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Fat Penlon Comments
Is the old/previous image better than the updated?

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is there any long-sleeve template or newer version for FM?

Is there a plain default template to insert into the game so teams automatically get shirts with no sponsor or logo
Average wage is less than 2k. Highest wage paid around 3k from last season
bump. Coulibaly transfer not cleared and hasn't officially signed https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45551992
Average Hibernian wage is 1600. Most ever paid was 4000
Medical and contract not complete. Pending clearance after legal case with previous club

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Hibernian average wage if 1600. Highest paid ever was less than 4000. Should be 4K or less
Current image is larger but not better quality than one before

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IS there a basic higher quality template than the current resolution used? I was thinking maybe people would like a pack of team kits that keep the same style and template, with just the club logo and no sponsors that way easier to keep updated and quicker to make for changes?
Is there a HD or higher quality resolution version of SS kits? They are very blurry and stretched on my FM on newer computer screen resolutions

If there is not, can anyone provide basic HD blank templates?
1) What kit type (on any forum) has the best quality? On modern screens with good resolution and on FM 2018, kits are terrible quality now.

2) Is it time for new kits to be upgraded to more pixels like the cut out face pack?

3) What current kit template has high quality templates or basic templates?

4) Would people be happy for a plain kit template, no sponsors just the club logo?

just change it in the game editor if you are THAT desperate. He will still be manager for FM2019... .... ....


.... ....

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Cool, I have a fan :-)

English packs are all available here and are pretty much updated with high-res kits. First two levels are full high res, rest are mixed. I made all down to 8th level plus 4 more level 9 leagues.
I was thinking about wrapping it all up into some English megapack, I might do it as soon as I find some time.

I also made "unofficial" packs, links here:
Croatian 1st (full high-res):

Croatian 2nd (some high-res, but now outdated because several teams changed their kits on mid season):

Scottish premier (full high-res):

There are also some Serie A, B and some EU top clubs which I didn't pack, you can get them individually starting from this post:

Cheers. Great work

Is anyone listed to do the Scotland national kits? There is nobody listed in the WIP
Is there a link with all of bolid's high-res kits? Or do I need to search the topics for bolid's high-res kits? I want to save over normal kits with bolid's high-res kits
Can someone please make 250x250 versions for this?
I'm currently making the Scottish leagues mate & have nearly finished them, so there's no need for you to waste your time making them. So instead why don't you take a league that's not already taken from the W.I.P. waiting list & make that.

Everyone share everything even when they do not need to share. That helps this site work better than all others
keep up good work guys

AWESOME quality!!
your high res kits kits are the best i have seen on any fm site. by miles
Found better one

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Anyone making the nations kits for 2018? Scotland and World Cup kits?
I don't believe it's possible to have anything other than the 3D avatar as your manager image.

I want to replace the image from my 1st post that is here https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/37482/replacement-fm18-default-person-images with my own image in the same style but need tips on how to get that effect or if someone knows how to make it?
sorry for not being clear
Can someone please direct me to links or tips to make player face like this style? I want to change the image to my own cutout to use as manager photo default


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No need to copy anything over something. Just put both the TCM pack and the Metallic pack in the graphics folder. The game "reads" the logos in the order the packs appear in the graphics folder, so make sure the TCM folder has a name that comes before the Metallic pack folder in alphabets/numbers (rename if needed). This way the game will display a TCM logo when there is one, and a Metallic logo when there isn't (as long as a Metallic logo for the ID exists).

cheers guys!!
You could, but you would have to add into the config.xml the ID's of those logos (clubs/competitions etc.) that you have added from TCM Megapack, because there will be no mention of them in the Metallic Logos config.xml since they don't exist in the Metallic pack.

The config-files work as an instruction to the game so it knows what graphics and other elements to load into the game. If there is no mention in them of a club or competition logo, for example, then it wil not appear in the game.

I would rather just download TCM if there's enough logos. What nations or level or leagues are not available on metallic compared to TCM? Is it mainly super low tier clubs?
Can you download metallic logos then copy+paste tcm over them so logos that are not donr by tcm are done in metallic?
Any tips on how to add a pic to the create a manager without it looking stretched and terrible like a playstation 1 fifa?
I hope they dont do this with the players eventually. It looks rubbish.
[quote name='Suffolk Seasider' user_id='119608' id='407378' timestamp='1510587544']
Unfortunately SI have said there is no way to upload a picture to use as your manager profile anymore.
SI are waaaaaay off the graphics quality to justify having computer generated heads only. I would rather have no image at all. Let's hope they don't try and do the same with the real players next time.
Any tips on what type of photo to use or how to get your own photo to work well on the create your manager bit? it looks like michael myers when I do it!!
Any tips or guides for using photos with the create a manager face? I have tried diff images but none work. Just looks silly and stretched
If this can't be changed can you at least use photos instead of the computer gen face for your manager?

Somebody's already released the files to enable the Japan league and also to populate with real players here earlier today...

Great. cheers!! So the national team will require something different to wait for?
To be able to manage a national senior or youth team, there needs to be at least 150 eligible players loaded in your save game, otherwise it's just not possible as you may not have enough players to choose from. If you are looking to manage a particular national team in a save game, you should load all players from that country before starting. This won't be necessary for the bigger nations, but the more obscure ones will need to be loaded in this way. It also depends on how many players there are from this particular country within the FM database. There are 1,229 Maltese players (so you should be able to manage the senior, U21 and U19 national teams), San Marino has 366 (so you won't be able to manage the U19s, but the seniors and U21 should be doable), while Andorra has 65 (so they're all out of the question).

To be able to manage clubs in divisions not enabled in the original game, you need to wait for modders like claassen to release files enabling these countries. In FM17, his files unlocked pretty much all the countries in the world, and I'm sure he'll do loads of leagues again this year Just be patient, it's boring and time-consuming to do a good job, but it's well worth the wait

Thanks for explaining in detail J-League and Japan would be good if someone does that in the future. What section of the forum should I keep an eye on?

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