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ENGLAND ADDED to the discription !! sorry for the mistake haha

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Hi everyone

I have been using backgrounds since the CM series, but lately (past 5 years) I have been trying to keep all big european leagues and stadiums up to date.

I decided to post since there is not much background/stadium graphics around and these stadiums are much better quality than the google earth or any other I have seen around

I still play FM2018 dispite having FM2019, but this can be used in any FM you want (even posted some screenshots of how it look like in FM2019 also)

(only "big" teams)

Hope you enjoy it









DOWNLOAD https://www.mediafire.com/file/uz0b2zk5x0mvbf9/FM2018-2019_Backgrounds_by_BAD-RELIGION.rar/file

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Keep in mind that, as from this year's FM, the text in the kits tab is now only for the colours during a match, I believe. In the pre-game editor, you can change a team's titlebar colours by changing the foreground and background colours in the details tab. Were you referring to any team colours in particular?

Maybe this is why, I always change the team colour by changing the text.
Didnt see they have a new place for the club colours in the details...

thanks you soooo much!
Will this also influence team colours like influences club nicknames ? Because I'm not being able to change any team colour, after starting a new game everything is exactly like before.
Even confirmed I'm using only the editor data file to make sure nothing is messing up with that. Am I missing something here ?

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Thans mons, I get it now.
Or you use one or the other one. I prefer lnc to be honest, I like to change the team name and it be applied straight in the game I'm playing without having to start a new one
I had to remove the # in all the lnc file for it to work

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Why dont we delete the files in db\1900 ?

My game still as SLB, FCP, Real Hispalis and Real San Sebastian names... whats the point of releasing this if this major bugs are not even corrected?

edit: I had to remove all the # before the CLUBS names.

There is an issue I can't fix since FM2018, Betis B is always R.Betis B, why ? I tried on the editor and on lnc files with no luck

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Hey, i hope you do it for FM 19 too, would appreciate it

Hope so!!! will save me some hours of editing
Agustin Sandez (BOCA JUNIORS)


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This is only for 2D right ? because I have some kits not working in 3D...
Yes, I'm using FM 2018 Editor
Seems like is not only in the editor...
Very strange...
Hi Everyone!

I think I had the similar issue in FM2017, but I fixed it by copying the kits folder back to the /Data/Game folder.
But nothing seems to work for FM2018... anyone can help ?

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The only issue is when you put this your PregameEDITOR Kits disappear... gonna take me a while to fixe it :/
Love this man !!!
I always do this manually every single year.
I normally only do for under 23 yo players, because the old ones makes no sence give them random, they will not reach it anyway.




http://i68.tinypic.com/2iicois.png (without the green shadow around him)



Edvard Tagseth Liverpool


I Have done Emeka Obi that went from Bury to Liverpool

If someone is interested

Doesn't look like they've been done for a few seasons, hopefully someone can do them this time around.

Yes because they used to come with the original game.

Hope someone can do them, Spain and Germany are the only big leagues missing standard kits
Anyone have done the Napoli kits that are missing from the original FM2016 game ?
And the default standard kits ?
Thank you
Adama Traoré from Monaco
I don't understand why this player is not present in the game...


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Alessandro Bordin


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ID 725024

new logo

Thanks hammer9
But tecnically what is the problem/solution? why some colors don't show correctly? I wanted to fix it manually myself

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A bit disappointed, 45 views and no one had 20 seconds to browse by petrolul on their game to see what colour the team have?
Hi guys,
I have a strange color problem with the team Petrolul from Romania (is the only one I found, could be more).
The text color is different from the one I have in the pre-game Editor, and when I go to FMRTE to edit it is different there too, I try to change it and is impossible, always get the yellow + yellow colors.


Any one can check if they have the same problem?
If anyone know the solution please help me.
Hello guys!

Can someone tell me where is located the folder that contains the default/standard kits in the game? i want to extract some default kits of the FM10 version to use them in the version of this year (just like a kit made in this forum)

Keep up the good work pals!

I think you can find them here:
icearew can you provide your template files?
Please anyone make for the Championship, League one and two to finish?

That kits are not in the original game already?
Great stuff guys! But I think you should focous on the kits that are not present in the game, like Bundesliga and Premier League (was already made), Spanish, Dutch, Italian and French teams have full license kits and are available ingame Portugal, Turkey and Belgium are countries that don't have official kits in the game

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