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Rowan Comments

How bizarre. Got a new version of photoshop and it must have reset my crop settings.
Sorry, not sure I understand your question. You're asking about files for Mac and other platforms? If that's it I'm sorry but I don't know how to make those so don't expect those releases from me.

He was asking if you have any plans to add the English football league (Championship downwards.) He (like me) is on mac and therefore can't use the Fixtures Generator created by Dimitri-K to create our own.

Would be amazing if someone could, as I'd love to start a save in the Championship with 10 games remaining, and this idea and work people have already done is fantastic!
Hoping for some help, already have Touch included through my Mac Steam purchase....my mates are all about to buy it on the AppStore and Android stores so we can all play a network game....

Will this work or do we all have to be on the same platform for a network game to work?

I can’t seem to find any references to cross platform network play...
Just a plain weirdo. We probably shouldn't have fed the troll.

That's what you get sometimes.

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Im guessing i could avoid all THIS bollocks with a premium membership right? - https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/download/3

Look at all those downloads i'd have to do, plus im pretty sure you have to pay the filesharing site to get it done quicker, but if i paid YOU, i bet it would be easier right? one simple quick download instead of 12 or 13, just face it, you are trying to squeeze money from fans while claiming you aint.

That's a 7.1GB file mate! Of course it's got to be split up into multiple sharing files. It's not designed to squeeze money from fans, it's the infrastructure around hosting a file of that size. So far your only contribution to this site has been an attack, so I'm not sure where all this has come from when us content creators are just trying to make the game better.
In fact, can you PROVE that this website is actually not buying it for cheap and selling it for £37? How do we know for sure you have simply not paid for one version and copy it every time you make a sale? please prove that you pay exactly what you sell it for because selling it with no profit in mind like you claim seems like a pointless waste of time and I wonder why you even do it all.

Troll? mons, think this guy is just on a wind up, and willfully ignoring your polite answers saying he can get what he wants for free.

Still hasn't provided a link to the download he's having trouble with.

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It’s a bug within the game which is affecting some Mac users, SI have said it will be addressed in their next patch

Sweet! Thanks, I hadn't heard about that.
Awesome work again mate.

Any idea why I get weird colours from time to time? (see below)
Hola con macOS Catalina no funciona, alguno sabe alguna otra app

English only on the forum please.

MacOS Catalina only supports 64-bit applications, and the creator of this app last updated it in 2016 so you may not have any luck... try contacting him directly? https://fm-view.net/forum/files/tools/fm-xml-for-mac-r24/
Not sure if anyone's already figured it, but great source of Croatian national team players and youth

Once you've found a picture remove "/resized" and "_660_375_cut" from the url and a nice big image shows up
There have been updates... latest one is at the top of page 12 of this thread
Rabcp has said that when he gets time he will release a new FM20 version of this pack with all FM19 update packs included

That's great, thanks. Hope nobody minds but I've added those updates to the first page as well.
Quick question..the download link on the 1st page shows the file was uploaded: 2018-12-12 08:20:18

Has there been no updates to the file since then? (Seems like there's been lots of content created since then, but maybe no actual new pack?)

Spent 3 days trying to make this work. I've asked for help or advice numerous times but nothing. Such a shame but I cannot waste any more time on trying to make this work. Too close to launching my laptop at the wall

I bet this file/addition is SUPERB on FM.

Oh well!

Sorry you couldn't make it work. When you type the number into the Finder on textedit - how many matches is it finding? It could just be that you're having the same issue as ReOberon where the image you're trying to match has been assigned to multiple regens...? As I said to him simply go through and duplicate your chosen photo and name it as each of the UIDs you come across? I realise it's not ideal, but the only other way I can think to fix that would be for me to create way more than 15k numbered images (which I wish I had)

Unfortunately creating the 15k took me ages and nearly blew up my mac...so whilst I may try again I don't fancy it

PS. Doesn't matter about "show pictures of players (and staff) who have been generated by the game" as that's just asking if you want to see the Regen face or a "blank default" face - either way you'll be replacing it.

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I think they are looking for the 2 cut out faces you have used in your screenshots for the PA and press officer............

Ah, I see. HERE is a handfull of ones I already had. Unfortunately they're all white, but if the demand is there I'll source and cut some more diverse
I mean the both pictures from the PA and PressOfficer

Sorry, still not clear. The images should be showing in your game as a black image with a number...make a note of that number - open up the config file that is in the folder with TextEdit (or similar) and ctrl-f to open up a finder search, type in the numbers you made a note of and continue searching until it gives you the longer UID number. (There may be several) Save your chosen images of these staff as this UID

Basically you can now delete the UID finder pack (it has served it's purpose to locate the UIDs of your staff.) Save your new images of your staff in a new folder as "UID number.png" and change a line in a config in the new folder to:
<record from="UID number" to="graphics/pictures/person/UID number/portrait"/>

reload skin and your new images should now be showing.

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Rowan, this looks amazing - thanks so much. Will give it a try out later. Do you have a link to the collated regen pack by any chance?

Do you mean this lot?

Pardon the dumb question, but do you guys have a quick way to find out the right regen numbers? I checked the other night and i have spent a good two hours renaming my image and reloading skins to no avail.
And i was barely halfway through the file as there were lots of numbers like the one in the black pic for my PA.

Unfortunately this is the "quick way" I had trouble with one of my images, but got it after the 9th effort (see attached) - this is more likely to be a problem when you have started a massive database with loads of regens added.
i need also help . where can i find the pictures? i try this morning 1 and half hour , but no score

Where can you find the pictures? I'm not sure what you mean, the UID?
Oh dear...might just hold off getting into my long term save for the next few hours...
It's been raised multiple times. If you add him to the config, you'll need to refresh your skin cache. That or change the skin, or wait till 12.01 next week

Quick tip - As long as "reload on confirm" is checked you can just press Shift-R at any point in game and it reloads.
What are the packs you have downloaded....?

You don't have a "faces" folder - so...there won't be ANY faces showing...

And your "logos" folder is inside itself...although technically that shouldn't have stopped it working I don't think.
Yes. I have followed the instructions from going through 'library' by pressing alt to deleting cache and all those stuffs inside the in-game preferences. The things is when I try to refresh my skin data inside the game, it doesn't seem to load anything because there is no lag. I don't think the game is reading the graphic files and I was suspecting the OS for not giving the permission...

Nothing to do with OS permissions, hoever;

There's a weird glitch when you have to "Force" a refresh, try choosing a different skin to get it to refresh. ... Or... In Preferences, tick / untick the clear cache option (I can't remember which way round it is set up by default). Then you can shift+R to refresh the skin from anywhere in the game.

«This comment has been edited»
Think you may have placed the config in the wrong folder, this is what a complete (newly downloaded Megapack) should look like:

(There's only one config, and it sits outside the League, Nation, staff, players, teams folders)

«This comment has been edited»
Btw, it is possible to increase cut out's size in the game?

I think mons is looking at adapting the panels, but it's quite tricky so may take a while. In the meanwhile there are some skins HERE, that do it, but they are all down to personal taste.

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I could easily download the last update. But I need the main Megapack.

Ok, just to confirm:
You have just tried to download the last update file and that worked fine....
However - when you then try the Main Megapack you got the "waiting for fileserver" warning?

«This comment has been edited»
Are you trying to download the main Megapack or one of the smaller update packs? Maybe try and download a smaller file from here and see if that is working... Also you're not downloading at work under a firewall or anything?

Also there is a specific Megapack Technical support thread HERE

«This comment has been edited»
All working properly for me...which web browser are you using? We recommend Google Chrome as it can work with a fluctuating internet signal .
Morning all. I know it's not out until 19th...however I've booted up the Beta - and just can't face playing it until I've got a skin loaded that shows the Megapack in it's finest!

I've got the TCS skin that is showing the players as 180 and staff at 120, but really want a 250px allowable skin....has anyone found one/made a mod yet?


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