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terriersmad Comments
Well we're back to being a basketcase because the chairman has decided to go on a power trip.

Great. Just when we need a bit of stability and have the chance for it.
Thanks for that, ref. Absolutely shafted us there. Denied a stonewall penalty at 0-0, sends off Bacuna for absolutely nothing, knows he's fucked us, awards us a nothing penalty with the game gone at 3-0. Cheers. Thanks a bunch.
Well that was fucking awful. Credit Wigan, came and did a great job on us. We were powderpuff and short on ideas, they were physical, organised and bullied us. A well-earned win for them. I'm seriously worried about us.
I've just seen Ledson's tackle on Elphick, which looks to have ruled Elphick out for the season. It is a disgraceful 'challenge'. Actually, let's call it what it is: grievous bodily harm with intent. Bouncing ball that Ledson's never getting to. Elphick clears, at which point Ledson comes straight through him with a locked, straight leg, studs showing. The force is enough to spin a 13-stone centre-back around and rupture knee ligaments, potentially ending his season.

It's an appalling, appalling tackle. Even in the cold light of day, without the immediate heat of battle, I think it's pre-meditated. You don't challenge with a locked knee for as long as Ledson does without intent. It's not that he's brought his leg up and challenged, he starts high and kind of kung-fu kicks through Elphick. Even though the ball is a couple of feet off the ground, he's still challenging down on the ball which is coming across him - it's not a stretching, lazy leg. It's a strange challenge to make by anyone who doesn't intend to go through a player with force.

On 3 counts, it's a straight red. Excessive force is the main one for me - he's come in from a long, long way away, never getting within a light year of the ball and still arriving with the force to spin someone twice his size. His knee is locked and you can see it on the follow through - if he'd challenged normally, there'd have been some give there, with two players just colliding and no injury. Then there's the studs up - again, he's a long way away and perhaps if he'd been trying to get a toe on the ball there'd have been the give for injury to not have occurred. As it was, the give was in an as-yet unspecified ligament in Tommy Elphick's right knee. At 31, it may be the sort of injury that's tough to come back from. Fingers crossed it isn't.

It's left us without our most experienced defender, perhaps for the season. He's played a big part in our recent turnaround, being the man who can physically compete with players at the back, leaving the reading of the game to Schindler. For all he isn't the world's most comfortable in possession, he'll be a very big miss when there's a lack of physical presence at the back. We just don't have (courtesy of poor transfer business) anyone else like him to step in. Stankovic is a fine ball-player, but he's not a rough and ready defender, ready for the battle of the Championship. I actually prefer Stankovic in midfield.
If we get 10 points clear of the drop I'll start to relax, but that's 7 unbeaten, 4 wins and 4 clean sheets in that time, and without playing particularly well. Good signs for the future. We've turned a 5-point deficit on the side in 21st into a 4-point lead over the side in 22nd in just 7 games. Tough games to come (PNE (a), Birmingham (h), Swansea (h), Bristol City (a), Leeds (h)) but it's better to face these with some points in the bag and confidence growing.
Richard Keogh sacked by Derby. Considering the two with criminal convictions have just been allowed to carry on, he's got serious grounds for appeal. Whilst he shouldn't have done what he did, he's the least culpable and yet has had the worst consequence both personally and in terms of his career.

Wait, the other two are probably worth north of £10m to Derby while Keogh is 33 and coming to the end of his contract. That explains a lot...
Take a point there. Dire for an hour, got a soft penalty (it WAS a penalty, contrary to what Sky reckon - they're all banging on about the arm and contact there not being enough whilst completely missing Bennett's right leg booting Diakhaby's calf as he goes into the box. Theatrical from Diakhaby, but Bennett cannot complain), gave away two awful goals, then livened up when Bacuna came on for the equaliser.

Tough place to go, good point, move on to Middlesbrough in midweek.
We won again! Twice in a week after 7 months without!

Thumping win today. There was a sense of catharsis about the result with certain players and it was good to see smiles on faces again. Hopefully this can give us a real springboard up the table.

And take note of the quality of the goals we're scoring at the moment. This week we've bagged 5, all of which have been superb in their own way. Both Grant's and Bacuna's were fantastic finishes today (no idea how Grant turned and shot for his, really great play with his back to goal, while Bacuna's was just a sweet, sweet strike of the ball), with the build up for Kachunga's being worthy of note.

Perfectly executed away game plan. Stoke were reduced to potshots from outside the box and never really troubled us. We had few shots, but we did create the two best chances of the game and buried one of them. With the ball we were pretty appalling, but without it we were solid and disciplined - we did the basics out of possession well and after being so shaky, cannot complain.
Another frustrating afternoon. Millwall are never the side you want to face when you're on a downer, and so it proved. That said, we were architects of our own downfall yet again with a single individual mistake costing us two points.

To give the ref his dues, I think a majority of officials would have blown for a foul with the keeping error. Not many would have allowed the goal to stand for fear of having made a mistake. On the other hand, how he didn't give us two penalties is mystifying. The first one is a trip and the second... Bloody hell. He's got a fistful of shirt, taken both legs out and got nowhere near the ball. After the last 18 months it's really difficult to stomach. We're down here because we've made horrendous mistakes, but when everything out of your control is also going against you in games where otherwise you're doing the majority of things right it just feeds the negative mindset. In a one-off game it sparks a fighting spirit, but when you've been down on your heels, haven't won on a Saturday in over 500 days, have been relegated, have lost 43 of the last 61 games, etc, it just compounds the misery.

We're poor. But we're also owed a hell of a lot of luck.
If the League Cup game is anything to go by, the Cowleys will get us organised. Maybe not the prettiest, maybe masters of the dark arts, but organised, hard to beat and scrapping for everything. Which is what we need right now.

If they bring a winning mentality, hard work and results, that's all we can ask for.
Jesus. We NEVER get the break.

1-0 up, James Collins takes a dive. I can't say anything other than that. There's no contact, I've watched the replay half a dozen times looking and it just doesn't exist. He's come blindside and thrown himself over as soon as he can. And the ref buys it. 1-1. The lad's going to get a 2-match ban, but that's not going to bring us any points and kick-start our season.

If the first is an understandable error from the referee after having pressure applied, the second is inexplicable. We have a player down with a head injury. The law's absolutely clear: stop the game immediately. There's no excuse in the world that should let the officials off that one. It's not hard to understand. It's not a subjective judgement. Head injury = stop play. There was a significant stoppage after the goal for Jonathan Hogg to receive treatment and he was later subbed off. I do have to say I do agree once again with Hudson's comments on it and we should share some responsibility, but it's not responsibility we should have to share because it's absolutely straightforward.

So yeah. What should be a welcome relief from the utter misery of the last 18 months has been snatched from us. I should say that at 0-0 in the first half we were shambolic, but the second half was miles better. After getting in at 0-0 you're thinking we might just nick something, but apparently not.
Gutting for Bury. It should be a wake-up call to English football, but it won't be.

My great hope is that we'll meet again. Preferably because Bury have risen from the ashes to make it back to the Football League.
Well. Far and away the better side for 70 minutes. Didn't get that bit of luck (or enough shots on target) while we were on top. Sucker punched. Never looked like getting back in it. Fitness an issue - which begs the question what the hell we've been doing all pre-season? Get them in for double sessions for a bit, get them properly conditioned. There is no excuse for not doing something so basic.

Bury look more likely to be saved at least. I hope this deal does save them.

And now Bolton threatened with expulsion again over their protracted takeover. Football is so depressing at times.

«This comment has been edited»
The end is near for Bury. So devasting isn't it. Shame the likes of City, united, liverpool etc can't all pitch in to save a football club from going extinct!

Hate to say it, but it's not their job. I agree with the sentiment (especially after the Premier League told each of its clubs to give a £250k golden handshake to Scudamore last season), but if football is to be sustainable they cannot be bailed out by other clubs. The same went for Portsmouth several years ago. The same goes for Bolton. The same went for us when we were in bother 16 years ago, Bradford, Leeds, etc. The problem I've got has been the FL's approach - when Middlesbrough had the gates of Ayresome Park locked in the 1980s, they carried on playing, formed a new company and kept their place. For me, this is a much better approach than the FL's current approach, which will punish clubs and not give them the chance to get back on the straight and narrow.

Though it should also be said that the biggest problem is the owner. Dale has been disgraceful in his treatment of the club and the fans. The role of an owner should be to safeguard the club for the fans and, like another Lancashire owner I could name, he's done the exact opposite. Without him, I don't think this situation pitches up in quite the same way.

I for one will be staying up late to hear what happens to Bury today (despite having a bloody long day tomorrow - Test cricket in the morning, Championship football in the afternoon). I hope for good news.
At this rate Southend Utd will finish below Bury and Bolton ffs šŸ¤”

Hard to finish below a side that won't even start the season. Though point taken: it's grim.

Our performance last night was grim. It's got to the players. Half of them were in tears at the end. 4 wins in 55, and not through lack of effort last night. Yes, we were, by and large, poor, but the effort was present, the running was there (for the most part). What wasn't there was quality and belief. We rode the storm first half, managed to get back into it and looked to be heading for a draw until fortune favoured Cardiff with a wicked deflection. Had we survived we'd be saying it was a great point in adversity, that we could build on it. But we didn't.

This is a team that needs two things. First it needs something to go for it. A slice of luck, a decision, anything. Last night wasn't the night for that as the bit of luck was with Cardiff at the end. Perhaps more importantly, it has got to go back to basics. We spent most of last night trying to play out from the back, which led to losing the ball in stupid areas and giving away silly free-kicks. The wingers and striker - who are seriously quick for this level - were anonymous. It staggers me that we're not being that little bit more direct. Van la Parra and Grant dropped deep for the ball leaving us with no threat up top. Whenever we play it in to them, it's short balls leaving them with their back to goal - we never make the opposition turn and face their own goal. Bennett was on a booking after about 60 minutes - logic says we have a lightning quick winger up against him who we should put on the shoulder of the defender and play the early direct ball to. But no - we persist with passing it round the back and midfield before losing it after wanting to take one touch too many. The defence also needs tightening up - 7 conceded in 4 league games.

Don't get me started on Mbenza's performance. I'll leave it at 'laziest display I've ever seen'.

As for our transfer business, fuck me. No left back. Letting our best player out on loan. Letting our alternative striker out on loan IN THE LAST YEAR OF HIS CONTRACT. Gambled on unproven kids. We had one chance to build and because we're being run by a load of fucking amateurs (Julian Winter, that's you) we've flunked it. League One sodding beckons.
No real surprise he's gone after yesterday's game, both managers have been in charge of their clubs for a similar amount of time but the difference on the pitch was years apart. Fulham look like a proper side with each player knowing where a teamate will be meaning that some of their build up play was brilliant to watch. Huddersfield on the other hand look like a team of strangers, cannot deny the overall effort but as an actual team they're terrible and that's down to the manager/coaching. Whoever takes over will have a tough job on their hands to improve them.

Absolutely. And the buck stops with Siewert. Though the whole club needs to shake its collective head. He was gone on Wednesday then given a reprieve by the chairman because he'd already picked the team for Friday. It's worse than when we couldn't afford to sack Wadsworth in 2003, and the football we played was on a par. Why would you give a reprieve to someone when his team selections and tactics have lost 14 of 18 matches after he says he's decided the team selection and tactics for the next match?

Siewert's problems were plentiful. I suspect he'll disappear into obscurity in the German youth leagues and never be heard of in this country again. A dreadful experiment at a dreadful time. On the plus side, Chris Hughton is the front-runner it seems. Insofar as we need to go back to basics, he's the ideal manager to do that. Failing that, I wouldn't say no to Nigel Adkins - sorted Hull out in a very similar situation, with perhaps less talent in the team (Bowen aside). Just so long as it's not yet another untried German lower league manager. Wagner was one of a kind - a genuine genius. Siewert was not, and having seen him over the last 7 months I'm amazed he's got as far as he has. One way of playing, no flexibility, far too late with subs, alienated the entire team, never took responsibility.
Had Lincoln not beaten us last night it would have been a travesty. Only Ryan Schofield's outstanding shot-stopping kept it to 1-0 - the only player to emerge with credit from that shitshow. But the fault of the players is mitigated by the fact it's mostly the fault of the coach. There's no pattern, no shape, no style. It's a mess. We were second to every ball - a combination of not setting up properly and just not fancying it. We were outmuscled by a side who ran themselves into the ground and who wanted it far more. All the while, the manager just stood there, leaving it as it was when it was clear it wasn't working.

His performance was shambolic. Perhaps we could expect a poor display considering we had 7 debutants, one making his senior bow. But if we had a system as under Wagner, players would have been well drilled in it. We played makeshift sides under Wagner and regularly trounced lower league teams because even though players weren't regulars they knew their jobs and where they fitted in the system. When we murdered Rochdale 4-0 in the FA Cup with a reserve side you could see how each player had just replaced the first choice in their position. None of that now. When it was clear it wasn't working after 20, 25 minutes he just stood there. We brightened up for 5 minutes at the end of the first half, but the warning signs were there before Lincoln took the lead early in the second - and he persisted. Lincoln had made all 3 changes before Van La Parra was brought on after about 70 minutes - 15 minutes after the goal, in a like for like change. He brought on Mounié 5 minutes later but still didn't change the shape, pushing Kachunga wider rather than partnering up with Mounié and going two up top. To top off his in-match performance, Schofield was shouting at him, asking whether he should go forward for a corner. The manager just ignored him.

Post-match, the manager got into an argument with a fan, didn't emerge for the post-match press conference for over an hour, and when he did castigated the players (that he picked and didn't change, average age 22.4), saying how he'd laid into them about how unhappy he was with the performance. All in all, a complete shambles and I'd be surprised - considering there was apparently an emergency meeting of the coaching staff late last night without him - if he was still here come 5 o'clock tonight.
It's going to be a long season. Bottom three here we come. Unless we sack the manager NOW. No goals in open play, sitting back and looking lost when defending a lead, no composure, no control, no confidence, no belief, no heart, no fight. He's had 17 games and he isn't up to the task, it's becoming more and more obvious. I'm normally the first to say it's madness to sack a manager, but the longer Siewert is in a job the more likely it is we'll be playing League One football next season.
Busy week. Shambles of a performance against Derby rightly saw Derby take the points. Mooy gone on loan to Brighton after signing a new contract. And finally the FA have charged us with misconduct over wearing the kit... which has since gone on to raise over £30,000 for charity.

My feelings on the kit are well known (see above). But once again you'd think the FA had more to do than pick on us for something trivial. And that has raised money for charity. Apparently not. After all, the FA apparently exists only to fuck up the decent clubs and not get involved where there are actual bad things going on - such as helping Bury and Bolton and punishing Derby and Sheffield Wednesday.
The man is a moron, but for me the blame still lies heavily with the EFL in their fit and proper persons "test".

Elsewhere, great win for ourselves today. The Oystons are gone, Larry is back and with him came just under 12,000 fans to Bloomfield road. Bristol Rovers normally do well against us so glad Spearing actually put in a performance worthy of his captaincy for once and scored the penalty and set up the, somewhat unfairly, disliked Gnanduillet for his goal. The Gas hit the post in each half so we were a bit fortunate but I'm glad all over that the season is back and I can properly support my team again!

Hallelujah! Fans back at Bloomfield - good crowd too.

I took myself off for an afternoon of non-league today. With Town not playing until Monday, I went to Farsley Celtic v Darlington. Decent crowd there - not announced but looked north of 1,500, the majority being from Darlington. This meant the majority of the crowd was grumpy for much of the afternoon, as their side disintegrated in the first half. I can't remember the Darlington keeper making a save all afternoon, but they went in 3-0 down at the break after defensive calamities. The first goal was a great strike, but it stemmed from a terrible clearance, and the second and third goals were all about Darlington not doing the basics. Lost the runners for the second, and the third was the worst defending I think I'll ever see from a really straightforward loopy long throw that they just didn't deal with. Darlington improved after the break, but Farsley were focused and did the basics right, and despite the goal of the game - a 25-yard curler from the angle of the penalty area - Darlington never looked like getting back in it. They huffed and puffed but Farsley didn't make the mistakes Darlington did, and that was the difference.

A thoroughly enjoyable and affordable afternoon out. £13 for admission, programme and a cuppa.
Hope for Bolton, not so much for Bury. Which is strange given Bolton have debts of around £40mill whereas Bury is more in the £8mill region

Not that strange - Bolton's cashflow will be so much bigger than Bury's. Say they get 12,000 every week, compared to 3,000 at Bury. Also to do with the fact that Bury's owner appears to be an obstructive so and so who doesn't have a pot to piss in while funding a ludicrous amount of wages in League Two - plus transfer fees (they paid around £500,000 for Harry Bunn 2 years back - a staggering amount of money for a club Bury's size, and he'll have been on big wages for that level, considering he'd just come from our Premier League promotion team). The question is why the hell the FL decided to let him take over when he didn't have the means, but there we go. Bolton's owner is still terrible, but not quite as bad.

I've said for a long time that a financial crash is going to take clubs out. I'm sad to see that prophecy quite possibly being fulfilled with Bolton and Bury.
Looked real to me given they wore it yesterday, assuming the EFL/FA don't get involved - I didn't know there was a maximum sponsor size allowance on football shirts but on prominence alone, it looks beyond what's acceptable. Its bad enough that - and I counted this - something like 25 bookies sponsored teams or leagues last season without something so huge standing so proudly.

And yet oddly I didn't think of it as hideous as Stevenage's new Burger King kits.

Doesn't look like it is, but I stand to be corrected. Umbro haven't released it on their twitter or anything, and they've been spamming the hell out of Brentford, so until they say something, I'm assuming spoof. But it has been more than 24 hours now...

As for the Stevenage kit... Bloody hell. That's just a bad kit. Not a poor sponsor, a bad kit.
Well fuck. As if being sponsored by morally-bankrupt bookmakers wasn't bad enough, we're now the permanent butt of their jokes. Is the kit real? Right now, fuck knows. But I want Sean Jarvis's head on a spike for allowing the club to be a joke.
New manager now needed by Blackpool - their old boss has resigned. Slightly odd timing.

Incidentally, keep an eye on goings-on at Barnsley. They're quietly building a good young squad and have some money behind them. They seem to have gone under the radar a bit with a lot tipping them for the drop. I could be very wrong, but I suspect they'll be a very long way from being relegated this season.

RIP Justin Edinburgh

Guided Orient back into the league this season but has died a few days after a heart attack.

Awful. Only 49.
Bolton forced into administration

All down hill for Bolton now, could end up with a 12 point deduction before the season has even started in league one.

Suspect they'll be lucky to survive the summer. A club needs to go under completely to make the FL wake up and unfortunately it looks like Bolton might be that club. There's no point in the sustainability rules if they're not actively enforced and clubs in trouble are actively helped, like Bolton, like Bury, like Coventry. Shaun Harvey coming out with that claptrap he came out with earlier in the week is counterproductive.

Hello again by the way. Feels good to be home, with proper clubs
Great post! I can imagine all Huddersfield fans agree.

Who do the fans want next? A short term option who may be able to keep you up (huge task that though.....might even be beyond Big Sam) or a longer term option, even if you get relegated?

I personally want Jokanovic - I think he's a more attacking option, but he'd fit into the ethos of the club. Whoever it is has their work cut out, though. I suspect there'll be a real sense of doom in the squad and they'll have a big job to pick the players up, even ahead of next season. The last thing I'd want is a Moyes or an Allardyce - let's go down playing some front-foot football and shock some people. Give the fans something to cheer - heaven knows we've not had much this season, through little fault of the management. Even when it looks like we might get a rare chance to win a game it's snatched from us in farcical circumstances!
Gutted. Absolutely gutted. Obviously David Wagner felt it was the right decision and the club felt it was the right decision, but there's a lump in my throat. How I wish it could have been Wagner pulling off one last miracle (to go with the previous two).

Thank you, David Wagner. Three years where you made grown men cry tears of joy and make even the most stalwart cynic believe in magic. Huddersfield Town will never be the same again, and it's all thanks to you. Wherever you go next, I wish you every success in the world.
Rallying cry from the chairman.

The thing is, I can accept going down if we make a real fight of it. Performances and set-up v Newcastle, Southampton and Fulham were just plain wrong. There was nothing there where we got in the opposition's faces, made it a battle, played with any kind of belief. We sat 8 defensive players into a 5-3-1-1 and it was so restrictive. We go to Manchester United, revert to 4-2-3-1 and play well despite the 3-1 defeat. We attacked them and looked dangerous for most of the game - we actually deserved a point from it, just couldn't finish in good positions. Then we go into a must-win and go all defensive. We're adrift. We have to attack, so to just sit and seemingly accept our fate isn't on.

Dean has come out (which will have cost him something - I'm certain that part of our current funk is because he's been in hospital, very ill, for the past 3 months) and fired a rocket up the club's collective arse with his New Year's message. If we perform and go down - then we perform and go down and I couldn't ask for more. If we continue to put in lacksadaisical, defensive, negative displays then I'll be annoyed and I could ask for more from them.

Current situation (it isn't a predicament - there's more to life than league position) is down to a number of factors:

Poor sales in summer;
Poor signings in summer;
Lack of attacking ambition and faith in attacking players;
Lack of variety in attacking play;
Appalling luck with injuries;
Some poor refereeing at key points.

Some in our control, some - such as losing Mooy, Williams, Sabiri, Löwe, Hogg, Smith to injury for extended periods - out of it. The point is that we can only do what is within our control - attack teams, have a go, be brave and keep going even in the face of adversity. If we go down, then we go down. We expected it last season, we expected it this.

There was actually a brilliant article in the Independent the other day about Town, Fulham and the rest of the top flight. Well worth a read.