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Jamieandhisego Comments
Darren Fletcher was particularly shocking today. Played worse today than I've ever seen Tom Cleverley play. I don't even want to see what his stats were.
A large group of the foreign players for Shakhtar absconded during a friendly and are refusing to return to Ukraine, so a major exodus of their South American journeymen is to be expected. A real shame considering how strong Shakhtar were looking even just a few seasons ago.
Had all the talent and got some very fond memories of him at Rovers but yeah, comes across as a right tool and thought he'd made it when he went to Spurs for big money.

Well he had made it, a CL-challenging club paid £15m for him. The problem is that once he got there, he did nothing.
Welbeck has the habit of playing shit for England and then popping up with a goal. Normally against a minnow.

And on that Rooney comment, he was statistically the worst player in the 2010 WC (all teams, not just England) and hasn't played well at a tournament for 10 years. He's done what he usually does so far, score well in the qualification stage. It's logical to think that he'll then do what he's been doing for years, and that's flop at the tournament. He also looked woeful in the warm up friendlies (slightly better in the last one though).

Didn't FIFA actually release statistics at the end of the tournament that confirmed he was England's best player?
Sterling's tackle was fucking atrocious. Definitely a red card. Valencia had every right to react like that (and get sent off). A dangerous tackle like that in a friendly 1 week before the World Cup, and Valenica having broken his leg before, fucking idiotic challenge. If Valencia's leg was planted it was broken by Sterling's trailing leg

Completely agree. This is the only forum I visit where people have fallen for ITV's revisionism.
I agree, it would punish smaller clubs too.

For being shit though, right? There have been plenty of times where equally small clubs have dealt out massive scorelines. Hull beat Fulham 6-0 earlier this season, didn't they?
Shaw has made less defensive errors this season than both Baines and Cole.


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We should take the best possible players to the World Cup, which is exactly why we are taking Shaw over Cole.
Maybe there's a rule that you can't start for England unless you play for one of the historically big clubs, hence Shaw and Lallana getting their moves now?
To be fair Lambert hasn't even got the excuse that he had no money to spend from Lerner, last summer he paid over £18m for the likes of Helenius and Okore who have six appearances between them, the ever disappointing Alexander Tonev, Jed Steer who hasn't played a single game and Libor Kozak who got his leg broken by one of his own team mates just as he was starting to adapt to English football.
The defence needs strengthening more than anything, Baker and Clark are a ongoing comedy at the back, Joe Bennett is shit and Lowton and Luna are inconsistent.

Both Helenius and Okore were massively rated last season, though, a lot of big clubs were scouting Okore especially. I wouldn't be surprised to see a new manager come in and both of those players break into the first team. I do think that Paul Lambert is in a bizarre situation at Aston Villa. He seems to get on great with the owner and you get few stories coming out of the dressing room, but yet Villa are still not getting results, and the fans seem lukewarm about him. He's also had two years now, which is fine if you want to argue that the team is young and in transition, but then he keeps buying in raw young players that aren't ready for the first team, which means that the squad age is staying the same.
I wouldn't be too surprised to see Swansea go down next season if Bony leaves. Monk hasn't convinced, really.

In that case, he'll probably be sacked before Christmas, replaced with someone competent and they'll stay up because other teams are worse.
I don't think United will be allowed to play with 12 players on the pitch just because Van Gaal is the manager.

Ah, dammit. Your post won't make sense if I edit it now, so I'll leave it there for posterity so people can all see my error.
5million euros is a stupidly small transfer fee considering he's on a 5-year deal, but I suppose no-one else is willing to pay his wages. I would actually be disappointed as I like Nani, and think he would suit a Van Gaal 4-4-3 quite well.
No, it isn't. He's in control of his movement, he gets the ball and none of the man, his studs are low and he leads with one foot. The player shrugged it off and it was their throw-in.
His stubbornness is his downfall. Spent too long dwelling on the 'youth project' that the best players in that period left for greener pastures. He plays the same tactics every game, regardless of opposition. He's quoted as saying that the last time he changed tactics because of opposition was against United in the FA Cup final in 2005. We won that match, but he said it went against his philosophies so he's refused to do it ever since.

You just can't do that at the top level, especially when you have teams that are much better than you above you.

In fairness to him, it's because it really didn't work. United had 20 shots on target in that game, Arsenal had none and they won on penalties. Wenger, to his credit, recognised that if he'd played that way 9/10 they would have been spanked, and he's beaten United since on multiple occasions playing some (unfortunately for us) cracking stuff.

He doesn't know who you are, but is still able to mentally diagnose you, apparently.

Oh, and to suggest something for Ninja, Brazil did a pretty good number on Spain in the Confederations Cup (although fatigue may have been more of a factor). I might be being a little deliberately tongue-in-cheek with this suggestion, but don't England have the components to beat Spain with counter-attacks? Welbeck, Sturridge and Rooney on the break would be pretty tasty, although I doubt Hodgson would have the tactical nous to successfully implement what would be required. We'd probably just draw 0-0 and go out on penalties.
I don't think too many people will have many complaints with that. In terms of the goalkeepers, where perhaps there could be disagreement, Cech has been the best goalkeeper out of those involved in the title race, De Gea has shipped too many even though he's been excellent this season, and other contenders like Speroni and Marshall have flown under the radar and are playing out their skin at their own mid-table level.
How is the fact my username is the name of a player suggest Im judging his potential or ability?

So then change your name to Salif Diao then.
Signing Lallana would be pointless, given we have Mata, Kagawa, Januzaj and Welbeck to squeeze into the squad as it is. That said, he usually plays wide left, which would mean that Ashley Young might actually be leaving.
Controversial but I don't see Shaw as that good of a player as people make out. Although I probably don't watch him anywhere near enough

Didn't you name yourself Carroll after Andy Carroll, or did I imagine that?
I don't see how buying one of the best young full-backs in Europe, thus potentially solving a problem position for the best part of the decade, is going to be too much of an issue. If anything, this is a more efficient process than waiting for the new manager to come in. Had we actually gone through with the transfer deals on the table instead of waiting for Moyes' approval, we may have ended up with Thiago and Garay, instead of Fellaini and fuck-all.
Given that his agent is Jorge Mendes, if he wants the United job, he could just start the murmurs himself via his people and United would probably come in with an offer.
I don't even see why United would be committing to signing players when they don't even have a manager yet. Seems rather daft to go and spend a sizeable chunk of your transfer budget on a player that an incoming manager may not even want. Due to this, I don't see any of talk being true.

That's literally how most clubs, including the one you support, operate.
If we actually pay the whole £30m, he'll have been worth it, because there's no way it comes without clauses. The same as United ending up paying the whole £30m for Rooney and the whole £19(ish)m for Carrick. His value is also determined by his homegrown status, his youth and the fact that he's 18 years old and already one of the best left-backs in the division.

£100k a week is pretty crazy, I would like to think that was clause-based as well, ie. starting the game, clean sheet etc. rather than being his nominal pay package for the week.
Moyes and Pardew sound alike at their present clubs. Seeing as both appear unwanted, would you like a swap?

It is absolutely abysmal that I'm actually thinking about it.
So Arsenal finally win a trophy, Liverpool win the league, Everton finish above United, and we finish with our lowest points tally since the dawn of the Premier League. I haven't met a single United fan who wants David Moyes to be given more time, and that aforementioned nightmare looks like it could be a real possibility now. Players don't want to play for him, fans don't want to support him, and all he does is look around bemused, content in that we 'nearly got a point' out of a game with his fucking set play binder in the lap of his clueless assistant manager, despite the fact that we weren't even getting enough possession in their third to even warrant set piece strategies.
The tradition of the club, like all traditions, is in conflict with logic, reason and progress.
He was pretty positive in the press conference, but I still don't give a fuck. The guy needs to go, regardless. Transition at United means 3rd and a League Cup, not this dross.

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What do people make about Toure saying he doesn't get as much acclaim because he's from Africa?

Personally i think its a load of bollocks, he's got nothing but praise this season. Bit of an odd thing to say imo.

It's not an odd thing to say. You think players from Africa are given the same amount of coverage and acclaim as their South American/European counterparts? Given the massive problems that many European countries have with racism against black players, and the fact that the only other African player deemed worthy of world-class status had to be appropriated by a colonising country (Eusebio), says something for the wider point he's trying to make.

I don't think Yaya Toure is underrated, at least not in the UK, but he wasn't just talking about himself, he was talking about African players in general. He named Samuel Eto'o and Didier Drogba as players who he claims have gone underrated because they are African, and he's making a larger point about underrating players from the continent, which I think is fair. I don't know about the current state of football in Africa, so I wouldn't be qualified to argue that there are young players currently being ignored by European clubs because they play in African leagues. But there must have been players that have gone criminally underrated for decades. Given the history books of the sport, you'd think African players didn't exist until Roger Milla scored at the World Cup.
Suarez and Sturridge makes the most sense, so obviously it's going to be Gerrard and Shaw.