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bmg033 Comments
Our new kits out, now with Nike instead of Under Armour. First time in a while i've actually really liked them, although I'm not a fan of the sponsor on the home kit. Definitely not buying either though, £90 is fucking ridiculous.

I'm assuming Linfield vs Celtic on 12th July will be moved should Linfield make it to the second round.
You never seem to be optimistic when it comes to Spurs haha, I know you've got Wembley for a year but I don't see any other reason why you can't go from strength to strength?

Well it goes to shit most of the time so it's not like they ever prove me wrong. I don't know why but our players play like they've never met each other before when we're at Wembley and I'll be surprised if thats not the case for the next year. No way we'll finish in the top 4 so I'd much rather miss out on Europe completely so we can focus on the league, as long as we don't lose too many players.
Shocking news as footballer wants to make up for bad loss.

We'll probably lose again though to be honest, going to be a painful fun season ahead.
Fixtures for the new season released today.

Opening day games, Saturday 12th August
Arsenal vs Leicester City
Brighton & Hove Albion vs Manchester City
Chelsea vs Burnley
Crystal Palace vs Huddersfield Town
Everton vs Stoke City
Manchester United vs West Ham United
Newcastle United vs Tottenham Hotspur
Southampton vs Swansea City
Watford vs Liverpool
West Bromwich Albion vs Bournemouth

Huddersfield have a nice start to PL life as they don't have to play any of the top 7 until Spurs on 30th September, but then they do have to play 4 of the top 7 in the last 4 games (Chelsea, Everton, Man City & Arsenal).

Brighton have a tricky start with Man City and Leicester in the first 2 games and finish the season with a run in almost as hard as Huddersfields, facing Spurs, Burnley, Man Utd & Liverpool.

Leicester have probably got the hardest start, they have to play Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea & Liverpool all in the first 6 games.

Defending champions Chelsea have a tough first few games as well, playing Burnley, Spurs, Everton, Leicester & Arsenal.

Derby fixtures
19th August: Spurs vs Chelsea
16th September: Chelsea vs Arsenal
14th October: Liverpool vs Man Utd
18th November: Arsenal vs Spurs
9th December: Man Utd vs Man City & Liverpool vs Everton
1st January: Arsenal vs Chelsea
10th February: Spurs vs Arsenal
10th March: Man Utd vs Liverpool
31st March: Chelsea vs Spurs
7th April: Man City vs Man Utd & Everton vs Liverpool

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Race. Was Massa getting the 59 second lap as well, not like it was one of the absolute top cars.
How you finding Dirt4 @bmg033?? Do they have the arena/compound like on Dirt 2? was always fun playing multiplayer around that area

I'm loving it so far, even managed to get to #1 on a few leaderboards . The only criticisms I'd have of it so far is that there could be more events in career mode and more locations to race at. There are only 5 different rally locations in total. Rallycross isn't stupidly hard like it was in Dirt Rally anymore, although that doesn't stop one of the AI cars from randomly breaking the world record lap time by about 2 seconds while finishing last overall. As for the arena/compound, there is a joyride mode with loads of challenges but I don't think you can do it in multiplayer.

Also i've done a bit of F1 2016 online and what the hell is up with ultimate difficulty? I get that its supposed to be the hardest in the game but how am I going to beat an AI car that is getting a lap time of 59 seconds at Brazil
Dirt 4 arrived today, brilliant game so far. It's basically Dirt 3 & Dirt Rally combined with the option to create your own team from scratch. Anyone else getting it?

Or wait till you race in Russia, AI 100% of the time crashes on the right sweeping corner off the line

I did the Russian race this morning and the safety car came out after a 3 car smash on that bend
Only done the first 2 races in career mode so far in F1 but the only slight problem i've found is that the AI cars can ram you as much as they want and don't even get a warning for it. Still, it does seem a decent game considering it only cost me £22.

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Bought F1 2016 and WRC 6 over the past few days and have pre ordered Dirt 4 which comes out on friday. Should be a fun couple of weeks
Please can we stop with these shitty concerts before finals. That was awful.
Promoted with a negative goal difference, has that ever happened before?
Enjoy Europa.

We'll see you there for the knock outs

No way, you're going too? Guess we'll see you there in February then!

Well I'm flying out to Rome tomorrow morning, I've never actually been to the city but the main reason I'm going is to see Totti's final ever game in a Roma shirt on Sunday. Bold move going alone haha but: Totti's last game + first time seeing Roma live + never been to the city = has to be done!

How on earth did you manage to get a ticket for that? Not a bad choice for a first game though!
Kane has outscored Aguero, Griezmann & Neymar over the last 3 seasons and only needs 1 goal to be at 100 for Spurs already. He has a real possibility of being our highest ever goalscorer if he stays at the club.
terriersmad must be creaming his pants at the sight of his favourite player missing the final penalty.
Great piece from Garth Crooks in his 'team of the week', blokes an absolute moron. Actually makes Tottenham out to sound like a mid table team.

The way he talked about Spurs and Arsenal at the end made it sound like he is still living in 2004.

"A player with his talent would be more appreciated at a club like Tottenham. Now at this moment I may have Arsenal fans foaming at the mouth at the very thought of Ozil defecting to White Hart Lane but frankly it is a better fit."

What? That bloke couldn't get much more love from the gooners if he tried, all I ever hear about is how amazing some pass or assist he did was. Also Eriksen is a perfect fit for our style of play and Ozil is obviously better off at Arsenal, so i've got no idea what he is going on about in that last bit.
Fantastic way to leave the stadium, beating Mourinho and United.

17 wins, 2 draws and 0 defeats. Typical that we turn it into a fortress just as we start knocking it down.
Since joining Arsenal has Welbeck done anything except scoring against United?

Poor performance, very lethargic. Tuanzebe was our best player which was quite worrying. Jones and Smalling should leave in the summer. Rooney as well obviously, and we need to replace Carrick.

I can understand why you'd want those players out, but has Smalling really been that bad? Only ask because I haven't really watched Man Utd this year and he was one of the best in the league last season.

Mourinho has now never won at the Emirates in the League and his team's have only scored 1 goal at the ground. His side now has also not won away against the top 6, and has failed to score a single goal in them matches

Worrying for United fans

Yeah that will most likely change on Sunday. Hope we murder them though, don't think I could stand the sight of that smug little wanker leaving the last ever game at WHL with a win.
You know you played like shit when you can't even score against West Ham, it was almost like they used all their motivation in the Arsenal game. CL football is pretty much there due to our goal difference over Man Utd and one more point will get us 2nd. I honestly didn't expect us to be up there again this season so i'll take 2nd and hope Liverpool and Man City can hang on to 3rd and 4th.
Just seen the new Dirt 4 trailer, looks very good indeed, hope its not as stupidly hard as Dirt Rally proved to be. By the looks of things they've gone back to their routes of the likes of dirt 2 which I thought was a thoroughly enjoyable game.


Dirt 2 & 3 were both the best for me. As for Dirt Rally I didn't find the actual rally stages that hard but the rallycross events were ridiculous at times, it felt like the AI cars were on rails. Also I hope they keep the hillclimb mode and add more tracks for it, would be amazing if they could somehow get the Goodwood hillclimb course in there!
Some Arsenal fans are hilarious, apparently that result means nothing because we won't win the league and finishing top 4 is nothing special.

Get fucked.
Can't wait for Mourinho to come out and defend Rashford.
I'm going for either 1-1 or 2-2 but it would just be typical Spurs to let Arsenal win the last ever derby at WHL. Going to be shit playing at Wembley, but at least that means the new stadium should be ready on time.
Winning successively at Fiorentina and Milan (Juve for example lost both of these fixtures!) is some going for Empoli, considering before these two games they could barely score a goal.

The Milan clubs, though......you think they might be getting a bit better and then they have results like they both have this weekend (and recent games too) to remind you how poor they really are. Would like to see Milan become a great team again, not too bothered about Inter haha.

Imagine how the Crotone players feel, they win at Samp and probably head off the pitch thinking they've closed the gap to Empoli only to see that they actually won at Milan.

Believe it or not I actually used to like Inter when I was a kid, mainly just because of their kit and the fact they had some of my all time favourite players in their squad. Not too bothered now, as long as Napoli stay up there I'm not that worried who finishes where. If I had to pick one of the other clubs to stay up there it would probably be Roma to be honest.
It's almost like Empoli and Crotone have just realised that getting relegated would be a bad idea.
All those passes, don't score and then give up. Same shit different season.
An attacker playing left back, what a surprise that has gone wrong. Also if we could stop gifting them goals that would be great.
PFA Team of The Year.

De Gea
Walker - Luiz - Cahill - Rose
Hazard - Kante - Alli - Mane
Kane - Lukaku

Would've had Courtois over De Gea, Sanchez over Mane and Alderweireld over either Luiz or Cahill. Really don't get how De Gea is in there though, Courtois, Heaton and Lloris all been better this season.

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I just have a feeling we are going to screw this up.

Costa is just back to his shitty behaviour, which is really annoying becasue he played very well in the first half of the season and now he is only concerned about being a cunt. Would rather see Willian or Michy in the squad ahead of him right now.

Doubt it, even if you don't win all your games there is no way we're winning all of ours. 3 London derbies, Man Utd, Leicester away and Hull away on the final day whereas Chelsea have a piss easy last 4 games against shit like Sunderland and Middlesbrough. Probably be the biggest bottle job in PL history if Chelsea did throw it away though, we were something like 13 points behind them at one point.