deal with mistakes if it's clear they're honest oversights.

Incidentally, three bookings for diving for Arsenal. Never seen anything like it, to be honest. Not least because the ref, having seen them all again, was absolutely spot on each time. Shows how utterly desperate they were, against a side assembled for a fraction of the cost of the two strikers. The FA should be looking into that and severely disciplining Emery - clearly his tactics, clearly his instruction.

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Fucked by the officials again tonight for the first goal. Not a foul, and offside from the free-kick. Can't defend like we did for the second, but life is hard when the opposition are gifted a goal head start.

Still, should have won that. Enough chances to batter them 5 or 6. Bournemouth will feel incredibly lucky.
Tried to behave this season, but need to get today's 'performance' by Michael Oliver off my chest.

Comfortable, cruising without playing particularly well at 1-0. Innocuous 50-50 between Mounié and their no.8. Inexplicably, a red is produced. I've seen it again - it's a staggering decision. Mounié is pulling out of the challenge. There's no force behind it. His leg is bent as he tries to get out of the way. There's a still which doesn't look great, but it doesn't tell the whole story. It's a foul, no question, but it's not serious foul play - there's no excessive force, his leg isn't straight, it doesn't endanger the Brighton lad's safety in any way, shape or form. It's just a 50-50 for a bouncing ball that you see dozens of times a season. We'll be successful with the appeal, but that doesn't compensate us for the points it's cost us today.

That's bad enough, but you can get a duff one from any referee. Five minutes later, we get two in a pop. Pritchard, four yards out and about to get a clear shot away, is hauled down. Not sure who by if truth be told. But there's no doubt that it's a penalty and a red card for denial of an obvious goalscoring opportunity without an attempt to play the ball. There's a tremendous photo that just shows how blatant it was - the lad has an arm around Pritchard's throat and another pulling him down with a knee in his back. It's as stonewall as a penalty can get. Not given. To be honest, I'm more irritated about that - 10 v 10 with us 1-0 up (and probably 2-0) is a different game. It's an inexplicable decision.

Of course, he added just enough time for them to score. 4 minutes seemed long at the time to add. There are also questions about whether the ball had gone out of play before they recycled it for their corner - of course, the unfit linesman was 10 yards behind play and in no position to make a decision. We can't complain too much, though, as we switched off.

They then went ahead - can't say it wasn't coming, but at the same time the game was completely changed by earlier decisions. Brighton played against 10 well, and credit to them for that, but it can't be denied by anyone that they were fortunate to be in that position and we were desperately unlucky not to be more up as a result of the officials. Most Brighton fans have said they'd have got nowhere near us with 11, which is a fair enough reflection.

Oliver compounded his awful performance by failing to send off Leon Balogun late on for a dangerous challenge. As a challenge it was an order of magnitude worse than any other in the game (and most certainly a fair degree worse than the challenge which saw Mounié dismissed). It'd have been scant consolation, but it most certainly underlined just how awful and one-eyed Oliver's entire performance was.

We've not had a slice of luck at all this campaign. Generally officials have dropped a bollock against us once a game and it's been costing us. Oliver has taken us 3 times this season. The end outcome?

2 Town players sent off (one fairly);
No opposition players sent off (should be two);
No penalties awarded (should be two);
One perfectly good equaliser (v Liverpool) ruled out.

Total points he's cost us on his own: 6.

And the more I see the red, the more I just think about what an awful decision it is. He's gone to pass the ball - you can tell from the angle and the way he goes in. He actually gets to the ball, which hits the Brighton lad who is challenging at the same height. The follow-through scrapes the lad, but it's a shocker. It's an absolute shocker of a decision. Nobody could describe it as dangerous without having an agenda. Absolutely nobody.

Interesting stat, though (and one which questions should be asked about): Michael Oliver has refereed us 3 times this season. Chris Kavanagh has refereed us 3 times. Oliver has also been 4th official 3 times. Surely that's worth asking questions over. No referee should have a say over almost half of our fixtures this season unless it's the second game of the campaign.

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All a very grim weekend.
At some point we're going to get the luck we deserve. We've hit the woodwork six times. We haven't scored at home in a quite frankly ridiculous 120 attempts. We've had every decision possible go against us. The performances have deserved more.

It's not helped by the officials. Today we've been desperately unlucky. The Milner handball is a penalty - Michael Oliver plays advantage, presumably thinking that it's just outside. Firstly, there's no advantage there. Secondly, it's inside. It's stonewall. I do wonder whether officials are told not to give any kind of marginal call against the top six, because when you compare what we haven't got against the top six compared to what they have, it's a bit of a piss take. Sterling, Sanchez and Rose have dived - penalties, all. Identical challenges in the same game have been treated differently (Quaner nudged from behind in the Liverpool area - no penalty; Salah nudged from behind in the Town penalty area - penalty). Pritchard is flattened in the Chelsea box - nothing, and then Chelsea go down the other end and get a penalty when we've clearly won the ball. Löwe is wiped out in the Spurs box - nothing. And now Milner playing basketball in the area with nothing given. The other way around, I suspect that's given. And I suspect that's true for the majority of the rank and file against the top 6, just we've really suffered from it this season. At 0-0 v both Chelsea and Spurs, we should have had penalties, and at 1-0 v Liverpool we should have a penalty. Perhaps we don't go on to win games, but it's a damn sight easier to do that if the officials do their job properly. Perhaps it could have been worth 3 more points. Neither does it help when calls are going against us in every other game - Leicester's equaliser was marginally offside, Tarkowski should have been sent off for his stamp on Depoitre, Zaha should have been off before he scored a few weeks back, with the same going for Calvert-Lewin before he equalised at Goodison.

As for the offside, it isn't. Simple as. Van Dijk's body position is such that Pritchard is onside - daft as it is to say, Van Dijk's trailing leg means that all of Pritchard is on (despite what those utter morons on MOTD say). It's a brilliant little finish. 1-1. I can deal with the handball not being given if the goal stands. But as it is, we've not got the point we deserved from another very good performance. Can't ask for more from them at the moment - a little more composure, perhaps, but in terms of attitude and spirit we've been tremendous of late.

But I go to football to be entertained. At the moment, we're entertaining without end product. The first win is coming - hopefully next week v a very decent Watford side.
I've been very encouraged today. We certainly didn't deserve to lose to Spurs. For the most part, we were the better side and, again, with a little more luck we could have won the game. Hitting the woodwork yet again was frustrating - we're 4th highest in the league for that stat (4) and at some point those are going to start going in rather than bouncing out.

The officials settled the contest, there can be no doubt. They somehow contrived to miss clear fouls in the build-up to both goals, as well as an offside in the build-up to the first and Rose's spectacular dive for the penalty. They may as well have worn Spurs shirts all afternoon - they took the piss. We all know that you're not going to get a decision against the top six, but to also somehow miss Löwe being wiped out in the Spurs box inside the first five minutes on top of the other game-changers was an absolute joke. Their decisions robbed us of what would have been a well-earned point.

Last week we can complain about the offside goal allowed to stand. Two weeks ago, we can rightly say Zaha should not have been on the pitch when he scored after his five-minute temper-tantrum featuring him spitting at Mooy, flattening Hadergjonaj and two clear shows of petulant dissent. To say we've been dealt a buff hand this season is an understatement. Decisions haven't gone our way at all. The bounce of the ball has just gone against us. We're working hard, doing the right things, and results haven't reflected performances. We do have a problem putting the ball in the net, but the last four games have seen us create plenty of chances and it's just not gone in. Deflections, fine goalkeeping, poor finishing and just plain bad luck have gone against us.

I do think we'll go down, but we're by no means as bad or as doomed as the press seem to paint us. We've had a hell of a tough start - barring Cardiff and Palace, all our our first 9 fixture are against last season's top 9 - and we've played OK. A bit more luck sees us walk away with a handful more points. Today's performance was good - intense, in their faces, showing no respect and getting into them and causing real problems - and it's a sign that if we do go down, we'll go down fighting. Can't ask for more.
Benitez charged for praising officials and saying he believes in them to do their job.

Meanwhile, the man who provoked the storm hasn't been charged for his rant questioning the integrity of opponents, spitting at opponents, diving, dissent, actively abusing referees in the media and launching into reckless challenges.

Fucking hell, FA. I know you're useless, but this Zaha foul storm really has taken the absolute piss.
Berahino and a 40-yard sliced volley over our own keeper. Kill me now.
Going to be honest: I think we're going down. Yesterday was very, very poor. It was golden chance to get three points and we were ponderous in possession and hardly created anything. I suspect we'll get nothing from the next 3 either.

The style of football that got us here has gone. We're not pressing, we're not quick in transition, and we're playing sideways passes with far too many touches. We've signed some decent wingers but on today's evidence we're going to struggle to play to their strengths because we're too slow when we do get the ball.

I'm actually not all that arsed. It was expected at some point. I just want to see us have more of a go and go down fighting and playing good football. I'm perfectly happy in the Championship (save this for my annoyance at a last-day relegation).
Huddersfield just as well go down now

What, like Charlton?

Fact is Manchester City are the best side this country has produced possibly ever. Our makeshift side got a gubbing. So what?

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Our technical deficiencies going forward may have limited our quality of football at times, but by heck that defending over the last two games has been incredible. Strangely, we were never really tested by Manchester City but last night it was proper bodies on the line, last-ditch, do-or-die stuff. The scramble that led to Lössl's save would have been a goal against any other side, but this isn't any other side. It's an incredible side, of character and desire and heart. Of never giving up, of no limits. What a team. What a season.

Also, Carlos Carvalhal will be sick of us on Wednesday nights in May. Last season we kept him down, this season we've sent the poor sod down. Kinda feel sorry for the bloke.
You might not get another point (although Arsenal's away record is dreadful, so you could get something against them) but who knows, that might be enough. If Southampton don't win at Swansea I doubt they'd catch you? Everton away and City at home their other games.

A lot depends on today. If Everton win, Southampton face Swansea in midweek and then Manchester City. If we don't win another game, we need this combination:

Everton beat Southampton
Swansea beat or draw with Southampton
Southampton lose to Manchester City.

If Southampton beat Swansea, we need Stoke to beat Swansea to drag Swansea down (provided Swansea lose today). Not out of the realms of possibility, but all enough to make the head hurt. I'm paranoid about Saints after 2011 and them pipping us in a promotion race by pulling an unlikely 10 wins on the spin out of the bag (you just can't help but applaud that) to overtake us on the last day. I just have a feeling that history is going to repeat itself and they'll succeed at our expense.
That might be that with our last few games. Just to not be bottom is an achievement to be fair, considering the quality in our squad. Not that I'd write us off with our habit of pulling together for one final push - beat Arsenal on the last day and we will survive, which would be a frankly astonishing achievement considering the low base we started from when compared to everyone else in the division. But to do that we need more quality on the wings in particular. Not Quaner's fault he isn't very good, but our injury problems mean we have to play him if we're going 4-2-3-1 (personally, I'd chuck Billing in from the start and push Pritchard wider in more of a 4-3-3).

Still, if we go down, we go down. I don't want to say I'm not fussed, but it's one of those where, as disappointed as I'd be, I'd also appreciate just how much we've achieved this season. We'd be in a great position to build, even if we lost Wagner, and I think we'll have plans for whatever division we're in. We're keeping Lössl and Hadergjonaj (one of the achievements of the fans this season has been getting his name into a coherent song), even if we lost players we'd have a massive war chest to rebuild again. The Championship is one hell of a league, mind you, and if this is goodbye then at least we're taking some incredible memories with us - particularly the day we outfought, outplayed and quite deservedly beat Manchester United.
Mystery how we didn't win. Credit to Swansea - sitting ten back and keeping shape and not allowing an inch of space in the danger zone takes discipline and concentration. And when we did manage to get through them, Fabianski was in fine form. Some save from Mounié's thunderbastard of a volley.

As for the Ayew challenge - lucky he didn't break Hogg's leg. I've seen it again and it's an absolute shocker. Loses the ball, goes chasing, jumps in and goes studs-first into Hogg's knee. Quite how Carvalhal thinks it's appealable is beyond me. It's a terrible tackle.
Bit of a mugging, that. Bossed them for the entire game, just done by a £75m striker on the break - that's what you pay the money for. Reminded me of Middlesbrough a couple of years back - a full-throttle performance that didn't quite break down an organised defence.

VAR most certainly doesn't work. The farce for their disallowed goal sums it up. To be fair to the linesman, I'd have flagged him on - his knee was off and for me the benefit goes to the forward. But the moment you get technology involved it becomes black and white. His knee is off, therefore the goal must be ruled out. I'm far more annoyed that we didn't get a penalty for Smalling's handball - where was the VAR for that? Pretty clear-cut decision, too.

The BBC's coverage was an embarrassment. Not a single mention of us after we put in that display. Remarkable.
3-0 Chelsea it finished, West Brom starting to be cut adrift a bit....3 wins all season, 2 of which were in August, is unbelievably bad.

It'll be 4 in 2 weeks. They play us at the Hawthorns next, and we have a habit of not turning up when we go away.

Add to that I've not seen us score away since the play-offs last season, and I'm going to the Hawthorns, and it looks very grim.

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Danny Williams

That performance has been coming for a while. We've lost 5 on the spin before today but not played too badly. Today we wanted it more than Bournemouth and it was an outstanding footballing performance. Beggars belief that the glorious third goal, Mounié's second, has been noted as an own goal, mind. More proof that the brain-dead idiots in charge of football haven't a fucking clue.
Would be nice to see us have a bit of a go v Man United tomorrow. After early success against them, it'd be good to get back on track against them and go back to the fearless pressing from early season. We've walked out beaten too often against the top 6 and not given them a game. The fact that Sanchez on his own earns more than our entire squad should be a spur, not a setback.

Liverpool were very good, but we sat back and just let them knock it about too much. That said, much of the criticism we've come in for has been unfair and unwarranted. What do people expect us to do against sides who regularly rip good sides to shreds with their pace and invention? Try and match them man for man? Because that's suicide.
Jesus. Totally dreadful. Still somehow should have put Birmingham to the sword, but inexcusable in giving the game away like we did. I can only hope that it's because we've been working on tactics and shape for Tuesday.

Also the worst piece of defending I've ever seen from Scott Malone. Waste of £5m. Utter shite.
I suspect we've been sussed out whilst being our own worst enemies. Too pedestrian in possession, none of the zip and pace that made us a nightmare to deal with for so much of last season and the first 1/3 of this at home. Passing around pointlessly, missing runs in behind. No early balls into the box. Expecting Mooy to dictate play even when in a two against three. Throwing bodies forward and getting caught when we fall behind. We need to adapt our style.
Jack Payne to Blackburn. Well beneath him - should be somewhere mid-table a division above, but hey ho.
Kasey Palmer recalled by Chelsea. Considering his injuries and lack of game time, it's not a surprise but it is a damned shame. On the plus side, does it open up the door to a return for Izzy Brown? Rumours abound that Chelsea are going to recall him from Brighton.
The thinness of the squad was exposed badly v Leicester. Worth remembering we've got a core of Premier League players and then the majority of the squad who are Championship players going beyond themselves. Could have been different if the Maguire incident had gone the other way as it could have done but I think Williams could have driven on and no complaints about the result.

Our need for wingers with end product was exposed - the biggest difference was simply that Albrighton and Mahrez were excellent for Leicester, combining threat with actual results. We need a number 10 and a winger in this window.
Got lucky yesterday. Well below par and Burnley should have had a penalty - the only reason I can think for him not giving it was that he perceived that Hendrick had dragged his leg to induce contact. I'd probably have given it. I'll certainly take a bit of fortune after the rubbish luck we had in the first half of the season. I'll certainly take a point when below par against a very good side.