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bmg033 Comments
What a shame, West Ham enter the relegation zone after losing their cup final. Get absolutley fucked.
I'm not one for bashing the bastards in the black but Mike Dean showing once again he shouldn't be refereeing in the PL. Gives fouls against Sissoko and Vertonghen for shirt pulling but doesn't book them. Then misses a clear handball by a Swansea player in the box but then does give a handball against Aurier despite controlling it on his chest while being fouled.

We were shit though, dominated the whole game and couldn't break down fucking Swansea.
I certainly didn't expect a 3-1 win. I know it's only one game but Aurier looked brilliant, played like he's always been there.
Maybe the people running Crystal Palace need to have a look at themselves as well. If they've hired someone that they feel has been so bad that he has to be sacked after 4 games, then they obviously aren't very good at their job either. Hope they go down.
Can't believe the amount of people that still think Mane shouldn't have been sent off. You don't jump 2 feet off the floor out of control, dig your studs into someones face and expect to not see red.

There is literally no way to defend that.
I'd rather watch Tottenham win the league than have Sterling sign as part of the Sanchez deal,

Something tells me you're exaggerating just a little bit.
Poor start for Roma yesterday. Didn't manage to see any of it but, despite hitting the post 3 times, I don't think the collapse from the 70th minute onwards would have happened in previous seasons.....hopefully just a blip as I want Di Francesco to do well and hope the job isn't too much for him.

I watched it and you could just see the late Inter goals coming from a mile off. It was almost like hitting the woodwork 3 times made Roma feel a little frustrated and they lost concentration a bit.

Watched both Torino vs Sassuolo and Napoli vs Atalanta earlier and I think we might have 2 candidates for goal of the season already. Worth checking out the Belotti and Zielinski goals.
How's your defence gonna line up do you think? Surely Sanchez will be a starter having cost so much, but Aldeweireld and Vertonghen are established.....3 CBs?

If everyone is fit then probably 3 CBs. It's what we used most often last season and I don't think Pochettino would want to leave both Dier and Sanchez on the bench.
Here we go again. Already can't wait for this season to fuck off.
Good to see West Hams attempt at the treble is going well so far.

I think i hate Owen Hargreaves more than Garth Crookes, just a terrible and extremely biased commentator. Also struggles to say more than three words without adding a full stop at the end for some unknown reason.

It's not just that, he says every single word in the same tone like a robot. Incredible to think that BT were willing to scrap, in my opinion, the best show they have in the European Football Show but are happy to keep knob ends like Hargreaves, Owen and Savage.

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So apparently we are close to getting Serge Aurier, £23m the fee i've seen the most. Happy with that if it happens.
Looks like it's another 3rd place in the group for Spurs. Ronaldo vs Trippier, how could that possibly end up. Happy with the Napoli group though, should be able to get 2nd in that one.
I'm a bit behind with games but I managed to get WWE 2K17, Doom & Halo Master Chief Collection for about £30 yesterday.
Huge season for Napoli and Roma in particular this season. Juventus possibly not as strong as they were and with the Milan clubs looking like they might be on the rise again over the next few years, this might be the best chance at a title.
Napoli safely through, was not expecting Nice to be so terrible. 2-0 win in both legs but it could've easily been about 8-0 on aggregate with the chances wasted.

Looks like Celtic thought about bottling it for a little while there.
The pitch is too big for constant pressing

That shouldn't mean we struggle to beat anyone though, it's not like we've got a crap squad that can't play.
I really don't understand why we're so crap at Wembley. Oh well only 36 more away games to go.
£42m for a player that will probably be on the bench. Looks like it's time for Danny Rose to head to Google again.
We'll surprise a few this season. Not going to say we'll escape the drop - I'm anticipating we will go down, but we've looked good in patches in pre-season against good teams. Against 4 top flight sides, we've won 1, drawn 2 and lost 1, and would have been 2 wins and 2 draws but for a few things going against us.

Bring it on.

I think you might have a season similar to the one Blackpool had when they were in the PL. Bonkers start winning more points than expected but fall away towards the end and trying to avoid relegation.

Only team I feel safe in saying are going down is Burnley, sold their best defender and striker with no real replacement.
Anyone else excited for the F1 2017 game released at the end of this month? Carroll bmg033 I'm looking at you guys here! They released a second teaser trailer this afternoon which looks absolutely class, confirming 'Monaco at night' now I dont know about you, but I struggle with monaco in the day!

I haven't really seen much about 2017 to be honest, but I do like the classic cars though.

I usually stick it in the wall a few times every time I get to Monaco, but I actually quite enjoyed it on F1 2016 and got through it without losing various pieces of the front wing (possibly for the first time ever). Probably wont buy it for a while though because i've still got F1 2016, Dirt 4, Dirt Rally, WRC 6, The Crew, Forza Horizon 2 and a couple of NFS games that I still haven't finished yet
Our new kits out, now with Nike instead of Under Armour. First time in a while i've actually really liked them, although I'm not a fan of the sponsor on the home kit. Definitely not buying either though, £90 is fucking ridiculous.

I'm assuming Linfield vs Celtic on 12th July will be moved should Linfield make it to the second round.
You never seem to be optimistic when it comes to Spurs haha, I know you've got Wembley for a year but I don't see any other reason why you can't go from strength to strength?

Well it goes to shit most of the time so it's not like they ever prove me wrong. I don't know why but our players play like they've never met each other before when we're at Wembley and I'll be surprised if thats not the case for the next year. No way we'll finish in the top 4 so I'd much rather miss out on Europe completely so we can focus on the league, as long as we don't lose too many players.
Shocking news as footballer wants to make up for bad loss.

We'll probably lose again though to be honest, going to be a painful fun season ahead.
Fixtures for the new season released today.

Opening day games, Saturday 12th August
Arsenal vs Leicester City
Brighton & Hove Albion vs Manchester City
Chelsea vs Burnley
Crystal Palace vs Huddersfield Town
Everton vs Stoke City
Manchester United vs West Ham United
Newcastle United vs Tottenham Hotspur
Southampton vs Swansea City
Watford vs Liverpool
West Bromwich Albion vs Bournemouth

Huddersfield have a nice start to PL life as they don't have to play any of the top 7 until Spurs on 30th September, but then they do have to play 4 of the top 7 in the last 4 games (Chelsea, Everton, Man City & Arsenal).

Brighton have a tricky start with Man City and Leicester in the first 2 games and finish the season with a run in almost as hard as Huddersfields, facing Spurs, Burnley, Man Utd & Liverpool.

Leicester have probably got the hardest start, they have to play Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea & Liverpool all in the first 6 games.

Defending champions Chelsea have a tough first few games as well, playing Burnley, Spurs, Everton, Leicester & Arsenal.

Derby fixtures
19th August: Spurs vs Chelsea
16th September: Chelsea vs Arsenal
14th October: Liverpool vs Man Utd
18th November: Arsenal vs Spurs
9th December: Man Utd vs Man City & Liverpool vs Everton
1st January: Arsenal vs Chelsea
10th February: Spurs vs Arsenal
10th March: Man Utd vs Liverpool
31st March: Chelsea vs Spurs
7th April: Man City vs Man Utd & Everton vs Liverpool

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Race. Was Massa getting the 59 second lap as well, not like it was one of the absolute top cars.
How you finding Dirt4 @bmg033?? Do they have the arena/compound like on Dirt 2? was always fun playing multiplayer around that area

I'm loving it so far, even managed to get to #1 on a few leaderboards . The only criticisms I'd have of it so far is that there could be more events in career mode and more locations to race at. There are only 5 different rally locations in total. Rallycross isn't stupidly hard like it was in Dirt Rally anymore, although that doesn't stop one of the AI cars from randomly breaking the world record lap time by about 2 seconds while finishing last overall. As for the arena/compound, there is a joyride mode with loads of challenges but I don't think you can do it in multiplayer.

Also i've done a bit of F1 2016 online and what the hell is up with ultimate difficulty? I get that its supposed to be the hardest in the game but how am I going to beat an AI car that is getting a lap time of 59 seconds at Brazil
Dirt 4 arrived today, brilliant game so far. It's basically Dirt 3 & Dirt Rally combined with the option to create your own team from scratch. Anyone else getting it?

Or wait till you race in Russia, AI 100% of the time crashes on the right sweeping corner off the line

I did the Russian race this morning and the safety car came out after a 3 car smash on that bend
Only done the first 2 races in career mode so far in F1 but the only slight problem i've found is that the AI cars can ram you as much as they want and don't even get a warning for it. Still, it does seem a decent game considering it only cost me £22.

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