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bmg033 Comments
LOL. We're probably getting knocked out of a group that has Olympiakos & Red Star Belgrade in it
I mean you lot didn't lose anyone and got signings (Ndombele, GLC both good additions) so why not?

We lost our first choice right back and an experienced backup striker who regularly made an impact when we needed him to. Neither of them were replaced and we also failed to get a center back to replace Alderweireld and Vertonghen who are declining and will probably be gone within in a year or two.

The signings we did make were good but they didn't address any of the issues we had in the squad.
Still trying to work out how so many people backed us to get 3rd this season.
EDIT: Double post

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Of all the games I've been to I'd put that as the 2nd worst Spurs performance I've ever seen. Literally did nothing despite having the ball for what felt like 89 minutes of the game, I think Dubravka had about 1 decent save to make. Last season went to shit because of a lack of squad depth and we respond by making the squad even smaller, I can only applaud the clubs ability to always find new ways to piss me off.
Got to my first game at the new stadium on Saturday, took an hour to get to my seat but made kickoff by 60 seconds.If Villa hadn't run out of steam after 60-70 minutes they probably would've won, we missed Son so badly but thankfully Eriksen hasn't been able to force a move away yet and completely changed the game. If we play like that against City I think they'll be getting another 5-0 win.
Please... You know you'll be challenging

We might challenge for a bit but we won't win it. I think it'll be a similar season to last season minus the CL run.
Expect Spurs to be about 9th come the new year. We're playing away games at Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man Utd, Wolves, Everton, Leicester & West Ham all before Christmas.

So it looks like we're selling Trippier, Rose and Alderweireld and are replacing them with attacking midfielders. Genius.
Never been so relieved to see Chelsea win before. Glad Arsenal are stuck in the Europa League after all the shit they used to give us for being in it.
What the fuck
@bmg033 33 was that a penalty? Kane's I mean

It was a clear foul but he was offside so I don't think it shouldn't have been given.
Saturday: "Spurs can finish 1st"
Wednesday: "Looks like it's going to be 6th"

Shittest football we've played under Pochettino with no new signings in the summer, injuries to everyone apart from Kane and we're still 3rd. Only played 6 'home' games as well, it's a good job our away form is one of the best in Europe these days.
Well we made a right meal out of that but we made it out somehow. That's what Inter get for playing for a 0-0 against us at Wembley.
Lionel Messi vs Danny Rose, what could possibly go wrong. Man Utd get a hard group for once.
Only the 3rd time in my life we've won a knockout game at the world cup.
Well I certainly didn't expect top 4 this season, although Chelsea collapsing and Arsenal being hilariously shit made it near impossible to not get at least 4th. Also delighted to see Stoke finally go down, hope they don't make a return any time soon.

Kane has been a special sort of shite after returning from injury

He was rushed back, should've waited 1 or 2 more games before returning but you can't really blame Pochettino when our only other striking option is Llorente.
7/10 if we hold on to top 4.
In other news, just seen that Mick McCarthy has ragequit Ipswich four games early!

I still don't know what Ipswich fans were expecting Mick to do. He's got almost no money to spend with a squad made up of free transfers and loans and still manages to keep them safe every season. If the fans want to moan, do it to the owner for not spending anything on the squad, not chanting "You don't know what you're doing" when subbing a knackered 17 year old kid on his debut. Could easily go down if they appoint the wrong guy next season.
Felt weird wanting to see that Szczesny prick save a penalty. Hope Roma somehow win it.
May as well say goodbye to the title then. 1 point from Roma and Inter has left Juve with a chance to go 4 points clear and there is no way they'll throw that away.

Nice scenes at Fiorentina with the game being stopped in the 13th minute to applaud Astori.
Mystery how we didn't win.

I think having about 25 shots off target probably had something to do with it. Shooting practice for your lot in the week.

As for the red card, you could easily make a case for Hogg to be sent off too because he plants his foot on Ayews knee. Reminds me a bit of the Pogba red vs Arsenal earlier in the season.
The absolute state of West Ham.

I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I'd love to see them playing in a half empty Olympic stadium in the Championship.

Just let that sink in for a minute.

I still can't believe what I saw, Arsenal making it through a knockout round in Europe. Incredible
Was surprised by Juve's approach and how poor they were on Tuesday. After going 2-0 up they could barely string two passes together, for the rest of the first half especially. And yet they had the chance to go 3-1 up right on HT....

I had Juve down as favourites as I thought they'd just have a bit too much know-how for Spurs, but after watching that on Tuesday - and the score obviously - I'm expecting Spurs to go through to be honest.

I think the problem for Juve was that we actually got stronger after going 2-0 down and kept attacking them. They're used to battering teams at home and then cruising to victory as their opponent reluctantly accepts defeat.
That felt weird wanting Real to win but I'm glad they did, hope they finish the job in Paris. Little fuccboi Neymar should've had a red but the ref bottled it.

Good result for us at Juve although I'm not buying into the suggestion that we're now favourites. They're more than capable of doing us 1-0 and seeing the game out.
Should've totally embarrassed the goons yesterday but thankfully Lacazette let us off because he is about as lethal in front of goal as Carlton Cole right now.
Don't agree with the first penalty but do think the second one was. Van Dijk boots Lamela in the back of the leg, yeah he milked it but so does every other fucker that gets kicked in the box and no one makes a big deal out of it.

Salah GOAT. Referee had a nightmare but I think Klopp should take some of the blame for sitting back the whole second half.

I think Klopp did that because we usually struggle badly against teams that sit back/park the bus.
My god Everton are fucking shit. What was Allerdyce thinking when he started with that backline and both MS and Gueye???? Such a dick.

Over £100m of defensive players there and they defend like a pub team. Meanwhile Ademola Lookman scores the winner for Leipzig on his debut after the fat dinosaur said he shouldn't go there. So glad he only lasted 1 game as England manager, even if it means putting up with Southgate.
So what is going to happen to Lacazette? Is he going to be sitting on the bench now or are Arsenal going to play with 2 strikers?

That'll sure up our central midfield, whole back 4/5 and goal keeping positions...

What are you on about, Xhaka is the new Xabi Alonso and who needed to keep Szczesny anyway, not like he turned out to be a great keeper or anything...

EDIT: Also if we could hurry up and announce Lucas that would be fantastic.

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