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tmatthew Comments
Whats the deal with Mangala?

Really dragging on for what seems to be a straightforward transfer. Any strength to the whisperings he's dragging his heals because he's more interested going to Chelsea?

I'm pretty sure he did say he'd prefer Chelsea a few months ago.
Aye its bollocks.
He was awful last season but great in 2012/13. I think he'll be found out at QPR though.

Aye was in the Premier League Team of the Season the when we won the title.
Mail reporting the Vidal deal is off as Louis van Gaal wants other targets. Bold, and possibly bad, move if true.

Twitter buzz seems to indicate Nile Ranger is a target of Leeds. Fucking hell, how is he still getting chances?

The same reporter said a deal was close just the day before this new article.

Our overall shirt sponsors total around £150 million per year.
'Cos they appealed and it got suspended.
They're more believable than the Metro, who lied about their report this week that said he was coming and today have said he's not joining after all. Pathetic.

I'd trust Ducker over Goal.

Manchester United are continuing to monitor Angel Di Maria’s situation at Real Madrid. The Argentina winger is on the Barclays Premier League club’s radar although there has been no contact with Real or the player.

Reports emerged today that United had bid for Di Maria and agreed personal terms with the 26-year-old but they are only maintaining a watching brief at this stage.

Di Maria - who excelled in Real’s Champions League triumph over Atletico Madrid, their cross city rivals, and has played an important role in Argentina’s progress to the World Cup final - is valued at about £45 million and contracted to the Spanish giants until June 2018.

United have already spent £56.8 million on Luke Shaw, the England left back, and Ander Herrera, the Spanish midfielder, this summer, although Louis van Gaal, the club’s new manager, remains in the market for another midfielder, a centre-half and a versatile winger-cum-forward in the Di Maria mould.

With Patrice Evra also moving closer to joining Juventus, United are also expected to sign another left back as cover for Shaw. Ricardo Rodriguez, of Wolfsburg, is one option.

Arturo Vidal, the Juventus midfielder, continues to be heavily linked with United, who are monitoring developments surrounding the Chilean.
Times are reporting our new kit deal will be with adidas and worth £75m a year.

For ten years.

£750 million. That's almost as much as the Glazer's bought the entire club for.
Honestly can't see where United are getting this money to spend. Let alone spending it basically on all attacking players when their defence is horrible, more so now that they've also lost Evra, Rio and Vidic. Big risk if they don't produce and miss out on the Champions League again (which they shouldn't).

At this rate with the players purchased and being linked with, you'd have to be looking at around £150m being spent.

Sponsorship deals.
Thought the finale was awesome. Now I've just finished the third book, I'm a little disappointed.
Gerrard's been shocking, that just topped it off.
Was Torres-esque.
Wow, Spain could be going out.
Of course they'll be remembered. They're two of the greatest players ever. They've both done it at the highest club level and have insane personal records.

George Best never even played in a World Cup.
So Ronaldo and Messi aren't world class?
At his best, how good was/is he?
1-1, that was a hell of a goal.
On the bench. Dunno if that's common or not.
This keeper is fucking awful.
Feel sorry for Marcelo.
Sturridge moved on and got his chance, he went on to become the player Chelsea and Man City wanted him to be.

I think the same can apply with Welbeck, if he moves on. If can can move to another team and take a fresh chance it could work wonders for him. But at the moment I think he's content with being thrown out wide and tracking up and down the pitch. He needs to believe in his ability, move on from United, and play up front consistently. At the moment though, he's good, just not quite good enough.

He's not really. Hence wanting to leave under Moyes. We'll see what happens with van Gaal.
Err...Fergie didn't want to get rid of him...which is kinda why he was upset.
Nani's disallowed goal last night.

Applied to a Madrid-Barca game last year.
Are you serious?

It was a stupid reaction, but you can understand why, in the heat of the moment, he reacted like that.

I'm genuinely confused if you don't think that's logically possible.
Why can't it be?
Going in like that the week before a World Cup, regardless of how much contact there was, is ridiculous. I can't see how you can defend that.